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Sunday, June 24, 2007

BAka 2x

“The girl who leapt through time” is definitely a movie worth catching! It runs with this theme ‘Time waits for no one’. The phase ‘Time waits for no one’ is kept being screen on the movie that really made me think of her at 1 point.

Well anyway, from the movie I thought, even if its possible to jump back in time to change your destiny, but all things in here are electrically interconnected, you change yours, will at the same time affects others. Like the food chain, farmer kills snake to protect their poultry, w/o realizing the snake are protecting their crops from mice. BA, bad analogy!

After the movie I asked john ‘what the difference between fate and destiny?’ (We sometime do exchange philosophical thoughts). We had the same view; that is destiny is always more than one-way traffic, there’s different path that leads to different destiny, so it count down to choice/chance.

Conclusion: 1 can’t alter the destiny set, but have the CHANCE to choose which path that leads to whichever destiny~

That’s enough of philosophy yea?

John spot bush bush at 1 of the CD store, I was like O_O, and follow where his finger was spotting then I saw her wearing her smile with her 2 hands holding some CD as if promoting that CD to her pals, I was like LOL. Anyways that her classic giggly action. I was reluctant to approach as I saw other guy and don’t wana be goose berry or sought, but john said just go and said ‘Hi’. So ‘Hi’, and she was like ‘hello’ waving then took photo and I was like so shy and look so ‘toot’ on the photo @___@

MA-KA-TE~~~ sign~

I’m confused with the feeling I had right now, maybe a swim later the day shall drown those emotion.

and i found the theme song 'ガーネット', very calming, lullaby like song, where u'll sway your head to the tune, now where do i DL ?


she just resemble YUI, both artiste are so simple and real, their vocal tells everything~
(nowadays, youtube so cooL, 1 can link to related video at the end of the clip!)
my bro commented she look nerd, but she look kawa--iii to me....=]
Take care

‘Time wait for no one’ but I wait for time that I may lose all that is within those time of waiting~


found the song alas!!! jux keep replaying it over over again, her vocal coupled with the piano is jux so perfect (except for certain part when she hit the piano abit too hard, i felt~), yet to find the translation uh--uhhhh. . .

i'm halting on a crossroad, don know to follow my desire or thought?


oin oin kun~ thse dialect


  • ... never include me... you know i like these sorta shows too... lend you so many shows as well and this is what i get... sigh... oh well... the fate of the forgotten, i guess... = /

    By Anonymous you know who, At 5:45 PM  

  • @you . . .

    don understand~ morever u like -ve in front of him~

    By Blogger kai, At 11:23 PM  

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