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Sunday, April 29, 2007

wHen joKE rAn wILd~

About joking matter, I gave a thought. Think of the PL- launcher and receiver in CPTC.
**background info**
The launcher is used to launch the PIGS to clean pipes and will stop at the receiving end.
Pipe need to be lubricated for this process.
And so. . .
The ‘launcher’ had to be tactful when passing a joke, while the ‘receiver’ had to be sporty in receiving it. Having said so; once the receiver shows any sign of discontentment (non-lubricated), the launcher had to stop launching the PIGS (joke).
If the launcher continues to ‘shoot’ those jokes, the receiver end may just be over-pressurized and ultimately explode! And and and for receiver pls don’t complain/whine about the shooter ‘oh u this, u that’ while you yourselves are the do-er too, don’t made me label you as hypocrite~ =/ to be fair, we are all hypocrite at times, so yea~
Recently 1 such case had happen in CPTC, but the receiver had not shown any sign of displeasure and so the shooter continue to ‘shoot’, what’s more, the receiver himself joke along with him. In the end shooter kena own by the coordinator . . . =,= there a hint of injustice here, I thought . . . and that receiver is really scary, for he hid his emotions and allow the shooter to shoot more that later he can ‘slice’ him even more! `,`

Oh yea, YUI’S talent had been recognized lately, she had won herself a place in the Gold Disc Award, which is equivalent to the US Grammy Award. =]]]

**pause the playlist below this entry to watch =]**

This clip shows her receiving the award and after making some speech (which I hope I could understand), she performed a live version of ‘feel my soul’. 1 commented in the video ‘its scary how well she can sing live. isnt it a perfect performance. !!! To me it isn’t scary, it just depicts how true she is in her singing, pouring out her soul in music, that why it sounded so well, exactly sound like the recorded version. Perhaps what draws me to YUI is that she presented to the audience as herself, without much packages like most J-Pop artists. Though she didn’t get the crowd attention in the beginning, but its only a matter of time people noticed her talent; I means she pen down her own lyric, synchronize her own melody with guitar, pack with crystal- like vocal and finish with a angel-like feature, wOOT man I tell you! I cannot resist that~ look how well her album is selling now and hope that she’ll continue soar higher up!


And so Ruben had revealed to me that he’d not shown her the ‘msg’; he together with Alex, whoever the mastermind was, they just wana see my reaction to this ‘devious’ plot of theirs. Grumble, =/. This made me wonder is this part of their plot part 2? Whatever the case is, time shall ‘relinquish’ this feeling.
For me is like this, whichever pretty girl pass me, I thought I felt in love, but it was only a childish infatuation as soon someone else will come in, and yup that shows how fickle I am (except for 1 particular thing, YUI will always remain as my favorite J-pop artist, =]).

PS: yea! I got a B+ for my recent log sheet, that was like up 3 grades from the previous 1, and I was thinking of quitting guitar lesson, as I’m getting no-where, perhaps is lack of practice due to CPTC, or maybe I’m too impatient in seeing the results or my classmates are improving so well that I was like wtf man! @____________@
those adsense thingy, i'd remove them, cux till date only earn US.40cent =,=


Ciao~ =’

Sunday, April 22, 2007

funny, sad, lame, stupid, happy ~

Right, so it seems ages since I last blog, you see guys, I had been attached to this Chemical Process Training Center (CPTC) for some ‘vocational’ training located at the ‘other’ side of Singapore-Jurong Island. Some called it the ‘Copy PowerPoint Center’, cuz we spend half of the day there ‘copying’ down junk of notes. They claimed this is so as to keep u s awake during lecture (for the previous batch, where all the notes are provided, almost all of them fell asleep during lecture), but I think it their way to make ‘full-use’ of time allocated.

Woke up @ 0825, Clock in @ 1200, and out @ 2000 had been a routine, reaching home is already 2200. Enough of the whining yea, let’s talks about the funny, sad, lame, stupid not forgetting the fun things that I had jotted down on paper for the past weeks.

I was changing back to my clothing after the shift training. You see, before we step onto field, we are required to be fully equipped with PPE, 1 of those is this over-all shirts that resemble pajamas. And so I was in the cubicle and was about to ‘unwind’ my folded jeans, when I saw my wallet fall into the toilet BowL. What I didn’t realized was that I was unfolding from the ‘leg’ side to the pocket side, and so my pocket was upside down and thus naturally my wallet will fall, remind me of Newton’s discovery of gravity except that at least he got to eat the apple? And so it fell into the toilet bowl; that contained my fresh urine, as I haven’t flush it beforehand. The immediate action was to pick it up and wipe and grab as much toilet paper as I can and wiped those fluid off (yuck!), thereafter wipe it with wet tissue and spray deodorant, =.=!!!

I felt something long stuck in my braces and so I used my tongue to push it out but failed and so yea, dig my hand in and pull it out. I was shocked to see a long orange thingy that I had plucked out and I thought it was the sunskrit orange juice ring cap (if u know what I meant), then on closer look it was a piece of carrot probably from the salad I had for breakfast. Do think that I actually thought it was a ring cap just baffled me =/

Ruben was asking me to join the group to chill at Mac after the training, but I was kind of reluctant and so yea thought of a lame way to excuse myself. I smsed him telling ‘if you ask this particular girl to ask me to go and I will go’ (cuz I doubt he’ll asked.), thereafter immediately sending another sms that I was joking. He showed my sms to her and I was like G_G, and he didn’t show the part that I was joking, so G_G x 2. Guess now will be kind of awkward whenever I pass-by her, geex ~,~ .

No doubt there may be a hint of infatuation, but infatuation will just pass like wind and lost its passion~ just a matter of time =/

Got a D+ for my first log sheet, it’s my first D in poly life, I was like #$#@$#, got over it soon after and hopefully the next entry could at least get me a B-. =]

Talk about fun, it was such a long time since I had fun. That day we had practical under the rain. It was darn sticky, you know from the mixture of sweat and rain but in the midst of it I enjoyed it =], such a long time since I last soaked in rain. Jeremy or some-one else was showing his torn glove to us claiming the rain was acidic =,=, had a good laugh and yea so that was that.

Take care

PS: in-case you guys didn’t notice, the entry on friends ver 2 is already out, just scrolled down from the ver 1, that was out like weeks ago. Also I had added links at bottom of page, kind of disorganized though =/

here a link for YUI debut movie Taiyou no Uta
, the show that destine me to be YUI’s fan =]

-hope the Singapore ferry- wheel will not be ready too soon ~ oh yea I’ll replaying 1 of my fav song – Secret Base by Zone ~

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A walk to remember~

The movie ‘A walk to remember’ completely seeped into my soul within and change my perception on love. It was telecasted yesterday on channel 5, probably promoting Mandy Moore in her latest movie ‘Because I said so’, **though the movie is under-rated by local magazines, but I’m still gonna catch it, for Mandy Moore is so true in her role as Jamie** in ‘A walk to remember’, and is so real in her music as a vocalist. Mind you guys outta there, those ‘under-dog’ movies are usually over-looked by the general public. Those so called ‘block-blusters’ are more or less movies that are heavily funded, promoted, big-shot actors and actresses in the cast as support, but not necessary good plot, well of course there are those ‘block-blusters’ that are really good =’

Now on my movie review & thoughts on the show ‘A walk to remember.’
It is a show that revolved round the theme ‘love’, ‘faith’, ‘God’ and run with the tagline ‘Love is like the wind. You cannot see it but you can feel it.’I could count myself lucky for by-chance I switched on my TV and saw Mandy Moore on screen, with that I didn’t want to switch the channel anymore **you know why**, by then the show had been running ¼ way so yea missed that portion, but the theme ‘love’ starts after that. **check up on wiki to unrevealed the entire storyline**

Main casts

Jamie by Mandy Moore
Landon starred by Shane West

Landon is punished with various after-school activities, such as acting in the drama club festival for some pranks he did on fellow high-school students, **do think he received such a mild punishment**.

He is a very angry teenage guy who bared much hatred towards his father who apparently had left the family for some reasons. He is a chap without much ambition, someone who can’t focus in life.

On the contrast Jamie is a sweet innocent girl, full of hope, faith and forgiving nature attributes. She is brought up by a reverend father thus made her a very conservative, simple girl and yet sadly **out-cast** in a way . . . **I mean to them, it is pretty un-cool to hang around with a reverend’s daughter**
And so it was in the drama club that Landon is forced to interact with Jamie, for he needs her help in learning the lines for the play. She agreed to help but with a condition that is not to fall in love with her, "That's not a problem." He replied without a hint of compassion. At school, Landon continued his spree of mocks and look down on Jamie. **I guess it was in the play that Landon starts to feel in love with Jamie, vice-versa**

The play with Jamie singing 'Only Hope', with my eyes zooming on solely her only, so sweet and pure she is =] hearts melted. . .once again , (pause the playlist @ bottom of post =/)

“Eventually, Landon is intrigued by Jamie's positive attitude, forgiving nature, and overwhelming faith”. He found himself falling in love with her even though the promise he’d made, and the 2 start dating. This act threaten his friendship with his clique; in which he goes as far as to punch his pal for humiliating Jamie, **you know those cropping of booty body with her face on it, labeled ‘Virgin Mary’**, if I’m Landon I do more than just a punch, in my heart was like #$%@#%$@SSHOLE.**

For some reasons in most drama, those angels are either ran down by car or have had contracted terminal diseases, she had leukemia,T__T , she told him only in the midst of relationship, I guess that the solely reason for her telling him not to’ fell in love’ with her. Such a sweet girl, yea? The guy was like ‘why don’t you tell me’ , and she replied ‘you’re the 1 that I most don’t wana tell about’ for she don’t wana him to worried or sought.

Over-whelm by the fact and out of desperation, he decided to look for his dad, a doc. for help. He told his dad about Jamie's conditions and that she needs his help right now, but he not a specialist in that line, and without letting his dad to finish his line, he just said ‘ I know, you would not help’ and dashed off with a rampage.

@ The Hospital

‘Love’ is magnified at the hospital scene, when Jamie shared to him a love quote from the bible – both read out
Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking.
It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.
I Corinthians 13:4-8

Specially like the ‘not easily angered’, I mean is ok or normal to be angry but with love,1 is NOT easily angered, how truthful =]

Vaguely quote:
‘I did not blame God for my sickness, for perhaps it is this, or his purpose that through this I found you, and through you I’ll walk through this’ and she said ‘you are my angel’ **this speech really bring me to tears, but I held back somehow**, ‘you are my angel’, the way she put it across is so real, full of emotion, that quote just linger in my mind, it so much sweeter and true to regard your spouse as angel then gf or bf =]

Again she repeated ‘love is like a wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it’, I mean you can’t literally see love, unless you talk about actions that show love, but when come down to love, it’s always about feeling, you need to feel it before really ‘seeing’ as in witnessing it!

‘you know Jamie, the reasons that I’m so strict about your up-bringing, is because I wanted to protect you, you know ever since I lost your mum, I don wana loose you’, his dad confessed to Jamie about his strict up-bringing of her, another scene that nearly move me to tears, **but held back as usual**
‘I love you dad’ kissing his head.

Landon begun to fulfill Jamie’s wish-lists –building her a telescope at her backyard and even marrying her at the chapel where her parents got married, this event top her wish-list.
@ chape the quote
Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking.
It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.
I Corinthians 13:4-8

is stress again =]

Jamie and Landon love also spread to Landon’s dad, he forgive him and said ‘sorry for his disrespectful attitude towards him’, the 2 hug and cried, another scene that move me, love soften 1 heart and teaches forgiveness. This love also spread to the fact that he’d forgiven his pal that humiliated her, and both start to build the telescope together! Again
love soften 1 heart and teaches forgiveness.

4 years since Jamie’s death, Landon visited Jamie’s dad and tell him that he is sorry for he can’t fulfill all of Jamie's wishes as he couldn't show her "the miracle" she wanted to see before dying. Her father then says, "She did. It was you."
aWwwwWwww, so sweeeeeeeeeeeT

“Landon himself becomes a better person through Jamie's memory, achieving the goals that he set out to do, like she did.” He managed to enroll into a medical school.

So is it a miracle that Landon got into a drama club, **which he will never wanted to if not for the punishment**, that he got to know Jamie and discover true love, or a miracle for Jamie through her illness manage to find Landon and find true love? In short, things, both good or bad happen for reasons, we just need to faithfully walk on, for God had a perfect plan for each and everyone of us =]

Love perception last time, love is a big illusion
More @ 'A walk to remember'

That night after the movie, I got so excited that I scribble down the storyline and can’t wait to share it on blog, but due to some reasons didn’t and even wanted to wake up early in the morning to pen it down but didn’t, tired, and finally now finally! To me this is 1 of my most favorite post ever!



Wednesday, April 04, 2007

tO foRgiVE a VenGEfuL sOUL~

jux as those hard-core fans of YUI had predicted, YUI's 2nd album 'Can't Buy My LOve' had hit the #1 spot in Oricon daily ranking(eqv to the US billboard)!
more @ bluewind,
and Oricon daily ranking (tell u im so darn exuberant when i know this news, tt feeling ahRgg is beyond e human's ability to pen down!!!), do think some of my pals r already asking me for her songs, shows stm . . .
aniway. . .

I remembered her with an angelic face, coated with fair-delicate skin,
Small features of hers that sway waywardly from a slightest breeze
Innocent voice that touches every lonely man soul
Her untainted psyche never fails to draw man and woman to her
She is of purest gem that sparkle in the deepest ocean blue

1 day, this man picked her up from the vast ocean;
he confessed and vowed to be with her, even to the end of this Earth
All these sweet talks were just mere tools to fish those innocent hearts
After tainted her body and satisfied with the ‘accomplishment’
He dump her back into the vast open sea,
The felling is like torrent gushing, penetrating her very delicate skin
Her cry echo the sea
Drifting wander- less-ly, helplessly, she gave a thought
‘man **pick** me up, its time for me to pick on them’

She begun to mesmerized man with ‘their own sweet talk’
Talk about **taste your own medicine**Everyman is like a helpless prey yet to be lure into her lair
So when her prey start to be dependent onto her, she ditched them like he did to her
She laughs when man falls on their knees to retain this relationship
All she did was to kick them off
She had hurt lots of man
Night fall, she burrows herself into seabed and shred tears, cutting herself out of guiltiness . . .**no-one else know**
She gave herself excuses like ‘oH those man comes willingly’, to ease from those shameful acts.

Once untainted soul is now as if possessed by a vengeful spirit
2 ocean-blue loving eyes, is now embedded with fiery stance,
Looking deep down, Z saw a pair of sorrow eyes

All she did after-all is simply to protect herself; I mean this way no man can ever get her, as she always be the one getting them. Some close pals discovered the dark secret about her and news were spread like wild-fire, they begun to shun from her.

Above her, the sweet, clear voice of Z called to her
Then the smooth sky puckered into cloth-of-blue and drew aside, Z reached to her with open-arms, willing to forgive her past.
Tears roll down her rosy cheeks

**Sometime in life, 1 simple act can cause a scar in one’s heart, and a simple forgiveness can heal that scar, and life shall move on.**

Well had rested for like 5 days from blogville and thus decide to make a come-back with a new genre of writing, and so yea come up with this. Sadly it doesn’t flow well. . .

And, A BIG AND today is the released of YUI 2ND album ‘can’t buy my love’, and if you see me on msn, you'll see me repeatedly playing her new songs, to drill them in my head! And. Another BIG AND, she wrote all her new songs again, to date she wrote 45 plus songs in 3 years, only about 3 others not written by her! This really made me ponder where the hell she get her inspiration from?

Anyway,for her new songs, my favorite are “highway chance’ and ‘umbrella’ which I be adding in my play-list, enjoy~ highway chance rocK like, hmmm, rock so much tt your balls just cant stay intact,O_o

and i found that ‘highway chance’ opening sound like ‘cherry’ and the middle part soun d lik e ‘how crazy’ is like a combination of both songs, tt to me and so yea, only those know YUI what im talking about here =/

WoOT now i ha d like 11 videos on youtube with 30khits on my first video made, smUG! **obviously YUI is getting more fame then b4**
check up for kaispiral @ youtube =/

Thoughts to ponder
**we pursue our own happiness from others or others found their happiness on us, either way isn’t it like making use of?**

With that
Take care