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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

there is a soft side in every 1

Uncle sends this video titled ‘Lion Hug’. I was like it had to be another of those lame video and refused to watch it.

Somehow my hand just happens to press the play button and what follow was this big kitty actually hugging the woman and the immediate action was like ‘AWWWWw so sweet’ watch it yourself:

Apparently this woman happened to save the injured lion from some circus troupe and the mammal was showing his gratitude with hugs and many more hugs.

King of beast having a soft side eh?

In the wild, the chances of meeting a hungry lion pounding on you is more likely, as it’s their imbue instinct after-all. Frankly speaking, they had no choice. Imagine a hungry lion thinking twice before killing someone, he jolly well be dead and food for, say the vulture.

What am I driving at?

Even if we human are imbued with this so called animal instinct but we had this thing call ‘conscience’ and can made choices based on that. I really hate the idea of someone saying ‘I was force to do it’ then start cursing the environment la, the people la. Perhaps one day when I’m faced with it then I know the idea of ‘had no choice but to do something, say awful stuff?’. That day I hope will never come.

Speaking of choices, bring me back to this classical question: ‘Who will you save first, mum or wife in a sinking ship? Mum who’s with you for first half of your life or wife who will be going to be with you for the next half of your life? (Assuming both doesn’t know what swimming is?)

Seriously, we don’t really know what we’ll do/think/felt until that day comes.

Let just drop this kind of topic that had been revolving round my blog lately.. ..

Some photos to lighten the mood:

About the ever growing list of ‘self-help’ quotes on my desk:

1 of those doodling on my room wall (trust me you just see 1 section of it)

Sunny side in every meal:]

And this super duper dynamo CD player that had been collecting dust and obstrucitng in the living room before I actually shifted it to my room. Once insert the plug I was like ‘its working!’ And God the next thing was blasting and singing to my lung out on YUI’s song! I was like I should had done it long ago, but it was never too late still~

and some sparkles

take care
kai ='

somehow it seems that i just couldn't blend with this certain someone, just simply buay-song with each other, who say theres no nature born enemies?. . . if you come and aked me if thats you, i will give you the answer,


Monday, January 28, 2008

I know_I know

I know its irritating of me to keep pestering my friends on stuffs like:

‘Tomorrow got lecture?’
“Need to do tutorial?”
“When is the interview test?’
“Why the equation works like that?”
“Tomorrow school start what time”
“Tutorial quiz test on what?”

These Zillion-est questions I’d kept pestering on my friend since day 1 that sometime I’d to rotate between them least they really really got irritated. -__-

All drawn down to my lack of planning and jotting down of stuffs. Do think I actually jot down my feeling and thoughts and totally ignore to jot down ‘event/s-to-happen’.

Somehow I felt it’s stupid to write those things down, and felt that I could depend on my friend on these kinds of stuffs, a thing that I ought to do myself. Perhaps I thought my brain is able to store these information without actually realizing that it was already saturated with equations/theory/calculations/derivation and stuffs, @__________@

Take care
Sometime I hope I could treat every ‘minor’ test as if they were the ‘major’ one. My revising attitude is totally different for the latter.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

INterconnected in the body and soul

Sensei told me that the source of my neck-ache can be traced down to my backbone injury incurred some months back. Its funny how our body parts are interconnected by numerous veins that 1 part pain will leads to other part pain thus making the main source less noticeable without professional help.

It make me think if human are interconnected this way too that we can feel what we did to others that we’ll think twice before inflicting something, neH>? – Kai- e linker of stuff to everyday life!

Take care
Ladies and Gentlemen may I present you the very first Italian song on this blog
Un Angelo (Angels) -Un Angelo (Angels)- given the tune most probably a lovely dovey song!
Woot my 201st entries!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

If only there is no 'Stage', where things are crystal clear

Sometime is really scary to see how a people creating a scenario, manipulating his little pawns and checkmate! It even scarier that he/she seems innocent, and referring the ‘dirty job done’ to other. Worst of all, that day is just another typical day for him/her.

As deduced by Kai:

The prime suspect(s) are not necessary the criminal(s). Remember there is always someone making them look like one. Those are perhaps the criminals themselves. Never jump to conclusion unless you witness (see + hear + feel perhaps) it yourself. In the end, the manipulator just sits back and enjoys the script he/she had written. If this spree of suspiciousness continues, he/she will really be laughing. I know all this sound too abstract/dramatic to be true, cux you know I’d always think of the impossibility.

Anyway. ..

You’ll know that I hated accusation, especially from some one close, if you had read this entry. That day I’d learnt that if I put them in my shoe I would had thought the same way too, so its alright after-all.

Kai beginning to accept things as it is then life will be easier. Of course don’t compromise always, be firm with your stand and not let others stumbled upon your virtue!

Take care =’

If only there is no 'Stage', where things are crystal clear, which is totally impossible if you're influence easily by others.

Stuff pass from peeps to peep, are being curry flavor before, either sweeter or more bitter, original taste is only grasp after you'd literally 'see+hear+feel' it yourself.

Reminder: Sometime if you try too hard to remedied a situation, people will either see you as stupid or hypocrite.

Looking for this song desperately, someone tells me where can i Dl this song. Zillion thanks. side note: by the tune some would had guess Cyndi actually cover it as 'yue guang'. It really pissed me off when someone said Cyndi sang better, when she literally borrow the material from J-side. By the way the original singer is no other then the gorgeous diva- Hitomi Shimantani herself! A lady who experiments with the genre 'crossover' using classical strings in her later work, and I was like Woah! Gorgeous musically and physically! This song is pretty unique too with harp as the dominant ballad instrument, i think. This calmness of this song suit the intense topic!

Prefer the duet with Ayumi though @ Ayumi Hamasaki & Hitomi Shimatani - Amairo no kami no otome

darn my dark eye ring owning to late night sleepzZZ
Looking forward for a new terrier coming to our house pretty soon, with buddy(the bigger dog) going to my dad office. For some reasons my dad's customers kept passing those helpless puppies to him. Now he has 6 mouths to feed, 3 children and 3 dogs, man! @___@

YEEEEEEEEEESH found the song Amairo no kami no otome at last!!!!!!11@ 9.49

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Its funny sometime I write my report reversely or haphazardly, from conclusion to body to introduction. Huh!

Today, perhaps I had made another of that lame/childish (whatever that is) record. That event was- Within 30s I managed to scare the wit out of Mr Toh just earlier today!

He entered the toilet with me unknowingly just about the open the door from inside. I knew someone was about to open the door, so I just literally pause and wait for the door to open and Mr Toh was like shock, startled with his palm patting his heart with an unexpected figure in front of him.

Eyeing another golden scheming opportunity, Kai waited patiently outside the toilet waiting for his 2nd blow.

All the plan ‘when to boo, what action to do, to stamp the floor or not kept circulating round his head’

The door open, “boo”, and the expected reaction of freaking up were portrayed in motion!

‘WTF’ Mr Toh said!

Beaming with laughter, still laughing as I recalling, right back to report. . . . -___-

Take care


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bla bla

Eyeing at my ring suspiciously, my cousin asked:
“So you have gf already?”
“The ring?”
So its goes on, and no matter how hard I denied, only made its seem more clearly to her that I had 1 that I just yea yea and change topic @___@

Even though that ring was gotten from ‘Couple Lab’, but it holds no particular meaning. I only get there since that shop was in front of me during that fateful day and I wanted to get 1 for myself and it offer free engraving service, so yea. So that ring, is just my wana-be trendy stuff and my little lucky charm.

Last night family gathering means less slacking time today for the test tomorrow. Zzz!

Take care

Kai stressing that it is important and interesting to keep a hand-written diary. So darn interesting as you flipped through the pages of life that happens in your life-thus far! It keeps a record of sad, happy, interesting, lame or more specifically the like of crushing/unrequited love and stuff. It allows me to see a transition of myself since I started writing. The content speaks for itself. Mine is 5 years old, but hadn’t been updating until last week. Its never too late to start 1!


Friday, January 18, 2008


Sometime you never know someone happily dangling you like a little puppet- I’m feeling it from someone instinct-cally suddenly!

Take care
Reminder for myself
Don’t get carried away by mere compliments! Wake up

Am I just being over-sensitive lately?
Got to calm my nerve my nerve down.
Korw to kcab!


wake up sleepy head!

‘To rest is to go an extra mile’, how frequently had I used it to take a quick nap every now and then and still remain unproductive after that, huh!

Take care

Played my first twinkleX2 little star @ musiclab
That nodame had really made me dig into orchestra, guess that interest will soon die off, but before that I’ll enjoy that moment of fever!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

kai feeling Philosophical

-Imperfection in that special once is masked by love,

I preferred Love is seeing beauty in that special someone’s imperfection,

feeling Philosophical

Take care

step by step

this particular girl on youtube gives me goosebumps, she is a replica of YUI!!
Love and truth rue's rendition
Skyline rue's rendition


Jaci Velasequez- Where I Belong

Jaci Velasequez- Where I Belong
Wonder why we achieve our dreams but still feeling unsatisfied? This song for you.

Sometimes I'm saddened by the choices I've made
So many tears I have cried
Got what I wanted but the dream seemed to fade
Still feeling unsatisfied

But You saved me
Forgave me
How You've shown
You'd never leave me all alone
Oh, Lord

Every time I lose my place
The beauty of Your grace
Shines a light so I can see
Every time I lose my way
You make it all O.K.
I feel You're love surrounding me
You are here calming my fears
You lead me back with Your sweet song
You're where I belong

You're always there to guide me through my mistakes
You've never once left my side
The way You pick me up each time my heart breaks
The way You always stood by

I'd feel You
You'd move right through my heart
We never really were apart
Oh, Lord

Every time I lose my place
The beauty of Your grace
Shines a light so I can see
Every time I lose my way
You make it all O.K.
I feel You're love surrounding me
You are here calming my fears
You lead me back with Your sweet song
You're where I belong

I will always put my faith in You
'Cause I know You understand
I will try my best to follow You
'Cause I know You've got a plan

Just to have You in my life
Is far more than enough
You are everywhere around me now
I can feel Your precious love

All the wonders of Your ways
I'm constantly amazed
How You make me safe and sound

It's the way You lift me up
You've given me so much
Only You would never let me down

You are here calming my fears
You lead me back with Your sweet song
You're where I belong

Kai feeling gospel-cal’!

Take care


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

jot those little feelings/thoughts down~

Was flipping through my ‘dairy’ or ‘diary’, and found that I’d written on a particular topic for at least twice since back in secondary days.

I wrote ‘I must be more communicative, sociable and about how I’d always mess up an opportunity be-friend-ing someone else’.

Whenever someone else whom I don’t know of came talking to me out of the blue, I will just felt kind of weird and will refrain from them, limiting my replies, seldom eye contact, which the other party will interpret as snobbish/Tao or what not. Strangely I only behave like that when that someone is of smarter, good-looking, or just simply better then me [applicable to both gender]. My sense of inferiority? I only felt comfortable with those in my own zone? In short I can be the Mr nice guy if I felt comfortable with you and if not I’ll be the last guy you wana met on this very Earth. Sad to say in today society you are bound to work with ppls that you may not like, that i had to slowly work on it =/

There is moment when I jumped over that zone and be-friend with those ‘better then me’ pals. That’s when my instinct comes in; I judge people instint-cally and look (though the saying you can’t judge by the cover) Interestingly, I had accurately predict a person background, I remembered telling this girl she is the eldest randomly and was correct, I assumedly said that that girl was good in math and her friend beside me was like ‘you are right’. If you asked me to predict your background based on your look, sorry I can’t as that kind of interpretation comes randomly.

I had observed myself as quiet little mouse in big group of peep and a bubbly kiddo in small group of closer peep. Perhaps in bigger group, there always someone outshining me that I just remain passive. Another of me that i had to change~


Feeling and thoughts that comes randomly are without any restriction and is in it purest form that you can trust it deeply. Most of them come before bedtime, when you are free from stress and daily routine. When those feelings/thoughts come just jot them down in a little note, they are your inner-most thought/feeling that your soul want you to know. These 2 days I had been practicing it, is like in my bed, when random feelings/thoughts come in, I will just pop out and jot them down. Guess what? I had forgotten the details the next day if I hadn’t referred.

Take care

Already had something in mind on the next post on Love.doc and art of nullifying sad stuffs~

-- uncle had bought me 5 YUI photos fresh from Tokyo!!! Hopefully he didn't remove the Yen price tag, so that i can show off is fresh flown from Japan!!! a big thank you. Feb the collection date =]

Buy me some good luck charm too, and those bottle that store Japan 'air', kidding~ @___@

sometime when you re-read the same post again you may find it to be diff with some little additional stuffs added in~

a so heart-felt song to comes along~

yooosh !!! finally i saw some light in my cream-making!!pharmaceutical cream that is @___@ project that is

cant believe YUI-Namidaro due on Feb is out for DLLLL!!! had mine alreadY@

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

A dream comes true, yet so many undone/fullfilled dream+s

Getting >21 points still doesn’t entitled me a gold for NAFA, thanks to a ‘D’ for standing board jump. Guess the >21 points is not well deserved anyway, as the sit-up station was kelong~ (from C to A), I think. Thus a sliver award is what I deserved.

To run 11mins ++ was my target when I started training for 2.4km and I did it yesterday! I was like finally I’d break the 12mins barrier! (guess the covered distance is <2.4km.hmm) How thrilled I was then! Now to continue running is a big question mark since I’d pass for now. Aside note, whenever I run, my feet will be kind of pain. I remembered, I was told to have flat-feet by a sale woman in some shoe department store, a myth that yet to be confirmed.

This semester is so like a choo-choo-train, no a bullet train! @____@

Take care

Is funny how easily i was influenced by drama/anime/artiste!!! All turns up to be half-hearted

- I want to play guitar when I saw YUI playing it
- I want to go back to basketball court to play, when I finished watching slam dunk
- I want to get a hand in tennis when I watch prince of tennis, the national championship
- I want to play Moderato Schubert's Piano Sonate in A Minor, Op. 42 (D. 845) [the 1 airing now], when I saw how Nodame play it in Nodame cantabile
- I want to dance, when I saw those peeps doing break
- A never ending list

I want this, I want that, in the end all never do or just half-way and gave up~ haiz~

sound abit faster then the watch on Nodame Cantabile, even though both are moderato, mm


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Does animal cry?

Does animal cry? I knew Russell did yesterday.

I was having my dinner then. I heard my maid screaming ‘Kai Jie, eee, you see Russell got blood’ I was baffled at first. When I saw some red stains on the floor, I thought they were some red dyes or something. It was until I saw the poor little thing shivering with its tail facing down that I knew something was not right. I quickly screen through his legs (first intuition) and found 1 deep cut.

Flashback: Minutes ago, he happily jump on the chair beside me, waiting to fed with some ‘table-food’, apparently he could have steps on some fringe of wood from our wooden chair, I think.

I thought the first thing to do was to stop the bleeding; using moist tissue and applying pressure at the cut and at the same time coaxing him.
‘Good boy, good boy’
The coaxing part obviously seems useless as the poor lad just kept shivering. I immediately COMMAND my maid to rush my sister, who is bathing to come to the scene as she could do the coaxing part better then i do, obviously. It was then when I noticed the poor lad’s teary pupil, I knew he was in pain; I immediately look away from his eyes and concentrate on the ‘stop the bleeding procedure’. [Perhaps I knew subconsciously, I could not have my emotion over me; if I’d look into the lad’s eyes any longer, I could have just cry (geez I admitted that, @__@)].

So the bleeding stop, finally, I knew the next step is to leave him licking the wound, as dog’s saliva is antiseptic or sought. Then my sis came, and cuddles the poor thing.

For me I gave him some potato to distract the pain, and it did, as he munches the food whole-heartedly!

Lesson learn

If you want to have a pet at home, make sure the place is ‘casualty-free’! You are responsible for them, physically and emotionally. Taking about emotionally, I had been ignoring the other dog of mine- Buddy, he’s big, naughty, jumps on you, and I scared of that for some reasons that I cannot bring myself near him, every time I pad him, is through a small gap of the balcony sliding door, once the door open, he will dashed out frantically, chaos the word. This shows how much he want freedom to run around the house like dear Russell, but we can’t as . . .many reasons~

Takre care

PS: New blog layout, better to the eyes i guess.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Eureka? Nah thats child play

“So that’s how you do it’
‘Yea, but not necessary 123’ I replied.

This kiddo, her mum and me were in the lift, and this kid happen to *accidentally* as shown by her facial expression pressed the 6th floor button; we were heading down to 1st floor then. Without second thought, I press other 3 buttons to sought of de-code it and this reset all the buttons and press floor 1 again. The mum seemed amused and so the question asked. Try it at your house’s lift, and I was stunned as not many people knew about it.

However I guess the principle behind is that the lift had a weight sensor, with an offset limit when more then 4 buttons were pressed. This is assuming 4 people will exit at 4 individual levels, thus the total weight will definitely more then a limit set. Hence the 3 of us is less then the limit set, thus the reset button is triggered.

The downside, what if there are really 4 people in the lift living at different level and all are underweight? Can you digest that?

Take care
sleepy head still, sigh @__@

Hopefully someone will upload Kobukuro’s All single best for me to DL!!! I want Sakura MP3 (the one airing now) by them!!!!


Sunday, January 06, 2008


These few days just seem pretty lethargic, sleepy-head; napping/sleeping always knocks my head when I want to sit down just to get some job done. Perhaps it takes time to adjust back to normal routine, I guess. Just realized that YUI's "Thank you my teens" I had didn't have the YUI-stickers & 2 page booklets in it unlike the one sold HK, Taiwan, Jap- Utterly unfair!!!!Con!!!

Take care
I Need motivation!!!

PS: Uncle flying to Japan for some business-trip tomorrow, darn jealous! Japan! Japan! Wish list
1) YUI-cover page magazines (if u can find)
2) YUI-poster (if u can find)
3)Her new single "Namidairo" due on Feb,by then u'would be back i guess
4)映画「クローズド・ノート」Music Movie with YUI or translated as Movie "closed notebook" Music Movie with YUI (tokyo's main music store should be able to find ba)!!!!
5) Maybe her winter sleeve edition, maybe not, shld be sold out!!! @___@


Bon Voyage! Yi Lu Su Feng, Yao Shui Feng Piao Hui Lai (sound so dramatic!)=]


The only J-pop duo i respect

I was never once impressed by J-pop boy band till I came across this unusual duo combination of Kentarō Kobuchi and Shunsuke Kuroda forming Kobukuro. Why unusual? Height differences of about 20cm standing side by side; that alone caught some visual attention, yea?
I thought this duo must be some big shot as Singapore seldom advertise on J-artiste. Well anyway, I was immediately captivated by their soulful/heartfelt vocal which left me frantically searching high and low for their music. Even though both had rather distinctive vocal, but somehow they manage to compliment each other. I’d always respect artistes that does not depend on external factors but plainly on music alone to gain their fame, and Kobukuro is 1 such. The other duo like Tackey & Tsubusa and WaT are totally not in their league! (Guess many she-male fans so gonna bash me up for making this statement)!

In fact, I’d listen to them long ago on the duet between Ayaka and Kubokuro on ‘Winding road’. Then I thought was Ayaka’s song, and the duet part is just some background vocalist or some folk-country singer, without realizing that they are in fact Kubokuro! Shame on me.
Highly recommend their ‘Kazemidori’ and ‘Tsubomi’ (interestingly this song started and ended the same way). Both are nicely arrange with top-notch vocal performance.
if u prefer faster pace beats - Kimi to iu na no tsubasa
Take care
Perhaps some time later will look up on the translation~


duet at Winding Road-Live (for some reasons they disable the encode-ing) watch it and be touched and know what true music is all about; their freestyle, somewhere near ending woozza speechless.

uploaded the Tsubomi- but sadly is not the full version though~ nevertheless is good enough~

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

The word conscience

God imbue something really important in us- Conscience. Without it, I believe a lot of stuffs can be achieve; mostly terrible ones. With it, many a time man got tie down it.
However with it, many bad things can be prevented.

Too much conscience will only hinder a man’s path? Hmmm?

Ironically, the word conscience is made up of ‘con’ and ‘science’. ‘Con’ narrate deceive ‘science’ relate to facts; to deceive something you believe to be morally right, huh?

I thought is strange that I wrote this.

Take care
thank God that i had it, but i think i had too much of it @___@ that sometime i hope i had lesser of it (really?) hmm

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Cutting e string of kite

I’d always see myself as easygoing, happy go lucky, impermeable to ‘bad feelings’, ability to nullify thoughts/feelings, bear no grudges, in short what come in (both good & bad) my mind will just vaporize into thin air.

However there just 1 thing that I can’t tolerate- [Being Accused], trebled the dosage from close 1 especially. Once it was enough, twice it hit back; its being months and I still haven’t got over with it as yet. That explained my cold feelings toward him since then. Perhaps its time to let go like I always had. I hope! Its weird but I’ll try. Or perhaps I’m used to the cold feelings, it strange now to even open a conversation. He seems to have totally forgotten, ignorant about that event, but even though I knew he did that to spite me w/o any hard feelings, but I still take it to heart deeply and childishly being evil/cold towards him since then.

Take care.
Let it go like you always did, Kai!

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