桜 & 恋

Thursday, January 25, 2007

OMG, some thoughts , and reaching skyline,

Man what a day I had today! I was coming back from buangkok station (about why I was there, later shall reveal), in the midst of my trip, at 3rd stop, a lady in late her 20s came sit right beside me, together with her pals opposite me. She was wearing sunglasses( when its rainy), with cigar stench, her feature tells me she isn’t local, True enough, the moment she blurted out some words, which sounds foreign to me, think is either Japanese or Korean. For a shy guy’s nature reaction to girl sitting beside him, is to shift a little away. That very moment, she laid her head on my shoulder! Man this was the first time someone did that, not even my mum or sis had even this opportunity! I was like, she is foreign, and didn’t know how to ‘repeal’ in a nice manner, thus just leave it as it is. Her pals were just laughing at the sight of her doing that. Next moment she, curled her arm around mine! And yes you are damn right, is the first time someone doing that too to me. She then lifted up her head with her arm still coiled around mine. Subsequently, she grasped 1 side of mine earpiece and placed it into her, what else, ear hole. =.= I was listening to YUI’s songs, and she seemed to be rather interested, tapping to the tunes. Lifted up her sunglasses, she asked me
“What song is that?”

“Japanese”, by “YUI” I replied.

“You from Japan?” Suspecting I was from Japan (but obviously I don look like 1, thus she trying to confirm I presume).

“Singaporean”, I was like, doesn’t means that I listen to Japan’s songs made me a Japanese, just like going MacDonald, doesn’t made you a Ham burger! (quote from my pastor, since a long time I went service, 1 yr?)

she continue her spree of ‘acts’ on me, poking her earpiece to my ear drum, a song that im familiar of ‘Why’, by un myung, I replied that the song from ‘Full house’! she seemed pretty amazed.

“boon keng station”, sounded from the speaker. I wanted to alight, but didn’t because it wasn’t that nice for me to leave just like that, I decided wait for them to alight first, then stop at the next stop. Thank God that they alighted 2 stops after Boon Keng station. Cant imagine if I had to go all the way to harbor front!!

Enough of my encounters in the train.

Why was I at baungkok station in the first place? I visited institute mental of health (IMH), as part of my psychology ‘fieldtrip’. One thing I must clarify is that patient there is not psycho to the extent that we layman always picture of. Some are just handicapped or sought, not suffering from mental health. Mental health is just like cancer or stroke, its not that they wanted to behave in that particular ‘weird’ way. They are in fact really nice people, and perhaps much more approachable then in real life society. Talk to 1 of them, nice chat I would say he was suffering from some diseases that inhabit the growth of arms legs.

Some people are just simply less fortunate then us, and here I am whining about what life gave me! Pity, haiz… Satisfy what you have, you are given what you need, not what u don’t need. O_O

In life strive hard and achieve what you wanted, till you reached your ‘skyline’ another song by YUI =] all her songs seem to be well blend into philosophical statement =/ oh yea.
‘When you are able to carry something, you must brave enough be able to put it down’ quote from Mr siew, but is in Chinese ‘na de qi, fan de xia”, think I didn’t translate it well. This just applied recently, when I screwed up my test, I mean I got the values and plot my graph wrongly =.=

My entries are getting longer this day…

Kai, signing off . takire folks

Monday, January 22, 2007

Its happy line~

There a couple of things that really irked me in the morning. Well I believe in democratic world, you could smoke the hell out of way u wana, but please don do it just before you entered the bus, I mean the bus is air-conditioned, and you gona stink the whole bus. That was today, when a smoker with smoke stench aura sat just right beside me, and I was like coughing all the way, for I have sensitive nose. One may argues can’t I jolly well get my ass out the chair? Why not say cant he get the hell out of that bus, he not affecting one and only me, but the whole passenger, recap ‘diffusion of gas’. Hence I will really appreciate them if they can be more considerate, ‘held your puff, just before you entered the bus, a good slogan I would say. =] perhaps they can wear some perfume to covered up the smoke stench? Nose sensitive guys out there will defiantly prefer perfume to smog! All this bullshit I wrote is just pov, and I not against anyone.

Cant the government set up this law, that Singapore is notorious for, ‘fine $???, for those who carry that smoke stench and enter the bus inconsiderately’

I was told once by my fellow college, that cigarettes at their time, in the 80s is like $2 or so*(*cant really recall), so is like darn freaking cheap, and people simply just puff their way through, for it was very affordable, hence addicted easily, and seems almost impossible to kick that habit. Now, that the government sees this GOLDEN Opportunity and raised the price of cigarettes (claiming to say, discourage people from smoking), for they knew those 80s smoker can’t kick the habit, and thus will buy, keep their cash rolling into their pockets. Some desperate souls who can’t afford it will simply steal them, rob, bla bla… crime rate increase. I mean how can a smoker who smoked for like 6 packets in their day just kick off the habit like that? In fact increasing the price may leads youngsters craving for them more, for it set up an impression that it is “IN” and “classy” stuff to OWN them, ‘classy’ and ‘in’ are relative to the price tag.

Suggestion from my dad*(once heavy smokers who manage to quilt for the sake of my mum), he told me, once the sensation to puff come, just suck the bud of cigarettes w/O actually lit it up). It works some how, or is it out of love to kick this habit? Remind me of the song ‘the power of love’.

Enough of taking about smoking matter.

Now the second things that irritate my nerve today seems rather illogical, I saw this guy in his middle age hanging around in my campus, some maintenance I presume, his hand was holding a magazine ‘teens’, I was like man your are 30++ and reading a magazine cater to teenage is like showing FHM to a primary school boys! LOL! No offense =/ perhaps he bought that magazine for his children or whatever, thank goodness that I did not witness the guy reading it, or else I will be freak out! There really nothing wrong for him to read the magazine that is not correspond to his age, but for some reasons , I got Goosebumps at the sight of it.

Seems like today my post, sounded so critic, perhaps is to distress, I mean bullshyting all these, really make me feels more relax from the stressful workload. Does it mean that I would be critic, when feeling stress? Or being a sadist to be critic when being stressful? Nope! Bullshyting all this craps is my way of distressing, is like a refuge when you take out some time to do doing something out of the norm or passionate about!

Well, had been really hectic this few days, but thanks God again that my project mates have been co-operating really well lately.

Its happy line, when you don’t repeatedly do the same old routine continuously!
Btw; ‘its happy line’ is another masterpiece from YUI! Think I play it the next time when I blog.

Some of my thoughts here may just be childish to some, but hey its not easy for a teenage to come up with childish view!

Take care folks…

Kai ~

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Man this few days had been rather hectic- projects, homework, you name it, for my one particular project; I was like caught in between. A (who did nth much) complained to me bout C (who boss around me and A), and C *reminder*(who boss around me and A) complained to me , A did nothing much. Results I did quite a lot(I would say) things and felt awkward when both keep bullyShyting bout each other bad.
Haiz. .. . . . .

Was doing online quiz for my psychology on topic- intelligent, then I came across a link to do an IQ test, just finished it. my score? 115, and it says
‘Way to go! Your performance on the test was well above the population average. Typically, people with scores in this range perform very well academically, can relatively easily make it through university and generally achieve success in life.”
I was like woo. im certain that I can fair better if I had focus enough. Someone talking big eh? Yet to do the EQ test too.

For this week and thereafter, im gonna play a more fastbeat song , may I present to u Life by Yui. Blast it and you will love it! opening solo guitar is so darn cool~

Saturday, January 06, 2007

jux another day

finally come down to a conclusion - decide to self-taught myself on guitar, found a good site to learn u c =/

fees charge @ 140++/mth ,for 4hrs lesson is too costly, hence i decide to self-taught. man e word 'self -taught' sound as if im so talented tt i ned not professional help =/, but yea bottomline is that i cant afford the tution fees T__T.

i invested in a guitar tuner tt cost 26++ jux yesterday , and i mastered 3 chords, 3 superduper basic chords to be exact G.D,C...but my strumming still sound like rythmless.. guess wat happen todae, the tuner jux go K@@boom, other word SPOILED.. wth man totally spoil my mood in playing guitar today =@

project wise.... bla


Monday, January 01, 2007

baaaaa,baaaaa,baaaaa ~

man christmas day spend at home~
new year countdwn , home~


hope tis yr be a beta 1 =/

somehow manage to upload YUI's song 'good-byedays' >first virgin (appopriate word?) song to be played in my blog<

resolution for this yr - learn to play guitar( which i actuallly started 3 yrs bac, but halt in like 3wks times =.=) , somehow e passion to master the instrument is re-ignited, because i wana play the piece 'good -byeday' , which may takes mth to learn.