桜 & 恋

Saturday, June 30, 2007

yEt anOther of th0se laMe pOst-a

Just had a game of dota, a pretty bad 1 =/ well anyway here some photos I took over at JI.

In the morning, number of bottles need to prepare our samples

In the afternoon, number of bottles that had to be washed clean (does not include those used in the morning)

1 of those cut I had over at the lab

Then somehow the next day the wound re-opened when I hit against this

Thus it looked like this

Those days, when I felt nothing better do, I make this

(can't do these anymore, pretty busy now in lab these days)

Guess what?

I used paraffin tape and stick those disposable micropipette tips together =]) talking about micropipette tips, I used about 30 of them per day, and 1 cost $0.05, that’s $1.50 per day, $7.50 per month, $30 per month! Plus those chemical we using like water, thus our ‘tips’ is among the lowest compared to other industries attachment, **grumble**

Alas, those rare sight on mainland Singapore! --A full-stretch rainbow!-- poor camera resolution @__@

__Talking bout rare sight, I saw 2 India guys pretty close together, 1 pair on bus the other sighted on MRT, no comments~
Then there this lady spitting on the floor, when the gust of wind suddenly blew past, and her phlegm was like ‘stick’ to her shirt, yeWW!!! Gauge the wind before you SPIT!!!

Was trying to took down the picture of the flare system, (saw that fire dot?) but again poor camera resolution. Somehow this photo remind me of Kallang Stadium.

I realized these are the stuffs I can’t live w/o (other these those basic necessities)
1) At least 3 bar of chocolate bars, or chocolate related stuff yum yum per week. (chocolat works wonder in me =], can swing my mood 180¬o, love those extreme sweet or bitter 1, lately starting to appreciate those bittersweet 1.

2) BANANA (yep BANANA), my energy source, at least 1 per day, always never failed to remind my maid to replenish the bunch. *Banana made me sound better when singing, not as in holding it as mic but, after eating it, it somehow soothe my throat, and give me that 'dry-voice', how can soothe lead to dry? beats me*

3) My mp3 =!! Blasting 99%j-pop & 1% k-pop, on average 5hrs were spend on listening per day (except weekends), 3 hrs on trips to and fro JI, 2 hrs on my reports (when my msn never showed me playing any songs = I BUSY with reports=/). . . ( jux few days back , my mp3 goes hey-wire, when i was recording my voice, perhaps my voice so sux that the mp3 cant de-code thus BOOM, i was like oh-GOD and panic, but thaks GOD!! the nxt day is fine!!

** Out of boredom, I google search on 'myvoicez.blogspot' and found 0.1 related articles, and was like =,=. Then I try google search on 'kaispiral' the nick I go by online (youtube, imeem, etc), then the whole page is related and was like O_O.
I wana use kai, but was used then out of the blue I thought of 1 of YUI's song 'spiral and escape, tts how the nick comes about, sound stupid actually, but since its already quite 'recognize' thus no choice but go by it). talking bout youtube 1 girl actually shared the same interest as me, as in we both love ZONE and YUI, and she leave a comment on my youtube acc saying ‘I’m interested in you’, and I was like @___@, you are from GERMANY!!!**

__all the fragmented/broken engliseh sentences cuz i'm tired__

And so that’s that’s
Nap time =]

Take care

is jux infatuation after-all =/ But tts jux an excuse perhaps =/

Sunday, June 24, 2007

BAka 2x

“The girl who leapt through time” is definitely a movie worth catching! It runs with this theme ‘Time waits for no one’. The phase ‘Time waits for no one’ is kept being screen on the movie that really made me think of her at 1 point.

Well anyway, from the movie I thought, even if its possible to jump back in time to change your destiny, but all things in here are electrically interconnected, you change yours, will at the same time affects others. Like the food chain, farmer kills snake to protect their poultry, w/o realizing the snake are protecting their crops from mice. BA, bad analogy!

After the movie I asked john ‘what the difference between fate and destiny?’ (We sometime do exchange philosophical thoughts). We had the same view; that is destiny is always more than one-way traffic, there’s different path that leads to different destiny, so it count down to choice/chance.

Conclusion: 1 can’t alter the destiny set, but have the CHANCE to choose which path that leads to whichever destiny~

That’s enough of philosophy yea?

John spot bush bush at 1 of the CD store, I was like O_O, and follow where his finger was spotting then I saw her wearing her smile with her 2 hands holding some CD as if promoting that CD to her pals, I was like LOL. Anyways that her classic giggly action. I was reluctant to approach as I saw other guy and don’t wana be goose berry or sought, but john said just go and said ‘Hi’. So ‘Hi’, and she was like ‘hello’ waving then took photo and I was like so shy and look so ‘toot’ on the photo @___@

MA-KA-TE~~~ sign~

I’m confused with the feeling I had right now, maybe a swim later the day shall drown those emotion.

and i found the theme song 'ガーネット', very calming, lullaby like song, where u'll sway your head to the tune, now where do i DL ?


she just resemble YUI, both artiste are so simple and real, their vocal tells everything~
(nowadays, youtube so cooL, 1 can link to related video at the end of the clip!)
my bro commented she look nerd, but she look kawa--iii to me....=]
Take care

‘Time wait for no one’ but I wait for time that I may lose all that is within those time of waiting~


found the song alas!!! jux keep replaying it over over again, her vocal coupled with the piano is jux so perfect (except for certain part when she hit the piano abit too hard, i felt~), yet to find the translation uh--uhhhh. . .

i'm halting on a crossroad, don know to follow my desire or thought?


oin oin kun~ thse dialect


How my 2nd week over at JI? Pretty much the same routine, nothing much happening~ However a couple of stupid things worth mentioning. Here go
1. You know this weighing balance with the sliding door that 1 must slide open before 1 can put stuff in and measure its weight. Picture this: the door is close and I was so ‘toot’ that I try to put my spatula into the weighing balance, so its like hitting your head on the glass door. *BANG*, utterly *speechless*!!!
2. Concentrated acetic acid got spilled on my hand, at first I just thought *its just another water, so just wipe it off*, thereafter I felt this burning sensation, that my immediate action was to flush with water. At the end of day, it left a white patch on my left hand and is now W/O PORES AND HAIRs!!! So if you looking for any dermatologist for hair removal, you can save some big bucks by using acetic acid~ ==,==

My friend was asking ‘why you wear glove when washing those apparatus, and don’t wear glove when dealing with concentrated acid?’ I was like *yeah orhhh* and sigh~

Well anyway, this week had been quite demoralizing when our experiment yield no positive results, until last Friday when we finally saw some light~

Walking along the T-junction to my house, my pace is always slow (you never know what’s slow, unless you walking beside me), my mind is always emptied, gazing around; tapping my finger to the tunes, occasionally she float in my mind, and I just give a quiet smile and walk on. . .

next post up soon~

Take care

Hope still blowing in e wind for me to held on~

Sunday, June 17, 2007

kEepIng on

And so the 1st week of IA had passed over at Jurong Island. What had I been doing?

Instead of blabbering what I’m doing in the lab, I’ll jabber on what I do out of the lab. But before that I’ll start on my daily routine.

After waking up, wash up, head to Outram Park where shuttle bus will be waiting for me at 0750. My pals could always witness me chasing the bus frantically, along the way to the bus stop, as I always reached there on the dot (I need to wake up earlier, as I don’t wana look stupid chasing the bus every morning then perspire profusely and stink the whole bus with my sweat after chasing the bus)!

I’ll took my nap on the bus as I had late night preparing my report, reading some journal the night before & not forgetting practicing my guitar (for like 15mins, that explained why I’m way behind my pals over at guitar lesson T__T). Where were we? Right, on the bus =,=, after bout 25mins, I’ll reached the entrance to JI and will be awaken from my dreamland. I’ll need to tap card like tapping (ez-link card at MRT) before entering JI itself. Then the bus will continue to bring us to the company/institute located right the coast of JI. 0830 then.

At the company, swiping of card again (claimed to be to ensure our safety, but the fact is to check what time we clock in and out). The 2nd thing I do is to rush to place my stuff in locker then aim straight for the TOILET. My bladder was at its brim then after drinking 600mL of water for the passed 1 hour (this is standard procedure for me, think my body is conditioned to that, as I realized 400mL of water left in my 1L bottle every morning and I never purposely drink exactly 600mL!).

Thereafter will be drinking milo from this 6 in 1 dispensing machine! That the thing I love best in the company. Break time I will have café mocha. Intermediate break have milo again. Sometime I mix them like café mocha with espresso, but it just tasted like diluted espresso. Well anyway the 6 are Nescafe sugar with milk, Nescafe black, cappuccino, milo, café mocha (my favorite) and espresso. =]]]] Man can’t express how I darn love that machine! LOL

Then lab time . . . experiment. I tell you man those seniors in the lab are so PRO that they never used glove when handling sample, I meant is fine when handling non-toxic stuff, but even when handling chemicals like phenol (carcinogenic), they still use BARE HAND!! And left the phenol in open air overnight (never pour away)!!! And at 1 time spill and kena hand, but they were like ‘its ok’!!! those sight just baffled me.
-Perhaps the rush of finishing the experiment that safety is overlook. -

Break time, food ok at reasonable price, but will be having Chinese economical food for 4mths!!!! There only 1 food store there, once in a while they have fish n chips, roti john but none interest my taste bud.. .

Back to lab . .. .experiment, once in while our supervisor (DR) will pop-by to ‘inspect’ us and 1 time was caught ‘red-handed’ (me and XP were reading some blog over the internet, then he pop-by behind us!!!) but guess is alright, cuz we had nothing to do in the lab at that point of time.

Then time to go home!!! (-time do passed fast when you really got something to do-)knock off at 1730, 1700 strictly for Friday only @__@

Nap on bus again~ eyes were closed but my mind was awake for some reasons, perhaps I don’t wana miss my stop~

Home prepares report after dinner, 2300 in room doing misc stuff then sleep then the routine continues . . . sound boring but I beginning to adapt to and start ‘appreciating’ it!!

Take care

Hope I’m not too late to grasp that particular flower blowing in the wind~

Sunday, June 10, 2007

if only i could held her on. . .

Once in a blue moon opportunity comes greeting me; yet I just foolishly let it brush passed today. . .
Can’t help but scold myself “BAKA”~

Tomorrow marks the 2nd phase of my attachment at Jurong Island . . . may things go well over there~

GOD it gonna be 4 mths!

4 mths time,i'll declared!! hope still blowing in e wind for me to held on~

Take care

Saturday, June 09, 2007

wa_Lk_ing doWN memoRY lane~

To mark the 105th post, I decided to do a flashback on the stuff I wrote thus far. ..
Here are some of my most memorable or otherwise favorite posts~
(Not in any specific/chronological order) =/ kind of bring back fond memories~ its always heart-warming to look back on stuff you pen down, things which may eventually be forgotten remain part of me till i don't look back. . .

When I talk about:

1) quarreled with my bro



-1930-19__ promise


4)flashback (on the girl I 'had' a crush on)

5) how suay I was that day (lost my bike, got sandwich etc)

6) biggest Hit, some misunderstanding in class

7) parting with my colleagues (first part time work)

8) when my 4 tooth gone for good

9) (when I was ‘harass’ by some Korean lady on MRT & some other random stuff)

10) YUI (lotta them!!)

- 10.2
- 10.3
- 10.4
- 10.5
- 10.6

11) some science frictional stuff on conspiracy theories

12) Talk about earthquake (lot of philosophical thought, diff side of kai) and finally on my confession of my dark-past)

13) Review on favorite drama/movie

- A walk to remember

- 1 litre of tears

14) Dilemma (bout why I dare not confess my feeling, some random stuff, and my first video for YUI had reached 180k+ since then =]])

15) Some thoughts ( when I explain/ give excuse on not willing to say thank you, and touch on topic again ‘can friends be more than just a friend’

16) Friends (when I spend times with my sec pals, and 1 which gave me a thought ‘can friends be more than just a friend?’)

17) Ver2(class chalet i had with poly pals)

18) -Journey to East Coast Park (with no other means of transportation, a challenge I set for myself during those lazy holiday)

Some philokaiphy statement made by me (still got tons of them but only manage to recall this few) ~

-'there are different lanuage of luv '
love to parent is like tt
love to frens is like u know tt
love to spouse is like u know tt tt
love to GOd is like tt tt tt

ultimately love come from the bottom of heart, soul, mind =]

-ppl there, ppl herer,
some sees beauty u, some sees ugly u
those tt c mirror images
are those tt judge fairly
and are most likely to be trustworthy
those tt c beauty u only
are hypocrate
those tt sees ugly u only
perchance are jealous of you =/

friendship weaves a tapestry of time love& memory…=O

kind of last min in jumbling up the posts
so is a bit messy and some supposely my fav posts are not mentioned here~ for some reasons~

for thse who had been following up with my previous posts will notice 'some of the things i wana do with her' at the end of each post, stop writting down don't know since when, anyways here is the list

Scribe things on tree
When she down, I treat her with ice-cream, you know those with cone and can get from those mobile ice-cream uncle. She soon forgotten what sad things had happen that day.

Lopang her on a single-seated bicycle. With her sitting in between me and the handle, and occasionally she had to head-down, so as not to block of view! Weekdays will be perfect I guess, less people ma. If her butt cant tehan the pain when sitting on the bicycle rim, then I suggest the 2 setter bikes(she can choose to sit behind, without padding of course!)

well anyway again jux came back from esplanade with uncle who apparently said it is
Necessary for youngsters like me to attend at least 1 formal concert, and i was like yea yea~~~~~~ the concert is name 'the philharmonic winds. behind wooden bars'

with that


Friday, June 08, 2007

HereS WHY. . .

For some reasons I thought perhaps ‘I’m not fated to be with the sun’. Here why
1) whenever I felt like swimming, the weather turns gloomy
2) when I don’t feel like swimming, the sun is up at it highest
3) In the middle of swim (the weather quickly transits from sunny to cloudy or even rainy). ..

In short, it just seems that I can’t enjoy the feeling of soaking under the sun. I found out why cuz I am the MOON- according to this reading. Yea and so moon can’t tally with sun and so that’s why =.=|||||||||||||||||

You are The Moon

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window.

The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

The ‘mental problem’ part is like umhmmm. . . perhaps when I talk about ‘not fated with the sun’ suit me in this category! LOL

Well anyways. . .

Today had been a buggy day for me. Here why:
1) I’d this itchy feeling down my right arm whenever I passed by this particular street after a swim since last month (I thought was some spider web, so I just swing my arms frantically like an idiot). BUT today, I spot this spider on my arm, brown one really well hidden under my skin. To swing that thing off is my immediate reaction, @__@ this made me wonder had that spider drop by my arm ever since last month?

2) This afternoon, I spot this UFO in my room, a hornet I think roaming beside me when I was trying to adjust myself in front of the mirror. Yea a big boy like me scared of those crippy-crawlies especially those that FLY!!! And so I just dashed out of my room, again looking like an idiot. I wonder how the hornet manged to fly up so darn high up, mind you I’m living on 23rd story. Maybe the spidie-scent (not sense) on my arm lure the hornet up O__O


Izumi Sakai (such an elegant lady)

Found out just yesterday that Japan had lost one of their finest J-pop artist-ZARD, or to be exact Izumi Sakai. She was the only member left but still goes by the band name ZARD. Details of her death needless to said, as the details are all over the net. Many had shared their grief over at youtube/fansite.

I thought the public gave such a fuss when famous people die, but to ‘normal people’- many just don’t really bother about (exclude families/friends). So must we be famous to be recognized even after our death? That not necessary I thought, to be remembered by families and loved one is more than enough~ sometime is better for us to be forgotten then to leave a cut in our loved ones. . .

PS: been listening to ZARD music these days for some reasons~

With that
Takire =’

Many a times we pass by each other, but never a time our eyes met. . .destined? Running away? BA. . .

Just collected my new spec, which resemble those ‘fierce teacher’ wear, cux is kinda sharp~

I decide to put my guitar skill to a test that I decide to try playing ‘good bye day’ by YUI, after all the reason that I started picking up guitar again. Found the chords but I only manage to strum the intro which lasted for only bout 10 secs, thereafter know the chords but don’t know the strumming pattern (can’t really figure out!) and so LOL, but am contend enough to play that 10secs intro afterall I’m still a novice.

Attachment start next week and doubt gonna have the time to blog then, so that’s explained the spree of updates. . .

Thursday, June 07, 2007

cirCLE of FrieNds

And so yesterday, I’d finally catch up with my poly pals, and most were like ‘uh-huh KJ is here?’ and stuffs like that; cuz I haven’t been hanging out with them for a Long time. . .

As usual I was late, that the movie we watching “Shreak 3’ was postponed for another 45 mins or so. OPS.

It was Shaz who’d apparently called me the previous night or rather the same day itself after 12 midnight and asked me to catch a movie with them, and I was like ‘You not pasiseh ar, calling me in the middle of night, was like ok lor cux I want to turn in that moment’ (glad I went anyway. . .) =]]

Amidst of fun and laughter circulating round the movie Shreak, the movie is actually trying to drive a rather important theme: that is no matter how people define you as, don’t care about them, ultimately you live up who you want to be; not how others want you to be. . . & there no such things you are fated to be someone, means you are grounded to be that someone for life, you held the key to change. . . BA enough of the so called ‘PHILOKAIPHY’ . . . AS IT WILL GET NO-WHERE =’=

Thereafter we soaked ourselves in the LAN shop, where Shaz and SC show off their CS skills. I was like ‘I don’t even know who to shoot, as apparently all look alike to me, and the fact that ‘friendly fire is on??’ that I shot my teammate every now and then’ =’=

1 of the map where all the snipers are laying around, I found myself **drop dead** when I wandered off from the barricade, and was like ‘how I die?’ @__@ and sometime when I was purchasing my weapons, like busy selecting which gun to buy and sought, and finally when I got this pretty cool gun and about to enter the fray than BOOM **die**. In short just keep dying before I could really do anything.

Payback time, when we had a game of DOTA, those 3 apparently first timer, that I trash them badly in a 1 vs 3 handicapped match, and was like ‘aum-choui’ when I pawned them 1 after another, LOL. SC who was playing some ‘alien shooting’ game, called me lame. .

The night is still young that we head for a game of pool, a game that is quite alien to me. Somehow lady luck happens to be on my side all this while that I keep performing those ‘tyco’ shot, and all were like WTH!! To say I win solely on luck is not true also LA, cuz 2 of the games I had delivered the black ball into the 'long-kang', not as a finishing ‘ball’. . .
A total beginner me had even beat Shawn (the pro-est) among us 4, see what a combination of luck cum amateur-skill could do. At the end of the day, think I was either the overall winner (in terms of overall wins) or if not the second, smug-ing now as I type; (lion like to boast you see). . .

For some reasons, when I play with a ‘play-for-fun’ heart, I just win, but when I focus too much and had a urge of ‘wanting to win badly’ that I will eventually lose out.

Anyway, as for today just finish this movie anime ‘Kumo no Mukō, Yakusoku no Basho’ aka ‘Beyond the cloud, a promise land’. Man this anime is so darn chim/deep or whatever as it talks about parallel world, war, alternate timeline, etc. A very science-fictional based I would said, but to think of such theme the creator is indeed a genius, as he link dreams to parallel world to gene, to etc etc (me myself quite confused also). . .1 thing i got was this alternate timeline talk about 'if it happen otherwise, would it be better?’, again come to face-ing of reality and bla-bla;bla'

Right and I was so engrossed in the parallel thingy that I totally missed out the supposedly romantic side of the story, a pity indeed.

Here the ending theme of the movie, which really hypnotize me

ps: thanks ruben for e treat on pool game =]

With that


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

jUmBo-miXtuRe of RaNdom stuFFs

Such a long time since I last updated (just didn’t have the mood to do so), so now here’r a jumbo-mixture of random stuffs I’d did/learnt/felt/… over those days~

That day get me thinking- my close pals had been making all the efforts to catch up with me and I’d did nothing worthy to be mentioned of (cuz there ain’t any to begin with) to follow up with them. Not to mention, my poly friends had been organizing activities, from movie to soccer to BBQ and I’d turn down 1 after another for some reasons that I don’t know of.

And finally I ‘attended’ one on a treat given by Mel @ Al Dante Fratrolia (think I miss-spelled), kai simply can’t resist to good foodies =] Had this really superb mariana; the pasta is so enrich with flavor that simply over-powered my taste buds, not forgetting those meaty crawfish, juicy prawns, succulent mussels, firm codfish and and don’t know how to describe any further (limited vocab =/), here the picture I took after i took some bites =/

he must be feeling rich lately to give such a mouth-watering treat =/

That day pass by Somerset, it gave me a nostalgic feeling~
That station, the one I used to met up with my brothers/sisters(in church we address guys as bro, gals as sis) every Saturday when we attend church service. It had been 3-4 years since I last visited. And so I’d decided to pop by the next day, cuz I kind of miss the atmosphere and the people there. . .

Had my supposedly last guitar lesson that day and I thought ‘maybe I should continue after all. . .’ The very reason for me to quit in the first place is be- c0z I’d been lagging wayyy-yyyyyyy behind with special thanks to CPTC, that I felt so demoralized that I just wana throw in the towel. Now with the holiday, I somehow manage to brush up my skills and am now wayyyyyy-yyyyyyy ahead of some, =] (typical lion like to boast. =/). On top of that, assessment/test well be on the 3rd lesson; and to see where I stand maybe I will continue. BUT with the on-slaught of the up-coming attachment at JI again, will I be able to cope? Ding-dang-dong-goosh-boo-bish-ba-BOOM!!! =’=

I attended the service after that.

Somehow the atmosphere is not as ‘high’ as before (cuz we jump and sing in the service =/), all the youth then had now transfer to the so call ‘tertiary’ group, yes they still jump and sing but the atmosphere just not right for me, =/, maybe too many new facers/worship-leaders and this don’t know pop up from where Indonesia pastor ==’==. Some of them still recognized me! They were like you are that ‘kai jie right’. ‘So long never see you, and you still look the same as before except you spike your hair’. . . =’=
Sadly I learnt that some of those in my care group or cell grp had left church, 3 of them to be exact, and 1 of them was very pro-enthu God-lover but still. . .

Is funny how 1 passion for stm change over time~

That day labeled myself as crouch-potato!
Watch this high rated anime series ‘The melancholy of Haurai Shizuyami’ (think I spelled wrong again). What so unique about this anime is that the storyline is based on a 3rd person narrating and the series are jumbled up for some reasons, anyway currently ¼ way, 8 more series to go~

Also watch Spider Lillies which supposedly to be a R21 movie, but found no other reasons for it to be labeled as R21 except for the lesbian part. Maybe the version I watched had been edited like those erotic part being remove or sought~ and that Ranie simply just can’t act sexy LA, when I watch her does those sexy pose I can’t help but laugh rather then get ‘high’, a BIG ====’=====.

You can’t portrait a demon when you look like an angel yourself~

For the storyline I manage to pick up something- though tattoo can serve as some memorable stuff for the case of Takayo and xiao liu, or to give some one strength but ultimately we can’t let ourselves be de-illusion like running away from facts. (don’t know what I’m saying @________@)

is hard to pen down feeling sometime~

But overall is just a boring show that I simply just keep dragging forward. Those interested in the movie is not the movie itself but more on Ranie being a les in the movie, like me =/

Made myself a new spec again yesterday (this time round more budgeted)contact lens just make a desert out of a river @__@

Call today the retro day!

Dip in the pool today, it simply refresh my mind and soul!
Somehow I link myself to Bob Dylan on youtube who sang famous ‘blowing in the wind’ and so today I decide to go retro with the like of Mariah Carey, Whitely Houston, Stevie Wonder & Santana etc. . .

The song blowing in the wind’ also very nostalgic, used to sing it along with mrs spoon's piano during my sec 1 to 2 time days. The class will just murmur on the lyric then out of sudden sing out loud on the chorus
‘The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

Thinking back, ah how time had passed! @__@

That time I simply don’t understand the song, just simply sing because was asked to. BUT now I understand that this song actually talk about wars, philosophy and lots of hidden agenda for you to decipher~ here some of the living legend retro video I unrevealed! (by then the blog’s music shld have finished, I think)

that time when Mariah Carey is more preservative, unlike now keep showing her booty @__@, anyway here a depict of 2 power-horse female vocalists. if really had to compare, personally i think Whitely is better, she put more soul and emotion into her music unlike Mariah who put so much focus on Technique then music

Stevie Wonder's rendition of 'blowing in the wind'. King of soul, tt's w/o a doubt!
watching him perform, the message bring across is so much impactful then politician doing those crappy speech!<

last but not least a song by Jaci Velasquez (not retro), 'imagine me w/o you. if you find the video disturbing, then just listen to the music itself (can be a love song in a way =]])

With that
Take care =’