桜 & 恋

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Right I’m feeling much better now, thanks, except for the minor sore throat and aching in the joints @__@

1 of the staff commented that I look so ‘red’, I guess is perhaps of the fever I had or the fact that yesterday I’d purposely walked under the sun when there is shade, don’t ask me why. . .


Bring back some thoughts on yesterday MRT trip, I witness this old man with his eyes slanted 180 degree to his left and eyeing on what else – boobs of a lady. I tell you man that sight simply gross me up from within, and the fact that I stared at him and he seems oblivious to my staring shows how he focusing his energy in wrong area! I meant is **nature for man to notice this kind of thing** but is inappropriate to stare at them! Whenever his action comes popping by my head, I can’t help but either shrugging my shoulder or laugh (again don ask me why). . .

Of all the possibility symptoms, I really thank GOD that I didn’t catch a cold or something, cuz I really darn hate the idea of uncontrollable phlegm that continuously drain out from my nostrils which required darn lots of tissue paper which may eventually made my nose swollen from the non-stop blew-ing. . .

And I must say I’m really surprised by Youhna, who sang many English cover; can’t fight the moonlight, if I ain’t got you, open arms etc! I wouldn’t believe they were sung by a Korean without prior ‘knowledge’!

with that
take care ='

Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy B'dae to me ME!!!

Right how I spend my last teen hood year? One phase ‘sinful indulgence’!

Sat treat by Mel I had:

Dinner over at ESLMIRADA (the atmosphere is rather romantic, those candles and stuff, inappropriate place; but hey who cares when there good foodies):

I had
1) Seafood soup (mussels, cod fish, prawns etc)
2) Grilled platter (beef, lamb, mutton, wedges, capsicum, tomato)
3) Cup of cocktail (some Brazilian stuff with lime, rock sugar etc)
4) Garlic bread (superb! The mild garlic aroma just diffuses into your mouth proportionately).

(can't really see the photo)

the half prak garlic bread

seafood soup

the platter @__@

Some chocolate from LEONIDAS (1 piece is equivalent to 1 bar of chocolate!) I picked 9 for myself (greedy @__@ 1 of those things I can’t resist are chocolate!) 1 of them is enough to lift me up; you know those flying sensation.
Indulge at Starbuck and talk over those good old days. . .
Wrap with an ear piece as gift

Sun treat from uncle:

Dinner at Din Tai Fung (some Chinese delicacy, over there I learnt appropriate way to finish those Xiao Long Bao)

I had
1) Xiao Long Bao
2) Prawn Seiw Mai
3) Tofu
4) Red date with longan drink
5) Beef noodle
6) Chicken soup noodle
7) Some white fungus thingy as dessert

Really a good experience to eat those Xiao Long Bao in the traditional way.
If I remembered correctly
1) Use a chopstick to grab 1
2) Dip it in the vinegar soaked in ginger
3) Place in a spoon
4) Take a nibble off at the layer
5) Slurp the essence
6) Put some ginger dip in vinegar on top
7) Finished it off

Envelop with a billabong t-shirt as gift.

A short but sweet birthday party which is most unexpected over at ICES, my attachment area!

Sometime I do wonder what have I done to deserve those blessing; as the Chinese saying goes perhaps is past life good deeds that I’m redeeming all those ‘rewards’ now, =]

Nothing beats spending those special days with the X soul, but having you guys around guess is good enough and am contend for now.

To be with the one you love more or with those who love you more? Selfish me pick the latter; but with all these blessings, I guess I ought to love more!

*out of the blue* quote
Man are blinded by what they wanted to see that it hinder their road ahead.

Lastly, do think I fall sick on my B’dae, fever, headache, sore throat and potential sneeze! A big =========,========= indeed! hope tml will get well!

and after a year i still look the same @__@

same place as the DP

Right now I’m picturing myself in a lounge with YUI singing ‘Happy Birthday to YOU X2) on the stage singing SOLEY for me

and and i jux dig up 1 really cool j-pop artiste -=BONNIE PINK=- (her 2 'sexy moles' really made her stand out, O_O), she played guitar (which i sadly gave up on) too like YUI!!

rest now (dizzy spell really getting over me)

with that
take care ='

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Love & truth

WOoo YEpeeeeeeeeeeeee, YUI's new song is out 'Love & Truth', plus the bonus last train (acoustic version). When I chance upon this news, can't describe how excited/exuberant I get. Millions of =]. YUI must be working really hard, releasing single after single! Kamba-te!

Yet to find the translation though, and this song gonna be played over and over again till it get drilled in! So happy now!

How I felt about the song? Perhaps tomorrow then update.

jumping around like mad now but soon quieten down by the the serious/half-sadden melody~

With that
Take care =’

Love & truthreview (just uploaded her 2 new songs to youtube =')

Love & truth by YUI

The opening supporting guitar string is really lovely, other than that I found that both YUI’s vocal and background music a-bit too heavy and dull throughout the song. I’m not saying I don’t like YUI using her deeper vocal as she did pretty well in ‘How crazy’, but somehow it just sound so plain as she seems to be focusing too much on her ‘throat’ voice. No doubt YUI had show occasional switch of vocal range swiftly and beautifully but is just not enough.
Perhaps is the emotion that she put into this song and that song supposedly to be sounded like that. Come to the chores, YUI seems to be dragging every word especially the end of every phase. When the song approaching 3mins, the background instrument that goes ‘ta-da-dam-ta-da-dam’ (don’t know which string instrument is that) sounds just so weird!

To add on, towards the middle at 2mins plus when only background music w/o YUI vocal; the spamming of electric guitar and drums doesn’t seem appropriate at all, its like redundant, worst YUI voice pop up out of the blue there isn’t any sign of transition.

To conclude, the arrangement of music spoil the whole piece, it may sound better if sang acoustically.

It rather ironic that I can keep listing to the piece without getting bored!

Perhaps when kai like something; no matter how bad they may turn out, he still like them, ***goosebumps***

On the contrary, the bonus track “Last Train” acoustic version sound a-bit too fast pace, seems like YUI trying to catch up with the guitar rhythm, as she may want to portrait the image of catching the last train, =,=

Well it appears that kai is acting music pro and critic here and there!

AND S0-NY pls let YUI rest that she can quietly sit down and pen down better music, she releasing single after single like mad; so give her a break~

Ps: weekend goona be happening, that kai had finished his report!!!

lastly kai will love anyone that can sing like

and smile like

With that
Take care =’

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the hidden knowledge

Recently for some reasons, I getting more interested into those ‘occult’ or otherwise know as ‘knowledge of the hidden’. Astronomy had long seems ‘bored’ that now what fascinated me are Wiccan, magick & ‘Key of Solomon’, to name a few. Part and pieces I do agree and of course held some doubts in some. It’s the symbol they used, e.g. the pentacles by Wiccan which really drives my curiosity ad- reline to explore deeper into thr unknown, but hopefully not to deep that I cant find my way up =]

More & more slacking time here in lab = mutation/mutilation of Kai’s curiosity hormones!

With that
Kai take care. =’

Sunday, July 22, 2007

juST sO you know

Walking down this lane today, gives me a different feeling
Drizzle that only visible under street lamp and occasional passing of car
Drizzle that takes time to fog my spectacles
Drizzle that pitter-pat on my head, roll down my chin
They never failed to mesmerized me
I felt tranquil

A sudden chilling wind blew by
My heart is as if already open and welcomes it to gush in
The drizzle now feels like needle penetrating right into soul
All these numb me

But still I thought

I am stubborn
I have my pride
I always paint a perfect picture in my mind
A little righteous
A little pride
I have not been stumble in any ways
I thought I have all the answers
Since you left, I admit I was wrong
I’m lost
I try to keep find my way
How to face the day without you

Tears that fell like rain
Only awaken by sudden droplet of accumulated raindrop from leaf tip

You just a prayer away no matter where I am
I know in my heart you never too far when I’m losing my way
My strength is in my faith
I’m never alone cuz you just a prayer away

Jumbo of thoughts and abstract from some emocore songs

Just realize those English songs in my mp3 are mostly emocore!!! @___@
They are melodic, real, relaxing, and of course emotional
BUT most people interpret them as sad

with that
take care

An un-stabilize mixture invite others chemicals to come in to form a reaction just as an un-stabilize love can be filled by others, only time tells. There is no 1 formula for any reaction till the 2 are together. –kai (1988-???)

Friday, July 20, 2007

kai love enTertainers!

The BLOG is solely yours, you’d the right to BLOG everything and anything under the sun, after all it’s a place where you penned down yours thoughts, throw your temper on and bla bla b- la.

Was referring to the recent bombarding of ‘raining snow’ better known as xiaxue on 7 fellow bloggers, of which I had no comments on except on 1 fellow guy – Steven Lim!

I meant he had already being ‘SUAN’ by her till he can wet his pants or to be exact his TM yellow swimming trunk! Its always natural for human beings to be defensive and to fight for your so-called pride and no doubt Steven is doing so on his exclusive telecast over YOUTUBE. Sadly, instead of clearing his name, it just magnified what she’d said about him, and he simply deluding himself even more then ever~

Whatever the case is, we readers are the 1 enjoying the ‘show’. Stressful lifestyle over here we NEED BLOGGERS like them to entertain us. We just smile and shrug our shoulders on their attempt to get attentions and stuff. Ultimately its us readers that made them continue to ‘shoot’ one another in their arena, so readers out there keep comments on their posts that kai here can sit back with his chocolate and enjoy the upcoming episode~

With that
Kai take care

aNOher crApping

Man was down with a sneeze! Those liquid just drips down my nostrils unknowingly like an unscrewed tap. Spanner, please someone?

Uncle is ‘rebuking’ me since you are so interested in astronomy, why not study the creator of them? I was like does that means by studying him I know everything? He knows everything, but I can’t learn everything from him. Everything here had to be learned through chances, and chances are given by him? Chances are based on probability, if the probability of those chances to occur is low, does that means that I don’t have the chance to learn that thing? Since not all chances come to me like that, I’d to create a portal to learn them. Since many ‘law’ are created to shun us from some ‘truth’, these portals allow me to dive in and see the other side and compare and decide which is real?

Bla bla another of kai crapping.
Shyt think my nostrils get a few inches bigger after constant rubbing!

with that
Take care

Monday, July 16, 2007

Life ISnT gOVeRn BY fOrmuLA

The season for origami is out, now the lame stuff that I’ll dwell on during those ‘free time’ in lab are exploring on astrology, numerology and even to palmistry. To label these ancient wisdoms as lame is actually inappropriate, I means you can’t just up with something like that; it is relative and at comparable level to some of Einstein & Galileo inventions. Astrology, numerology and palmistry (of which I’m least interested in) takes tons of calculation, physic and mathematical formula to comes up with a set of ‘formulae’ I think. Think at the very least should show in awe to this ‘discovery’ but of course at the same time don’t be blinded by it as life is not govern by formula~

Some of the good webbies for astrology
- Today my sign reads ‘Your interest in religion and philosophy may lead you to specific destinations.’- was like O_O

For numerology – they say name given to you has several meanings and clues in life, just type your name and see what is says.

Did mine and it says

Expression: 47 / 11 / 2
As a peacemaker and mediator, you bring harmony and intuitive insight to all you come in contact with. You have an inborn ability to understand all sides of a situation, and you have the tact and gentleness to express it in a way that it will be received. This talent is the magical ingredient for "Peace on Earth".

-understand all side situation hmm, O_O peacemaker O_o

Soul Urge: 25 / 7
You are a philosopher by nature. Inside, you are calm shy and reserved, preferring to live alone in your own perfect world of thoughts and intuitive analysis of life's deeper mysteries. You experience irritation and upset in noisy or chaotic environments, as your hearing is more sensitive than most peoples. You have a good ear for music and are probably drawn to complex and meditative melodies.

-YES philosophical, but only at times! Inside shy and reserved, true and prefer to live in my ‘own perfect’ world, shows how much I love to dream in my OWN world with thoughts; range from philosophical to fanciful to far-fetched to bland and to nothing! Good ear for music but no good hand to play it @__@

Personality: 22 / 4
You appear to be conservative, practical and hard working to those who spend time around you. People think of you as disciplined and focused, and thus they seem to automatically trust that you are reliable and honest too. Some may think you do such a good job at your own responsibilities that they try to give you a few of theirs!

*Notice those numbers and color? Number 11 22 33 are so called the master numbers and my expression an d personality happen to have those ‘master numbers’ and it means. . .

Color wise- just go to the web and do the test LA!

For expression 11
You are endowed with a high vibrational energy that may be expressed through inspirational, teaching, preaching, acting, art or invention. You have access to prophetic wisdom and your positive attitude is a transformational force in other people's lives. Fame and notoriety is very likely at some point in your life, as your kind of energy gets noticed! Much will be required of you in life when you have a master number vibration, because much will be given.

Personality 22
You have all of the qualities we would love in a president. Power and authority are freely given to you because you seem like you'd know what to do with it. It seems as though you have friends in high places and have the ability to instigate far reaching changes. Your humanitarian concerns and generosity give you the reputation of a benevolent patriarch.

-my eyes only focus on 1 word ‘president’ LOL!!!

In short man does anything when they had nothing else left to do; curiosity leads Kai to look into everything and anything that he eventually get bored of it and look into something else. There will always be things for me to look into and perhaps fell into but ultimately to learn it and I don’t know how to link from here. Anyway do explore those wisdom set by those ancient people to gain some insight from them. Again don’t be blind by these things as mainly are generalize and based probability, nevertheless they do make sense in 1 way or another.

-another great song by DAI!
man imeem had some of their songs reduced to 30secs preview!! i was like #$#@$#@ gt to find other webby to support music upload
With that
Take care

Ps: no 1 seems to be interested in guessing what I’m doddling
O-O-O-O-O >('-|-|-|-<

Sunday, July 15, 2007

O-O-O-O-O >('-|-|-|-<

Hmm guess I’m starting to appreciate those ‘ang mo’ and ‘chinois’ music. However, I still try to limit them in my mp3 as when I listen to songs of language I know, I’ll tend to follow the lyric and focus so much that I can’t ‘sleep with it’. Unlike Jap, a language that is alien to me, I’ll tend to follow the tune, rhythm, beats and stuffs which will eventually lullaby-ize me to sleep on each lazy morning and evening bus trip to and fro to Jurong Island. It just calm me in a way~

Was expecting to receive my paycheck today, but turns up to be only ¾ months of the pay and I was like -,- get some clothes and this really cute and budgeted Simpson T-shirt, the other pair not shown here for sis~ (p.s. the 2nd piece cost <$3). When sis saw this, think she be like cheh! @_ _ _ @

(When there’s no 1 to dote on, do dote on yourself)

Things that I wana do
1) A visit to old change hospital! Miss the opportunity again today, urggghh!!! My bro and his pals made up 2 pairs thus if I join will be odd number which is consider ‘unsafe’ and stuff~ I always believe I had some ‘supernatural’ ability, perception but I still yet to witness 1 yet. Perhaps, my ‘yang’ energy is too high; after-my last name is yang, that avert me form witnessing 1. Right an illogical explanation -,- ? A part of me just want to see one, yet the other part just seems to be afraid of knocking onto one~

Sometime I do felt eerie and had goose bumps when walking along down an ally and I’ll just sing and walk fast, and never turn back!

2) To CHEK JAWA!!! Wonder if there’s any adventurous dude out there? Doubt!

3) Watch Paprika, another chim chim science fiction animae due pretty soon. This animated movie sure will leave me ‘uh? What the plot about?’ 1 thing for sure though, there are some deep theme within for me to dig out and discuss about =]

- who can guess what I'm Doodling on the tittle?

With that
Take care

Saturday, July 14, 2007

aNOther oF kai's lame AcTion

For those who had took the same ride as me be it on bus or MRT; seeing me standing (even if there’s seat), not wanting to hold on to any pole and when asked why, I will then self-proclaimed ‘I’d master the art of balancing’. The response I got were mostly =,= , as nearly everyone can do it, BUT I must stressed that balancing on a moving bus taking on an U-turn is not an easy task! Sometime to prevent people having the thought that I was ‘showing off’ my balancing skills, I will do the following things:

1) I’ll just pretend that I’m so tired thus don’t want to hold on to anything by tilting my head down closing my eyes. (Only can do this ‘trick’ on MRT though, as the distance it moving, the speed is predictable unlike the bus that can turn brake suddenly).
2) For bus I will just lightly tap onto the pole with my knuckles.
3) 1 hand massage my neck, the other with my finger tapping on my thigh along with the tune of music

(I’m the over-sensitive type, thus all these things to act as smokescreen).

*NOTE: All these are just for mere fun, actually more on I don’t want to depend on the pole when it not necessary, nothing else. Yea, this is what they called dishing out ‘fun’ in everyday life! Kinda weird habit I’d there. =/

And so today, I met a ‘challenger’. He is standing right beside me, with 1 hand holding a hand phone, the other just don’t want to hold on the pole that is right in front on him! To me that’s a direct challenge! (yea I know that’s childish, but still). Thus I also free my knuckle from the pole and look in the bus driver’s direction (you need to look what’s ahead of you to balance well). Apparently, the 2 of us look like an idiot, with legs wide apart and look in the same direction towards the driver, and with our hands dangling in the mid air, for me I just pretend massaging my neck and occasionally tapping my finger on my thigh along with the tune of music.

Comes the critical moment when the bus takes a sharp left U-turn and the 2 of us were like leaning forward like ‘surfer’ (I can’t believed he actually use the same ‘technique’ as me), and we both survived the trial! That moment, I thought he is a pro, a worthy opponent indeed! (I know it’s lame and childish again, but that’s me, =]). Finally comes a point when he actually ‘gave in’ by holding onto a pole when someone intercept from his left, I was like I WON! (not a fair ‘victory’ though). He then went further into the bus and takes a seat, as if admitting ‘defeat’. Inside me was like laughing/smuggling like mad!!!

After the swim on my way back, met Clinston on the bus and was really glad that he is doing reallllllly good =]. Know that he is busy with his FYP and stuff.

As for now, I will hold back, but that does not means I held no concern for you as a friend =]. Seeing your nick change from ‘million of things to do in short amount of time’ and the word ‘freak’, all I can said is kamba-te and preserve like what you’d told me =]

Lastly, wana share this theme song ‘Tobira Wo Akete ‘ from card captor sakura, whenever this song is played randomly over my mp3, it just liven me up. =]

‘It's all right daijoubu DAIJOUBU daijoubu
kiseki datte okoseru
Here we go ikou yo ikou yo ikou yo tsubasa hiroge
kitto nani ka ga nani ka ga doko ka de deaeru hi o matteru
DO! DO! DO! DREAMING! DREAMING! soshite tobira ga hiraku yo...’

Sound so sweet-ne? The ‘its all right; daijobu; here we go’ sound just so encouraging =]

*for most this maybe just another girl whining ‘act-cute’ song, but that’s not the case for moi!

With that
Take care

Friday, July 13, 2007

So tHAt wAs thAT~

Since I hadn’t had the chance to ‘spurt’ out my thoughts & feelings on that day itself, I just gonna penned down here. . .

Right it all started, back in secondary school when we were sitting side by side. You left me the impression of being loving, kind and your giggly actions never failed to make me smile. My all time irritating singing back then didn’t really annoyed you (maybe it does, just that you concealed it well), in fact you said you sang along and I was like is it? (Kai, too engrossed in his own LALA world, that his surrounding was filtered). Wait, I think I could remember your singing O_O.

Sometime when my elbow touch your elbow on the other side of table (hard to describe the scene), that warm feeling is such so intense that I don’t want to move my elbow an inch!

Perhaps at that point of time, I’d already like you, but only sub-consciously, as consciously I was blinded by someone else. Then it was graduation, and do think we are in the same school again.

Occasionally, I will see you here and there, and your ‘elo’ never failed to make me smile but that sub-conscious level still not being revealed from within me. It was on that day, when together with others we met up; that moment I felt as if my sub-conscious state is awaken that the feeling starts running wildly within.

From that day on, I thought can ‘friend be more then just friend’ as written on my previous post (for those who’d followed will know). I am always the passive sought when comes to this kind of thing, giving reasons here and there for not relating my feelings.

These few months kept bouncing on you here and there, just made me think ‘she the one’, I’m the sought believing in fate like previously I was attracted to a person simply because we shared the same birthday date -.-. The other day, when last saw you, the feeling turns to shyness, that I just felt nervous and thus the result of me looking ‘weird’ on the photo

Then I got ‘turned down’ indirectly
I can’t denied the fact that I was disappointed at first, but after a day, being the positive sought (emotionally wise) I got it over with and was already laughing and smiling =]

I checked out on and it said


July 10th (I asked her out, and ‘ok’ she said)
Can you have too many friends? Today, you need to prioritize all your relationships.

Your rock-solid advice is decorated with a light sugarcoating of flirtation. Someone's not sure what it is you're trying to tell them. Go on and confuse them a little more. Secretly, they're enjoying themselves.

- I was like ‘confuse them’ ?_?

July 11th (no conversion, bro using for some project)

Teamwork can be a powerful force, but working in groups might not be for you today.

Once you take away the rosy glow you've cast on this person, what's left? It's amazing what the clear light of day reveals. You're so magical yourself you just want other people to live up to your standards.

July 12th (she replied busy)

Why be modest about all your achievements? It's time to swagger like a rock star!

Talking over your emotions with a trusted friend or professional helps work out the source of your problems. So you're bouncing from one topic to another. That's okay. You're figuring things out, not writing a report.

-yea my report sucks that day

July 13th
An encounter with an old friend will bring out your naturally warm personality.

-yup with uncle

Someone is turning you upside down and into knots. You've got it bad, but sometimes it feels so good. Go with it. The secret to life is learning to be comfortable with all your feelings, especially the weird ones.

-I was like -.- weird ones?

For hers
She’s Pisces

July 10th

You and a friend are both busy, but not too busy to plan some time together.

Would it have made a difference? Could you have changed the outcome somehow? The real question is, why are you punishing yourself? What's done is done. Whatever happened is over. Now deal with the present.

July 11th
You'll get a little overwhelmed if you don't mix up your social life a little more.

If you don't know what you want, how can you get it? That's a good question, especially when it comes to relationships. It's understandable, but simply not fair to get irritated at someone for not reading your mind.

July 12th

A big payoff is due today -- it's one you should share with the people you love.

Delicate negotiations are best conducted at another time. You have tons of conversational energy, but the emotions of a situation are heavily emphasized, too. Spare yourself the trouble and talk things out later.

July 13th
Today, you're able to entertain yourself -- life is showing you some amusing things.

You feel like you have nowhere to run, but what's scaring you enough to make you flee? Sit down and breathe. Your fears could actually be the most frightening part of the situation.

And I was like -.-

With that
Take care

Thursday, July 12, 2007

=] X

And she said ‘WOAH OKAE” and I was like

------------ >>>>><<<<<<< --------------


Nowadays, at the crossroad whenever I thought of you, no longer a shy smile but a

BIG smile

anyways more lame stuffs over the lab

and so it turns out otherwise~ BUT still at least i tried~ =]

with that
take care

Monday, July 09, 2007

eye candies

For some reasons, I just can’t stop typing these days~ (other then reports of course, is blogging)

And so last Saturday tried this KOLO MIAN with uncle, other then the paper-thin abalone, there’s nothing special about it. 1 thing worth mentioning is that, the mee is easy to swallow, like it drives down your gut automatically once it enter your mouth. Point to note: the chili is salty so don’t dunk a spoonful to it and expecting it to have a ‘kick’ when it tasted like fermented fish, salted fish rather -,- that’s too far-fetched!!!

The KOLO MIAN look like this (where the abalone? No not in my tummy but in a bowl of soup and my HP cam is out of width to take down the whole thing, so yea)

Bottom line, the taste does not worth the price tag~ but is worthwhile to try once in your life~

Due to the small serving, had a burger over at MOS (MOS burger), was captured by the tag board sign “must try” showing some shrimp burger, I was like wOO. Inside, another burger attracted me. ..

It looked so darn freaking sumptuous and power-pack, that I decided that’s the burger.

Then it turn out so pathetically small~ (some business strategy to trick people like me huh!)

BUT their valina milkshake rock bottom, superb; so mild yet full of fragrance, A must to try, like 10000 trillion better then the 1 that goes by the icon ‘M’ (its obvious which fast food restaurant I’m referring to, but I don’t wana receive any lawyer letter so yea) =.=


Preparing sample now is like imbue into our systems now, getting them done faster and faster thus more and more time to do lame things; and today is the origami DAY. Folded frog, grasshopper, crane, hearts with wings, and a bee which I gave up halfway; all these little things just made the dull lab a little bit brighter I guess.

Here the cool site to hang over on origami: origami is contagious!!!

Well today happened to be the last day of 1 of the senior and she gave each of us this: look powder-fully choc milk and eyes just sparkle when I saw these 2 words ‘WICKED CHOCOLATE’, and I was like here I come.

The taste, hmm not that chocolaty but the milk sure is thick, that we decided to centrifuge it to see it components and it look like

LOOK at the layer of milk powder, woot man!

Finally thanks to linnette over at imeem, here are some eye candies


there more actually BUT, its gonna make this page lag so yea~

and YUI in kimono

--where e rest of the readers??--
with that
take care


Sunday, July 08, 2007

once in a blue moon thoughts

Sometime I just wish how human’s brain is oriented, inter-twined that I may actually understand what they meant. Typing word over net, I can’t really decipher what others meant; emotion & thoughts wise. I meant you can show ‘=]’ to show you are happy ‘=[‘ to depict sad but they just being used so freely that it just lose its meaning. That is why I love to talk face to face, that I can actually hear your voice & recognize your feelings and understand your thoughts and feelings. I just felt lost when words typed that seems to have 2 opposite end meaning; I love to see the extreme bright side of your words, but the skeptic inside me thinks the other extreme negative end. Sometime perhaps I hope we can sit down and chat

Guess at time I just didn’t have the courage to face you and stuff, but perhaps its better this way, for you~

Every word of yours form a lyric, every sentence making a song~ I thought (read it somewhere).

Right enough of all these once in a blue moon kai’s thoughts, yea~

And so last Friday, I found my lost ring!!! (It had lost couple, no about 5 times. 2 times over at JI) and somehow it manage to find its owner always!!! Its my lucky ring I guess and from that day on, I made myself to take good care of the ring. Kinda, ‘sacred’ to me. LOL, perhaps of those engraving that it just can’t bear to find another owner.

With that
Take care

Ah____________ report!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

getting more & more lame

It was Friday, and we decided to test less sample, and to test less sample = more free time which means more sprees of lame-doing over at the lab =/ .

I manage to fold this tiny frog (nt the smallest 1 yet) and left it on the UV-spectrophotometer and left for lunch. [i even drew the eyes LOL]

When I came back I saw this---

The paper wrote ‘Hello look over here can help me find my mother which is 10X bigger’- I was like O_O and had no idea who wrote it till xp mentioned ‘Angela’, must me her I thought that lab technician!! I never fold a bigger 1 as I was busy then-after~

The long awaited chemical finally arrived, it looked like this

After I meddle with it, it looked like this

I was like ‘wow’ it cost 200 odds, but the ‘wow’ was soon diminished when I learnt that there are more ‘prestigious’ chemical out there, it just like a frog in a well =/

Yesterday, hang out with poly friends for game of pool of which I can’t manage to focus well cuz I’m wearing spec and when I bend down, I can’t see what’s in front of me, unless I’m wearing an over-spec/contact lens that is, thus the game turn out #$#@$ for me.

Well anyways, it good to hang out once in awhile when all of us are still busy with their respective projects. . .

When don’t feel like doing anything, yet is force to, it just turns sour~

‘Nature abhor vacuum’
So fill your lungs with air. . . LOL na more like be open to the surrounding~

Having dreams lately, and had already finished 40 cubes of choc this week (small cube)! i was like shyt I'm addicted to chocolate. and the popping out of pimples recently should be that excessive amount of chocolate consumed. BA, i still love them

And 1 must try sesame ice cream found at 7-11, that sweetness is so darn strong that it can numb your taste bud (thus the sweetness tasted mild after you’d finished half)!! Cautious: finish it fast, as it melts really fast~ =/

With that
Take care

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I always find myself running my hands around the ‘stuff’ in the lab, ranging from opening/closing of drawers repeatedly, stacking micropipette tips and stuff whenever I had nothing to do. ((those actions happen sub-consciously; as in I never purposely go and fidgeting with those stuff, it just happen like that, sometime w/o me knowing, O_O, maybe not that exaggerating)

‘Kajie, what are you doing’? ‘Trying to spoil my equipment’? ‘Itchy hand is it’? are some common lingo from the lab technician to me.

Then today she finally gave in and gives me this as a ‘souvenir’ or as a tool to stop me from meddling. . .

THIS ubber
Gigantic. syringe

And I was like thanks, and already thinking what should I do with it. .hmm
1) Use it as a water gun to disturb Russell was my first thought~ (and I really did it when I reach home, and was like ops, as the jet of water is kinda strong!), yea poor him =/
2) That was my only idea at that moment~

-had finished my project proposal due this Friday, thanks to the chemical shortage over at the lab, that I’d the time to do the report over there. (The initial ‘to-start’ stage is always hard, but the ball will roll well when you begin to take that first step~)

On the contrary to confess (initial stage) is easy but the process of marinating/submitting/commitment is not easy~

**guitar, guess giving up for now** passion dies when I posses it, that a part of me that gotten change~~

-- and the tooth-pick pronounce ‘tu-pit’ head piece I bought thinking that it may prove better in blocking background noise, but turn out ‘pui’ ~, so now yea using back the old ear piece~ --

and GOsh, there this girl showing her boobs who added a comment on my youtube webpage!! i was like #$#%$#%@#$% WTF!!! (and i don know how to remove it) darn it!!

take care

Monday, July 02, 2007


having 2 cubes of dark choc morning is now a T@boo for me:

had them this morning and.....

it made me super active/energetic in the morning


** peng** in the afternoon



call it the after-effect~

take care