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Saturday, November 11, 2006

'life' as i see in class

before4 the transfer window, players were randomly appointed into specific team by e UEFA chairman let call him ,(UEFA.a)... was elated cox my club gt 2 star players o.O... some of club wigan, bolton players (to name a few, H and M) werent happy with their players .. all gave 'wtf' face

__________e nxt day___________________

UEFA.a distribute e list of players in specfic club and ask members to sign, to verify... H and M wrote rejected under e signiture box.. some other club members followed... some jux signed. when e list came to me , i saw rejected, i was like since 1 of my players already rejected us, i might as well wrote rejected too ... lots of uproar frm those clubs...

_________e nxt day________________________

uproar was so devastated tt UEFA.a brought the matter to e president, MRs.L .. MRs.L suggested form e club ur own or grp according to ur no. we had 2 CHIOCEs..

____________before transfer market_______________
(things happening in)club bolton
A: lets grab tt star player S , u know tt no. 1 striker
B: market haven open
A: don care , jux grab it b4 other
B: we already had 1 top striker already wat
A: jux grab la
....S join in (sercert transection)...
A: let grab 1 more
B: ok let get R
....R join in (? transection)....
A: 1 more
B: cant la latta ppl say we cheat
A: ok..

___happeing in club wigan____
C: let get K?
D: don wan he suk
C: ok let get some 1 else SS?
D: ok at least he beta than k

out of suddden UEFA.a comes to me ... e rest had chosen their players left u and e 'LEFTOVERS'
i was like 'oh so we had chosen e 2nd option?' 'hmm' ... ok
But in my heart was abit piss off ,,, WTH u mean by 'LEFTOVER'? they r players too, u know is like an insults, belittling.....yes they may nt be like e star players u all had grab , but hey they r players too ...

i longe a complain to e president of association for UEFA.a discriminating

-----UEFA.a was fine sterling 100000 00000 ------------ =.=

me here scribbling, of course there some curry flavour to make it far-fetched... jux fo r fun =]

i wrote nt because unhappy with my players, but the facet tt UEFA.a labels my players as LEFTOVER,,, man i hate tt i tell u ...seriously(beta now)... =]

..peace off..

lets do it team.... =] "lone striker cant made a diff"

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bob e builder can we fix it? bob e builder , YEs we can

Sunday, November 05, 2006

tt y i shall c

never been blooging this few weeks, nothing muxh happening uc.... oh well heres a few updates for this this wk

attended my first psychology lesson.. e class was yr 1 and female dominent, complete mirror image(too much dota in my head lately) of my class... is like arnd with kids, well am a kid myself. 'ahem' ! my fren had ask me are u into psycho? i was like #@%$#@ , i was buffled, until i kind of get what she meant.. i say yea me in 'psycho'....

was on the bus , was dead tired after game of socccer with pals, thus laying my head against the handles of seat, and fell asleep..... mins had past, when i felt some 1 pulling my hair, i thought perhaps my hair had stuck in between some holes of e handles (cant describe it well) =.= oh well, after a while i kind of felt uncomfortable and turn arnd to c a man in his thirty.... his hand was on my sit! man i was dead feak out, this man had been touching my hair for don know how much donkeys mins..$#a#$s$# mind u , my hair was sweaty and he liek touching them.. i immediatelyshifted myself to e window sit.. then fall bac slp ...

receive my pay at last , but is only for e first 3 wks of pay... get my last wk pay at e end of this mth.was darn proud tt i had earn a k plus, only then realised that 200 odds were deducted for CPF(continous permenant fund)?_?

was suppose to vist my god mum hse but nvr turn up T___T, oh yea my dad allows me to wear braces =] but wher shld i go to make

he 'ificanceworlduc'
she 'ushallceworldthrumyeye'

@_________dotting my way_____________________________________@
signing off( when was e last time i sign off?)