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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


YUI IS tougher then she looks; I mean given her size and such. She knows what she wanted in life at tender age of 16- to sing, she knows not to be a burden to her mum and support herself, she work part time at 16, the feeling of making music raise when she fell sick, she faced financial problems, she felt making music could made her stronger, she decide to pursue music, she blow bubbles out of her house, she loves to doodle, she take down one side of earpiece and sing on way home(sometime I did that, provided there no one behind), she this she that. There so much I didn’t know about her till I read up on her recent interview @ (currently the best YUI’s update online). I was like; how far she had comes thus far and continuing! It so cool to see many fans commented stuff like ‘YUI is my inspiration source’. To me she is and will be. It kind of stupid to admit that I actually picture YUI and ]some-one else[ saying ‘GAMBATTE!’, to encourage myself when I’m stress out with workload and stuff, and it always feel better! Yea I know it’s stupid =/

Well anyway, I discover 1 principle from jogging- even if I jog 5 sec faster every ¼ lap, it gonna ‘accumulate’. So every little time I put in my studies may seem insignificant in a single day, but hey they gonna accumulate when days pass and I’m seeing results right now. Usually at this stage I will be ya-ya and complacence, so yea, bla bla!

Oh yea, about YUI again, I just realized she reveal about her pursuing music instead of schooling in her “My generation’ when the lyric wrote

‘So I took of my uniform at the age of 16
I didn't want to be defeated

I didn't look back
From that point on

Because it was me, I could do it’

Me and it is ‘pursuing music’

Take care

Catching Hatoru no hikari~ love comedy bout this himono-ona (dried-fish woman), who rather stay at home porch drinking canned beer, laze around then going out, least to mentioned to-date.
Catching up with pal tml and sat, after so long of cooping at home, and term test is like2 weeks time @___________@

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Woot, finally finished watching the J-drama – LIFE!

The main cast (1 thing i must stress all look so different in the drama, only Ayumu, Hatori, Hiro look better in the drama)

Kitano Kii as Ayumu (She 16! Cant believe it)Good acting for a young actress, very convincing in her role

Fukuda Saki as Manami (Can you believe that this sweet little girl manage to made you wana bish her up, puke at her or what not)

Seki Megumi as Hatori (the big girl of Ayumu, really cool persona, but soft on the inside, for some reason i felt weird whenever she smiles, LOL)

Hosoda Yoshihiko as Katsumi (it made no sense to believe that he is psychotic, trust me you will after the show, a little sympathize also)

Hojo Takahiro as Sonado (the guy that all girls will fall in love in, towards the end)

The only co-cast i wana mentioned as she is darn kawaii

Hoshii Nanase as Hiro

The drama adapted from a manga, focusing on bullies in a prestigious colleague in Japan. It really nasty to see how Manami manipulated his friends, teachers and even father, and protruding those sinister grin whenever she saw someone suffered. She referred her victims as ‘Toys’, and is meant for her to play with. It is disturbing to see her acting innocent through threatening and blackmailing, even to the extent of ‘offering’ herself to get the job done. Her ‘co-bully’, also her ‘boyfriend’, a dad-made psychopath enjoying people suffering, as is a way to ‘release’ himself(he was ill-threaten by his dad).

Well anyway, the gist of the drama is about how this girl Ayumu standing up against the bullies and fighting her own rights, while others either just kept quiet and remains ignorant as they don wana get involved, not to mentioned the teachers too(except 1). Finally, the class affected by her spirit, stand up and stop Manami, only when the truth about the bullying was about to reveal, thus is more like the class want to push the blame to her solely, it really sad to see this kind of stuffs! Anyway, as usual the righteousness that drama wana portrait; when Ayumu didn’t want to take revenge on Manami by bullying when she had the chance even to the extend of rebuking the class ‘You can’t stop bullying by bullying’, and was like to be =] or -___-

On the bright side, the story also focus on themes on friendship, trust, a little of love.

The casting, ah superb, Ayumu, those big eyes filled with strong willed is really convincing! Credits should really goes to the casts on Manami and Katsumi, when it made the audience really want to bash them up or something. And the Blackhorse Sonodo, really get every attention of girls in the later part of drama!

Personal thought, both Manami and Katsumi kept blaming is others fault that they are their present self, but they should really stop putting the blame on others and face it for once. Perhaps, they really see no wrong in their doing, as in the show mentioned what is wrong in the first place, it may seems wrong to you but might be right for others and blab la. Fortunately, I didn’t hate Manami and Katsumi unlike most viewers, as it really sad to see them acting like that. …. The process yea I hated them, but ending you will sympathie them

Lastly, Great song 'LIFE' by Mika Nakashima, this song really made the whole drama stands up and 'feels right'! this song kept haunting me since i last heard it! credits to Mika too! =] The song start off with some bewildering piano, then the moment Mika's vocal comes in, there magic! She a more of jazzy singer, so this song by her is a surprise! (I love those coarse sexy vocal! Woot, but YUI, you're still no 1, =])

Worth watching! ‘Why sunflower facing out, towards a bright future’

1 thing good about J-drama is that
1) Short and sweet, straight to point, unlike dilly dally K-drama
2) Syn the drama with songs so well that, its always feel right
3) focus on storyline, unlike T-drama that talk about love here love there, all those old school lame story.
4) unlike S-drama, there so many eye candies in J-drama
5) simply because it is made in Japan
Take care


Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Received an unexpected call from my dad, asking ‘Why you skip lesson?’ I was like uh ?__? Then I recalled must be the warning letter, because of missing 1, I stress 1 PT tutorial. If you can remember that I missed it because of my blurness @ here

Darn the school’s system~! Now my dad should be thinking ‘My boy not as good anymore’, even after my explanation via the phone; I still feel sense of doubt in his tone, ba!!! Maybe I just am over-sensitive as usual. Yea darn the school system, treating us like little-morons, entrapping in a enclosure with no freaking ‘right’, cant blame the teacher, its their job as being ‘FAIR’, I hope @___@ Blurting out always feel better!

Anyway some pictures I took out of boredom. . .

Double decker- empty seat

Taken on the day i miss the tutorial -,-

Ah feat of fishes at house

At some Jap restaurant with mel, kel

the oyster tempera wooT

and lastly-1 word 'coincidence', notice 2 ppl listening to same song at the same moment?

nt clear though

take care
='(been forgotting to place this at the end of post)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanks Spongebob for once ~

I know its no point whining; but I still had to blurt it out to feel better ‘My internet connection is having hiccup in the midst of my [project week]’. Its really getting my nerve when I on the verge to discover something, then the connection just die off like that. Its even weirder, when I can access to people’s blog, crunchyroll, when I cant access to google! And google is solely the search engine I trusted. The stupid modem need to send for repair I guess. Argggh! Irritating. Meantime I just pray that the modem will work ‘at the moment’, or I will really turn crazy! solution search at one go when the internet is ok, then wait till hiccup; then start summing up the findings (once the page loaded, remain there so long as u don't close it)

Luckily, the spongebob I watched today made me laugh and forget about the tribulation; when Patrick ask ‘What is claustrophobic’, and guess what sponge replied ‘is something that afraid of Santa claus! And I was like barrr-ahah-ahaha- the way spongebob laugh! LOL!

With that
Kai take care

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Minna no Uta

Well was browsing through youtube; you can always unrevealed something interesting from there and I found ‘Minna no Uta’ – (みんなのうた?), literally Everyone's Songs, is a five minute NHK TV and radio program broadcasting several times daily since 1961. The program is generally used as filler at the end of regular television programs. While many of the episodes are aimed at children, a large percentage is not, so the program enjoys a wide audience. Cited from Wiki

So here are some cute, meaningful and interesting 1

its call Minna no Uta for reasons; as people of all ages can connect to it; it so sweet to know that clips like that can be made =]]]]

Minna no uta - koneko to keito (1992)


Minna no uta 2006 - 恋つぼみ(Koi tsubomi) - 奥华子(Hanako Oku) 'highly recommended by Kai to watch'

(Oku Hanako also sang the theme for 'The Girl Who leapt Through Time'

minna-no uta - happy birthday

and the really cute 1

minna-no uta - hina-no uta

the video tells everything!
wish Singapore could do something like that

Take care

Monday, November 12, 2007

This headache of mine had been bugging me since last Saturday; guess is all those unnecessary stress I poured upon myself. I was like I must finish these and that by today, which in the end nothing was done, due to headache and falls asleep instead (is not wise to position sleeping bed right in front of my study table). Guess I’m not the type of ‘directional-species’, as in things must go as plan, but rather the one that does whatever he what at whatever times that is. Maybe I should tell myself ‘today I’ll try to finish this and that, instead of MUST finish’.

Sometime, I felt as if our brain is a life as it own, working independently; as in, it think what it wanted to think, not what you wanted to think, it is until you can synergized your spiritual with your mental energy that you can really control what you thinking. I had no bloody clue why and what I writing here, LOL. Anyway, the synergy analogy is so cliché in some kong fu show, when the ‘Sensei’ trying to coach his disciple to concentrate.

Was watching the final (last song before disband) concert of ZONE singing ‘Secret Base’; a song that I had mentioned at least twice in this blog, a song that is so heartfelt, you don’t need to understand the words, the music tells you that it is an emotional song. It pretty amazing how these young girls manage to pour out so much emotion into this song, I always felt ‘awww’ whenever I listened to it. the lullaby melody just melt your hearts

one part of the lyric mention 'holding back tears and smiling is very painful' towards the end, the four depicted that
Take care

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sugar and Spice

1L of tears left me a really good impression of Erika Sawajiri, impression here compromises of 80% look and not forgetting the other 20% acting; and thus I wanted to catch her latest work ‘Sugar and Spice’ in theatre but catch it on cruchyroll instead, the free-flow of anime, drama and movies =]

The movie- plain boring, except for the intro part and predictable plot! Its about how this guy Shiro who doesn’t seems to understand how love can hurt so much when his pal fall out of it till he experience it himself. I like how wiki put it ‘He falls headfirst into a bittersweet first love that ushers him into the world of adulthood.’ I was like Woooo~ one thing I don’t get it is the title itself ‘Sugar and Spice’ with subtitles ‘what little girls are made of’ I was like uh? Well at the very least there this very interesting character- Shiro’s uber-hype American-wanabe grandma! Other then that there is noting much to comment on the show.

Sawajiri other recent work, Close Note, wanted to catch it but wonder why is not shown on crunchyroll. Erika was recently condemn for being rude, bad attitude in front of media and such; I guess the main reason, I think was because the movie uses YUI’s music, perhaps Erika, a singer herself felt upset about the company choice, like ‘why not use mine?’ thus yea the attitude. I only assume that is~

Take care


Monday, November 05, 2007

out of the norm

Right anyway back to my favorite topic-J-pop!
Recently, not so recently actually, I came across another J-pop artist that does non-mainstream J-pop – Eri Nobuchika, a singer with not only a pretty face but with a power-packed vocal! It kinda sad that those doing the non-mainstream didn’t receive the credits and attention they deserved. It jolly well reflected that the crowds love the main hip genre and neglecting the more laid back-jazz, folk and such. This will only means that new artists will dare not try these genres thus making the markets saturated with the norm = boring! Wait this is totally exclusive to YUI! Ahha~ you know I tend to be unjust when comes to judging things I like best~ and I wouldn’t want her to overtake YUI since both are under the same record label, EVIL!!!! Bla~

Light – Eri Nobuchika

Love the slowly built up pace of this song! @1.20, she reminds me of Maggie Q (that doesn’t mean you stretch the video all the way there, slowly let the music run and you will jolly well appreciate this masterpiece!)

her style actually composite that of the west Arvil and Evernance

Take care

Make a difference

I’d always believe an importance message can be reflected through a parable and had always wanted to write a blog based on that, at least weekly and here was the first one.

Make a Difference

One day this wise man was walking along the shore, as he looked down the beach, he saw a human figure moving like a dancer. He smiled to himself to think of someone who would dance to the day. So he began to walk faster to catch up. As he got closer, he saw that it was a young man and the young man wasn't dancing, but instead he was reaching down to the shore, picking up something and very gently throwing it into the ocean. As he got closer he called out,"Good morning! What are you doing?" The young man paused, looked up and replied, "Throwing starfish in the ocean." "The sun is up and the tide is going out. And if I don't throw them in they'll die." "But, young man, don't you realize that there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it. You can't possibly make a difference!" The young man listened politely. Then bent down, picked another starfish and threw it into the sea, past the breaking waves and said, "It made a difference for that one."

Abstracted from: parable site
This parable reminds me of the little snail that I had picked up on pavement and place it on the grass field if you could remember that is @ This post

A little action, make no difference to the vast ocean but what is an ocean without those tiny droplets of rain?

Whoo, a little philosophical statement made kai more grown up, but deep down inside is he?

Take care