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Saturday, September 27, 2008

wk 1 of sispec

I’m in deepest shyt- cux of all company I’m posted to Bravo. Just asked those who been trough sispec before and they can tell you. Tough luck, suck thumb that all I can told myself and see through it.

Had been having sleepless night for the past 5 days; cux my bed is right beside the window and the corridor lamp was left permanently on for safety reasons. I am sensitive too light la, so how to sleep, suck thumb. Go buy eye pad lor. Training darn shiong, run and run like bulls with my slightly recovering injured knee cap-suck thumbs. Have a positive mind set- no pain no gain and hopefully can see through it. Now my worry is that how in the world am I going to jump over the low wall (SOC) when I felt this sharp pain when I jump vertically up? Interestingly I could jump 14cm more for my SBJ during the IPPT cat test as compared to what I last did in BMTC. So I concluded, I can jump horizontally but not vertically for now. Sispec is not totally just bout physical fitness, but acquiring military knowledge (they gave you tons of lecture notes) and of course attaining leadership skills and eventually gain your man respect!

Right now, I just prayed that with my injured knee, I can recover faster than the impact the training piling on it and at least finished BSLC! If my injury persist, and managed to pass out from BSLC; guess I just opt to go into intell spec, medic spec, military spec (K-9 unit)- but tan-ku-ku lor. Hmm maybe medic spec. . ASLC (unlikely I guess; who’s knows?)

Takre care
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swim tomo with cramp all over @__@ personal-physio

Sunday, September 21, 2008

toMO bOOK in lo, BAck to regimental life as a solider!

Just realize the School of Infantry Specialists (SISPEC) was notoriously/better known as ‘Suffer in Silence plus Extra Confinement’! LOL!!! Zzz!

Well anyway had a good hang-out-time with the usual Secondary school pals @Mind café. To get our hands on as many games possible during the limited 2hrs, we experimented all sorts of short games; with strategy games like –sequence, labyrinth; reaction game-cant remembered the name of the game though, one keep throwing card with no. of fruits drew on it, once it hit 5, press the bell in the middle and collect the cards, those with most cards wins (was surprise I was kinda slow in it); then there this pirate card game, and many others. In case you think we had enough, the four of us head to John’s house for RISK-a rematch! The game drag on to 1am before we call it a day, LOL!
Photos with clins, wonder when he gonna send me> hmm

Takre care
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TOMORROW BACK TO CAMP LO! And starting from 0 yes again

i chanced upon my post 2 yrs back @ this post, i mentioned 'step to forgiveness is hard but its outcome defintely a fruitful one. 'but i consciously failed to do so recently, and sub-consciously manage to do so recently too. . . sometime is really good to keep a blog/diary, and flip them back randomly . . .

btw i discovered this wonderful musician on youtube, they called themselves boyceavenue

here 1 of their video

Friday, September 19, 2008

may thing goes well

Just when I thought army was all over for good; the next hurdle bump in like that- SISPEC! Yup gotten into the vocation I wanted to go! I’m all ready to face the challenges ahead; just that a bit worried on my left knee cap injury which might jolly well left me OOT (out of training), trust me that the LAST sign I want to witness, zzz!

Had been spending this week to ‘rejuvenate’ my left knee cap, from the wildest idea I could thought of, like smashing the cod liver oil pills and mix the content with medicated oil and literally apply onto the affected area and massage, followed by pasting the medical plaster (Sanopasis) before warping a knee guard on; not forgetting the regular physio on swimming pool as well! Does help a little as the pain is less obvious now, I thought I must had tear those soft tissue within the tendon or what not, cux the bone is fine.

May my knee cap be fine then, LORD!!!
Amen !

Guess what, I be in the same bunk as 1 of my Poly mates! LOLS coincidence!
Takre care
桜 & 恋
Worth it if I take the steps further?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Exactly 1 week had passed since POP. Last week had been pretty happening; catching up with friends and stuff but things get REAL lazy this week. I practically just slacked at home other than some swim and some stretching exercise to improve my core muscle (which I doubt I will religiously do it every day).

Use the Com la? Naa, my bro had been using it for his project; even if I got to use it also like nothing to do, can’t play my usual DOTA due to some errors, play brainless games on mini clip made me goes bonkers. I even dragged out my Chem./ A.maths 10 yrs series to do while blasting YUI songs, in between toddle on paper, read magazines before napping through half of the afternoon and woke up in the evening. Night time will be singing with my sis (well that happen yesterday).

Well, I figured out that 1 thing that army never failed to teach; that is to treasure love ones around you. I really learned this during my confinement period. Yes I was having ‘fun’ during confinement period; I was playing basketball, watching TV, ping pong, pool and stuff, of course there are some minor chores to deal with, but when night falls - the longing for family just came like it. I remember tossing round the bed weeping, faces of my family just kept flashing within me. I tell you, it’s hard to sleep through that night when you looking forward to go home and SUDDENLY realize that you had been confined. Sadly, when I booked up, it’s just like another day, family like family. Yea I took things for granted, take away from me, I long for it, but with it is just like that lor. . . something that Mel had being drilling in me, but I just can’t seems to learn. Perhaps it’s not that I don’t treasure, it’s just that I don’t know how to show or simply too proud to show.

Another thing I learned is that: People remembered 1 good thing you did for 1 day but remembered 1 bad thing you did for life? 1 little bad thing is nuff to nullify 1 good thing 1 achieved. For some reasons, people pay more attention on the bad things you ‘d done. Then there those broadcaster who will keep recycling and broadcast those bad things that one had done, man those people are darn irritating la! Zzz.
Next time I will focus more on not doing the ‘bad’ thing then doing the ‘good’ things; so don’t do ‘bad’ thing and neglect ‘good’ things can liao? But not doing the ‘good’ thing is a ‘bad’ thing itsef

Takre care
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overheard this song mirae by Kiroro and felt in love with it immediately! one of those classic hit; some may by now catch it, there this Chinese singer (刘若英) sang a cover for it as 后来

mirae by kiroro

my left knee cap had been bugging me since last week, there this stinging effect, hopefully is not some cartilage/tendon broken or the sought! hopefully it recover before my next book in, I pray to Lord, Amen

3 hrs later

Just finished my swim hours ago! Endurance, stamina had improved but my sudden rapid burst wasn’t there anymore. @__@ hopefully the swim does aid in my left knee cap injury! I’d been wearing this short-like swimming trunk since I started to swim laps, so time passed left this tan-line on my butt. Over the years, the trunk lost its elasticity making it kinda flabby and loose, some opening end but managed to sew it back, color faded but I still persist to wear it till today. I wore this triangular one given by SAF (I just dislike this kind of trunk but still wear it in e end). Guess what, the triangular trunk didn’t totally cover the tan-line left behind by the previous trunk, so there 2 rectangular fairer skin revealing on my thigh, which look darn weird la, guess need more swim for them to be darken! LOL. . . anyway there isn’t many people here in Kallang swimming complex @___@

Sunday, September 14, 2008

sense of touch-universal language of love Wall-E


Wall- E!!! The droopy-eye petite robot!! I first saw him appearing on movie sneak preview months back and the little thingy had left a deep impression within me. I told myself ‘Die die must watch’; and finally catch it today with Mel.

his droopy-eyes

The plot set where earthling consumed good at rate faster than they could be removed that the overrun un-recycled waste make the planet too polluted to support life. BnL (Big and Large, was rather symbolic as they did after all produced big and large amount of waste), the company that flourished on planet are the main culprit on the waste produced that they sponsored a 5 years plan to evacuate men to outer-space on board Axion with tons of Wall-E left behind to clear up the waste.

Who’s this Wall-E? They are range of robots designed to collect scrap of waste materials and compressing them into cubic before stacking them up; as a means for easier waste removal later. The 5 years plan came to halt when It was determined that Earth was too polluted to return. 700 years had passed and this particular, I called it malfunction Wall-E is still operational.

Perhaps nearly a millennium of activation had made this particular Wall-E peculiar from the rest of his kind. He is not systematic; he shows human traits, especially on the emotion part, he knows holding hands signify love from this video tape he watched, he felt sorry when he accidentally rolled over his pet-cockroach. Starring into the night sky, he long to hold someone hand.

On his usual routine, making cube of trash Wall-E chance upon this seedling plant and add it into his collection. Suddenly a spaceship landed on Earth and this probe-like robot named EVE was deployed with assignment to locate life on Earth. Wall-E was hiding behind a rock and watched EVE with mixture of amazement and adornment. When EVE noticed his presence, she (I called it ‘she’ with her effeminate speech) blast a beam couple of times at Wall-E. Poor Wall-E just revert his arms, legs (wheels) into his body like a turtle with his head popping up a little and stare at EVE with his pair of droopy innocent eyes and trembling at the same time (he even shown fear for a robot).

EVE with his plasma gun (notice EVE eyes when she angry, normal mode her eyes will be
-- -- , happy will be like n n )

Eventually EVE got comfortable with Wall-E, with Wall-E having fascination of holding EVE’s hand. Wall-E show EVE his discoveries of the seedling and EVE soon stored it and deactivated.

The story goes on. . . on about how those human back in space ship got so accustomed to automated life, their life revolved round this mobile seats, they talk in front of a screen even if the person was RIGHT NEXT to them, they lost this universal communication-sense of touch, of which Wall-E a robot long to show to EVE. Then it goes on, on how the captain on board this Axion comes to realize the important of mere SURVING VS LIVING! A significant moment when he finally step up on his 2 feet and wrestle against the wheel-handle robot ‘AUTO’.

Nuff of the story, the synopsis can be read on the net, I just want to share some of the interesting/touching moments in this heart-felt animaton.

Funny moments
1) When Wall-E tired his ‘lung’ out to pronounced EVE’s name, he finally got it right but he could just register the E not the higher pitch of -----------VE.

2) When Wall-E found a utensil that resemble that of a fork & spoon that he just don’t know to place it at his spoon collection or fork collection when he finally place it in between the 2, LOL

3) When Wall-E took off the chain from his wheel (resemble pair of shoes) and hung it, with his wheel (legs) roaming in his room.

4) When Wall-E impressed EVE with his collection from egg beater (that EVE just spun to fast that the head just flew off), to rubix cube (that EVE solved within secs), EVE simply just pop the plastic pops at an instance, I thought the main aim was to distract EVE from using his canon, LOL

5) M-O was seen clearing up the stain left by Wall-E
And many other funny moments

Touching one were, how Wall-E go thought the extent of protecting EVE when she became deactivated, sheltering her from storm under the umbrella and getting himself electrocuted but still standing firm to shelter her. EVE only realized what Wall-E had done for her through the security cam later in the show.

Another moment was when Wall-E being crushed under some load.

At one time when EVE fixed the damaged Wall-E, replacing the chip that Wall-E was totally re-booted losing his emotion and love for EVE. He simply rolled over the cockroach as if nothing happen when he appeared to be sad the other time. When EVE finally held his hand, it somehow brings back his memory, reformatted to his original self. The touching of hand (sense of touch) is indeed a universal language of love eh?


takre care


桜 & 恋

i chance upon this little stripe kitty with a black cat roaming nearby. A middle age lady was feeding this black cat, when this stripe kitty tried to climb over a steps (of his height) to reach to the other end where the black cat & the food were. Its really hard warming to see how he tired his very best with his fragile body to climb over (was too engrossed in the progress that i forgotten to snap it down @__@). . . anyhoo, i thought the black cat will shooo stripe-y away from the food, but blacky did in fact let stripe-y had his/her portion! WOW, MEL & I were like speechless at the sight. .

quoted frm uncle 'blacky extend the grace he received from the lady to stripe-y'

some pic taken

cute right?


wrestle stripe-y down

then clean her

stripe-y was giving the expression of 'so shiok la'

quite randomly i saw this Bambi video at grammaphone and bought it! LOL, for some one my age to buy this @__@


i present to u this dessert at Ajintei, some rice ball with sauce that tasted like soy sauce @___@

Yuna Ito- Endless Story- a classic J-pop hits then still hadn't lost its beauty!
Endless Story - Yuna Ito


Friday, September 12, 2008

didnt had time to rest

I can’t imagine how I managed to drag my whole body all the way to Holland V. and catch up with poly pals on the day after my POP. I was early; not expected of me, didn’t intend to be early in the first place, perhaps the sense of urgency that army had thought me was subconsciously imbue in my system. In fact this few days I been waking up exactly after 6hrs of sleep; with my pillow/boaster/blanket all laying around the floor (had I gotten use to the BMTC bed?)

Anyway. .. at the café (essential café @ Holland V.). . . of course being among the first to taste army’s life, I’d shared a few pointers with them, people to look up for, materials needed and some of my army’s stories, etc. it’s always a joy sharing, hahaha I don’t know why. . .

Ahooo.. I had this sumptuous, humongous served of salmon! Being an army guy, I simply wobble the fleshy pink meat instead of savoring the dissolved meat in my mouth. . What a waste!!! Well ultimately the food still gets in and out, yea?


zw had his serve of some prawn spaghetti alio olio style

ruben has his some rotti beef or stm

jere with his ribeye

Grp photo!

The ambience was good, with no glaring lighting, very calm and warm, the only thing I don get it was one suppose to take off their shoe and sit on this cushion (think Japanese’s style, when no Jap food was served) @_@
Aiyo should have taken individual photo of each holding presenting the food instead on the food itself, zzzz.. ..

Today woke up and met up with rubeeen & shuan for a swim. I got so darn excited when I set foot into the pool, and was happily swimming right after that, I just miss swimming soooooooo much, and just when I got warm up, it rain! IT RAIN FOR GOODNESS SAKE>>>>> zzzzz. So we just literally stone there and wait and wait… before we call it a day and had game of Majong @ rubeen’s house with Long. joining in . I was a total retard in game of mj, all were like starring at me when I keep stoning there thinking of which tile to discard and stuff @__@ after which game of blackjack; gambling before new year zzzz

I so don’t care that tomorrow I so gonna had my darn swim in the morning, cux I bu kan yen. . . lol

Takre care
桜 & 恋

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


POP lo!!! I freaking (was thinking of ‘fucking’) shag right now . . . the platoon woke up at 0300 in the morning and we set off the 24km march at 0520. What motivated me to finish the walk was picturing my dad seeing me at the parade square during POP parade after the 24km road march & the dumping of our rifle into the 5 tonner). I was so into the dumping of rifle part as its gonna be once in a life time experience; that was a really a huge drive- but in the end after the whole parade the rifle was pass to the sergeant on board instead; kena bluff. .. @__@

Then it was photos taking
I look nerdy, dont i? first time i place my arm arnd my dad, LOL

then he place his on mine =]

mY auntie

Random photos

GUess what i met shaz frm TP! LOL
should have off thse flashes. . .
Takre care
桜 & 恋

EYE LID DARN FREAKIN HEAVYYYYYYYYYY. . . wonder where I got posted too?
Was darn sway la. I was the IC of the platoon IC for that day and was asked to consolidate all the RCK (rifle cleaning kit) materials; everything was nicely accounted for, but my sergeant said passed them to him some other days.
“I told him, is not safe, what if someone took it?”
“Wont la”
Then that day short of 1 C2 that I’d had to buy 1 and drop by SFT on thurs to return; zzzz F*** UP!

my anus pain now, prob abrasion from the march?

YUI will be releasing a new album this nov, compilation all the A-side singles, then off to rest for a yr. wodner that one yr will i forget bout this swt -talented singer-songwriter


e 9 weeks had passed pretty fast; activities were so packed that i hardly had time pondering what's going on around me. . . everyday is like a routine, regimental, 5BX, str training, AGR, 20-60, BCCT, SOC, IPPT, IFC, range and stuff. i thought it ended here but more are to come. . .

Saturday, September 06, 2008

POP sooon lor!

3 more days to POP lo! ! !

Tuesday the big day; the last hurdle of BMTC- 24km road march, followed by the graduation ceremony itself in full battle order (FBO). Gonna load my magazine pouch with red bulls, grenade pouch with some choc to chill me up along the way, lol. . .
This week had been quite relaxing, we’d games day, recruit’s & OC’s nights. And the amount of admin time that the drill squad had put in was finally paid off when we got first in the competition!

I mentioned before that others had questioned me “why don’t I just quit, since it’s so tiring la to do drills after all the training.” The main reason was that I know that I can’t achieve anything else that this drill competition will be my only chance to achieve something and I did! =]



On since its POP soon, the whole platoon turns crazy la, playing pranks here and there, from putting camo cream to shaving cream to toothpaste on people faces in the middle of their sleep! Till now I still had no idea who put toothpaste on my arms in the middle of my sleep, zzz! So now the last man of each bunk will lock the door, close the rear window to prevent intruders, @__@, they even put chairs and bucket of water to block the doorway.. Talk about defense.

How does the whole platoon see me? Some said I’m weird, some said I’m cute, many said I blur. . . my whole section even mimicked the way I replied people with ‘Yes, yes’ , that now the whole platoon is mimicking la, @__@/

Takre care
桜 & 恋
Hopefully on that day itself, will pass out as a soldier but not pass out in the middle of parade square . . . =/

Thats Why (You Go Away) - M.L.T.R

i feeling confused lol on some feelings lOL. . . starring in the blue sky i gave a thought, am i rushing thing, am i having illusion or just some substitution?

i want to watch WALL-E, anyone?