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Wednesday, February 28, 2007



Name : Tomoka Nishimura (Guitar, Piano & Vocals)
Date of Birth : 19/09/1986
Place of Birth : Hokkaido
Zodiac Sign : Virgo
Blood type : O
Height : 160cm

One word – cute.

Name : Miyu Nagase (Guitars & Vocals)
Date of Birth : 20/05/1988
Place of Birth : Hokkaido
Zodiac Sign :Taurus
Blood type : B
Height : 156cm

She the lead vocal I guess after witnessing her open the whole performance so many times, with powerful and unique vocal. First impression-bunny!

Name : Mizuho Saito (Drums, Vocals & Leader)
Date of Birth : 12/12/1986
Place of Birth : Hokkaido
Zodiac Sign : Sagitarius
Blood Type : A
Height : 153cm

Really fantastic ability she had- synchronize tempo of drumbeats with controlling her vocal at the same time (the fact that not everyone could do it, because when you hit the drum, your voice kind of vibrate too, she able to beat the drums with such delicate, powerful motion yet maintaining a sweet background vocal)

Name : Takayo Ookoshi (Ex-Leader, Ex-Guitar)
Date of Birth : 13/06/1985
Place of Birth : Hokkaido
Zodiac Sign : Gemini

Didn't know much about her, she gave me the feeling that she's a cool, hard-rock lady

Name: Maiko Sakae (Bass & Vocals)
Date of Birth : 24/07/1986
Place of Birth : Osaka
Zodiac Sign : Leo(same as me!)
Blood Type : O

another rabbit!bunny teeth she had,left me that impression, really cute, and sweet voice too, one of the best vocal in the band i would say.

Man I’m totally in love with this band –ZONE
Those know me, will know that once kai become fanatic about a thing, he will go dig up information about them. True enough I did, so here a little of their history .

Basically this group was introduced to the crowds with a new genre in music history, as “bandoru” or otherwise bandol ( a combination of band and idol, dance and play their own instrument)

Initially, ZONE started off with TAKAYO with seven other members in 1997,thereafter reduced to six and finally four (TAKAYO, MIYU, MIZUHO and MAIKO.) On 1999/12/18, ZONE’s indies single “Believe in Love” was released. Thereafter they quickly rose to fame, the four girls learned to play their own instruments to complement their singing and dancing. 2003, TAKAYO left the band to focus on her studies, with TOMOKO replacing her, believed to be 1 of the original 8.Maybe not gonna talk much about their specific albums etc.

Sad to say 2005 they announced their disband, once 3 of them were graduating from High School. On April 1st, 2005, the 4 members of ZONE held their final tour, the Spring Tour 2005. Sadly, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. At the end of the concert, ZONE said farewell to all their fans as well as the rest of the world with a very emotional “secret base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~”.

When I knew this fact, I was really say, and get emotional with their performance. All in all they left an important page in the history of J-POP!

Post disband
MIYU is now pursing a solo career she look hot now! far left of course!

MAKIO now lead a band call MARIA

(adapted from wiki,,

Imagine back 2000, when I was like 12 yrs of age, about the same as theirs, while me stuck home preparing for PSLE, they had already released an album, played their own instruments! Rocking the stadium, touching people’s soul with hearts-warming music. I mean what a good and extraordinary childhood they must have had. When I’m having O level, they still busy releasing album, when they made their final tour, I’m stuck with poly education! What life I had compared to theirs. Education is not about everything, engaging in other showroom to showcase one’s talent is an life-experience too! (@__@, crapping again!)

ladies and gentlemen may i present to you
Zone- Secret Base [Final Live-Subbed]
**********pls pause the playlist at bottom of page************
enjoy~(sure you will)

Take care

Btw ZONE symbolize the fact that they started as Z (last), slowly work their way up to number 1! Their albums are Z,O,N,E respectively too

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ZONE - Hitoskizuku

LOL, taking my break again so fast after the previous post!
It was now that I had realized that my profile was emptied after about 1.5 yrs of blogging! Just updated it =]

wana share Hitoskizuku- ZONE, one of the best song and mv i'd heard watched thus far.

visual and audio speak for itself!
******pause the playlist at bottom of the page b4 u played************ or let the music run finish, preferably, pls watch the whole video, u won't regret!

all so sweet ne?

take care

‘this is a receipt’ =.=

Finally had time to get my butt down and start updating. Was busy with papers you see, oh well.

Couples of bloppers had happen last week. I went to DBS to deposit my HONG BAO money. The queue was long, I was playing along my bottles, as in juggling it from left to right hand, for a moment there was a good momentum, until I slipped, then ‘BONK’ which echoed the surrounding (bottle was empty!). Everyone turns there eyes to stare what this childish guy was having in mind. Well, I quickly grab the bottle up, and gaze around, ‘acting innocent’, obviously I’m the culprit, with the one and only with bottle in hand =.= .

Finally my turn came for me to deposit, the machine sounded and address me to counter number 3, I never realized until a ah-ma behind me tucked my shirt, and pointed at the machine. Do think ah-ma more alert then me (later I realized, I was armed with mp3 @_@). I opened the HONG BAO and handed the counter the flashes of notes, I left it on her table. For a brisk moment **5 secs**, she stared at me and I stared at her, then she blurted ‘can I have at least your IC for identification?’, she had expected me to hand her the IC without her requesting (as in, its is a norm procedure), that was my first time LA, u see @___@ (usually poor dad did the job). I handed her the IC, after scanning it with her computer, she returned me, and thereafter grasp the money on the table.

‘how much is it?’ she asked

‘I don know, 200+++’

‘next time you must count the sum before you deposit’

‘erm..ok… sorry’

I though they had the darn freaking machine, that automatically count the money (thus I need not), but there always machine error (that why it’s a presume normal procedure). She seems frustrated and baffled by my ‘not counting money’ (perhaps thinking, hmm this guy probably know the sum, but pretend don-know thus able to double check when the sum is calculated, just in-case his counts is undershot) don know if you guys get what I meant @___@

The bloppers spree continued when I thought everything was done, and was about to leave, when she say wait and handed me a receipt, apparently I thought is some sought of form to sign, I was about grab the pen on the desk, she replied hastily and with a smile(this time)

‘this is a receipt’

By-then I was darn embarrasses, after seizing the form, I speedily left the area!

Btw, came across this song ‘Secret Base ~Kimi ga Natsu Mono, by zone (1 of the best female band in the late 90s and early 20s, sad to know that they had disbanded not long ago). This song is so darn good, their voices synchronize as 1, so soothing, yet to find the translation though. Its funny how outdated I can be, grumbled.

Time to tuck in my ‘big breakfast’ (whereas, from MAC) followed up by revision for tomorrow test.

Take care.
Kai =’ tata

Ps: lets the music finish b4 you take your leave, thx, a really fantastic song

Thursday, February 22, 2007

just another crapping~

Here an artist that resembled YUI, she’s Youhna. I mean both played instruments, good vocal range, young. In fact I came to knew her from YUI’s. fanblog, where they flared this particular Youhna’s fan because of he/her initiated the firing at YUI.

Its kinda childish as in a ‘fan vs fan arena’, both party bullshting here and there, while I sit down in front of my screen enjoying the cross-fire. I’m shock though, as all use ‘classy, chim ang mo’, instead of the norm of ‘cb,ccb,kp, etc’, perhaps or most likely the work of non-Singaporean!

Yes, you may be right to defend someone you loved (because she being flared), the fact that one flared back isn’t it the same action as the one initiated? This process will just continue, a vicious cycle, further add on the bitter relationship between 2 (ops, there no relationship to begin with!) As for me, I will just take it and leave it (a weakling approach, you say?) the fact that ‘…….(free for all to add in)……’

Just some usual crapping, while having some rest for more revision ahead!
oh yea change the background music to 'goodbye to you' by michelle branch, a soulful, impactful, soft yet power(same analogy used for YUI, =.=) song

so here's youhna's houki boshi
***pause playlist at bottom***


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Man today, my house is totally packed with people, majong, chit-chat, darn noisy.
Noise reach the peak from the continuous bark from 2 of my doggies *they bark when they see unknown being**

Noisy noisy.……………………………………………………………………………..

Cant focus on my revision ………….

Learnt later that I ought to adapt…….

Monday, February 19, 2007

NY in town

How I’d spend my CNY?
Here go…

Early in the morning at 10 (consider late though)
Bathe, eat, chit chat
11 head down to pay respect to
Ma… and Pek

12 reach ah pa’s father dude house
That’s our first stop
Already so grand
Ang bao sure tok gong 1 la!
Wooot. . .
Its at clemeti there
So darn far laR
Traffic was good (surprise)
Down aye, lagi smooth !
Inside got 3 pretty belles sitting in a row
We shy, we play with their dogs instead of them
I mean talk to them
Just exchange frequent glance here and there.
Got 1 darn chio, but the moment she ate the fired chicken wing,
Was like ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

CNY CNY down the road

Next pit stop, was at ah’s ma’ mother
Don know what la,
So chim, to identify them,
Just say uncle auntie ah ma ah pa
Solve all probs =/
Lunch at there. Gt curry redeng!
So shiok, wooo
There always had the most cherry atmosphere
Uncle pretending to be children asking for hong bao
Auntie suggested, us to ask hong bao from ah ma,
Cox she had too many grandchildren (apparently doesn’t recalled who she had given!)
Then split the profit
Was like LOL all the way. . .
Then come all the praising
‘kai jie, go join superstar la!’
She been repeating for like past 2 yrs
Something new pls!
She is a teacher, claiming can get her class to vote for me!
CNY CNY down the road CNY CNY down the road

Head towards another ah pek house
South west of the previous (1km away)
Dad is really a good planner
Plan our route so smoothly!
There abit boring lor
We 3 (bro sis) occupy the seats,
Then 1 family went it,
Again gt 1 pretty lady,
Offer my seat and sit on floor,
She preferred to sit on the floor instead!
I was like babababa

Then precede to don know who house
Ang mo kio is the stop,
the family is blessed with a cute baby boy recently
sooo cute, but he always look stunned,
kinda scary, @__@

cut short ---- fast forward

head to dad’s sis home
there we play cards, black jet
no win no lose
bor won 12 bucks
sis lost 6 bucks
was telling him to give sis 8 buck me 2 buck
then left 2 bucks
each get 2 bucks
bucky he,
don wana of course
tt wat tt at there

CNY CNY down the road
CNY CNY down the road

Back home at 7,
Dad had some rest, sis watch tv
Me and my bro play marvel super hero!
Kena own and pawned by him
Was like zzzzzz

Dinner at house, bout 8,
Sour chilli asam prawns was so darn superd!

Our last stop- bishan
Again another so called bungalow
there most heart warming de
adults had their own gambling den (min bet=$2)
1 auntie apparently lost to much
Start to bet $1 @__@
In the end she the big winner!
children had their own too (min bet=10cent)
losta happening at there

cut short ---- fast forward

cut short ---- fast forward

back home already 2 am …zzzz by then
today still need to go somewhere

no time to study again
hope can grab some time to do so =’


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Reuion dinner with charcoal!

What a reunion dinner I had like mins ago, all went well after much preparation from grandma, aunt and maid. Our steamboat is kind of retro, my aunt suggested to use the charcoal (chu stunt) instead of electric fire as the norm, it took zzzzz hours to get the food well done. To speed things out, she actually pre-heat the charcoal over the stove before using it for steamboat. O_O. instead of talking about new year stuffs, my bro actually come up with the topic of witness ghosts before, don know what fire orbs, blue orbs. He said he saw it at fort canning park, he notice the orbs, when his friend notice the atmosphere is filled with frangipane’s scent. Frangipane I always link to spooky stuffs. he even claimed he saw it at our hall! That moment my dad had Goosebumps, me too =.= ( me trying to act man at the same time, seems calm) =/ my aunt comment in hokkien saying my bro had high level of ‘Ying’ aka –ve energy, lack the ‘Yang’ energy aka +ve energy. I was like ar…..ha…. it was only when I mentioned about its NY, shouldn’t we say something else, then the conversion was change to something else.

Perhaps my English sir name is directly translated as ‘Yang’, that why I cant spot them, my sibling are all ang mo translated ‘Yeos’ =/ anyway, this kind of things, be it not scientific proven or what not, its always better to believe then not. If someone possess this ability to see the other dimension, is it a curse or bless? I don’t know, but if someone approached me and tell me they saw it and are scare, I will believe and give them more ‘Yang’ energy from within me (watch too much DRAMA!) @___@

Tomorrow, heads for collecting Hong Bao, 1 of the thing I really look forward to. =]
Stomach too full, to write @__@

Guess weekend cant really revised le for upcoming exam. . . .

Take kaire
Kai =’

YUI's cd with me! =]

Half-done with my clothes hunting for CNY yesterday, according to uncle’s theory ‘sales will be on peak after Sunday or something like that’.
Talking about uncle, he made some hilarious remarks, yesterday. He been reading my blog, and asked

We were at MAC (which I ate my usual stuff of coffee plus MAC- flurry!)

‘What the meaning of the jap word you use in your blog, don know what taka?’
‘you know ta-k-i-don kno what –ire’
It took me awhile to figure out the words he tried so hard to configure!
He meant the word ‘takire’ which I had used occasionally in my blog, an act cute way of saying take care, which I had learned from some girl out there.

____generation gap____

Somehow our conversion leads to the show starring SHE and FARHERIT. He asked you know that ‘HSE,…..’
“what house I thought to myself”
This time it took me some time to configure what he meant, “SHE, u meant”, he seemed baffled!

Anyway, we headed down to PS afterwards(met ruben with his bro (i presumed), was telling him that YUI’s CD is out here in Singapore, and eventually he bought me 1. Instead of gratitude, I was like whining the fact that I already had all the songs, and inside not much pics of hers and so on…
My bad
And thanks

YUI CD(bad photographic skill). looks like

Dinner at Thai express, man the food is either too sweet, spicy or sour, whining again @__@ instead if appreciation. Bababa, stomach stir the moment I went home, and after relieve myself, felt much better!

Friday, February 16, 2007

clash of the titans

here a version of 'good bye to you' by both michelle branch and YUI
michelle version- vocal more ;bang;, powerful, technical
yui-cuter vocal,yet more heart-warming and emotional

michelle branch


michelle branch mv(not live 1) sound best!
on my, just cant stop the spree of posting @____@

2nd spree of yui' photos

pretty YUI

cute YUI

cool yui

cool yui

blur YUI


baby YUI (destine to be cute)


For some, when they achieved something, they tend to be compliances. I’m sought of like that, of which I had to change. Yesterday, wanted to start my revision, but the moment I saw my text, my mind was totally blank, I was like reading out a lot (when I revise, I read out)but nothing go in. when that happen, I always detached myself from the text by sleeping foe 10 mins then cont, or walk round the hall, munching sweet stuff, reading newspaper, etc. However, this time I simply force myself to go on, as I had just started. The effort was futile of course, in the end read a few line and was knock out, I told myself ‘perhaps, you need some early night sleep for now.’ Oh, what a good night sleep I had the morning wake up afresh! I look back on yesterday issue, I thought what could have caused the ‘want to sleep syndrome’. I thought the most reasonable reason is because I had jotted down what I wanted to accomplish in revision, perhaps I had set some unrealistic goals, that had possibly stress me out, and resulting in cant focus, and when I try too hard to concentrate too hard, felt tired, then KO, a chain of events,WOoot. Sometimes, I felt let nature takes it course is better, if you can finish that much that day, leave it as it is. Afterall, guess im not that compliances, but just giving myself too much stress. On top of that, DON ACCELERATES YOUR REVISION TOO FAST, TAKE IT AT PACE, ACCELERATING STEADFAST, JUST LIKE RUNNING A MARATHON. =] that some insights I gain from that spontaneous chain reaction.

Later be going to shop for New Year clothing with uncle for upcoming season.

My neck had been aching for like weeks, or so, approached my grandma for remedy. She cut off a small piece of ginger soak it in ointment then scrubs it on my neck. The process was like darn shoick! Apparently, she claimed ginger can remove ‘wind’ in the body. I was like ar…..ah……ok……cool………=/ right after that, I was on my desk updating this blog, then the pain come again, guess is my sitting position ba.

HUray, YUI’s latest hit CHE.R.RY mv is out, so cute! When I type the word CHE.R.RY, my playlist happen to play that song (woot such a coincidence)! Anyway, the opening show a bunch of animals waiting for YUI (apparently look like a princess) to sing for them, when the tree door (fairly tales curtain) open, when YUI was seems asleep, awoke she walked down the lane of some street thn finally reached them, then …..

***********pause the playlist at bottom******************

The whole package was so cartoon, totally fit her features. The opening voice happens to be rather coarse and cool, but hey wait, at the chorus, so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. She was wearing purple and pink in this MV, in contrast of the usual black color she wore, much adorable. How many times had she remelted my solidify heart, can’t remember. LOl

Take good care

Thursday, February 15, 2007

live on radio -YUI

YUI, live interview on the radio, apparently she was doing some warming out of strumming, then she spurted ’KOTO’ with eyes like ‘botting’ out, so cute. Her strumming is so beautiful, and the moment she open her mouth, the trademark crystal clear voice simply made me ‘go into her world’ (sound weird) @__@

***********off playlist at bottom****************

takire folks

so sweet and adorable, one cant help but to love her! her strumming is so stylo milo, making the milo im drinking swirling with the tune down my gut @____@

aniway now im playing her new song che.r.ry! a fast beat song, that energize my day!

VAlentine with frens~

Just yesterday was valentine day, spend it with some of my pals (those w/o dates of course), yeah is kind of weird, when we are surrounded with lovely dove birds, we are a flight of sparrows. On the whole, valentine spend with pals is rather a pleasant thing.

Afternoon, was spend at tampines mall, where we had lunch, arcade gamming, and 1 that leave me the deepest impression – neo-printing (the last time I had it was at sec 2 with the gal, I once like with another pair of guy and girl). At first, I was rather reluctant to enter the ‘fray’ (cox you know, bout 10 of us was squeezing inside the machine! Then someone cant recalled grabbed me in. The process of posting, laughing was really heart-warming =] wanted to post the pic, but too small la! Mega-pixel of my HP is not strong enough to capture it.

After which, we returned to campus for some remedial lesson, the valentine spree continue, when we catch the movie ‘ghost-rider’, well of course not the whole gang went, some had gone to have their date I guess. Had dinner first, when I shared about my past unrequited love( because I didn’t made any move, T_T), then WL said something really cutting ‘I don know my class guy are that weak’.
Man I was like OUCH! But she was right of course, but hey that was then, the then KJ!

Oh yea, I spotted YUI’ cd here in Singapore! Cost $19, as a supporter I ought to buy but didn’t, cox I had all her songs in the first place and was rather bankrupt. Perhaps some other day, I buy.

About the ‘ghost-rider’ movie, yea the effect is nice, but the plot is like “errrm”. Perhaps the ghost-rider rid so fast that I cant catch his ‘drift’. Luckily, Nicholas Kage is really a darn superd actor (which ultimately covers the ugly plot).

Side- track abit, 2 days ago, my psychology lesson had come to an end, after we had made our presentation (which was pretty good, except the video we made, was quite @__@). The 3 months I had spent with my group members was really an enjoyable one. It was the first time I had lead a group in project (usually I am the follower), now I had play a role of leader, arrange appointment, editing ppt slides, leading them. MAN, a darn good experience! The fact that my group is all girls other then me =.=, and mostly are from yr 1, thus I had no choice but to take up the leadership. To me an ideal group should consist of a responsive leader, a positive critic (PC), a followers. All these traits can be found in my group. Im always the one giving idea, but the follower will just agree, whereas the positive critic will challenge my views. I think a good leader should leads the followers in contributing ideas to the group, and remaining eye contact to them, that they feels that they are important, gradually they will initiate idea w/o me prompting. I cant really depict the process in words, but I guess I played a good role in leading them, (yup kai, the lion always praise himself in front of others) @_@

Oh well bout the weird photo that I had posted previously, I had removed it, posted something else instead
for those interested the pic i last posted look like ..

Take care

Saturday, February 10, 2007

O____O weird photo up there... fate?

wanted to post pic for my profile..
somehow it went all the way up
look kinda weird @___@ very in fact

never seen for 6 yrs
that how long we knew each other too
just pass by each other
w/o saying hi
as if we didnt knew other in the first place
had i change much
or u?

that day i saw u once again
i leave to fate that you notice and recongnise me
sitting down, anticipating

nothing happen

i learned that day
fate is a multi directional thing
it is not like just 1 way
if you choose that path
that ypur fate A
choose another
that fate B
thus fate dependance on action
leave it as it is
it may just go as the wind

till then we may meet again
im not leaving to fate then

crapping me again @__@

something wron g with the playlist playing 'cherry' by yui
change it to 'it happy line'=]
slowbeat song, chirpy too
take care folks

Friday, February 09, 2007

funny clips~

**pause playlist at bottom**

Stupid - video powered by Metacafe

pretty famous baby by now, 9m++ peoples have watch it. wooot... watching this 2 clips just made me laugh~ feeling better =]

I cant say. . . . . .

Really thank God that my pia test didn’t screwed up as must as I thought, thank to the lenient marking style of teacher, I mean she gave 1 mark just by writing out the equation (which can be lifted from the text itself) =.= Also, she marked base on error carry forward (even if answer is wide of the mark, so long ones explain correspond to the answer.) =]

Was flipping through YUI’s songs lyric translation, when I came across ‘I cant say’ This song really identify the hearts of those guys or gals out there who cant put across their feeling for the opposite spouse.

I can’t say – Yui

You say I can’t move forward like thisBut I know this happens a lot
I’m not planning on giving upI just can’t be innocent enough to laugh with you
If only I could have said "Love me, come to me" Would I be happy? Please seeWhat a coward I am
The popular skirts on the streets are tightIf I could see your tired face, I’d calm down
Just seeing you throws meI’m pretending to be strong, I can’t be honest with you
Love me, if only I could have gone to you and said itWhat would you do? Please realiseHow selfish I am
If only I could have said "Love me, come to me" Would I be happy? I’m scared
If only I could have said "Love me, come to me" What would you do? Have you maybe
Realised the truth? You know...

Her touch in composing music is really simple yet got the bang in it!, soft yet influencial. No matter how much I repeated playing her song, i just cant get sick of it. on top of that she cute =]

That what I like about her.

btw the song playing now is 'che.r.r.y', 1 of her lastet song(only preview, not full version T_T)

folks take care

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

for upcoming season~Beyond the night sky

Beyond the night sky~

Ever since thenI wonder if we could come to believe in something...
Beyond the night sky
Tomorrow is already waiting

Noticing someone's voice
We hid ourselvesBeyond the park fence
The night wind was blowing

The way your hand returned my grasp
As if you were trying to tell me something
Even now, in a soft place in my heart
That gesture squeezes my heart

Ever since thenI wonder if we could come to believe in something...
Softly, I'll try to open the windowI could smell the wind of winter

I wonder if sadness is something
That will someday completely disappear...
My sigh just slightlyLeft a trace of white, then soon disappeared

Even when I start to walk
With each step, I hesitate
But I had thought that I could crush
My worthless common sense

The words I spoke to you
How much of them remain?
In the very deepest part of my heart
The fruitless efforts continue

I wonder if we're standing
In the future of that timeIt seems like nothing is going
Quite as well as we had hoped
I wonder how much furtherThese days will continue like this...
The cloudless starry sky
Continues beyond the window

Ever since then
I wonder if we could come to believe in something...
Beyond the night sky
Tomorrow is already waiting

was browisng through the web, when i came acorss this video from youtube 'Yozora no Mukou' by yui and suga shikao. . this song is suitable for the upcoming romantic season =] -- now im press-stud to this song(singing now, as i typing)


**pause the playlist at bottom, as usual**
kinda hook in uploading video these days, after i had learnt that from ruben @__@

Yozora no Mukouwords by Suga Shikao

Are kara boku tachi wa
Nanika wo shinjite koreta ka naa...
Yozora no mukou niwaAshita ga mou matte iru

Dareka no koe ni kizuki
Bokura wa mi wo hisomete
Kouen no FENSU goshi niYoru no kaze ga fuita

Kimi ga nanika tsutaeyou to
Nigiri kaeshita sono te wa
Boku no kokoro no yarakai basho wo
Ima demo mada shimetsukeru

Are kara boku tachi wa
Nanika wo shinjite koreta ka naa...
Mado wo sotto akete miru
Fuyu no kaze no nioi ga shita

Kanashimi-tte itsuka wa
Kiete shimau mono nano ka naa...
Tameiki wa sukoshi dake
Shiroku nokotte sugu kieta

Aruki dasu koto sae mo
Ichi ichi tamerau kuse ni
Tsumaranai joushiki nado
Tsubuseru to omotteta

Kimi ni hanashita kotoba wa
Doredake nokotte iru no?
Boku no kokoro no ichiban oku de
Karamawari shi tsuzukeru

Ano koro no mirai ni
Bokura wa tatte iru no ka naa..
.Subete ga omou hodo
Umaku wa ikanai mitai da

Kono mama doko made mo
Hibi wa tsuzuite iku no ka naa...
Kumo no nai hoshizora ga
Mado no mukou ni tsuzuiteru

Are kara boku tachi wa
Nanika wo shinjite koreta ka naa...
Yozora no mukou niwa
Ashita ga mou matte iru

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

put it down, life roll on =]

just had i had predicted last Friday, that I would did badly for my 2 tests taken 2 weeks ago, well 1 had already come to reality- my UO result is like $#%#$. Soon will be my PIA result.

As the saying go “Na de qi , fan de xia.”, I’m able to put this matter behind, and try harder( by being less careless and more prepared) in my thereafter quiz =]

here another video of yui singing 'rolling star' that lifen me at time.. you wouldnt believe is her singing after her sweet performance of 'feel my soul'. her rock side is show here =] **kindly pause the playlist at the bottom** to enjoy =]

Monday, February 05, 2007

some1 tell me how to eat chicken... got con ... 'feel my soul' yui

Thursday was the day, when I had first introduced my taste bud to the famous ‘kenny roger’ chicken, yup first time in my life thus far (treated by pal =])! Sadly the chicken did not really live up to the pricey label. Skip the proportion part given, the spices imbedded in the chicken doesn’t spice me up. Perhaps, was feeling moody, because of the bad haircut I had earlier =@. K. back to the chicken, it was there where I realized eating chicken, with knife and fork as your tools is not an easy task AT ALL, may sound easy to some, wait till you get your hand on it. There I was trying to maneuver the knife, driving it through the chicken, making occasional turns, with my fork as a brake (preventing the chicken from slipping), and my pal opposite is handling it with ease. In the end my plate was a complete mess, with stringe of meats coating round the bone, his just bone. Well at least, I learned some skills in tackling chicken with fork and knife from him!

BUT!!! The main thing I want to bring forth about is why people are shun by behave properly, so call proper procedure in eating, as in die die must use fork and knife in eating chicken in a restaurant? We are tied by this ‘rules and regulation’. ‘Why, using just bare hand is deem uncivilized?’ I mean after all, our primitive father did that. In fact using bare hand really enhanced the taste of chicken! I recalled, my pals and I brought those $4 plus honey or black pepper chicken from carefour, we sat down together, with the chicken in the middle and pound on it, man that kind of taste is real good, because we are not bound by that rules and regulation that we can fully enjoy the taste(even though it is of the ‘lower class’ chicken). Guess, perhaps the fact that I guess it is only appropriate for me to use knife and fork to tackle that chicken (even though I felt uncomfortable with it), so much so, resulting me in not enjoying the meal. Perchance (1 of those word you used in literature I recalled), 1 day I set up a chicken restaurant, name “use barred hand only”, as the name suggested no cutlery is provided, only mere plates and bowls that all! 1 of those bubbles thought I hard recently . . . . .

Don’t know why this few days, mishaps regarding to transport had keep piling on me. Just today, this guy look smartly dressed, middle 30, approached me and requested for ‘$1.50, to take bus and claiming left wallet at his house’.
Having no coins with me, I passed him a $2 note.
‘There can take bus 147 right’ pointing to the bus stop, making it more believable that he is taking a bus.

Walking back, I reflected on my actions, and realized perhaps I being con. WHY?


Sometime we people need to think before AN ACT, IT MAY Jolly well COST YOUR LIFE 1 DAY. But hey, I told myself, this guy must be seriously in need of money, thus resorting to this ‘last resort’, let it be then. . . I wana stress also, know when to reject in proper manner and at right occasion! That 1 part in my life I had to learn in this very life, but to keep rejecting, isn’t right either… see the occasion ba, and be your own JUDGE.

Take care folks

lastly wana share 1 of my favourite video by yui.. 'feel my soul' LIVE! enjoy~
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Friday, February 02, 2007

don fuss over some matter, pls old hag! + balance equation O-o

That was Tuesday, when I was taking bus from Bugis after had my dinner there, some controversies sought of happen. There this guy looking drunken, keep sprouting nonsense, talking to people around him, I mean shouting. There this bangadelsh guy sitting beside him, after the drunken guy asked him where he’s from. The drunken dude then point to the people around him and told him that “this lady here is nice, that guy there is good, Singapore is safe, no bomb, not like your hometown.” I was like OMG! I was expecting a bash right at his cheek, but he just smile in an awkward manner. There goes the ‘LIVE SHOW’ (man I was baddy)

Now come the main picture, after the drunken man alighted, there this woman in her late 40s in white arming with a detector scanning of possible free-rider. She immediately asked the bangadelsh man to show his ticket. Apparently he did not one, and he claimed that he had paid, but didn’t retrieved the ticket, with so many eyes starring at him, he had no choice but to give in. Thereafter the ‘old hag’ asked ‘where you alighting?’ in a belittling, disrespect tone. After his reply, she asked the man to pay 10 cent more. The man seemed reluctant after I presumed he had paid 2 ways trips, I meant 10 cent to them Is not a small sum at all. The old hag just kept reprimanding him to pay up, making a big fuss, and he just simply seemed baffled with a pinch of annoyance. Before the show reach climax, I dig my pocket and manage to ‘salvage’ a 20 cent coin, and gave it to the old hag in replacement for him (geesh, I am kinddy now!), salvaging the matter.
True enough, she doing her job, and a mere 10 cent can accumulate to 1k lost, consider if lots of people did that in a day. But this guy comes all the way from bangadelsh, cant she close 1 eyes, and be more merciful?

Feels really good, after offering a helping hand, especially he nod at me and said thanks, even though is just a mere 20 cent. I’m not saying to feel good then do good, rather do good whole-heartedly (w/o expecting the benefits), in the process you will feel good. That was how I felt. =]

Had my PIA test yesterday, was rather confidence of the paper, till I realized all the careless mistakes I had made after the paper, exactly what kinds of @$#@4 mistakes I made, nah skip the details @_@. In the past, I would kept self-reprimanding myself, blaming myself, but now I came to accept it and move on, I mean ,hey at least I know my mistakes now, rather than making it at the finale. Both of tests had been quite badly done, because of carelessness and over confidence, or simply because of the theory of balance O_O. you see if bad things keep snowballing, something really good is going to happen to balance it. I mean if someone high up is going to give you something real good, he cant gives you straight away, or less it would unbalance the equation of ‘good+ bad=neutral’, hence here comes the bad, goes the bad, then come the good. Im not saying that those receiving the good will soon be given the bad, it just that they receive so much good( due to certain reasons), that those bad seems insignificant, this case we have equation 2 ‘neutral- good2 = -bad ” but of course the reasons could be study real hard to get good results(good), bad(tired perhaps), seems unimportance. O_o. There I go Crapping again . . . .

Take life easy; enjoy the process, taste the moment of trails and cloud nine.

Take care,