桜 & 恋

Friday, November 27, 2009

chase by dogs- REFLECTION

I was chase by dog LA . . .

That was 3 days ago when i stepped into camp.
1 dog apparently run out from nowhere and started barking; walking steadily towards me; gritting it teeth, wagging its tail. I have Russell at home and I immediately notice the pattern (they are just putting up a brave front). A second dog appeared and started the barking too.

With my character I’ll just walk towards them, chasing them away by swinging the plastic bag I’m holding. . But my instinct acted otherwise-To back off slowly.

I walked back slowly with caution, but the dog just didn’t back off. I WAS PISSED!
I just dashed towards them, shouting and they like ran away. I still chose to detour back to my unit though. . .

Well anyway from this incidence. . .

I learn that we people put up a brave front at times, a brick sought of, to protect /conceal the weaker inner self.

There will be someone to break the wall, embrace that weakness.
One just has to wait. . .
Takre care
桜 & 恋