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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

tittle? can't think of 1 ~

I darn freaking hate those spammers in youtube! They kept posting those ‘websites’ on under the comments of my videos, that I’d to continuously checked on them, block them and remove them, hell know that they resurface using different nick by adding some freaking numbers behind and continued! Maybe I should just reset my setting that only approved comments by me be viewed~ think tts the only darn freaking way! but tt darn freaking ma-huan too, need individually edit 1 video setting, doubt im going do tt! so leave it.... enough of ranting i guess for now~


Being observing her lately, having curving shape that made man drool on 18th, 22nd bosom of her seems more ‘developed, then on 26th I noticed her round angelic face!

Wait, don’t get me wrong! I’m referring to the moon phase that I’d been observing lately~ From crescent (curvy body) then transit from first quarter to waxing gibbous moon (the bosom thingy~) then finally the full moon (round face) =,=

Simply Love moon! Quite random~ what happened to the stars? They are now like accessories to the pretty face~

As for the date of the moon phase, think I might remember wrongly, not a surprise if you know me well enough~

Moon does change but it is predictable, a relationship like a moon is a safe yet boring 1.
What the hell I’m sprouting? I don’t know!

With that
Kai take care

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kai rAmble beTWeeN eaRth & UranUs

The feeling/s just get stronger each time, then ceased; then comes again. Call it snowball effect, that my feeling right now, but with a catch. The snowball rolls down a slop, getting bigger with each inch covered, it hit a rock, splashed into fragments/chips of snow, that chip as if rolling down an endless slope getting bigger again. . . This time it fell into an endless pit, totally vaporize; never crystallized back to faced the vicious cycle of rolling aimlessly. Oh really? I don’t know, I’m fickle but not in this matter. Even a stabilize heart could spontaneously form a bond with the unknown, what’s more for a UN-stabilize soul yea? After all, the more UN-stabilize you are there’s’ more bonds yet to be form, but that depend on your attractive force and the receptive force of the others. So good luck! @__@ Kai talks abstract sometime!

Back to Earthling~ only talk abstract when I’m in Uranus!

Yea! My 2.4km run improved to 13mins! I know that’s a pathetic timing but hey consider the number of times I trained thus far and my initial trail run, is a little thing to be proud of! Here it goes:
I started with 14min 30sec++, I trained 2 times per week. Within 3 weeks (6 times), I’d improved by 1min 30sec. Hopefully, by the end of this year, I could hit below 11mins! It’s always easier to improve from a bigger timing, but is defiantly way much harder to improve from a smaller timing to a even smaller timing. Here a shout out: its never too early to start training now for BOTAK course!

Strangely, every pals I’d asked none of them seems to be looking forward to the BOTAK course, but I am darn looking forward to it, cuz I wana live a ‘brainless’ life for a while, where physical & mental do the talking, not academically!

Anyways, it seems that these few days I could kept predicting what the next music gonna be played over in my mp3, its pretty cool; it came like this, a song may just randomly came to my mind while other songs are being played, then poof the next song played is the 1 in my mind! I don’t call it by chance, since it dose happened at least twice per week? I don’t call it psychic either, because when I purposely imagine the song to play next, other songs will be played, thus I called it the ‘good-luck’ sign!

Getting pretty lengthy, stop for now, ja-T~

Here a rather random song I played, a back-slide-d Christian myself found it soothing, the fact that many finds it calming and soothing that it seem s like ppl kept praising/singing for the sake of singing, it like a routine/procedure to them that it seems to loose its true meaning: to praise GOD, not to ease yourself! Do we really mean what we sang in service? I doubt I did back then in church, but sometime I do!

aND heres list of songs when i feeling blue

Take care

Sunday, August 19, 2007

FAce rEaLity buT dOn’t gIvE In tO DestiNy~

Right after catching ‘The Girl who leapt through time’& ‘Paprika’ over at Cathay, the next animated movie that I looking forward to is ‘Brave Story’. Catch it today with the anime guru-s-> Mel and John.

It natural that one will expect much from ‘Brave Story’ after-all is by GONZO studio but sadly

1) The storyline is pretty straight forward,
2) predictable
3) nothing fresh
4) revolved round those cliché themes
5) loop holes here and there

Well, at the very least you identify the character/s and walks with him/them till the end of journey unlike the abstract ‘Paprika’ which made me goes bonker.

I do agree with 1 reviewer mentioned over the net; the music really stood out throughout the entire show. The scores blend into the show so perfectly, magnifying the emotions of character, the tensions felt, in short ‘connecting you with the pace and feelings of the anime’.

Like a typical RPG game, where the lead hero fell into some unknown realm and with a mission. His goal is to find the Goddess of fortune who will grant him 1 and only wish (to have his family reunited) but with a stipulation- to collect 5 gemstones. In the midst of adventure he meets some companions and of course those monsters ‘yet to be slay’.

At first I felt the gemstones are all lays conveniently on the floor for him to pick up. The scenes where he located those gemstones are all so coincidence, like of all monsters, he happily killed this particular 1 and found 1 gem, killed a wizard and retrieved a gem from him when he unknowing lift his sword to reflect his lighting ball attack.
Then I thought, ah, there’s 1 lady guiding him throughout the journey thus his went well smoothly. A pretty convenient way for the director to enable him locates those gems?


I thing I can draw across from the girl who guided him. Beware of those people who treats you especially well as they may have ulterior motive. Of course there are those unconditional one of which I’d received =]

Those cliché themes
- Are you willing to sacrifice others to get what you want? (like Mitsuru who can do everything to achieve his goal? He did destroy a whole village to locate those gems, but all these are simply because like Wataru, he wants his family back. The fact he is blinded by the pain of losing his family & the desire to bring them back, made him chose the wrong path. But then again I can’t decide what’s right or wrong for others, when there’s right there’s wrong.
*sidetrack- he want his family back solely to heal his pain & lost?

*After-wall he is in another dimension, and those people are not earthling thus he had the ‘right’ to do anything to them? I mean when in other dimension those people are maybe just a ‘imagination/ dream of us’, thus are ‘unreal’, but again who is in the ‘real’ dimension? In short, whatever you do in which ever parallel reflects who you are on your dimension. (K THIS IS TOTALLY CRAP, IF U ARE ABLE TO READ TILL HERE, IT DOES REFLECT A HIGH ENDURANCE LVL YOU HAD)

- When there’s fortune, there’s is misfortune or when there’s happiness, there’s sadness

1) Why there is war with ilden
2) How Mitsuru and Aya survive etc

Those little things like the blue pink yellow fluffy birides really made the movie fun to watch! =]

*_*_*_*_* (conclusion, tons to write but want to sleep)

The best part of movie is when Wataru able to accept himself instead of fighting his sadness, his lost, letting it go and move on. As the saying goes your greatest enemy is yourself. You don’t fight it but accept it. Misuru on the other hand, was defeated by himself as he can’t accept it. Lastly, face reality but don’t give in to destiny!

Take care

And YUI was voted as 1 of the most fav J-pop artiste in, behind Ai Ostuka, grumble. I was all the while pretty against Ai Ostuku as she is deem by me as YUI most ‘prominent’ competitor thus I don’t bother about her music and stuff but when I chanced upon ‘Planetarium’ by her, I was like wow! Soothing vocal like YUI, BUT not as bright and clear as YUI. Bleh~ I always see the beauty in things I like and choose to see only the flaws of others who maybe at the same level as the thing I like (if u get what I meant). . .

juz bought a pair of aidzer, and uncle was commenting why buy such a gd running shoe when u run like a duck? was like oh! i train hard then. . .

Friday, August 10, 2007

BitS & PiecEs of CrumbS formed a BIG BISCULT


My MSN got invaded by some unknown virus! Many had claimed that they’d received some unknown messages from me of which I’d no idea of! Think I gonna be offline till the problem is resolved, least causing some misunderstanding! =.=


J-pop has always been characterize by bubble gum pop, catchy lyric; squeaky vocal (with YUI and some others exceptional), emerge a band- Garnet Crow that had their own distinct flavor; with lead vocalist Yuri’s sonorous vocal which is VERY unique among female J-pop artist. Why Garnet Crow? Garnet a precious gem, luminous in its own right, a total contrast with the lyric penned down by Nana (lyricist & pianist) based on theme like sadness, betrayals and even death; hence comes the word Crow. On the contrary, the melody sounds cheerful, that 1 said ‘You can take it as a radiating smile that masks a cringing heart’. Their songs (rather poem being sung across) just sound so calming, soothing; yet to find the lyric though!

Sad to say, those talented group don’t usually have lavish backup, nothing extravaganza, thus they didn’t really received the attention they ought to have, but once you unrevealed this kind of gem, you’ll appreciate them more! And Yuri does remind me of ZARD!


National day~

Come to think of it how many of you guys outta there could recall those theme songs from 2000 onwards; at most you could name the singer Stephanie Sun, Kit Chan and Tanya, that’s it! BUT!

I bet many fellow Singaporean could recall ‘Stand up for Singapore’, ‘Singapura’. ‘One people, one nation, 1 Singapore..’ etc. The reasons lay perhaps the lyric are simple and able to touch and connect every Singaporean’s heartbeat! Or perhaps, they are being recycled and drilled into us since kindergarten, thus became a part of us; great work by the Singaporean committee to ‘influence’ us when we are pure and innocent, @___@.

Anyways, I just found nowadays national day theme songs get more and more chim and too abstract, what San Francisco -,-||| to connect us.


Woot, for 2 odd months had been eating lunch at the same old canteen, with only 1 stall to choose from (luckily with about 10 dishes to choose from), we finally had some special order from MOS burger, thanks to Lab tech!

Lastly, think I had overlook ‘Life’ by YUI, perhaps I had been listening to it so many times that I found it just to be ‘yet another song’. Recently, when I hear it, I start to indulge in it. The opening guitar string immediately grasps your attention, follow by YUI’s clear & bright vocal blend in the soughta soft rock melody perfectly. This song is like custom-made for YUI, as I think only she can bring the song to ‘Life’. You’ll know is a ‘motivational’ song even w/o understanding the lyric I guess!

Come to think of it, I’d listen to YUI’s 55 songs for 3575 times (my iTunes got play count), average 65 times per song (with ‘Rolling star along amount to 112 times!) since last December (the number soughta stagnant after the totally YUI-manic Kai’s era!) that’s is why I’d stop listening for awhile that I will regain my adore of her music and YUI herself!

lastly i shall made room for Garnet Crow's music

Wasurezaki- Garnet Crow

^^ soothing, calming, perfect song for long bus journey!

With that
Take care =’

Sunday, August 05, 2007

movie spree

2 movies with 2 good friends in 2 days and 1st in my life! @__@ (yea, kai like to commemorate his very ‘1st time’).

How do we ends up catching 2 movies?

The initial plan was to catch ‘Paprika’ on Sat and John had previously asked me to buy the tickets first, but I was confident that there sure be enough seats as I doubt not many will watch this kind of ‘wu-lu-wu-lu’ foreign film. And boy I was so darn freaking wrong, when we reached there 3 time slots are already fully packed! Tell you, my jaws don’t know fall how many stories and no matter how hard I rub my eyes, it just doesn’t change the time slot tinted red to indicate ‘FULLY BOOKED’ =,=. Thus it was decided to watch ‘The Simpson’ yesterday and ‘Paprika’ today.

‘The Simpson’

In the midst of utter-brainless actions (using bubbles in hope to break the dome) and songs (spider pig . . .), there are actually a lot of propody (using jokes to reflect on the present state of world)? An example pointed out by Mel will be the first scene showing the rat and the cat, in which the rat tried to silence the cat by blasting it with missiles (like Bush to Osama)? To think about all these actually made the movie less funny and enjoyable, just watch it as a brainless show and had a good laugh, that all there is to it.

after 10-hrs we met up again and catch Paprika

As expected a uber super duper MIND_BOBBLING show, so deep and chim that really doesn’t captivate me, but the guru Mel who grasps the gest of the movie seems to be so thrilled while John seems to be disturbed by some scenes, the dolls and such. Me? I felt nothing at the end of show @__@, just yea yea like that lor . . .

With that
Take care =’

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


After gulping the traditional remedy of ‘ling yang’ (onyx horn?) with cough powder, guess I’m pretty alright for now! My appetite just kept deteriorating, and for some reason I thought that the fever had affect my taste bud, as it made it more sensitive, as my dinner dish tasted darn salty, the soup, the salad except the fish (maybe, my ah ma thought me being sick hence no appetite thus intentionally made the dish salty?). Today my headache is so serve that I’m totally lost in touch with reality (its like me doodle spiral on sand with stick, when others are talking to me, if you get the picture that is).

To made matter worst, I’m like feeding ‘vitamin’ to those darn virus already incubating in my body by eating heat-y foodies-herbal chicken soup, mutton curry O-o
Right, enough of blabbering about my sickness, as the more I whine about it the worst it’ll get, so yea. . .

**simply love toast of jam with cheese!!!** =.=

It seems that I’m always the first to notice those little setback and happiness in your life, by chance, fate or whatever stuff, but I simply just ignore them and blab la . . . cuz . . .

OMG, YUI's song 'Just my way' is used in the theme song of the upcoming reality TV show (some searching of campus hottie and babe)!!! not my first time hearing YUI song over Sg TV as her song 'CHE.R.R.Y' was used for some k-drama 'jia you jin sun' i think =/


Get well soon, me!!!

With that
Take care
**sleepy head**