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Thursday, June 07, 2007

cirCLE of FrieNds

And so yesterday, I’d finally catch up with my poly pals, and most were like ‘uh-huh KJ is here?’ and stuffs like that; cuz I haven’t been hanging out with them for a Long time. . .

As usual I was late, that the movie we watching “Shreak 3’ was postponed for another 45 mins or so. OPS.

It was Shaz who’d apparently called me the previous night or rather the same day itself after 12 midnight and asked me to catch a movie with them, and I was like ‘You not pasiseh ar, calling me in the middle of night, was like ok lor cux I want to turn in that moment’ (glad I went anyway. . .) =]]

Amidst of fun and laughter circulating round the movie Shreak, the movie is actually trying to drive a rather important theme: that is no matter how people define you as, don’t care about them, ultimately you live up who you want to be; not how others want you to be. . . & there no such things you are fated to be someone, means you are grounded to be that someone for life, you held the key to change. . . BA enough of the so called ‘PHILOKAIPHY’ . . . AS IT WILL GET NO-WHERE =’=

Thereafter we soaked ourselves in the LAN shop, where Shaz and SC show off their CS skills. I was like ‘I don’t even know who to shoot, as apparently all look alike to me, and the fact that ‘friendly fire is on??’ that I shot my teammate every now and then’ =’=

1 of the map where all the snipers are laying around, I found myself **drop dead** when I wandered off from the barricade, and was like ‘how I die?’ @__@ and sometime when I was purchasing my weapons, like busy selecting which gun to buy and sought, and finally when I got this pretty cool gun and about to enter the fray than BOOM **die**. In short just keep dying before I could really do anything.

Payback time, when we had a game of DOTA, those 3 apparently first timer, that I trash them badly in a 1 vs 3 handicapped match, and was like ‘aum-choui’ when I pawned them 1 after another, LOL. SC who was playing some ‘alien shooting’ game, called me lame. .

The night is still young that we head for a game of pool, a game that is quite alien to me. Somehow lady luck happens to be on my side all this while that I keep performing those ‘tyco’ shot, and all were like WTH!! To say I win solely on luck is not true also LA, cuz 2 of the games I had delivered the black ball into the 'long-kang', not as a finishing ‘ball’. . .
A total beginner me had even beat Shawn (the pro-est) among us 4, see what a combination of luck cum amateur-skill could do. At the end of the day, think I was either the overall winner (in terms of overall wins) or if not the second, smug-ing now as I type; (lion like to boast you see). . .

For some reasons, when I play with a ‘play-for-fun’ heart, I just win, but when I focus too much and had a urge of ‘wanting to win badly’ that I will eventually lose out.

Anyway, as for today just finish this movie anime ‘Kumo no Mukō, Yakusoku no Basho’ aka ‘Beyond the cloud, a promise land’. Man this anime is so darn chim/deep or whatever as it talks about parallel world, war, alternate timeline, etc. A very science-fictional based I would said, but to think of such theme the creator is indeed a genius, as he link dreams to parallel world to gene, to etc etc (me myself quite confused also). . .1 thing i got was this alternate timeline talk about 'if it happen otherwise, would it be better?’, again come to face-ing of reality and bla-bla;bla'

Right and I was so engrossed in the parallel thingy that I totally missed out the supposedly romantic side of the story, a pity indeed.

Here the ending theme of the movie, which really hypnotize me

ps: thanks ruben for e treat on pool game =]

With that



  • MUAHAHA!!! Friendly fire was on!!

    By Anonymous shaz, At 7:42 PM  

  • I invited you to shrek 3 too... but you turned me down... say what, haven't seen shrek 2 then see shrek 3... sigh...

    By Anonymous sigh..., At 7:46 PM  

  • Guess a bit of the old jealous me still lingers... that posts like this would feel me with a red haze...

    By Anonymous Anima, At 8:06 PM  

  • @shaz

    no wonder . . .


    cuz i dont wan to cont turning them down forever


    i pen what my mind tells, others' feelings/thoughts on my posts are usua;;y out of my bound ~

    unless is really stm tt sensitive to me, NT OTHERS!

    call me self-fish if u wana, after-all is my BLOG!!! =/

    By Blogger kai, At 10:22 AM  

  • lol... there's no fault in writing what you wish... the fault lies in the darkness chained within me... the darkness that slumbers...

    By Anonymous The moon, At 9:07 PM  

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