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Sunday, June 14, 2009


“Drag me to hell”, that made my horror movie debut in cinema! Indeed was a roller coaster ride, the movie started with epic moments of the demon dragging this kid to hell and e story follows about how this old-gruesome with detachable golden-plated denture lady that sneezed out ivan-ooze place a curse on this lady whom she’d ‘put her to shame publicly’ and the series of nightmares soon linger.
“I won you bitch” that 1 classic line. . . LOL

There are moments when you shout/scream , i only shout, some part you just found it amusedly funny, (fancy smiling at a horror show, LOL) . . . the 2 couple in front of me was like hiding underneath some towel la, when the suppose expected scary scene is drawing near. DOTXX, bring girl to watch horror movie and covering underneath towel, even if scare also must ach macho ma! LOL!!

Anyway like most horror movies, that made used of background music to heighten the tension, from silent then boom; yeah we all know we going to expect something ,but still it gives us the surprise! Heart-attack-lA!! LOL but still admittedly fun & exciting (once in a while), 3 up-coming movies, one is something haunted one, orphan and final destination IV. . .

Maybe this kind of horror show, must go in group then made e hell out of the whole cinema, then fun ma, ahahhaha

takre care
桜 & 恋

Fool Again - West Life

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Abstracted from Fool again by WESTLIFE depicting how i felt, overheard from radio

"Sadly, you never gave me
too many chances to show you
how much I care"

Thursday, June 04, 2009

My choc


Excess choc could weaken yuor bone according to this link

considering e fact that i'd been consuming 250g/per wk basis for quite some times (during training time), though i quited but started recently yet again.

perhaps my weak knees can trace back to my choc-addition?

GOOD God i must learn to cut down and find alternatives already! darn!

takre care
桜 & 恋

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

getting back!

'You weren't made to run' said the physiotherapist glancing at my potential fleet feet. . i was totally taken by this comment. . .

running/swimming is in me, they never failed to made me feel good about myself! i recalled i went for my constant 2.4km run, at least 3 times and +1 swim /wk regime before BMT. i did all this with discipline, for pride and stuff without noticing i'd actually aggregating my old injuries. i just continue. .. all these brings to nothing now . . .

well i'd been resting for months now (though i still went for swim at times, when i wasnt supposed to), now slowly to get my jogging back, start slowly kai! =]

i'd always tell my frens "my heart can take it, but my legs can't" for the matter. =/


Monday, June 01, 2009

drowning a rat

tumbling of little feet above the ceiling in the middle of night. . .that eerie thought of 1 dropping from above finally got me to resort to Mouse-trap. . . yes after like 4 days, 1 was caught, while cage no2 nothing was caught; the bait being eaten probably invaded by some season-rat O__o

little did i know that i was suppose to be e one terminating it, they just provide the equipment and i was suppose to do the killing. .

drown it, flushed it down, burn it? all the suggestion came flooding, but decided on drowning it, being the a more humane way. i told myself, this rat had to be killed, least they landed themselves in some dustbin chute and bring bacteria to the cookhouse or even bunk. yea think of biggr picture to convince myself.

at first i was like the merciful soul, feeling disgusted at the act of killing rat. i witness how this rat struggle in the trap soak in a tub of water. how it held on to its little life, how its half finally closed and with a thud sink into the bottomless pit. . . i was sad seeing it, yet i cant believe me laughing when the rat got stuck in the cage when the others trying all sought of ways to remove it from cage.

thinking back i felt disgusted. . . they are living creature after-all. . . i was surprise how i from being sad to laughing out loud in an instance. . .