桜 & 恋

Sunday, February 21, 2010

my umbrella comes back to me .

The afternoon rain brings me back in times again when I was back in secondary school. Those days when it rain, I will choose from the umbrellas available to shelter me to school. . If I’m lucky the plain colour one is available to choose; if it’s taken by someone else then I’d to take those flowery one. It’s embarrassing but it serves it purpose anyway.

That rainy day, I was lucky, a black umbrella! When I reached a shelter just before the zebra crossing; I saw this 2 girls rooted there; they just can’t barged into the rain, I guess. I offered to 1 of the girls and dashed across the zebra crossing to school. Nearly bang by car la!

The recess bell for lunch break goes; I saw my umbrella stranded by the walkway. I reclaimed it thinking: “So much for being a gentleman, and the umbrella got dumped there.” . . .

It took me awhile to recall this: I told 1 of the girls to left it at the walkway, saying I will collect myself later.

I can’t remembered who I’d lend to and I cant remembered their face too. ...

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桜 & 恋