桜 & 恋

Friday, January 27, 2006

my first poem

well this my first time writing 'poem' , towards the back is abit crap but ya.. ainway i like it. this 'poem' has some hidden things see how u all discefer ba. pls do not puke when reading this.. here go


once you were deep down in the earth
sheltered from the the harsh weather
shun from the outside world
you were overly protected
yet was bored
you wonder
what is above me?
who are there?
what is the 'thut' 'thut'?
your curiosity
gives you the spurt to emerge from the dark
deep in the earth u slowly climb your way up
alas freed from the dark u stretched open your arms in the open air
letting out a lazy yawn
greeted by the morning sun
'thut' 'thut' comes the stamping feet
eureka! that the "sound disturbing my sleep down there"
above the earth u were trampled by what you thought gigantic ants
you tasted your first suffering
u regret after seconds u emerge from the deep
thinking of going back
but the earth close its entrance to u
there no turning back!
not only are u suffering from physical pain
but also 'intro' pain
no longer are u feed with with fresh oxygen in the deep
but the polluted exhaust
cough cough
the black y gas create havoc in your lungs
not willing to stepback
u endure the harsh environment u are in
years passed
in the street you stand in awe
your arms spread like like that of many eagles
unlike those first 2 arms
flame from a candle resembles your many green fingers
who would have believed u once was a feeble sampling
u protected men from the harsh weather
the scorching sun
the freezing ice drop
however u put man at risk of
putting the thunderstorm aside
u provide us with fresh oxygen
how does man repay u?
Chop u off and make into paper!
They destroy your cream ofof the crops
by doing so they inflict continous pain in you
what more they
feed u with polluted exhaust
do we deserve your protection?
You wonder what ahead of u?
but fear curiousity will lead to danger when u once trying to emege from the earth
u decided to stay fully rooted to earth as u are afraid of the unknown
yet again u shun yourself from the world
however this time round u choose it this way
the butterdlies kept telling
man! U miss so much
do you know that out there the floor is blue and moving
unlike here where the top is blue
do u know this ?
do u know that?
Realised how much u missed
u decided to move on..
feets of yours are permently rooted to the ground there no way u can move
thinking of your youngs
"bring my youngs out of here , to a place far from here"
u beg mr butterflies
I don wan my offsprings to be laugh at being a frog in a well
in returnu provide them with fresh nectar
nothing in the world is free ya?
Well at least this way your offsprings get to see the world on their way to
the other part of earth
years passed
your hearts lungs had completely blacken
u decide to take vengence on man for his doing
u release multiple spores into the air and block their windpipes
mascare of man
with man lying on floor
mass decomposition takes place
out of sudden the supply of oxygen is use up
u too suffociate

Thursday, January 26, 2006


cough cough... gears getting rusty in my throat(think strepsil advertisment) after eating deep fried samosa.. paid 1 sg to get sick!! now gluping lipton tea to sought of lubricate those eeky gears.. reach sch at 9 when it suppose to start at 10 today.. thought was 9 you see.. blur me ... there goes my additional hour of sleep for think that i ws late in the first place cox i reached 910..make it more frustating.. i was like crashing into many lecture halls cox i c other class in the lecture hall that i was suppose to have lesson.. clearing all the possible lts, gave my peer a msg where are u all.. then this guy say at home.. i was like frezze there the moment!! flashback, thinking all the shocking eyes firing at me that would have kill a cow 2 metres away(maybe too erm) when i crash into their lts disturbing their lesson.,, HOLy well.. away from today stuffs.. yesterday had a bad day.. was ask to cleared the stains on lab floor when i wasn't the culprit.. thats id s fine but...(details erm don feels like talking bout it). week ending soon .. well times pass. we always regret what we have not done before .. why i never do it ? etc.. bad news is that there no turning back of time.. bright side is do watever what u wan t to do now.. leave no room for regret .. easier say then done ya? The whole life of man is but a point of time; let us enjoy it.
.. our life is part of time line.. time line stretch endlessly but our life will come to a point where will not continue anymore. in between we have the times to laugh share hardship enjoy it cox u cnt enjoy beyond that point of timeline. many people lust for wealth fame remember all your possesion are a matter of moment.. frendship on the other hand .. well at least someone remember you.. so 1 argue i go frendship cox i wanted to be remember? selfish? lol@@
but again when u left ,our close ones may feel sad isnt that selfish when you ave a friend? but at least u know u gave your freinds happy memories to recall, the moment of sadness will be there but the happy memories will alone cover it in times.. so now lead a impactful life make those arnd u a happy person.. some thinkfriends are there to lent u a support pillar.. some a thumbling stone(backstabbers) . well u can be a nice person thinking no way will a ppl backstab me.. oh well who knows? true u may be hurt but take note if u feel hurt , behind u they be laughing enjoying .. instead of being hurt or frustrated .. let it be.. learn to put things down ..contiune be friend with them.. be nice to them not in a hypocrate way but ture feelings , yes hard but in the end he will feels shameful and u 2 maybe friends again .. is better to have another friends again then to have a permently enemies.. step to forgiveness is hard but its outcome defintely a fruitful one. remember It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.
of course muz take ur stand at time or others may think that u a good pushover.. all these may be crap but ya..Above all things, never be afraid. he who forces you to retreat is himself afraid of you at that very moment
.jux point of views. poem pending

Friendship make prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it.
kai sighing off

Friday, January 13, 2006

oh well.......

this week has been rather hectic,panda eyes tells because tons of projects thrown right in front of my face. oh well , just have to face whatever in front of me.... fews months time will be having my final exam for the semester. times fly... met a sec school friend and teacher today.. had a long chat... we talk or rather gossip things like the campus superstar(singing compettition).. one of the contestent happen to be from my sec school.. he did pretty well .. well at least better then the previous one(no offense personl point of view) ... he lost mainly to popularity i guess... the system in this kind of compettion is rather commercialised then searching a talent.. the score is base mainly on votes via calls rather than judges given scores... well those contestant happen to have rich parents friends they sure can make it for sure... well who cares ... about talents.. the singtel etc are earning money...yes true one must not only sing well but have the charisma(but this is the criteria for to be famous, as a singer) however this compettion, is a talent show not searching for a wanna be singer.. im lost... oh well .. life like that...
kai signing off