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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Finally had a gathering, one to be remembered for a very long time! Yesterday met up with my sec school pals for brunch at Billy Bombers. Initially the plan was to have budgeted BBQ at Marina Bay, the idea was put off because of unhygienic stuffs they served and stuffs like that. Catching up with old pals is always memorable one, we talked about good old days, talk craps with nothing to hide, I mean we are just simply ourselves!

@ Billy Bombers, before brunch was severed, we took some photos, well for old time sake!

O_O, we had 2 botak guys here, left is John, our all time, underspuited head prefect and we have Ryan (lion) with his signature pose (he had more under his pockets =/
), well both of them had entered NS and had just finished their BMT (they definitely have more manpower then b4!), then we have our president Clinston (Bill Clintion), anything to organize, just dial him up!

**saw me holding up the knife?** John you are mine for meal! **went with an empty stomach** w8 there another bald guy in the background. making a total of 3 botaks troops!
Clins and John with their usual charismatic smile and Lion with his twist X2 =]

Lion, you are now mine for meal ! Mukakaka! **closing my eye, dare not witness** Clins, yup you did a great job in holding his head in position for me to **cut** and JOhn preparing cutlery to dish in soon !

John promoting, **show-casing** his original Deathnote, Lion **fall dead**

A TOAST for everlasting friendship! Apparently Clins **casting some spell** that made Lion fall asleep!
=those Greeny fluid stuff is called grasshopper, a combination of lemon juice and some kiwi syrup== taste sO-sO =/

May all the knights stand united, like the tips of the blades never failed to slip pass each other, **a bit don understand what I’m blurting here** since when you put on your caps, John?

Yea! Here comes our food at last! Lion and I can’t wait to devour the food, while John posting his dish in an artistic snap, **potential celebrity chef?!?!** and Clins with his **finger-licking sausage**

btw Notice the escalator behind us, I was like shouting ‘hello’, for almost every girls then went down it! some turned around, while some just ignore my childish acts =/, according to john there a couple of them giggle and I notice some starring at me too, you know those cat’s stare! Woot man I tell you! Doing all this just to spice the atmosphere up a little =]

After the meal, we had some shopping before we head on to some pool- playing, where xui hui,(bush bush) join us soon after =]

@ the arcade itself, where we had some pool-playing, before we left, had some photo taking too=]

WOOT. Lion squashing bush bush’s head, **rock-bottom?** and we have john again, this time round promoting the green-tea wet tissue (saying is a must for army!) instead of the deathnote! Where me?

Actually is kinda bad la, where we guys playing the pool leaving john and bush bush sitting on the sofa =/ I mean we invite her to come over, instead of having some activities that all could have join, we had game of pool, of which bleh! John and I were discussing whether had we leave her a bad impression that day O_O

Thereafter, suggested by Lion, we head to some famous bean curd stall located in some hulu hulu place, kind of authentic yet fresh surrounding!

And yup some some photo-taking as usual, manage to put in slide-show format, =] some of the pose does resemble some back-streets cum hard-rock band or something like tt, bush bush the lead vocalist while the rest either playing electric guitar, drum, and piano (John a solid pianist!), here we had some of the best photos taken! Hmm let name the ‘band’ – The J.R XCK O_O

After the tao-huai, clins and lion headed for more shopping, bush bush meeting her pals up, john and I chilled at starbucks, where we shared some philosophy- life etc.

He asked me some qns like ‘what are the 3 things to invest in life’
I manage to answer the 2 out of 3 supposedly right answer, friends, travel, and spiritual life (which I cant figure it out) and the talks go on till he meet up with his army pals.

more photos @

**playing friends-related songs**

Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.

Till then

Take care
Kai =’
sometime i wonder, can friends be more than just friends =/


  • glad to know you enjoyed yourself...

    By Anonymous murmur, At 3:39 PM  

  • friends is beta than the wolf! ur blog v lavish nw liao
    hey, u look cool lor - appearance evolved since sec - dnt they cmnt
    miss out mel- rmbr invest in frenship, catchup wif him
    o, invest spiritual thng eh!

    By Anonymous uncle, At 4:39 PM  

  • -murmur
    yup i sure do enjoy myself!

    yup i love the e photo taken @ e ally (think it gonnna stay up tt for a ver...y long timE) =/

    mel was still in camp ma, tt y

    my spritual need is music-jpop by YUI, Zone, etc =]

    By Blogger kai, At 9:30 PM  

  • oh uncle... he forgets about me more oft than not... pretty one-sided, i'm afraid... but i can't just leave him be... Kai's just like that lol T_T

    By Anonymous whisper, At 12:32 PM  

  • YUP, tt's me,

    By Blogger kai, At 10:23 PM  

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