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Saturday, November 11, 2006

'life' as i see in class

before4 the transfer window, players were randomly appointed into specific team by e UEFA chairman let call him ,(UEFA.a)... was elated cox my club gt 2 star players o.O... some of club wigan, bolton players (to name a few, H and M) werent happy with their players .. all gave 'wtf' face

__________e nxt day___________________

UEFA.a distribute e list of players in specfic club and ask members to sign, to verify... H and M wrote rejected under e signiture box.. some other club members followed... some jux signed. when e list came to me , i saw rejected, i was like since 1 of my players already rejected us, i might as well wrote rejected too ... lots of uproar frm those clubs...

_________e nxt day________________________

uproar was so devastated tt UEFA.a brought the matter to e president, MRs.L .. MRs.L suggested form e club ur own or grp according to ur no. we had 2 CHIOCEs..

____________before transfer market_______________
(things happening in)club bolton
A: lets grab tt star player S , u know tt no. 1 striker
B: market haven open
A: don care , jux grab it b4 other
B: we already had 1 top striker already wat
A: jux grab la
....S join in (sercert transection)...
A: let grab 1 more
B: ok let get R
....R join in (? transection)....
A: 1 more
B: cant la latta ppl say we cheat
A: ok..

___happeing in club wigan____
C: let get K?
D: don wan he suk
C: ok let get some 1 else SS?
D: ok at least he beta than k

out of suddden UEFA.a comes to me ... e rest had chosen their players left u and e 'LEFTOVERS'
i was like 'oh so we had chosen e 2nd option?' 'hmm' ... ok
But in my heart was abit piss off ,,, WTH u mean by 'LEFTOVER'? they r players too, u know is like an insults, belittling.....yes they may nt be like e star players u all had grab , but hey they r players too ...

i longe a complain to e president of association for UEFA.a discriminating

-----UEFA.a was fine sterling 100000 00000 ------------ =.=

me here scribbling, of course there some curry flavour to make it far-fetched... jux fo r fun =]

i wrote nt because unhappy with my players, but the facet tt UEFA.a labels my players as LEFTOVER,,, man i hate tt i tell u ...seriously(beta now)... =]

..peace off..

lets do it team.... =] "lone striker cant made a diff"

--commercial break----
bob e builder can we fix it? bob e builder , YEs we can


  • I don't understand, kai... why did you write rejected? Did you not like the other teammates you were with?

    All this grabbing of this and that... I don't know, just reading about it really pisses me off too... you being labeled a "leftover", not being chosen and all that... I mean, come on... to be fair, whoever's setting that task allocates people to groups randomly, right? What's with all this grabbing of so and so and what not... And you being left out... i mean, wtf... I don't know, what sort of people do you have in your class... But I really feel indignant on your behalf.

    But... what's done is done, i guess... When life gives you lemons, you make lemonades... Do your best, kai... i'm sure you'll be able to make something great out of it all... You can.

    By Anonymous 影から見る彼, At 3:31 PM  

  • what to say..those grabbers are just plain selfish lor..they just think for their own good and leave others to die..anyway thats life..priority is "myself" .

    By Anonymous same sentiments, At 4:38 PM  

  • nt really leftout la... those left are my clicks... most grps r form frm clicks i guess...

    By Blogger kai, At 5:04 PM  

  • If life truly is only all about "myself", then this wretched world and is tainted occupants do not deserve to exist. If all that means to live now is to live for one's own fulfillment, happiness, while treading on the happiness of others, feeding off them and discarding their carcasses once you're done with them, all because it's for "myself", then this twisted world lost it's worth to exist a long time ago. It's cruel, it's harsh, and you know what, that's exactly how it really is... But there are still those who are untainted I feel... I don't want them to lose that purity... I just don't. It's just too sad otherwise... And if only I could do more...

    In real life, you don't get to work with the people you want... It never happens so perfectly. That is the first flaw of whoever assigned that task. Regardless of "want" or "do not want" to work together, the groups should remain as they are. The best he/she could've done is make sure each group has strong and weak ones to balance it out. That's what I feel now as another fair alternative... Seriously, this isn't right... But... take it in stride and move on... I know you can do it... Don't lose yourself because of this...

    By Anonymous ライトのシーカー, At 6:39 PM  

  • 1 thing to add:
    b4 reshuffle, i commented to 1 of my pal call x'uproar happen cox some grps have star players while other don hav'
    he replied'its nt all bout star players'(giving a piss off face)

    overheard x
    'let "grab" s(who is a star player)to our grp'

    hypocite? ?___?

    By Blogger kai, At 5:30 PM  

  • 1st of all, by writing rejected is a very wrong thing to do. U did not consider for others like UEFA.a, like what Ruben said, he was a new class rep, doing this isn't it making thing difficult for him? If you were the class rep, you did the balloting the previous day and no one said a thing, how would you feel?

    Star player a not, is a path you wanna take. A perfectionist to be or not to be. In this case, I don't mean perfectionist is a star player, but he/she puts his best efforts in a group. When other workers are left to do till midnight and no other members are there to help, how does it feels?

    People get tired too and they got worn out. To make this simple, if more effort and care was given to your team mates, all these wouldn't have happen. Also, if only the class was able to clique as one.

    About grabbing star players, I do admit I was the one. But I had the intention of leaving the no.1 striker out there to find a group himself so that he can help others. However, the other player later give no.1 striker to be brought in. This is because the no.1 striker doesn't want to form his own.

    Not all people in the class are selfish. It's the preference they want to work with and you can see, they are small groups of cliques. If I refer to my 1st paragraph, ain't you accidentally was selfish? Did you think for the others? No offence though, just hope that you can see and think on the other side which you did not manage to see and hear. And I was pissed with those who wrote rejected, which I didn't mention on the 1st day.

    Don't make assumption. Sometimes you just might not be able to have an overview of what you see. So then, we don't work towards democracy, we work towards meritocracy and preference.

    By Anonymous skyzlex, At 5:51 PM  

  • perhaps i didnt hear e whole music.. jux parts and pics and compose conclusion myself. my bad peace =]

    By Blogger kai, At 6:39 PM  

  • First and foremost, in regards to "star player or not", some people simply are more contributing and competent than others... Of course, how you would define it is entirely up to you...

    "...if more effort and care was given to your team mates, all these wouldn't have happen. Also, if only the class was able to clique as one..."

    If, if, if... idealism does not hold in real life... You will find that your "meritocracy and preference" is based solely on the selfishness of your class. Is there anything more to it?

    Of course, as in real life... nobody can be made happier without someone else worse off... Perhaps it was only the situation that made it such... Maybe it was the people, but really... There is nothing wrong with being angry or indignant with this... It is only a natural response, be it assumption or not. There is no need for you to apologize, kai.

    By Anonymous 私はあなたの暗闇を見る, At 9:06 PM  

  • "as in real life... nobody can be made happier without someone else worse off..." are you those kind who are only happy when someone else is worse off? If that applies to you, it doesn't apply for all and definitely doesn't apply for me.

    Are you in our class? Did you feel those others that has been doing most of the work and people who hasn't done much and you got to cover his/her part? Of course what I said here isn;t solely for myself but rather those who I see have been really tired, and hence balloting and such doesn't really work anymore.

    It isn't as if we didn't try. We did it for 3 semester and for so many projects and people gradually worn out. What I am saying here is saying as an overview and to allow the blogger see what he has missed out. It wasn't meant to pissed him off.

    What you said was a defensive statement. I understand though, you might be his friend. But you got to know what has been happening and others has been feeling for all these while. Not just considering on your friend side. To be partial in your judgement, then you got to really know things inside out.

    It seriously isn't selfishness. One of my friend did cried, she has been doing the work. She's tired. She needs people to help her and lessen her burden.

    My meritorcracy here doesn't mean whether a person is smart or not. But rather, how much effort can he/she put in.

    I did work with KJ before. He's smart. Sometimes when you work with people you always clique with, we just or may understand each other better and help each other out. Things may just be different.

    So, "私はあなたの暗闇を見る" have you been partial in your judgement? Did you see and know everything? Did you feel each and everyone feels? And KJ, you don't have to say you gave a bad conclusion. It's just the fault as a whole class. We just got to commuicate more and be understanding.

    By Anonymous skyzlex, At 10:12 PM  

  • As is kai's wish... This will be my last comment for this post... Reopening wounds and pouring bucketloads of salt into them... Won't let them heal.

    It is because I know that someone else is worse off because I am happy, that I will never find true happiness... I do need feed off others and discard them once they have served their purpose... Perhaps once I did, but now... But look at the big picture, and perhaps you'll come to understand... That if someone is happy, someone else will inevitably be made less fortunate... For your birth, more than 10,000 other possible "yous" are destroyed, when one succeeds, someone else has failed, when one gets something, someone else doesn't... and so on and so forth... This argument can go on forever... It's a test of beliefs and personal philosophy... It might be a pleasure to debate this thoroughly one day...

    Yes, I may not be of your class... yes, I do not know the entire picture... truthfully, no one can say he can. But I base my words on my variation of the truth, as do you... Does that make either of us more partial than the other? No one can be truly free from bias, and I'll admit, yes, I am defending Kai.

    I know how it is like to bear all the burden, and end up doing everything... But if getting that help means snatching up all the key players, well... No one can be made better off without someone else being made worse off...

    Meritocracy is a sad thing. Through it, the elite are generously rewarded, and the less fortunate, or perhaps, the more lazy, are fated to rot. No one is perfect, admittedly... and to accept them all is simply too much to ask. Perhaps my vision of a perfect allocation was one of balanced grouping, the weak spread out evenly among the strong... But perhaps, that too is too much of an ideal... And the easiest way to make the majority happy... Is to sacrifice the few... Whether they deserve to be sacrificed... That is by your own volition.

    I have no way of knowing and seeing everything. I have no way of feeling how everyone does. But I have been there, and quite frankly, neither do you on the two above grounds... We all fight for our beliefs, and what we see as right or wrong... Does that make me any less partial than you? I do know a bit more now about the situation now, and I will let on that what kai did was, perhaps, wrong... But what followed... No matter how righteous, no matter how deserving, no matter how much one has suffered, it is selfishness that is the start of all... It has gained itself a negative connotation... but seriously, who really wants to slug it out? who wants to feel nothing but sorrow and sadness and pain? We don't... It's only human to be selfish... I am not one of you... But I am not devoid of humanity... I hope you guys can improve from this...

    By Anonymous melvin, At 10:48 PM  

    Tired? One get to rest, while the others tired ones dont! And the cycle happens again the next project. If you are more free than the others, you already got more chances to rest. If you are the only one carrying the burden and you made it to the end. That's a big acheivement. A success. BUT, the next season you are faced with same problem, YET you refused to carry your team to the finals again, you have failed. By being selfish. You should just get traded away to another team. A team with chemistry works greater than a team of all-stars all vying for the MVP. MVP is only for ONE, not all.
    Seen this cycle too much. Break the spell, boy.

    By Anonymous Cleaner of UEFA boardroom, At 4:33 PM  

  • "By being selfish." again, this sentence arise and I felt unfair for those who are/ have been tired. It isn't selfishness. They just wanted a "team with chemistry" then they know it "works greater". Sometimes "a team of all-stars" just happen to be together. And this didn't happen in the grouping perference.

    Here, I would say that whether a "star" a not is up to you to define. I define a star who can help, puts in great effort, has initiative and won't leave 1 or 2 members out there to slog their life out. Then, he/she to me is a MVP.

    By Anonymous skyzlex, At 8:03 PM  

  • and hence tt day was jux another bad day for us..... let us all be in part of a project and be appreciated by all =]

    wat leader wants is nt always products we reap(i think) but the efforts we willing to fork out..

    If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.
    Anne Bradstreet, 'Meditations Divine and Moral,' 1655

    By Blogger kai, At 9:49 PM  

  • Actually i tin is really hard to comment on dis type of tin.honestly speaking it is veir hard to tin of other b4 of tinking urself,i don tin they are selfish but i just tired of those tt say sometin is unfair and assume what they decide or do is fair.UNfair? unfair to ur own or as a class? Yup nth is dis world is fair i agree wif tt BUt when u hear tt from a person that said "unfair" b4 and start to comment on nth in dis world is fair,don u tin is contradicting ? lol KAijie i tin u no i am not referring to u Hox lol......Nth in dis world is fair but some gal de skin look quite fair lol
    is contradicting LOL Kaijie

    By Blogger yuanchaser, At 7:33 PM  

  • 0.o

    By Blogger kai, At 8:38 PM  

  • It's not as if we had never done group projects before...Although I am kinda pissed at how "non-star players" were treated.Anyway, it's just my 2 cents on the issue.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 1:41 AM  

  • the way the president said "you were the leftovers" was kinda rude. And skylex if u said u were tired and hoped for some1 to share your burden thus choosing the "star", then i think u are quite selfish because u did that to ease your own burden, and in the meantime, forgot the others who are struggling in your class or who are seriously in need of a star in a group. my personal point of view in this thing is that its either the stars help(but in turn the suffer) of they refuse (which the majority of class will suffer).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:15 AM  

  • "It seriously isn't selfishness. One of my friend did cried, she has been doing the work. She's tired. She needs people to help her and lessen her burden."

    LOL. I did not say it was a burden to me. READ carefully!

    By Anonymous skyzlex, At 1:06 AM  

  • And anonymous, I guess you did not think deeper and carefully before posting a comment yeah.

    As I said, some people isn't struggling. Some are lazy to give quality or to poduce better work. They can rather spend their time playing or going out and leave some others to work till midnight n etc... Sometimes they can practically copy info from just 1 source and edit a little and say I've done my part. Do you know?

    I don't discriminate "non star" player like you said. As long as best effort is put in, I'm ok with it. Because I myself struggles too.

    By Anonymous skyzlex, At 1:11 AM  

  • so u had your way and others dont

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 6:51 PM  

  • "are you those kind who are only happy when someone else is worse off? If that applies to you, it doesn't apply for all and definitely doesn't apply for me."

    so would u rather be happy when u got the star player when other groups needed him or would u rather be worse off by letting other people get him?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 6:55 PM  

  • man ceasefire pls......... @_______@

    everything is alright for now =]
    jux stop posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    more posting direct proportionate to more misunderstadnin... jux leave things as it is now and ,move on yea ... STOP POSTING!

    By Blogger kai, At 10:34 AM  

  • I don't know why you kept sayin' satr player and star player! There isn't star player in my group! Just a few more hardworking and fast working people...

    I do have a member who is "Sometimes they can practically copy info from just 1 source and edit a little and say I've done my part. Do you know?"

    Anonymous, can you be more mature? Your words doesnt have evidence to support and I guess you don't even know every person in the class and yet you gave such a comment. Childish.

    No wonder you doesn't have a name. You didn't even dare to identify who you are, just because you don't wish to be responsible for what you said.

    By Anonymous skyzlex, At 8:38 PM  

  • im a child =)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 11:22 PM  

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