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Friday, July 08, 2011

17 cows

There a family. The father had just move on and left his 3 kids 17 cows to be shared in the proportion of ½ (eldest), 1/3(second son) and 1/9(youngest).

Dispute among them soon after as they’re unable to get a whole number based on the fraction set.

An elder man witnesses the situation and offers them his one and only cow to calm the situation.

Now, the total number of cow is (17+1=18).
• To the eldest son (1/2 X 18 = 9 cows)
• To the second son (1/3 X 18 = 6 cows)
• To the third son (1/9 X 18 = 2 cows)

(9+6+2=17 cows, which was the original sum the father had left for his children!)

They soon return the 1 cow to the elder man and he has nothing to lose and salvage the situation among the 3 brothers.

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