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Saturday, December 23, 2006

4 teeths gone for good =/

had my teeths extracted yesterday, well pictures say louder then words , so here go

-after, lips so darn crumbled after the e injection barely talk, only can babbling my way like a helpless baby...T_T

-before, ops half snapshot nosetrils look weird

2 bottom teeths

cool eh, my only molar with 2 legs

this gauze , i'd change like 10++ times, cox bledding cont for another like 12hrs or so, run out of thos gauzes then had to swallow the blood. woozz.. this wk only can gobble liquid food...jux had oat meal @_@


  • Kai, you shouldn't have changed the gauze so often. Even if it were wet and totally soaked with blood, you should've left it there and continued to bite down hard... Change only like once every 4-6 hours at once... Hmmm... If the wound still bleeds, i'd recommend going back for more gauze.

    Ah... so it was the molars you removed... that would make it quite hard to chew in future... Bunny teeth, eh? lol yeah... that'd always have been your identity... But with or without, you're still kai-kun =p

    By Anonymous 私は戻った, At 10:48 AM  

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