桜 & 恋

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Some had congratulated me on my ORD. Many had asked me “So how the taste of freedom, after ORD?”

I usually replied with “Great, thanks”. I knew, however, the real “freedom” was during NS. I just had to meet the basic obligation of waking up @ ‘stipulated’ timing, conduct roll-call, routine works, and sleep and look forward to Friday, praying Sunday will come a bit later. That’s it. I knew Army is a time to plan/draft out your plan. I know what I wanted. However to proceed, I need to have a place in local University; which I’m still waiting; chances are definitely low, now.

So what’s plan B?

To study overseas; I’d always loved that. Money will be an issue. Yet to discuss with my dad and I will be going down for some of their open house during 29 MAY to check it out.


SIM? Business? Accountancy, Banking, Finance, Economics, Business management all came toppling over me? In order not to be behind time, I go ahead with courses offered by UOL. Drop by 14 MAY to check it out. I’d till June.


NIE? Teacher? Uncle just gave me this suggestion. I’m confidence to tutor individual; but to a class? Stable rice bowl, yes. To be a responsible good teacher, passion is required! I hope I will find that somehow.


I had looked up other private institution like Klpan University. They do have some interesting courses like Bsc in Health Sciences & Bsc in Criminal Justice. KU is interesting; most of the studying/lessons is based online. Online reviews About the U aren’t really that promising though. . .

Meanwhile I’m waiting to commence on my temp job in 2 weeks times. While waiting, gym-ing, swimming to pass my day. + start requesting for an appealing letter from my lecturer. I had to sadly put my advance diving course aside.

I still keeping my finger cross still. .

I don’t wanna stuck @ this cross road.

takre care
桜 & 恋

PS: I had already favourite NUS & NTU appealing page; 26 MAY and 20 MAY respectively. . .


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

letting go

It’ll be a lie if I said I’d let go. I sunk myself with many logical reasons; only realizing that it was my failed attempt to run away.

Don’t say I don’t even try now. Thick skin as I am, must be shy after bitten so many times right?

I guess the only time I’ll totally let go is when she found the special someone. ..

There is a time when closets must be cleaned out, pictures put away, and a new door to be opened.

Till then!

takre care
桜 & 恋