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Saturday, September 30, 2006

-weekend stuffs-

yet another female colleague say tt i like so kiddy( beta way of saying childish) i think.. she asked whether my gf ( i don hav any) is as kiddy as me anot? and ask whether i go clubbing, and if i went ,the sercurity will ask for my ic to verify my age -.- oh well... jux take it as a compliment i guess... i think with e 'kiddy' look ahem* save me alots of times frm being slaughter frm boss.. perhaps more on my boss is a darn nice lady, treated every1 nicely fairly... =]

today i choose to rest instead of goin to work, plan to go for a swim , but e wheather doesnt allow, probably later e day ..

yesterday , my job require me to travel all e way to inova jc at woodlands(my home is at south, and i gotta go all e way norht =.=, met beng chew who's heading to sch) , cox RMG hospital is doin health screening for teachers, i was appointed to do registratoin..

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haiz, the bicycle tt my uncle gave me to replace my stolen 1 turned up to be @#$#% .. e chain jux doesnt seems to work , when i cycle , e bike jux remian station(a/e)ry( don know which 1 e right 1 @__@)... e tyre is totally flat too, i push it(togerther with my swimming bag) all e way to bicycle shop to pump it, after tt was thinking to cycle to toa payo for e swim, then after i realise the chain thingy//(don wana ask e bicycle man to repair cox they will say ur chain is don knopw wat mutilpe chain, i suggest u change them or buy new 1) //i went there once uc, b4 tis, becox of my previous bike chain fall off too, did manage to repair it myself =] but nt the latter bike.... so i had to push e bike all e way back home.. soon after tt it rain again, blessing in disguise i guess, i could had being wet on my way to toa paya if e bike is in 100% in condition,,,

LOl , cant believe channel u is broadcasting the show 'all in' at bout 2pm todae.. a darn old show, which i had jux finish recently(isnt really a fantastic show, predictable plots, but who cares so long she in e show =]).. im hook to tis korean actress song hye kyo, watch her in 'full hse' 'all in' 'authun fairy tales', tt all, wanted to watch 'my girl' , any1 has it? in her previous 2 debuts b4 'full hse'. she jux like a normal high sch gal, had black hair, nt much make up, nt active, lots of crying scence... then in 'full hse' totally metaphorzie to a hyperactive, dyed hair , cute character....more like a star i guess ...

hopefully latta e day , the weather will be gd enulf for a swim..i really ned to plundge into e pool to relax frm e weekday works.... work may be hectic but im in a way having fun in e process and learning new stuffs , experience....

keep on keeping on .... =]

Saturday, September 23, 2006

e digit 4

4, four , yup u been working for e past 4 days, did I, yes i DID, endure , even todae sat @__@ ,for e pass 2 days had OT work for like 10hr 30 mins , man was so darn tired now..

my work basically required me to do all e admin stuffs , check particulars of patients, print , send , etc, btw me working in Raffles medical hospital.. ya e pay is gd for my age
@ $7/hr,, e job may sound easy, but i had to e same things over and over again infront of the stupid lifeless com.. my job also required me to run frm schs to sch (they call it e onsite)to do those medical checkup for moe teachers, currently in charge of height and weight , mon will be ht/wt + taking blood pressure.. soon wil be doin the registarion stuffs. enulf of the works..

tks God tt my colleuges r pretty nice and understandin g ppls.. my boss too =]. myy 2 other gal colleuges are doin part time too , their birthday fall on the same mths as me too , july.. consicience,, o.O communication isnt a barrier in e office here, with e opposite gender, but at sch in front of gals im jux liek a quiet mouse , but in e office i talk e most ,,@___@

yesterday, for my onsite, i went to xinmin pri, met up with tis gal , incharge of taking BP. she taught me how to do it , pretty swt of her =] als o found out tt she study in TP too, yr1 in engin sch taking some bio.. infotech engineering... consiceince again.. Lol.. she choosing french for her cds too , and french was my previous cds, she ask wherther my class gt ppl choose psychology, and tt happento be my first choice cds e nxt sem.@___@

for yesterday onsite , nt only did i incahrge of e ht/wt but also replenish all e neccesary stuffs, in e van and together with e driver dive frm sch to sch to leave our stuffs there for mon used,..
whenever we reach 1 sch we look at e teacher photos and pick up e prettiest lady, etc, he was telling me when u go to JC don look at e teachers look at e students unstead cox jc teachers r preety old hags, :# ops

in e van we gossip bout how e most gorgeous lady in e office bla bla, he told me he had tis crush on 1 of the colleuges , bla bla@__@

oh yea , 1 of the colleuges even call ne his son, so close /swt lol, she was telling tis female collleuges , she she had tis new son, and she replied how many mths ?@__@, i m18yrs old nt mths old @__@

office life is pretty tring, but in here i made pretty more frens and learn t o speak up more especaiall y in front of e opposite gender, man now i can open a conversion with a gal , instead of alwyas e other way rnd then me stay quiet uninterested,,

in working place, 1 mux really able to faced their mistakes and learnt frm it, do nt hang it over ur heart, lets it go and move on =]

in sch ppl say tt im blurr , in office too, they sa y kaijie y u so blur de , e labtop wire plug wrong holes, misplace my PDA pen, count wrongly, i remember once i took down a lady weight as 56kg, she ask me u sure? i took again it is 68kg.. she asy u made me so happy for e moment =/=

hopefully im nt tt blur in e near furture.... I don wana bbe a blurrr boy man wat ever u calle d it

is a new experience for me here.. walking don tis lane , thou faces obstacles, no matter how many u turns i ned to take, i will finish it! =] unless of course they fired me =b

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


after 3 days 2 nights im back .. was away for chalet these few days .. man i sure enjoy myself , this chalet i would say is way much beta then e previous 1...

basically theses are wat we did
- first day dinner, we had BBq, but gosh, e fire take a long time to start up, when finally started, it r,,,a,,i,,,n //@$#@% YUp RAIN , WTH man, we r all freaking hungry and all we had r mostly frozen food.. i was appointed to 'guard' the fire frm subsizing , co x i had tis big umbrella , and i was sheltering e BBQ pit, it sure look darn stupid i tell u.. then 'warong' suggested to cover the pit with aluminun foil, 'salvagin'g' me frm looking like a stupid 'umbralla scarecrow'

thk God e rain finally stop bout 15 mins latta, we r e only grp tt resume to BBqing , as for others' BBQ pit, erm jux smoke tt all... e best food i had tt night was e chilli stingray, 'steve irwin'? ahhh ba..

after tt some o us play majong , while others plus me had a ps2 game.... we played 'winning 11', a socccer game.. we were like shouting scraming jumping like freaking man.'goals' 'kayu refree' 'fouled' 'yellow''red' we all shouted man was darn fun, even soft spoken me were like shoutinh throughout too, tt expalin e sore throat im having now.i slpt at 3am plus, e rst continue i guess

-2nd day, pool, sauna , steam bath, swimming , arcade, yep...taking bout sauna, man i was fed up.. WL and i were inside tis sauna , then tis fat asre naked man came in.. he was rubbing his whole body wuth some sought of cream , producing some squeaky sound when he rub his ARMPIT, i was like WTH.. worst he faced his dick infront OF ME, scrubbing scrubbing, actually nt really fed up, more of gonna laugh but able to control... dinner was at pizza hut, don ever try e pizza 'sea urchin ' like pizza, don know wat tt called....e 1 showned on avertisment...then PS2 down e night..on yea we had a real soccer game tt day too ,we were scratching all over, becox of e grass, scrahing scrathing, icthy icthcy scrathcy UP and down my backside ! spray at the bug with my spray can boosh, LOL, cant believed i was reciting tt Npcc song...

-3rd day simply jux packed up , and say GD BYE... TKS guys i truely enjoy myself in tis chalet, perhaps another 1 nxt year, then every1 go? tired now ZzzZZzZz

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Finally can upload the image

was trying to upload these pics in my previous post but cant co x the file is bitmap too big to upload, tks to mel , he thought em how to convert them to JPEG format.. tadaa they r out =D .. ---- frm left (john aka mozart, ryan aka lion , me aka kite , clinston aka bill clinton)

---------jux for fun spot the diffs in both e pics .. lol---

tapestry of time love& memory

yesterday jux catch up with my sec sch days buddies... they labelled us "f4", cox we 4 are always together during npcc ... we had dinner at the kopitaim at ps , we tried the famous grilled chicken rice or watever u called tt, mi had grilled fish instead..=]

we had lots of fun conversation.. during the meals.. john(mozart) was saying he doesnt like skimmpy dressed lady ,for some reasons he mention tt, ryan(lion) replied'i like those skimmpy 1'// john replied quoting frm bible"the body is the temple of God" , in way saying our body is sacred nt to be shown anihow, then i jump and concluded" tt y we mux exposed our body to allow ppl to enter e temple of God" --- all burst into laughter--- bill clinton(clinston) said o.O kite has grown up or stm like tt... peace all is jux a joke...

straight after tt we headed to parklane to have bout say 5 games of dota, man it was so darn fun... only 3 official games, cox theres 2 we rm in e middle of game, 1st we pawning them(me and john) the 2nd they thrashing us(clinston and ryan)...

we had 3.5 hrs of gaming.. I went to john house and had a long talk, bout business with his dad for some reasons… lol

at times no matter how busy we are, always remember to spare some times to catch up with our buddies,, they r after all , our long life friends.. friendship weaves a tapestry of time love& memory…=O

wana post the pics we took yesterday, but cnt cox maybe the file is too big 11mb uc, tried to compress it but got error,, arrhhh .. previous pics i posted is like 400kb each.. some1 there can teach me how to convert bitmap image to JPEG image????

Friday, September 01, 2006

my family pets

kite flying

serving my sentence now at home after finshing my exam 2 days ago... yup gonna be another 7 whole wks i guess.. hopefully could find a job this time rnd

just yesterdaterday was teacher's day.. visited my sec sch bout 3 , ahem , by th@t time the whole celebration had finished, and almost half the teachers had gone back home, ... still manage to catch up with some teachers too =d

was thinking of visiting my pri sch, but just solely for the purpose of seeing my p5-6 form teacher mrs wong,, but was abit too late then, be visiting some other time afterall i been visiting for the past 5 yrs... she is a teacher beyond any +ve bombastic verbs avaliabe in dic... reason wise , maybe declare some other time ba.. cox in a way its link to my deeeeep personal life =D

oh yea i had finished a korean drama , FULL HOUSE, man the show is darn nice...partly due to the lead actress song hye kyo.. unlike hong kong shows where theres lots of actions,assaults , fighting here and ther to capture viewers , korean shows, simply just used words to touch viewers..

e theme of the story basically telling how this guy whos in love with her but don know how to express it , or rather darn not, or just express in the wrong way, how lucky for the guy when she simply didnt mind his ignorance and accept him as he is ... e power of love?, or love made one drown in illusion? 1 fact is that there isnt always this kind of girls arnd,.. whoever u like , grab tt very chance u had , least u regret latta... scared of rejection? well at least u tried, and know the truth and need nt waste ur youth on her ya?

y e tittle 'kite flying'? ask me =D
and they live happily ever after.....