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Friday, February 29, 2008






Cant bother to say takre care or wat not~



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Thursday, February 28, 2008

And yesterday was officially the last day of school. The class gathered at Fish & Co. I was like so emo throughout the night.

Ruben was asking ‘everyone so high, why you so off like that?’

Perhaps I was really tired or I don’t like the idea of parting.

As we left the place, along the way I was singing/humming ‘Auld Lang Syne’, no people chipped in so I stop, LOL -,- wrong song?

Anyway just yesterday received another mail from youtube

Takre care
桜 & 恋
Waiting for u guys to send me the photos =]

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And yesterday was officially the last day of school. The class gathered at Fish & Co. I was like so emo throughout the night.

Ruben was asking ‘everyone so high, why you so off like that?’

Perhaps I was really tired or I don’t like the idea of parting. Mr Teong was like literally hugging everyone, was like so sweet, then comes my turn, i just felt weird, LOL @__@

As we left the place, along the way I was singing/humming ‘Auld Lang Syne’, no people chipped in so I stop, LOL -,- wrong song?

Anyway just yesterday received another mail from youtube stating i violated some copyright law, and so my 3rd video was removed. Yea recently Sony Corp had been doing some sweeping @__@, just a matter of time before they removed all of them

A new start (whatever it means)

Takre care
桜 & 恋
Waiting for u guys to send me the photos =]

Found this lovely song few days ago on youtube. For those w/o the background, this song was written in remembrance of Eric's late son. Some music critic even made comments like 'Oh Eric Clapton made loads of money from his son's death' and i was like #%#^%#^$%^#%$@#^

Randomly i felt like watching old school disney; Lion king and such =] wher can i watch it? only manage to catch some of the soundtrack from youtube. Do you guys know Elton John 'Can You Feel the love tonight' was used in Lion King?

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


For the last 30 minutes of the paper, my teeth were literally vibrating like mad la! I was wearing shorts with ankle sock coupled with the cold weather in air conditioned room and was dunking water to warm myself. Think I can even hear myself ‘kekekekeke’, from my vibrato-teeth. I tried all ways to warm myself

1) Rubbing my hand/ Blowing air on my palm that literally send my specs to be coated with mist.

2) Sitting on my palms (But where my hands to do the paper), so only do it when reading questions, -,-

2) That dunking of about 700ML water within 1hr++ made me rush for toilet in the midst of exam!

Now thinking back was like LOL. So tomorrow, I so gonna enter the exam hall with long pants and long sock; hopefully sunny weather too!

With that
Kai takre
桜 & 恋

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Monday, February 25, 2008

"First Day Of My Life"- Bright Eyes

"First Day Of My Life"

This is the first day of my life
I swear I was born right in the doorway
I went out in the rain suddenly everything changed
They're spreading blankets on the beach

Yours is the first face that I saw
I think I was blind before I met you
Now I don’t know where I am
I don’t know where I’ve been
But I know where I want to go

And so I thought I’d let you know
That these things take forever
I especially am slow
But I realize that I need you
And I wondered if I could come home

Remember the time you drove all night
Just to meet me in the morning
And I thought it was strange you said everything changed
You felt as if you'd just woke up
And you said “this is the first day of my life
I’m glad I didn’t die before I met you
But now I don’t care I could go anywhere with you
And I’d probably be happy”

So if you want to be with me
With these things there’s no telling
We just have to wait and see
But I’d rather be working for a paycheck
Than waiting to win the lottery
Besides maybe this time is different
I mean I really think you like me


This could easily be 1 of the sweetest song! It took me awhile to understand the song and the video though. Once I get the whole picture, there this 'good feeling' inside.=]

I still don really understand the first verse =/ (take times)

takre care
桜 & 恋

PS: anyone knows where to get this song?> i want it badly!!! I only know where to source for J-pop~@__@


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku

Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku

This song is sure a classic for those Anime fan outta there! It the theme song used in Dragon Ball GT!!! I'd heard it pretty lots of time as I had the song in my play list (by FIELD OF VIEW, [weird name]) but it was just minutes ago that I realize that the original lyricist was none other than ZARD! It was then I found her rendition of the song! I was so exuberant, high for some reasons~

To be honest I’d initially thought the song was some ‘Friendship related and stuff’, ‘Some fighting element in it’- I mean it was used in Dragon Ball after all. How wrong I was, when I checked up the lyric translation! It’s a love song~ =]

Lyric Translated

Bit by bit My heart is charmed
With that dazzling smile
Let's flee from the endless darkness Hold my hand
You see, when I met you
I remembered the view which I had treasured when I was a child
Won't you dance with me
It's a winding road of light and shadows Even now, you're dreaming of him?
There are times when it seemed like I wanted to turn back but
Holding love, courage, and pride, I shall fight
Bit by Bit My heart is charmed
A piece of hope in this world
Anyone surely wants to have eternity in his hands
Even if you pretend not to mind at all
Hey I love you
Let's flee from the endless darkness Hold your hand
I also like you, even with that face, tired from anger
I wonder if it's all right to live such a life, being blown away
As for me... I'm just spun around by casual gestures Sea Side Blue
Or are you still dreaming of him
I had something more I wish to ask but
Our conversation just goes on like the sound of car wheels dancing around
Bit by Bit My heart is charmed
It's amazing even to myself but
Something is there I suddenly feel like calling you
Even if you pretend not to mind at all
In the end all I see is you
Let's flee towards the sea Hold my hand

takre care
桜 & 恋

Sakai Izumi better known as ZARD has since left for Heaven but will always be remembered by her fans!

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random thoughts

Is time relative?

I had this thought while bathing.

I thought the time now is the time after I finished this sentence, so is relative? There isn't time to begin with then.

I can't said 'Oh its 3 now'
I should said 'Oh its 3 now as 2,1,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,5,2,1.... had passed'


Take care
桜 & 恋


Thursday, February 21, 2008


no one looking

up i go

Guess dear Russell is yielding for a long walk outside

Takre care
桜 & 恋

Oku Hanako, a singer-songwriter herself has really earned my respect. Her music revolved round piano ballad accompanied with that pure sweet vocal performance. And gosh, she is 30 odds when she look like a little teenager!

It was through her song ‘Garnet’ being paired with the film ‘The girl who leapt through time that I came to know this sweet pie’. I recalled that day watching the film and told my friend ‘I sure going to dig out that artist, and yes I did!’

This only 1 of the few song i can found in imeem, unless i upload my collection, @__@
The song in my mp3 read as '恋', the one i found on imeem read 'Koin', perhaps that how you pronounced in Japan? Again i thought was 'Lian' instead.


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Have you ever wonder why there this someone dared to openly speak ill against this commonly-feared person?

He has his own stand, I admired that.

He just want to stand out among the rest, I understand that.

He was ‘given permission to’, I had nothing more to say, a smokescreen?

Why sometime we just hate someone to the core? It may jolly well be all the ‘bad stuff’ they did, I understand.

But if just merely follow ‘Barr’, ‘Barr, oh they hate him/her, I just follow’ like a little sheep, I had nothing more to say.

Takre care
桜 & 恋


Manipulation- management

‘We are done it. We started doing it when we were infants, to get attention, food, changed, or a toy. Some of us used it later in faking sick, whimpering, whining, bullying-anything to get things done our way. Waitress learn to get better tips by wearing black lace bloomers and bending just right; vacuum salesmen learn how to exaggerate dirt and pickup power and the ease of payments. Others use charm, payoffs, gifts, etc,. to swing or manage a situation to their advantage.’

‘Manipulation often works well at first, but its always short-lived and the bank account it builds never offsets the character it robs from you and others.’

‘Manipulation may seem easier than cooperation or coordination, but folks, don’t press your luck. People hate to be manipulated. Sure they’re fooled for a while, but they’ll see the truth someday and it will be a bad day for you when someone, a close friend or a loved on, finds out you were playing them along for some kind of gain. Flatter and faked affections all read clearly at the end, and the manipulation management (and its operators) is doomed.’

‘Aren’t we all sick of politics in world and in business? So by all means, let’s not bring it into our home, yard, and playground, our interaction with neighbors and friends. Manipulation is an art, and doing it well consumes a great deal of time and energy, whereas doing things in the open and honestly, up front, is a hundred times easier in the end. Plus our spouses, neighbors, and friends won’t find out later that they’ve been manipulated, and hate us.’

If you force it, I’ll break.

Abstract from some book
Take care
桜 & 恋

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Monday, February 18, 2008


Recently I received this video ‘Educating Peter & Tourettes’. It shows the point of view of children with Tourettes and this peter with Down syndrome. Many will be unfamiliar with the term ‘Tourette’. It’s a condition associate with 'ticks'- excessive body movement and uncontrollable speech to name a few.

I remembered I had this classmate with the same condition too back in primary school and recalled all the jeers she received from others (excluding me, I’m just curious that all). It was only after watching the video that left me sympathizing with those kids.

As for peter with Down syndrome, he attended school like normal kids and from there you see the transition of bad-tempered Peter to a loving peter.

It brings debate whether kids like peter will hinder the class performance or bring a higher level of education with teaching kids to be more caring and stuffs. How about you? Its really amaze how the class (third grader) comes together to accept/help peter and mould him to a better peter! Really touching watch it!

This just the part 1, watch rest over at youtube

I had always being basis with Japanese Boy band. The typical stereotype will be ‘quality’ of face then ‘ability’ to perform/sing.

I’d heard of Bump of chicken pretty lots times, and had hear many compliments regarding them but just simply ignore them. It was then when I decided to hear their music out and boy was really impressed! From rock to acoustically ballad they had done it!

hana no na

But really many like me will ask ‘What’s up with the name, Bump of chicken’? NO IDEA


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Can food leading to thoughts

The thought of ‘Why should there be vegetarian-animal-substitute? Like vegetarian chicken and pork to name a few’ this though arises when I saw this canned of vegetarian chicken in the midst of can+s.

Buddha teaches against killing thus eating animal is a taboo for some. Having a substitute isn’t that just an alternative to fulfill the desire of eating them. The desire alone is indirectly eating them, I should say.

Talking about Buddha bring me to 1 thought from the scripture ‘The world lives for eternal as it doesn’t live for itself. We human will perish as we live for ourselves’. I was like Oooo when I read it over somewhere.

Right so there are 2 dinner for me to attend in the midst of examination period? A booster shot or a energy drain?

Takre care
桜 & 恋
zOOm for dinner~ outta somewhere

Those photo (*digital flim fresh flown from Japan)

This is from a magazine (if only i can read those words~)

Thx again for Uncle for those fresh flown photos from Japan (having those photos make it as if i was at her concert @_@)

recently tried this so called Jap-style Marches @ cityhall -
This their transcript card

To book/chop ur seat

Their batusa?

The typical curry Udon

The poorly presented Maguro (totally incomparable with those i watched on Japan Hour, but was good enough)

and many other stuffsssssssssssssssss

- so the UAEWORLD thing did called up for interview, but i just dont feel like going so there goes an opportunity

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'When you do what’s right and get slapped in the face, turn the other cheek (but get out of arm’s reach of the slapped as quick as you can after that).'

Times/money spend on defending yourselves can be channeled into more meaningful things like, those time with love ones and stuff.

'Being a peacemaker, refusing to fight or be antagonistic regarding whatever isn’t going our way, will gradually give you the advantage. So step back and consider other approaches and resources.'

Backing off isn’t a coward act, is a wise act. Having said so, at extreme wits/cases, one really had to stand out!

Statement like these is always easier to say then to practice.

Takre care

'....' quotes from some book
recently was so obsessed with this 2 kranji '桜' & '恋', came across them in some jap song. They just look so cool and interesting, k I know that's weird @___@

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Monday, February 11, 2008

98 Degrees - Why Are We Still Friends

98 Degrees - Why Are We Still Friends

Verse One
We do almost everything
That lovers do
And that why's it's hard
Just to be friends with you
And everytime your heart is broken
By the fool I want you to know
That it hurts me too
It's hard to wipe your tears away
Knowing you should be with me, tell me

Why, why are we still friends
When everything says
We should be more than what we are
And tell me why
Everytime I find someone that I like
We always end up being just friends

Verse 2

I would hate for you to find somebody new
Who you really love
Cause it could mean losing you
But am I a fool girl not to say
If I'm always scared I'll lose you anyway
Somehow someway I've got to choose
Got to choose no matter if it's win or lose

(repeat chorus)


I don't want to be like your brother
I don't want to be your best friend
I only want to be your lover
When will this end?
If I told you that I want to be in your life?
If you could be the woman in mine

At first i thought this song was about 'oh y are we still friend after so many misunderstanding and stufss', then it was just today that the song played randomly that I realized 'want to be more than just friend'

'Everytime I find someone that I like
We always end up being just friends'

takre care


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tunning back

This New Year harvest wasn’t as good as the previous. House visiting seems like a routine, like a must and thus is like ‘visiting for the sake of visiting’. It’s no wonder some of my relatives are adopting the alternative of ‘Bi Nian’ or literally translated as ‘shunning new year’ by going oversea- saving those Hong Bao for trips seems more worthwhile?

I remembered I played like a little kid with my cousin during one of those visits. We found a sponge ball at a playground and played poison ball with it. I was like 19 and the youngest was like 14? Do think I actually thought those kids were childish when I saw them running round the playground before I ‘enter the playground’. Without realizing I was one of those crazy bunch minutes later. When I went back to the house with sweat all over my ‘collar shirt-those you wear for project presentation’, all my relatives/cousins were starring at me with baffled-disbelief-goldfish eyes; that I just smile stupidly/awkwardly and back away! LOL! Yea I was running with a formal wear, -,-!!!!!! tooot

Sometime it’s good to wind back in times and behaves like kids. Trust me that feeling is really good

Take care

Finally finished watching the SP episode of Nodame Cantabile! It continues from where the drama had left behind- the duo life in Paris, thanks to Nodame’s hypnosis.

Who is this Nodame? She’s an undoubtedly-uberly-musically-talented-species that play piano by ear, which is playing without deciphering the notes first. She enjoys playing music her own way and play whichever way she likes, neglecting the origin of the piece. Her room is pinkish-ly decorated, with many Purita figurine and stuffs. She can never bathe for days. Her love for Chikai started with a belt and began clinging on him since then. If you hate her, you will refer her as ‘Hentai’, but if you like her like I/many did, you found her cute! Sometime there 1 fine line between weirdo and kawaii

Chikai? Neh, can’t be bothered. @__@

I guess this time round the drama bring across a very important message to music student; that is ‘analyze’. Playing a piece well, one had to understand the history behind it, the composer’s feeling, the surrounding and stuffs. Without grasping the gist of it, one will not be able to play it the way it should be. Now I know why one of my friends is so into music history! @__@

I was really looking forward to Chikai’s piano concerto with Nodame playing the piano, but sadly the show just ended with Chikai conducting some Brahma piece, the one he first conducted with S-OKE. For those who didn’t watch the drama, anime or read the comic will know nuts of what I’m blabbering.

The drama end with implicating Chikai's entering the 'Hentai Forest', where Nodame and her weirdo reside.

going for some racing game b4 slp!!!

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I knew I shouldn’t have done it but the temptation is just too overwhelmed for me to control. . .

I finished the paper 35mins earlier when most of the peeps are still busying scribbling on their paper. I checked, twice. Thrice, four times and had the cheek to turn around my head too see who still doing the paper. I was smuggling and in awe of myself deep inside. Experience tells that whenever this feeling comes, something bad sure going happen, which is why I always try to avoid this kind of feeling. It was when I was about to hand up the paper; I noticed I had forgotten some conversion thingy.

And so the temptation comes to change answer.

I decided to change it, and the teacher in charge happens to see it and circle my paper as if indicating a zero mark or something! I was like @_____________@ |||

So a deduction of 3 marks might becomes a deduction of 8 marks for the question or 20 marks for the whole paper, which may equivalent to 5% of the final paper?

So people don’t give in to temptation like I did! SAD!
Bottom line: Kai lacks integrity! Haiz

Take care

YUI photos (digital film) fresh flown from Japan is under my arms now!!!! And a magazine with her photo! zillionest thx to uncle =]

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Saturday, February 02, 2008


Right this is so absurd!

I was in the middle of PS, when this guy appeared in front of me and asked
“Do you speak Chinese?’
‘We are talent scout team’
‘My pal and I notice you from afar’
‘We arrange an interview for you’
‘Here our name card’ (some uanworld thingy)
That looks like this-

Do tell you the truth I was like ‘Woot’, I’m spotted on! That spurt of ‘woot-ness’ made me lose my calmness/judgmental skills that I simply left my number.

It was then I thought, with the abundant of valleys on my face that ants will deem it as some bottomless pit and the wide bridge across my nose be spotted on? Top up with a nerdy-toot in throng of hunks and babes around be spotted? The more I think the more weird it seems. I concluded:

1) Probably their boss was doing a spot check on them, that he randomly approached the person nearest to him.

2) Boss testing the efficiency of his talent scout to successfully getting contacts.

3) Some sought of ‘I dare you’ prank by his pals to ask people around for contacts.

4) They are really so desperate in need of people that anyone seems good enough.

5) Potential ‘con’ asking victim to go for photo-shoot for portfolio then cash-in before saying ‘we don’t need you’ (watch enough dramas and you get the idea)

Well anyway, it good to be deluded sometimes~

Lastly hilarious video to share: It’s a wonder that the editor able to make the Indian language to sound as if it were English! I bet some Indian will not even get the original meaning of the video by looking at the subbing! you weren't get e idea in e first few seconds until he started to shrug his shoulder- and the LOL begins!

Indian Thriller with non-literal English Lyrics! ( WATCH IT AND HAVE A GD LAUGH)

it'll get more and more hilarious as u watch it!

Take care
Ticket by Ai Otsuka. This song is pretty up-lifting and catchy, that you simply cant resisting beating to its beat! And is not overly-cheesy like her other up-beat songs.