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Sunday, April 08, 2007

A walk to remember~

The movie ‘A walk to remember’ completely seeped into my soul within and change my perception on love. It was telecasted yesterday on channel 5, probably promoting Mandy Moore in her latest movie ‘Because I said so’, **though the movie is under-rated by local magazines, but I’m still gonna catch it, for Mandy Moore is so true in her role as Jamie** in ‘A walk to remember’, and is so real in her music as a vocalist. Mind you guys outta there, those ‘under-dog’ movies are usually over-looked by the general public. Those so called ‘block-blusters’ are more or less movies that are heavily funded, promoted, big-shot actors and actresses in the cast as support, but not necessary good plot, well of course there are those ‘block-blusters’ that are really good =’

Now on my movie review & thoughts on the show ‘A walk to remember.’
It is a show that revolved round the theme ‘love’, ‘faith’, ‘God’ and run with the tagline ‘Love is like the wind. You cannot see it but you can feel it.’I could count myself lucky for by-chance I switched on my TV and saw Mandy Moore on screen, with that I didn’t want to switch the channel anymore **you know why**, by then the show had been running ¼ way so yea missed that portion, but the theme ‘love’ starts after that. **check up on wiki to unrevealed the entire storyline**

Main casts

Jamie by Mandy Moore
Landon starred by Shane West

Landon is punished with various after-school activities, such as acting in the drama club festival for some pranks he did on fellow high-school students, **do think he received such a mild punishment**.

He is a very angry teenage guy who bared much hatred towards his father who apparently had left the family for some reasons. He is a chap without much ambition, someone who can’t focus in life.

On the contrast Jamie is a sweet innocent girl, full of hope, faith and forgiving nature attributes. She is brought up by a reverend father thus made her a very conservative, simple girl and yet sadly **out-cast** in a way . . . **I mean to them, it is pretty un-cool to hang around with a reverend’s daughter**
And so it was in the drama club that Landon is forced to interact with Jamie, for he needs her help in learning the lines for the play. She agreed to help but with a condition that is not to fall in love with her, "That's not a problem." He replied without a hint of compassion. At school, Landon continued his spree of mocks and look down on Jamie. **I guess it was in the play that Landon starts to feel in love with Jamie, vice-versa**

The play with Jamie singing 'Only Hope', with my eyes zooming on solely her only, so sweet and pure she is =] hearts melted. . .once again , (pause the playlist @ bottom of post =/)

“Eventually, Landon is intrigued by Jamie's positive attitude, forgiving nature, and overwhelming faith”. He found himself falling in love with her even though the promise he’d made, and the 2 start dating. This act threaten his friendship with his clique; in which he goes as far as to punch his pal for humiliating Jamie, **you know those cropping of booty body with her face on it, labeled ‘Virgin Mary’**, if I’m Landon I do more than just a punch, in my heart was like #$%@#%$@SSHOLE.**

For some reasons in most drama, those angels are either ran down by car or have had contracted terminal diseases, she had leukemia,T__T , she told him only in the midst of relationship, I guess that the solely reason for her telling him not to’ fell in love’ with her. Such a sweet girl, yea? The guy was like ‘why don’t you tell me’ , and she replied ‘you’re the 1 that I most don’t wana tell about’ for she don’t wana him to worried or sought.

Over-whelm by the fact and out of desperation, he decided to look for his dad, a doc. for help. He told his dad about Jamie's conditions and that she needs his help right now, but he not a specialist in that line, and without letting his dad to finish his line, he just said ‘ I know, you would not help’ and dashed off with a rampage.

@ The Hospital

‘Love’ is magnified at the hospital scene, when Jamie shared to him a love quote from the bible – both read out
Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking.
It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.
I Corinthians 13:4-8

Specially like the ‘not easily angered’, I mean is ok or normal to be angry but with love,1 is NOT easily angered, how truthful =]

Vaguely quote:
‘I did not blame God for my sickness, for perhaps it is this, or his purpose that through this I found you, and through you I’ll walk through this’ and she said ‘you are my angel’ **this speech really bring me to tears, but I held back somehow**, ‘you are my angel’, the way she put it across is so real, full of emotion, that quote just linger in my mind, it so much sweeter and true to regard your spouse as angel then gf or bf =]

Again she repeated ‘love is like a wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it’, I mean you can’t literally see love, unless you talk about actions that show love, but when come down to love, it’s always about feeling, you need to feel it before really ‘seeing’ as in witnessing it!

‘you know Jamie, the reasons that I’m so strict about your up-bringing, is because I wanted to protect you, you know ever since I lost your mum, I don wana loose you’, his dad confessed to Jamie about his strict up-bringing of her, another scene that nearly move me to tears, **but held back as usual**
‘I love you dad’ kissing his head.

Landon begun to fulfill Jamie’s wish-lists –building her a telescope at her backyard and even marrying her at the chapel where her parents got married, this event top her wish-list.
@ chape the quote
Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking.
It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.
I Corinthians 13:4-8

is stress again =]

Jamie and Landon love also spread to Landon’s dad, he forgive him and said ‘sorry for his disrespectful attitude towards him’, the 2 hug and cried, another scene that move me, love soften 1 heart and teaches forgiveness. This love also spread to the fact that he’d forgiven his pal that humiliated her, and both start to build the telescope together! Again
love soften 1 heart and teaches forgiveness.

4 years since Jamie’s death, Landon visited Jamie’s dad and tell him that he is sorry for he can’t fulfill all of Jamie's wishes as he couldn't show her "the miracle" she wanted to see before dying. Her father then says, "She did. It was you."
aWwwwWwww, so sweeeeeeeeeeeT

“Landon himself becomes a better person through Jamie's memory, achieving the goals that he set out to do, like she did.” He managed to enroll into a medical school.

So is it a miracle that Landon got into a drama club, **which he will never wanted to if not for the punishment**, that he got to know Jamie and discover true love, or a miracle for Jamie through her illness manage to find Landon and find true love? In short, things, both good or bad happen for reasons, we just need to faithfully walk on, for God had a perfect plan for each and everyone of us =]

Love perception last time, love is a big illusion
More @ 'A walk to remember'

That night after the movie, I got so excited that I scribble down the storyline and can’t wait to share it on blog, but due to some reasons didn’t and even wanted to wake up early in the morning to pen it down but didn’t, tired, and finally now finally! To me this is 1 of my most favorite post ever!




  • i m excited n hapi to read tis post.

    reminded me abt helen keller - a famous deaf/blind lady... we all knw something great abt her but i wana introduce her teacher - she was olso a blind girl; who worst than helen, was child abused. once had to be isolated in a cell cos she was so closed up and was not able to be helped by the professioners. a lady who brought meal to her evryday wud reach her by stroking her arm with a broom stick frm far. eventually she open up and ovrcm - a story heard many years back frm 1 of my fav preacher shared abt the power of luv reached by a broomstick.

    is easter- olso a story abt luv

    By Anonymous uncle, At 2:59 PM  

  • lol humans are rather interesting creatures to want to toy with their hearts and pull at their heart strings on purpose... But perhaps it is not necessarily a bad thing... It's heartening to know that you were touched by the show... I know i would have to... You may be insensitive, unfeeling and utterly selfish sometimes... but you really are innocent, gentle and pure... lol But it is good nonetheless that it touched you... Such gems that are overlooked...

    By Anonymous feelings: blessing or curse?, At 11:15 PM  

  • Something creepy happened. When I enter you blog that time, my winamp just nice also changes song... Then somehow somewhat change to the "Someday We'll Know" too! But by the New Radicals one.. The original version, which I believed sounds nicer lar.. Hahaha..

    By Blogger Ruben, At 1:47 AM  

  • @uncle

    heart-warming story shared =]
    take care yea?


    yup standard ways, must say stm bad first , then good to neturalize it =/

    armY -life may be tough, but guess it soon be over~

    whT a coincidence!

    happened to me b4, my ipod-shuffle was playing 'good-bye to you ' by michelle branch then the immidiate song after tt is 'good-bye to you' , YUI's rendition =/ (shuffle-mode was on)

    tt day i thought will be a good day =]

    jurong island- life WOOt man~

    By Blogger kai, At 11:01 AM  

  • lol you'll never find me saying all 'good' or all 'bad'... Everything coin has two sides, every diamond many facets...

    By Anonymous watcher, At 6:03 PM  

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