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Saturday, June 30, 2007

yEt anOther of th0se laMe pOst-a

Just had a game of dota, a pretty bad 1 =/ well anyway here some photos I took over at JI.

In the morning, number of bottles need to prepare our samples

In the afternoon, number of bottles that had to be washed clean (does not include those used in the morning)

1 of those cut I had over at the lab

Then somehow the next day the wound re-opened when I hit against this

Thus it looked like this

Those days, when I felt nothing better do, I make this

(can't do these anymore, pretty busy now in lab these days)

Guess what?

I used paraffin tape and stick those disposable micropipette tips together =]) talking about micropipette tips, I used about 30 of them per day, and 1 cost $0.05, that’s $1.50 per day, $7.50 per month, $30 per month! Plus those chemical we using like water, thus our ‘tips’ is among the lowest compared to other industries attachment, **grumble**

Alas, those rare sight on mainland Singapore! --A full-stretch rainbow!-- poor camera resolution @__@

__Talking bout rare sight, I saw 2 India guys pretty close together, 1 pair on bus the other sighted on MRT, no comments~
Then there this lady spitting on the floor, when the gust of wind suddenly blew past, and her phlegm was like ‘stick’ to her shirt, yeWW!!! Gauge the wind before you SPIT!!!

Was trying to took down the picture of the flare system, (saw that fire dot?) but again poor camera resolution. Somehow this photo remind me of Kallang Stadium.

I realized these are the stuffs I can’t live w/o (other these those basic necessities)
1) At least 3 bar of chocolate bars, or chocolate related stuff yum yum per week. (chocolat works wonder in me =], can swing my mood 180¬o, love those extreme sweet or bitter 1, lately starting to appreciate those bittersweet 1.

2) BANANA (yep BANANA), my energy source, at least 1 per day, always never failed to remind my maid to replenish the bunch. *Banana made me sound better when singing, not as in holding it as mic but, after eating it, it somehow soothe my throat, and give me that 'dry-voice', how can soothe lead to dry? beats me*

3) My mp3 =!! Blasting 99%j-pop & 1% k-pop, on average 5hrs were spend on listening per day (except weekends), 3 hrs on trips to and fro JI, 2 hrs on my reports (when my msn never showed me playing any songs = I BUSY with reports=/). . . ( jux few days back , my mp3 goes hey-wire, when i was recording my voice, perhaps my voice so sux that the mp3 cant de-code thus BOOM, i was like oh-GOD and panic, but thaks GOD!! the nxt day is fine!!

** Out of boredom, I google search on 'myvoicez.blogspot' and found 0.1 related articles, and was like =,=. Then I try google search on 'kaispiral' the nick I go by online (youtube, imeem, etc), then the whole page is related and was like O_O.
I wana use kai, but was used then out of the blue I thought of 1 of YUI's song 'spiral and escape, tts how the nick comes about, sound stupid actually, but since its already quite 'recognize' thus no choice but go by it). talking bout youtube 1 girl actually shared the same interest as me, as in we both love ZONE and YUI, and she leave a comment on my youtube acc saying ‘I’m interested in you’, and I was like @___@, you are from GERMANY!!!**

__all the fragmented/broken engliseh sentences cuz i'm tired__

And so that’s that’s
Nap time =]

Take care

is jux infatuation after-all =/ But tts jux an excuse perhaps =/


  • ... You punched a bag with a wound on your finger? -.- sigh... kai...

    oooo... a secret admirer... :O

    and you're a wimp... that's all i can say... you're never gonna get the right one like this...

    By Anonymous light seeker, At 3:17 PM  

  • i not ready for 1 as yet

    By Blogger kai, At 8:17 PM  

  • still a boy... still a puppy =p

    By Anonymous dark lurker, At 9:26 PM  

  • In the life sciences laboratory environment, there are few pieces of equipment which see more use than a multichannel pipette and along with it, pipette tips.

    By Anonymous pipette, At 8:46 PM  

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