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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I really does convince now that perhaps I had STM- I can approached the same customer twice in a day and they were like “you had asked me before and I’d said I don’t want’ -,-

Its really suck to be under an agency; its like you had to satisfy both parties and per 2 week I had to drop by the agency to hand in my sales report/time sheet and shyts, but really thank GOD that it easily accessible. I didn’t know that day I had sign a 3 months contract after I’d actually signed it, haiz~

So peeps open your eyes really big as if ur socket gonna let loose of your eye balls before your despo brainy controls your forearm to do the signing~ you had ought to pretend to be interested and ask the agency for the company location/who to look for and said ‘I’ll consider the offer’ and straight away goes to the company itself!

Takre care
桜 & 恋

tml labor day and i still be working @_@-

I decide to take leave to coach my little sis in her work =]

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Singaporean really Singaporean LA! Today 20% off, the throng of crowds here in Rob CP is really like mad la! Can hardly breathe! I was very excited with the crowd; higher probability of commission cashed in ma. I was wrong; all the aunties just fled to the L’Oreal counter grasping their ‘infinite offer’- free these free that who doesn’t want? Many come with ‘the items to get’ in their mind and only a handful stop and listen to me~ I was getting very frustrated, as I just cant get anyone to just stop and listen, given the crowd. So, I just step back and rewind myself in toilet and telling myself in mirror ‘Let make some sales’ with –YOOSH gesture!-. Then the sales come rolling, and I managed to break the $500 barrier! IN fact i hadn’t got any sales till L’Oreal runs out of ‘freebies’, LOl!! sales is like that; once 1 get off the shelf, the rest will automatically queue up to be get off! One just had to smile smile and be happy!!!

Calvin also joins me in this job too! LOL! Maybe sometime later we’ll meet each other in road show~

Takre care
桜 & 恋

Had to start jogging real soooooooooooooooooooooon~

Paradise by melody- as the name implied, this song has the feel of someone in utopia

darn i just ran my chair over russell feet, tt poor thing just let out a squeak and kept trembling

jux recalled 1 conversation: 1 promoter was referring me as 'Auntie-Killer'-given the fact that 80% of my customers are between 30-60+++, then 1 uncle replied:'Its useless la, auntie killer in pub lagi better, they had all the gold cards for you to swipe man.'- i was like 'you take me as a pimp?' zzzzzz @___@

oh yea did i mentioned that PS had just open 1 new store 'Build a bear' where you literally stuff the cotton into the deflated bear to 'built a bear', pretty cool stuff to get as a gift~~~~


Thursday, April 24, 2008


GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so gonna spend my birthday in camp! Enlistment date:July 9 T_____________________T;


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


As expected, Robinson without promotion is totally like ghost town la as compared with throng of crowd when there is 20% off promotion. Thus my streak of consecutive sales come to a halt yesterday and comes back to zero! MAN, so sad la! I only eat zero on the first 2 days~

I thought I shouldn’t be complaining on that day itself; I was seen continuously complaining “aiya, so little people and stuff’ (the others were complaining also). Perhaps if I had ‘conserved’ that energy and transit it to promoting then there might be some sales. Having said so, at many instances I can only see promoters; not a single customers, even if there is, they just browsing to pass time. Look I’m still complaining. @__@

At first, I’m fine with selling facial stuff thingy (guys, gals used it), but the company is launching makeup removal next week which I’d totally no idea about! And I really can’t imagine a guy selling that kind of thing; but think if company gonna launch make-up kits; I just said bb~ LOL! I was given choice to sell other stuffs like contact lens and F&B, but was just too lazy to go down for the product training; so see how lor~

Takre care
桜 & 恋

Thus far

I had 1 customer praising me “you are a good promoter’
I had bout 3 customers asking ‘why a little boy likes you selling girl stuffs’
I had bout 4 asking for more free samples
I had 4 other promoters who said I look like ‘17-18 & asked do you have GF’
I had some asking me ‘Why choose sales when you had better qualification’
I had 1 customer requesting I applied the gel for her, -,- (cux she was holding on to stm)
I had attend to about 18 customers now, and 90% fall on 30 and above
I had a really long talk with 1 of the promoter, but forgotten the face the next day (STM)
I had eaten 3 zero
I had . . .

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

YUI looking cute as always~

some really cute YUI's photos i found like months ago when she appeared in some TV show (think is music station)~

YUI trying real hard to control her laughter

then she burst into laughter (seldom get to see her laugh; as she claim that smiling/laughing make her face look bigger, -,-)

this is totally hilarious, with YUI tilting her head sidewards looking confused which remind me of Russel when he hears something weird

the ultimate, that sure makes all laugh! the 1/4full version (full 1 being removed i think) @ YUI laughing

takre care
桜 & 恋

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And so my sales broke $400 before I even broke $300 just so yesterday; but I can see my sales declining from next week onward as the promotion has ended~ @__@

The traffic was pretty high yesterday, and I’d been promoting like mad (im the only 1 seen dragging customers; the others just simply wait for customers to approach), that I had finished 2 1L bottles of water by 2030 (usually left bout 200mL). 2 bottles?

Whenever I take 2 bottles of water down from staff lounge to my ‘counter’, I can sense a lot of people starring at my 2 bottles! LOL!!! Well~

Talk bout yesterday, I was totally owned by this auntie.
She asked ‘Where you putting off?’
‘Come again?’
‘Where you putting off?’
She replied ‘putting off means where you stay?’
I replied ‘Oh another of those phrasal verbs.’
& “I live near Boon Keng area’
What comes next was ‘Putting off is a common phase nowadays.’
And I was like @___@; FINE ; and smile my way off awkwardly; obviously feeling shameful.
I ought to reply more gentlemanly like ‘Oh, I learnt something new, thanks!’ bah~

There are those random customers who keep asking me to give them free samples. They were like saying I buy more, you give me more lor, that I had to choice but to abide, haiz. Luckily I hid the stocks in some place and only present 5 samples at my ‘counter’.

Shall I consider selling other things? hMMM? I agreed in a saying regarding sales; regardless of how bad or good your promoting skills are- 1 basic thing you had to drill in is product knowledge.

Last night just got a keyboard loan from John (0% charge). Initially my sis and I wanted to buy from him, but because of some issues then didn’t. After he confirmed with my sis that she really had the interest in piano, that he lends us for free! So yesterday, he was teaching us some basic from 2300 to bout 0130 in the morning, LOL

‘Isn’t that very lu-gy to lend something that expensive?’
‘No one should be deprived from music’
In that moment I was totally in awe with him for his passion in music!

Takre care

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Finally grabbed my hand on YUI’s 3rd album ‘I LOVED YESTERDAY’ on the day before! Guess what? The store gramophone ordered only 2 copies of it and I was lucky enough to get it! The package comes with DVD clip of YUI’s MV and even her live performance at BUNOKAN (the grandest place 1 can perform in Japan!). Talk about money so worth spend la! The album only recycles 3 songs from her singles and the other 10 are all brand new tracks! More importantly there’s a lot of insight in lyrics penned down by YUI!

The photo shots are much better in quality as compared to her previous 2 albums! The previous 2 were rather plain and boring. The moment I opened it was like WOW!

The springy feeling of “Laugh away’ opens the album perfectly. I really like the bridge part when YUI sang ‘Never mind never mind’.

‘My generation’ was from YUI’s 9th single which talks about her dream as a singer at the age of 16. I inferred the lyric as her generation is all about schooling getting certs then a proper job but she believed her ‘own generation’ can be changed by choosing an alternative path at tender age of 16 (so mature right>). However I wasn’t really a great fan of this song; I preferred the acoustic version.

Ah, ‘Fine me’ is really something fresh! The track opens really sloppily but slowly built up when the chorus hits in. The interlude of YUI’s duo vocal during the chorus is what made me drawn to the song! This song is about lost and about desiring the love one to ‘find me’ soon~

(the 1 and only YUI’s non- English titled track) was form YUI’s 11th single. This is another of YUI’s typical acoustically-sang song. This song takes a couple of listens to really love it. there’s lots of emotion pumps in. ’In front of you I’m such a liar you know … I hope that you would realize this because I’m not in the least that strong at all’ I guess girls sometime pretend to be strong, when they want their partner to at least notice that hey ‘I not that strong after all, don’t you notice that?”

The track immediately transit to a muchx3 faster-pace song ‘Daydreamer’, which is rather sudden. Well the song really cant compared to YUI’s other faster paced song like ‘Jam’, ‘Rolling Star’, “LIFE’, ‘Merry Go round’, ‘How Crazy’. However the lyric, GOSh, beautiful! Again is about ‘change’. She don’t want to be just a daydreamer but wanting to translate those dreams into reality; ‘I want to shine more realistically'. I really like the part when YUI sang ‘I change me’, telling us only we can really change ourselves for the better! Only YUI can write something like that!

‘No way’
like ‘RUDIO’; that sound like a random short interlude which lasted 1.14. “Your tea has turned cold’ to the ‘My feeling have been damped too’. perhaps the guy had been cold to YUI that she lost that warmth and is saying ‘NO way’ this going to continued; I’d enough and sayoranna!

‘Love is all’
, a song which many without any Japanese knowledge will easily assumed it oh another of those lovey-dovey song. I checked up the lyric translation and boy! She was ‘shooting’ those paparazzi in this song! She question them ‘isn’t it troublesome to collect real things and fake ones and then labeling them a price.’ There some anguish in the song ‘Being told off everyday, I cant get anywhere.’, I guess those paparazzi had being saying bad stuffs about her. ‘Tell the person who loves to compare with words that are filled with a little more love’; she telling that straight to those paparazzi! LOL take that! There a lot of ‘dragging/straining’ of vocal at the end of each verse; I can picture YUI’s trademark ‘constipation look’ when singing this song LOL!

constipation look

Finally comes a ‘true love’ song- “I will love you’. The whole song is easy to listen, very soothing. It tells about the beginning of love, starting to understand each other more, even by just a little bit, ‘I will love you’. This song is a complete contrast of “Namidairo’, ‘Namidairo’ talks about sadness in love~ This song like ‘Namidairo’ sounds boring at first but after couples of listen, will really love it especially after understanding the lyric!

‘We will go’, yet to find the lyric translation, this song gives me the feelings of no matter how much obstacles out there, ‘we will go’ and conquered it and believed it!

‘Oh yea’
is another of those chirpy songs that made you beating to its beats! The song is about anticipating every new day, each day itself is filled with hope. We must however remember yesterday; as today cannot happen without yesterday!

‘My friend’
is another soothing song that made you sway with the melody. It talks about the dream YUI had with another friend of hers, about how he taught her a new song and even now still nostalgic. That song is perhaps another reason why she is striving towards the dream as a singer as well.

‘Love and truth’
had to be 1 of her most complicated song to date. The song introduces lots of ‘classical’ strings in it. At BUDOKAN live, YUI sang together with about 20 band members and the whole feeling was so grand la! An unrequited love? ‘Let me listen to your love song’, but the truth is he is singing to someone else. ‘I want to touch your smiling face’ but the truth is I know that there's someone you're gazing at.

The album wrapped up ‘Am I wrong’; with YUI questioning herself is it wrong to continue a meaningless relationship.

The album as whole consists lots of easy to listen tracks. However many YUI’s fan had commented sometime it’s hard to differentiate between each tracks, as some of the melody really sound alike. As for me I can’t differentiate ‘Love is all’ ‘My friend’ ‘Am I wrong’ until the chorus comes in. 'Find me' and 'I will love you', the opening sounds too similar~

takre care
桜 & 恋

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working life tHus far

So my sales had been surprisingly rising from initial day 1 $0 to $100++ with $200+ consistently for the past 2 days!

That day my boss questions me ‘Heard that you are leaving?’ when I presumed she heard from some other colleagues. What follow after is those cold shoulders from those higher up the ladder. Some begins indirectly asking me to stay put while others encourage me to go another job; as in I deserved better payment and stuff. I thought I joined the sales line initially is for the experience to interact, to initiate a conversation, to be bolder; and the art of ‘persuasion’. Yea sure I had gained those so-called experiences from my sales record. Mind you those sales were conducted on weekdays, and the brand I promoting is not well known either, with many established brand surrounding like Loreal, and stuffs, zzzz! I can see crowds automatically swarming Loreal counter and I had to literally pull customers myself. Well I’m not complaining, but just trying to show off the fact that I was in such a disadvantage position and still able to make sales! (20% off) =] of course the sales different from Loreal is like 200 vs 1.5k, T___T. I really don’t understand why women spending so much $$ on skin care products. I asked 1 of my colleges, she said well men like their partner to be pretty ma, and I was like @__@ hmmm….i also don’t understand why girls like the topic on ‘relationship’, so far each and every 1 lady I work with, except those in the 40s and 1 particular 1 asked me about BGF, and all seems to be in disbelief when I said I’d no experienced; perhaps making me feel better or what not, LOL, aiya life still long long for that time to come la~

I thought let this pre-NS day part time work be a form of experience then earning more cash. As in I shouldn’t prioritize $$ first. Seeing & interacting with different people every day is really interesting and tiring sometime. However those standing for hour’s days really start to bug me now.

In sales, 1 really had to put in passion to convince your customers. You had to built a rapport with them, and let them do the talking sometime, is like asking a good friend to buy something good! You had to be bubbly and sincere. You had to tolerate those rude tai-tai, a smile always help. Somehow I picture those ladies that I felt intimidated wearing Mickey mouse/Donald duck head before I approached them, lol!

Interestingly the product was targeted at teens to ladies in the 20s and 80% of my customers are in the 30s-60s. Its no wonder 1 of my colleagues jokes that ‘I will date with older woman’, and I again was like @__@. For me, it’s really easier to approach those aunties as they are more approachable then those younger ones whom seems intimidating to me for some reasons, lol; a barrier I’d to break through!

Takre care
桜 & 恋.
I still cant get over the fact that my social skills in work is far better then back in school days,, hmmm

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

rIsK tt

Cant believed I’d spend a total of 5hrs playing RISK (that board game that required you to so-called ‘dominate the world). The game goes on with ‘signing treaty’, ‘forming alliance’ and sought which is very well reflected in real life. Well apart from that I felt the game will be more interesting if someone be the ‘bad guy’ by back-stabbing the alliance party, but no 1 did that (yea it’s just a game, but perhaps we felt bad and stuff). The game may drag on if John and I hadn’t give up on dominating the world and join forces to ahlihate Lion instead! LOL,

The game just turns out pretty dramatic and interesting. They said the game need strategy but I felt 70% of winning comes from luck, cux of the dice and the states you had initially.

Takre care
桜 & 恋

That game officially ended at 0030 midnight, zzzz LOL

very nice duet! the interlude rapping is really cool! forget bout the 2nd and 3rd song, lol

for some reasons I'd no idea why my boss put me in store instead of Road Show, after all, my sales record had been pretty consistent since i broke my first 0 sale. hmmm, in store,zzz!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008


YOOOSH – I broke my zero sales yesterday! Mange to sell $100+ of goods (only 2 products) & just so today made sale of $160+! Tomorrow will be better yea?

Well, anyway I still can’t get over the fact that all people I work with saying things like ‘you just finished your ‘O’s’ right?’; I don’t know if I should to be happy or sad about it. To be frank, deep down inside I’m smiling, although I always appeared irritated, LOL! 1 even asked ‘Do you put on make up?”
I was like ‘ZZZZZZZZ’

Previously @ Raffles Medical, I spend $$ like no body business as $$ just comes rolling in like that. I remembered spending $400 on a spec and now left untouched after 3 months of wearing. It is only through this job when I realized money isn’t easy to come by, at least for a sales person. You really had to put in A LOT OF effort to make sales, approaching people like a leech sucking onto them. I understand how its feels now to be rejected; thinking back of those bad attitude I’d given on other promoters. Well letting go and smile always help =].

I’d learnt some stuffs from the seniors as well~

1) ‘Speak of good and the good will come’ one said, when I kept swan-ing myself ‘oh I never going to break 0,’ and keep cursing myself with thoughts like ‘oh the lady who decided to bought my product initially will change her mind’~ and so I start thinking positively, and ta-da sales come in!

2) ‘money can be earned back, when you earn; learns to give, they will come back, so be a generous person’- when my manager said ‘Kai jie you just broke your zero, and its time to treat us’ and I replied reluctantly ‘My commission cant feed you all la’ suddenly I felt ashamed when I heard those remarks, but hey I’d learnt something!

3) ‘Your partner will always not be the type that you like’- when we, promoters were talking bout relationship (HMMM?). It funny why girls always like to ask ‘Do your have gf’ or indirectly asking ‘are you buying that thing for your gf’, well perhaps that’s their way to start a conversation~ sometime we really had to think of topic to talk, or else it will be darn sian~~~~~___~~~~~~~, for me I just crack some lame re-cycled NPCC old school jokes! LOL

Takare care
桜 & 恋

Feet pain pain from those standing~ regretted buying a $29 shoe, when $49 pair is more comfortable; just to save that $20, my feet now are like blisters all over--- I learn that buying valued-added goods > valued-minus good, its worthwhile to invest in something long lasting and comfortable just like a relationship O_O?

perhaps im too impatient when i went and check up for YUI's album released today in Japan, lol,, and fo course fruitless.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008


I always felt intimidated by pretty ladies; the prettier they’re, the more I dare not look into least say talking to them. It’s like on a crossroad when I saw a pretty girl heading my direction, I’ll just look straight and hastens my pace VERY UNNATURALLY! That’s the barrier I’d to break through if I really want to make some sales yea? And tomorrow, of all places I’ll be stationed @Singapore Expo, zzz la! How to break 0? @___@

however with friends, I'll start giving comments like 'hey 3 o'clock HOT' and stuffs; its like contradicting when i said 'i dare not look into them' hmm

takre care
桜 & 恋

jux so you know- 'crossroad' is another of those song that i really like by YUI!


Thursday, April 03, 2008

rotton day

Even in my NPCC days, I wasn’t required to stand for 2 hrs straight but just today had been standing for 8hrs straight with 1 hour break la! So what I get is that really tiresome feet/thigh; to extend of walking back with wobbly legs. I swear I can’t even balance myself on my way back! So when I reached home I immediately laid on my back with my legs both lifted up as if to reverse the process. To make things worst, my sale for the day was at its purest form=0, yea a BIG EGG (was so darn demoralized when I report my ‘sales=egg’ via sms) and surprisingly she replied ‘:D’~ I thought I really need rest and not that chiongster kind to work on weekend (think I gonna turn down the offer of working on weekend?)

They said is common to have zero sales on your first day, moreover in wu-lulu place like Watson located at the extreme corner of vivo city and the product was newly launched there too. No Excuse though~ hopefully I’ll be located at higher traffic places next time, perhaps sales may improved?

I don’t know if they are really praising or just encouraging me when they said ‘You had potential la’ and my boss even said ‘I had high expectation from you’ and I was like @___@ ‘pls don’t’

The staffs are all pretty nice people. For some reasons I still can’t figure out why I can always interact with female staff then female classmates better, a mystery that was continued since I started working a year back~ hmm something I had to figure out~
‘I told them I am really quiet in classes’
They were like ‘You don’t look like the sought’, cux I talk a lot but sell 0 @___@

However that friendship built one day will/may just gone like that~

May the sales just rocket some day next week? May God bless =]

Takre care
桜 & 恋