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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dilemma, and some other random stuffs

As I had promised earlier that I gona post 2 songs that depicts my feeling/thought **at that part of time**, these songs are by the same band – Michael Learns To Rock **1 of my all time favorite retro group!**

-That's Why (You Go Away)
**In my own interpretation**

This song opens with the fact that 2 lover birds going their own separate ways soon, with the guys not wanting to end it. To him, love is like an illusion **unreal, or just some imagination**, but he don’t want to recognize this ‘fact’, he wanted to forget it **can he?** What left with him now are memories, bittersweet memories-

He wondered why she so heartlessly wanted to end this love, since she’s the one who initiated the bond between them. She wanted him to forget ‘every little things’ she’d said, **is this harsh or it must be said, that life will move on?**

However there are things that can’t just erased from ones mind, especially those that are so dear to us **is not as easy as ctrl- alt-del, I mean we are mere human, God imbued us with emotions/feeling, and those memories installed with these 2 codes, are especially hard to be remove, if you want instant removal- head for wall and get a concussion, ops =#**

1 thing he can’t forget – the way she’d kissed her, that feelings is so intense, having say so, he still can’t have her in his arms, as he’s not the man her heart is missing **T_T**, THATS WHY, she go away (he knows)

The songs go on, with his confuse heart, feeling so lonely . . .

--what’s my thought? Even though I’m the shy sought, but I have the darn gut to say I dare to confessed, having said that, I’m worried the thereafter ‘episode’. What if I’m the 1 who ‘set-up’ the bond and call off the bond just like that, leaving her in a confused state?-- **that the main gist of the song I guess, and how I felt about initiating**

1 argue, that’s why you had to wait and observed and think through over time to see if the 2 made a suitable pair, but till then you’d realized that she’s the 1, she would have jolly well be with some other partners, yea? ** this scenario is well ‘choreographed’ by the next song -25 mins

-25 mins **just wana keep it short, least bored you guys**
This song ‘encourages’ us, if u came across your dream girl/guy, don’t hesitate, don’t list out the possibility, and impossibility, the pros and cons, probability and unlikelihood etc, in short, go for it now!

Then it link back to the previous song, if 1 didn’t take time and think through whether the 2 are compatible, and quick to initiate, after- which call it off- hurting the other party in the process, or if 1 wait and take time and ‘consider’, will he be 25 mins late, or 1 secs late!

Contradict yea?

So it down to the fact that whichever route you chose to take, its has both pros and cons, noting can be perfect, yea?! Thus you had to choose 1 that maximize the pros and dis-magnify the cons.

Again I asked so which choice had more pros then cons?
- to initiate
- to wait and let time tell

‘Feel my soul’ acoustic version

Man think I’m not fit to be label as YUI-craze, cox I only came to realize that she had an acoustic version of ‘feel my soul’, yup NOW then I know, when its up in the nets for like months #$#@$#, acoustic version always magnify 1 vocal capability, i means it hard to sing w/o much back-up of some other instruments, and to sing it well, is like woooo hard, darn freaking hard! YUI did it well!

Maybe is a good thing that I’d came to discover this song only now, as this allows me to soughta ‘treasure’ and appreciate this song better. Perhaps if I had dig this song up earlier, I may just see it as ‘feel my soul’ Ver. 2, that’s all! So how I felt?

This feeling is like, 1 lost something that he treasure, and manage to find it later! That spurs of exuberant is just over-whelming **serious!!!**


Just yesterday had a BBQ over at john’s house which is just below my apartment, thus its kinda convenience for me,=]. Those came over are mostly not the one I’m usually hand around with, the opposite, those I hang around with didn’t turn up =,=

Hence what I’m saying here is that, in a class, there will be clique of pals formed, you have the ‘nerdy-clique’, ‘sporty-group’, ‘law by law – group’, etc! Perhaps I wasn’t the outgoing sought when I was back in secondary (high) school, thus didn’t mingle well enough with other clique, which was depicted yesterday when I was like #$@#$ during the whole party, only manage to open-up a few catalogue with them, other then those closer pals. 3 of the closer-1 turn up, thank God if not I’ll may perhaps be in the ‘nearly-mute’ state!

Put me in a new environment, like a new project group or in some working place, I dare say I can blend well with them, as show in my elective subject- psychology when I’m in charge of the groups (cox the rest are all girls =,=), and in my working place, tie with my colleagues pretty well too( my colleagues are mostly girls too).

Does this show that when certain guy comes into picture, I can’t fully show my leadership, cheerfulness personality? And so who’s that certain guy? I don’t know! Perhaps I’m just that prideful lion who want to call the shots and get attention, and if fails just slip away quietly! That a part of me I had to change pretty soon!

And and, I’m more outgoing then before =](thanks to poly life), its just that those pals that I’d not mingle well with in the beginning, I can’t just say ‘hi’ cheerfully to them now, is kind of awkward to me you see, bleh! **no matter how outgoing I am, there are just things that can’t be change, I guess, so I just move on**

Bottom-line, good old-pals are to be treasured and good new pals are to be discovered and thereafter be valued! =]

Looking darn forward to the guitar lesson due this coming Saturday, not forgetting some rifle-shooting with mel and bc tml!

Guess what I myself came up with a song ‘U got to know (baby)’, then, I was about to have my lunch after swim, when some lyrics just popped in my head, and I just got excited that I quickly pen it down, how fast?, 5mins, and 1 min to record, cox I’m darn freaking hungry, LOl, the quality is pretty bad, very bad and the fact I dare to post it up shows how thick-skin I am, I mean if its soothing is alright, but this really **sux balls**, I always comfort myself that my hp recording function sucks, cant really capture my voice well and accurately, which is true according to my sis, who may perhaps be comforting me =,=, or comforting herself too, as she had being recording too (to me, her recorded vocal is no better then the 1 per-recorded!). Anyway tomorrow gonna borrow video cam **I assumed better sound capture quality** from Mel, or getting myself a voice-recorder O_O

Guess what, my dear ah ma want to have a appointment with me @_______________@, that’s is to bring her to Ang Mo Kio, where I live previously, for old time sake perhaps =]

With that,
Takeeee care!

Smilez! =] tt'll what brighten 1 days!

sing lover sings with her!

**and i forget to mention, my dear russell boy pees on my pile of paper with all the YUI's lyric, was darn freaking#$#$#@$ fed-up**

(listen half-way u may get shockED, kinda loud at the middle)critised all u wan! @___@, cox is like 6 mins work,

(#$@#$#@$@#$@#% freaking song)and some nosiy background noise)

wooo, e video i'd made for YUI

added 3 days ago, and had 4k hits! woot! video kinda suck, but nevertheless, im e 1st to post this song =/ **so proud of it**


  • You dare, but you worry, and then you don't do, so that's that.

    Mmmm... Just do as your ah ma wishes... And don't delay too... I know you may hate me for saying this, but when we realise there's just not much time left, we want to make the most of what we have left... And when the 'now' does not appeal to us, or when we know we don't have a 'tomorrow', 'yesterday' is where one can find the most meaning in... So yeah, kai...

    By Anonymous ebb, At 12:51 AM  

  • @ebb **whatever its stand for**
    Elephant's Big Ball ?__?

    yup about the dare- worry- don t do

    perhaps tml i'll bring her!

    By Blogger kai, At 10:21 AM  

  • Yeah, yeah... tomorrow's tomorrow is still tomorrow... lol Just be brave and who you are... If they accept you, so be it, if not, so be it as well. It's always best to be loved and liked for who you are... not who people want you to be.

    By Anonymous and flow..., At 11:00 AM  

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