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Saturday, October 21, 2006

depart physically, remain emotionally

tt day has finally came, e day i departed with my fellow colleagues, which a part of me wish for tt, part of me don wana.... i wan it, cox i looking forward for schooling life again, don wana, of course i miss them.... few hrs before my work officially ended yestrerday,,,, all seems silence , out of sudden my lady boss who address me to others as 'my boy' ask me will 'i miss them', i jux smile... my boss's boss .'grandmother' seems pretty sad too saying' 1 by 1 leaving them like tt' ,' i jux smile'...... thry left early yesterday, me still in e office.... i felt a moment of emptimess... deep in my heart i reaally do miss them, wher in e world u will find such boss, who treated u to mark my last day, moreever me jux a small fry in e office, yet had e honour for e treats.... i really wan to cry my heart out... but hey, luckily 1 colleague called me b4 e tears fell.....

i leaft a note on my boss table.. saying ' through this 1 mth i had lots of fun working with u all guys. plus i had learn alot too. though i made alots of mistakes, u all jux forgive me on e spot. i will miss u all .
au voir
with love, kaijie'

had a movie with mel yesterday, watched deathnote, pretty smart plot, unexpected turnsout, at e end of e show, my heart out of sudden felt remorse, i miss them....

another colleague who address me as son' invited me to her house for hari raya... at pasir ris think pretty convienint for me... mabe i pop her a visit some day..

they are jux like my family, except no dad in e picture, lol , i will miss them, i will miss them,

'Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city'
George BurnsUS actor & comedian (1896 - 1996)

cant agree more, with my experience with them.... cheers life had to move on, depart physically, remain emotionally =]

Friday, October 13, 2006

smuges memo

yet another day, i had anchor myself at woodlands for my onsite,...

todae stm rather amusing things happen:

i was doing registration(ever since they put me in this position, their medical packages sold has since sky high) //smugging// my roster has seen been registration since then...

k back to topic, my 'position' require me to explain the packages to them etc persude them to take up... also there tis package , which include e ;stool test; , me was suppose to explain to them how to retrive their stool sample,and put them in a card... btw stool aka bowel, shyt watver u called tt ...

k then todae, this man in his 60s , after he had retrieved his sample in e card, he go bac to me and open it up with 2 smuges of browinie stool, and show it to me, asking me was it correct, i was like yes ys pls close e card,,, =.= man e rm is air conditioned u c ... loL..

after today, another of my part time colleague in e office gonna leave e office too., leaving me e only part timer left,,, haiz, gonan miss her prescence @____@ , todae last time see her, but nt much talk , as todae i was assign to do more on onsite job.... tml too ....

there always a time when we need to part frm some1, sometime i asked shd we ever start it? but hey , y nt, its always be in my heart ..............i hope

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

tired beezie head

zZzZZzzZz.... yawn..../ man tml yet had to travel to woodlands again for my onsite $%#$E! ... tis few days either travel to school located at sembawang, yishun , khatib or woodlands , kranji, in short schools located up north, and goosh me stayed in e southern 'hemisphere'... enough bout works..

jux few days back , had a 'memorable' haircut... cox i had mine usually at those located at roadside for bout 10-12 bucks.. but hey since im working , i wana tried at jean yip , yup jux for an experience or sought...

/// in e saloon ///

he asked 'how u wan to cut ur hair'
i replied 'jux cut short'
after washing my hair
nxt moment u can jux see him swing his sisscors round my head, like bumble bee round e hive... within 5 mins, he said finish and help me style a nerdy style... adn said ;'it look gd on you' i was like WTh, feels liek yelling out , but don @__@... then he gave me a coupon saying if come back a few times charge cheaper, well seeing e results i decline of cocurse! reluntucly i paid him 32.90 #@$#@$ ,
immediately i rush into e toilet to restyle it, though it didnt look gd but at least beta then e previous 1 he did,... branded stuff, gd reputation doesnt alwasy means quality and gd service ....

i think back probably if i had said stm bac tt may offend the hairdresser , resulting him in 'anihow' cut my hair.. perhaps i said 'cut short' tt means tt i don trust his style, in a way made him had to cut e style tt previous hairdreeser had on me... in a way delude him ?_? LESSON 1 don ever say 'cut chort' in classy saloon..... thinlk too much

CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPy , tired bye for now @_@

Monday, October 02, 2006

isnt she lovely?


heart melts

Fanatically you get to me