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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Younha and YUI

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Here are 2 of my favorite artists, Younha & YUI!
Younha is 19, YUI 20
Both birthdays differ by a month
Mastering their respective instruments, 1 arm with piano, the latter with guitar,
they started their music career at tender age of 16 and 17
1 had a ‘bang’ vocal range, the other with a soulful vocal
Both had a big Y in their names
And the duo are awesomely cute!

Now come to their music analysis
-well the fact is that YUI is doing much better than Younha in the music industry is because I guess YUI’ song is able to touch, communicate with the human soul. Yes Younha does have much powerful vocal and better stage performance than YUI, but she lost out in pouring her soul into her music.

Most of Younha’s music pieces are rather lengthy, I mean it always start off darn nice as in already in the ‘peak, climax’ of the song, and thus failed to bring the listener through the whole journey of the song. Perhaps it the length of the songs, that made it difficult for her to carry us through her music. On the contrary, most of YUI’s music are short and sweet, which definitely made it easier to identify with the listener! But but, I still like them as a artist equally, only hope that Youhna will attain the fame she deserved and YUI continue to soar even higher!

Having said YUI to soar higher, I myself think it will be rather hard, cuz she a simple girl, girl next door kinda look, w/0 fanciful costumes and make-up Ayumi had for example. I mean people nowadays want to have both audio and visual effects, and I guess most had seen their artists as an icon, to follow their style and totally forgotten about their music! Kinda sad T_______T. perhaps, perhaps it is the simplicity of YUI that draw me to her and others to her as well! She just who she is, and didn’t need to bother about **make-up when having an interview out of the blue**, if ya get what I meant!

Younha does had an upper hand than YUI when comes to international fame, cuz she’d long since master Jap, Korean, and English! And YUI, Jap and a little of English I guess. To me, Younha might gain more international fame than YUI, well who know =/

Another reason that YUI albums and singles are selling much better than Younha is because I think, all of YUI’s songs are printed in English, BUT some of Younha’s music pieces are written either in Korean or Jap, in which some of the non-Korean and Jap will have difficulty to type those words in the net, when they wanted to found out more about the songs, e.g. ほうき星 **how to type that over the net**, as compared to YUI’s Rolling star which is so much easier to type, yea?

Bottom line, I think Younha should change her song title to English or at the very least in Romaji, e.g. ほうき星 as Houki Boshi, ゆびきりas Yubikiri, that way we the non-Korean and Jap will have much easier time to track her songs etc, and most importantly she had to pour her soul into her music, she does have some soulful songs though, Yubikiri and Aitai =] go Go both YUI and Younha!


Sometime I dream that both YUI and Younha will work together to form a duo girl band, both with their instruments rocking the stadium! I’m sure they will rock down the entire stadium, just a wish or dream though =]

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Anyway here a preview of YUI’s songs in her latest album ‘Can’t buy my love’ due 4th April, YUI-net
Ok today I be playing 2 of my favorite songs by them! And tata for now, be preparing for my chalet later the day, and do think I be bringing 2 rolls of pea cake there, **my preferred snacks atm**, or rather some budgeted food ration! @___@

With that
Take care
Kai =]

Talking about dream, today I dreamt about me confessing to the girl I liked, I wana see the outcome but found myself waking up and realized it was just a fairy-tale after- all, =/


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