桜 & 恋

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

BakA me

man how sway can i be :@.. was on my way cycling to east coast park.. then as expected its rain.. cox e wheather was already gloomy before i left... well jux wanna try my luck hoping tt will only pour wheni reach my destination.. wasn't tt lucky afterall.. so there i was in e middle of road when it rain.. had my umbrella in bag.. i tried balancing myself on e bike with umbrella on e other hand.. ended up swirling here and there... in e end i had to push my bike back home.... tt wsn't e end o f story yet.. it stop raining e moment i reached my house void deck... well i guess 'he' not tt bad afterall... thus i decided to set forth again.. and guess wat it rain again!(was under row of trees) darn e wheather.. and for a moment i thought 'he' was really tt good.. barr take back my words.. i decided to head back then .. it stop rainig again.. thinking back it only had rain once .. e aftermath rain is cause by those rain settle on trees leaf , and when strong wind blow against them its like rainig... =.= only thought of it when i reached home.. stupid me! my own bakaness cost me my trip there... going out for lunch with pal latta ... soon long....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

shyt or bowel?

woosh.. feeling much better after shyting(or rather removing my bowel to be more 'polite' ) whichever words one prefers ba.. i myseff think shyting is more straightforward which can tell forth to ur friends directly without going through your brain whether is appoprite to spit e word 'shyting' oout.. is more frank and sincere in a way.. those who say remove bowel probably think twice before saying out cox they scared e word shyting may offense or disgust others(spoiled their image).. to me is not frank and tt friends who said 'removed bowel' again maybe jux probably not a good friends of yours.. or so i think.. a good friend will just be frank and say stuff straight forward to ya without thinking twice appopriate words to used.. again 1 may argue tt maybe tt good friends of yours is taught to used e word bowel rather than shyt from young.. tt expectional O_O .. again i think e word shyting is more cute than bowel.. i don see it as rude i see it as cute direct frank... =O i see bowel as being hypocrite(for some only) =/..

read through some other peers blog .. some are really fantastic with their template.. some even had music .. mine is jux classic black plain.. T_T.. com noob u see.. whining.. so long ...

Monday, April 17, 2006

childhood song shld CHANGE!

juz yesterday was e books ware house sales held at expo hall 6b.. was there to get like 3 books for ten bucks.. well of course e books are nt in tip top condition but are readible.. those who know me well will say things like wth he doing , he not someone who go so far to get some mere books cox im not and ever a bookworm...( -@_@-).. well am serving my 2 mths plus holidays.. spending most of my days at home.. well at leasts those books kills and prevent my mind from decomposing(in a way o2 recharged if u know wat i meant)... fro some resons some old chinese childhood songs come huming in my mind.. like those' 2 little tigers' ... it goes like '2 little tigers 2 little tiger see how fast they run.. one didnt have a ear 1 didnt have a tail so funny so funny'.. for a moment i feel like this song is rather disturbed cox is like teaching a child to label those handicapped as funny.. ya?
ones can see thats most of the youngsters keep a distance or dispised those who are handicapped.. probably of that tigers song.. darn tt song writter lol...=.=
1 more of those oldies chinese childhood songs talk bout ' this old woman gave e tirshaw man $.5o instead of a dollar forr e ride and ended by saying isnt tt funny?' come to think of it alots of them talks bout funny.. for me i donmt see it funny cox maybe e old woman (u know maybe she have had bad eyesight cox of her age ya?) , resulting in her taking out e wrong coins.. instead of ending e song 'isnt it funny' while not ended it by saying things like lets us take care of those ah pei, ah ma well due to some of 'aging sickness' or ' disadvantage'.. ya? =x

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


well its being ages since i last updated.. i justly simply lost interest in blogging that it.. i mean no point writting if i dont have the mood. the sudden rush to blog again simply because i fell like it.. well my peers are probably enjoying their holidays i just simply rot at home.. thank GOd my maid finishe d her 'ter/ms' here an dfly back home. since im the only son left at home i had to tak e care of sweeping / mopping etc chores at home.. i tell u doing all theses is not my piece of bread(wonder if this quote ever existed) @_@.. at least doing all these kills times... i had this interest in tarot cards recently.. this freinds of mine told me not to get close these stuffs.. stubborn me, the more he disagree the more i wanted to get them... partly due to curiousity too.. i knew kino sell them.. tt fateful day i decide to try my luck cycle to orchard where e main branch is.. expected i didnt get there.. i felt lost .. like cursing in my heart.. wth am i.. looking around i realised i was at clark kee(don know how u spell it) .. i saw liang court .. and kino sign board outside e building.. man tt point i guess its fated for me to get those cards.. inside kino i did cam eacross 3 decks of diff cards.. i chose oracle cards which is like tarot cards cox is cheaper -.-.. back home i tried it an dwas quite accurate.. few days pass i just simply lost interest in them.. weather looks today going have a swim later.. and new maid was here yesterday.. loads lessen= more board tts way had to do sports to kill times...=]