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Thursday, January 25, 2007

OMG, some thoughts , and reaching skyline,

Man what a day I had today! I was coming back from buangkok station (about why I was there, later shall reveal), in the midst of my trip, at 3rd stop, a lady in late her 20s came sit right beside me, together with her pals opposite me. She was wearing sunglasses( when its rainy), with cigar stench, her feature tells me she isn’t local, True enough, the moment she blurted out some words, which sounds foreign to me, think is either Japanese or Korean. For a shy guy’s nature reaction to girl sitting beside him, is to shift a little away. That very moment, she laid her head on my shoulder! Man this was the first time someone did that, not even my mum or sis had even this opportunity! I was like, she is foreign, and didn’t know how to ‘repeal’ in a nice manner, thus just leave it as it is. Her pals were just laughing at the sight of her doing that. Next moment she, curled her arm around mine! And yes you are damn right, is the first time someone doing that too to me. She then lifted up her head with her arm still coiled around mine. Subsequently, she grasped 1 side of mine earpiece and placed it into her, what else, ear hole. =.= I was listening to YUI’s songs, and she seemed to be rather interested, tapping to the tunes. Lifted up her sunglasses, she asked me
“What song is that?”

“Japanese”, by “YUI” I replied.

“You from Japan?” Suspecting I was from Japan (but obviously I don look like 1, thus she trying to confirm I presume).

“Singaporean”, I was like, doesn’t means that I listen to Japan’s songs made me a Japanese, just like going MacDonald, doesn’t made you a Ham burger! (quote from my pastor, since a long time I went service, 1 yr?)

she continue her spree of ‘acts’ on me, poking her earpiece to my ear drum, a song that im familiar of ‘Why’, by un myung, I replied that the song from ‘Full house’! she seemed pretty amazed.

“boon keng station”, sounded from the speaker. I wanted to alight, but didn’t because it wasn’t that nice for me to leave just like that, I decided wait for them to alight first, then stop at the next stop. Thank God that they alighted 2 stops after Boon Keng station. Cant imagine if I had to go all the way to harbor front!!

Enough of my encounters in the train.

Why was I at baungkok station in the first place? I visited institute mental of health (IMH), as part of my psychology ‘fieldtrip’. One thing I must clarify is that patient there is not psycho to the extent that we layman always picture of. Some are just handicapped or sought, not suffering from mental health. Mental health is just like cancer or stroke, its not that they wanted to behave in that particular ‘weird’ way. They are in fact really nice people, and perhaps much more approachable then in real life society. Talk to 1 of them, nice chat I would say he was suffering from some diseases that inhabit the growth of arms legs.

Some people are just simply less fortunate then us, and here I am whining about what life gave me! Pity, haiz… Satisfy what you have, you are given what you need, not what u don’t need. O_O

In life strive hard and achieve what you wanted, till you reached your ‘skyline’ another song by YUI =] all her songs seem to be well blend into philosophical statement =/ oh yea.
‘When you are able to carry something, you must brave enough be able to put it down’ quote from Mr siew, but is in Chinese ‘na de qi, fan de xia”, think I didn’t translate it well. This just applied recently, when I screwed up my test, I mean I got the values and plot my graph wrongly =.=

My entries are getting longer this day…

Kai, signing off . takire folks


  • Woo i am certain this is the most interesting post in your blog, at least i feel this way.. lol

    By Anonymous e meepok tat kenna thrashed, At 2:47 PM  

  • O_O its a long time since we played dota`

    my bro don know go do wat patching then cant log in the programme.haiz, had the CD but CD writer spoiled! double haiz!!

    smile =]

    By Blogger kai, At 9:51 PM  

  • Looks like you've had quite a number of interesting events happen to you of late... Hope you're doing well, Kai-kun =p lol i told you you're popular with the ladies... just that some of them are too shy to admit it XD If only you were more forthcoming and less shy... =b Hmmm... How'd it feel like to have a woman by your side, putting her arms around you and her head on your shoulder... stroking you ever so gently and enjoyably...? mwahaahhahahah... Though i gotta say, on a more serious note, you can't just lie down and get kicked in the gut over and over even if the other party's a girl... you're a man! You gotta stand up for yourself if you're being harrassed! -_-''' Like 'please stop that' or 'Excuse me' and walk off... unless you were truly enjoying the attention she was giving you, that is... @_@
    Hmmm... The mentally ill... Have you asked yourself why they're called 'mentally ill'? That's because their mannerisms and thoughts do not reflect that which society desires of them, that they do not fit in society's mold that they're called 'mentally ill'. They just see our world differently, depict things differently, and choose to express themselves in a different manner. For their difference, they're secluded and reformatted... While it is true that some are saved from themselves, in the case of those who might hurt themselves... but restriction of free will... IS that right now?
    On a last note... Good luck with your tests, Kai... Jia you =D

    By Anonymous 私は戻った..., At 10:57 AM  

  • oh u r released..frm camp..,
    pls don curry flavour me too much!

    probably jux a dare from her frens to do that i guessed..

    bout the 'but restriction of free will... IS that right now?' of course its right, true that it is their body,tt they can do whatever they wana on it, but if u see a mental ill ppl trying to cut himself, will just say 'go ahead?' and pretend withness nothing? the 'in-built' humanity reaction, will jux be go ahead and stop

    2 faces of 'will'
    One is not to get your heart's desire(ie wealth?). The other is to get it(hurting ueself for the case of mental disorder). O_O

    aniway LET UR WILL ruled by' discerns'?

    By Blogger kai, At 12:08 PM  

  • you don't sound very happy to hear from me again... T_T sigh, didn't manage to do much catching up with ya this time... maybe another time...
    (> ' ' )>

    humanity, eh? perhaps, perhaps... I guess i have a tendency to be quite the extremist at times... Bound by feelings, i guess our pity would have us chain them up 'for their own good', which wasn't decided by them, but for them... perhaps since they've already lost their 'free will' to begin with... Anyways, keep on updating! ^_^ take care, now...

    By Anonymous Lone Wanderer, At 2:37 PM  

  • btw dota thingy ... somehow my bro manage to crack the cd key and can play le!

    i sounded not happy? O_O

    By Blogger kai, At 9:59 PM  

  • lol ok.. but think recently also cannot play bah.. cuz my exams tml starts le

    By Anonymous e meepok tat kenna thrashed, At 2:00 PM  

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