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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Before I go into reviewing Vexille, I’ll start off by saying that I was darn surprised by the crowd this animated-movie had drawn judging by the sales of tickets; that in the end the 3 of us didn’t got to sit in a row but disperse throughout the theatre (what’s left are all crappy seats in the extreme corner! *^%*&^%, but it was all alright after all!)

Spoilers ahead

In the future, humanity right faced challenged from robotic technology; when Daiwa Heavy Industries (Japan), the world’s leading supplier of such technology decide to infuse robotic elements into human body to artificially create an android. ‘Worried that such technology may allow for the weaponization of the human body itself if not the subversion of the human spirit itself the UN passes a resolution declaring the use of android technology forbidden, a resolution signed in to international treaty law by all member states except one-Japan’. Instead, Japan opts to withdraw and isolate herself from members of UN with installed electronic barrier that disrupt all form of electronic or satellite surveillance.

Without ‘outsiders’ interference’, Daiwa begun a series of experiments on their fellow Japanese Folks (entire race to be exact) in order to attain the best formula of formulating an android. They started by spreading an unknown virus to the entire population and called for an immunization to ward off the disease. The entire population was given the ‘vaccine’ without realizing that the so-called vaccine contains micro-metallic elements that will slowly replace all their leaving cells, and it’s only a matter of time before they became an android. The results vary from different people, some mange to retain parts of their humanity self while others became an incomplete android (a paralyzed robot I called it; imaging a robot without the upper body and stuff). It takes 10 years for them to come out with the perfect android formulation, by then there are no sign of human inhabitants in Japan, just some incomplete android roaming the street with majority becoming the deformed androids and left dispose in the Jags– ‘A huge, spiral vortexes of voracious, partially sentient scrap metal made up of failed android experiments that resemble nothing so much as the sand worms’. And so, Daiwa next target is to bring this formulation into US and create the vast into android, this time round a perfect android swam!

In the midst of this ominous scheme, raise 2 opposing teams, one leads by Maria, a half-android herself and the other by Leoan member of S.W.O.R.D on their quest against time to save mankind! Where Vexille? (Later)

My comments

Definitely one of those top notch visual effects to date! The life-like features, down from the flow of hairs, facial expression to body gestures are all so vivid. It’s really a sight when the androids are more vibrant as compare to real-human society. Those half-androids treasure every aspects of life down to eating an apple when eating is no longer a necessity. The whole community is so filled with life when comparing to present day society as depicted in the animation. Perhaps they knew that at any moments their body will be totally consumed by metallic components, that they treasure their life or are they simply living in a delusion, to act happy in moment of a time-bomb tragedy?

Where/Why/Who Vexille? She is just another member of S.W.O.R.D. I agree with a review I read over the net that she don’t deserved to be the lead character, least to mentioned the movie was named after her. Instead, Maria, the half-android deserves more credits then her, considering her role in the movie and the sacrificing later in the movie.

Mel the guru as usual answered the question on how the Jags are formed. We are know that they are remnants of failed android experiments, but why and how they combine together to form vortex? He answered intelligently ‘its human instinct to come together to survive.’ The other 2 of us were like “Bingo!’-sense of enlightenment!

There nothing much to complained about the show other then the atrocious pop music that was sync with the movie. Totally irritating! It’s the first time I felt music does not tie well with a movie!

Best moment

All those who’d watch will agree with me that the closing chase sequence featuring Maria and Vexille luring the Jags into the main base of Daiwa is the best scene!

Storyline: 3/5

It didn’t really touch on deep themes, but just some easily graspable understandable themes of human right, friendship, sacrifice and love perhaps


Perfect, needless to say

Music: 1/5

Overall, the spectacular eye candy, especially the closing chase sequence that gives you the adrenaline rush worth your time, but when the story ends, it was like ‘… that’s it?’ The process was satisfying but when ended, my mind was totally blank. Perhaps the stunning visual effects had consumed much of my brain saps.

With that
Takre care


Saturday, December 29, 2007


Darn, so it rain after I had just 30mins warm up in the pool! I got up, enter the loo, took a bath, then came up and the sun was high up shining brightly and I was like HuH! Funny?

Right off to prepare for Vexxile, the animated movie now!

Take care

Sometime I wonder why I neither feel sad nor happy when I thought I ought to felt that way, weird! Luckily its sometime not every time!


WHAT! I received a mail from Youtube indicating

‘This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Music On! TV Inc. claiming that this material is infringing’

I was like W(HO)TH is that extra 3rd person! That YUI-How Crazy-video was MY first material on youtube. I felt as if I was being accused or sought, because I didn’t upload the MV BUT CREATEd THE VIDEO MYSELF WITH YUI PHOTOs AND OF COURSE with THE SONG. If they strip it off just because of the songs, then I guess pretty soon all my YUI-video will be removed for good. Haiz. And I strongly believed Youtube will pretty soon loose their stand!

Can’t bother to say take care

There I am trying to **promote** the artiste to international level, and they claim that the material is infringing. Perhaps some black-market people trying to interfere with the fame YUI is having right now and promote some1 else!!! EVIL! @__@

wonder Y so many original MV nt removed from Youtube?

All hail veoh and crunchyroll!!!lOl

Friday, December 28, 2007

Lists of random stuff

It was past midnight, and I accidentally chance upon the show ‘Love actually’ telecasted on channel 5. I still remembered watching it last year, and if I’m not wrong it stressed that Christmas is the day for all the so-called- Love declaration (is like their last shot before the New Year; if there no say, there no conclusion).
Christmas had long past since then. Maybe before new year? Hmmm

Sprees of random stuffs over the day/s to spurt @T

1) Finally finished the 100+1 episodes of Slam Dunk (with some skipping here and there)! At least the anime never drag on to the Championship and ended where it supposed to; unlike bleach and Naurto that can drag on like no body business! Having said so, if there is a continue sequel, I will definitely catch it, but doubt so; cux is like 10 yrs since the released of last episode.

2) My once ever proud pointed tooth was trimmed!
‘I had to shave that tooth of yours’
‘Is it a must?’
‘Is better to shave it off’
‘Ok, then’
Cux that sharp tooth my mine was kind of a hindrance for my 2 row of teeth to sit in between nicely. That is the price I’d to pay for other then the real price$$ for the braces. Well at least, the neighbor of the victim was spared! (my other sharp tooth was left untouched, and I was like thank God!)

3) Was catching the last few episodes of Witch Yoo Hee telecasted on Channel U. I didn’t really fancy the drama cux is1 of those recycle plot; but still catch it because of who else, the lead actress! The eyeballs of hers as if faced the danger of popping out at any moment! Right other then that fellow (lady), what draw me to the drama was the lovely OST! ‘My love, just come to me’, ‘Destiny’, “What I want to say is’ and the soprano ‘Day by day’. Every time these songs were played, I will like ‘ooooooo’. The feeling of ‘oooooo’ is beyond my ability to neither pen down nor describe. Like many anime and dramas, the songs that were tied to them lost the *Wow* effect when you listen to the soundtrack only. The whole songs only seem to be perfect when sync with the visual effects brought by the anime or dramas, so that’s a sad thing! @_@

4) The arm of mine felt pretty weak after the drawing of blood 2 days ago! I can’t even draw enough strength to clench my fist! These made me hesitate to do pull up and swim for feared that blood will spurt out from the vein that my blood was drawn from! Yea Lol I know! @__@

5) Finally grab whole of YUI “Thank You My Teens’ first Live DVD!!! =] indeed she trying to change her innocent/soulful image to more of rocker kind, with her sudden swinging of hair and screaming here and there, and I was like @____@||| However she did redeemed herself with her last 3 ballad songs, “Good Bye –day’, ‘Tokyo’ and “Thank you my teens’. =]]

6) Sometime I’m just puzzled at my own randomness! Apart from that, my care-free attitude or more like ‘Heck care’ mind-set. I can just cut a friendship like snapping a finger w/o much regret or sought! Forget about listing the examples. . . BUT having said so I do treasure my close friends! (Though I didn’t depict it at times)

7) Looking forward to tomorrow! Vexxile!!! The perfect eye candy anime!

8) Byakuyakou, or midnight sun journey, watched 1 episode yesterday and was totally stun at the fresh plot the drama had, but is a bid morbid though. It all started when Ryoujii stab his own dad to protect Yukiho, and Yujiho staging a suicide for her mother as well as herself to cover the whole murder. Mind you, those 2 are just some 10+ yrs old kiddo! Yukiho especially her, gave you the creep when she could smile over someone death! Then the story goes on, on how this detective suspect the 2 to be the prime suspect but others can’t bring themselves to believe as they were only kids, until. . . Well anyway doubt I gonna continue watching as the special 2hrs episode 1 tells us what going to happen to the cruel, lonely, and pure tale of two spirits. I called it the complicated suspend love! Bleh! Yukiho somehow got her ‘courage’ from the book ‘Gone with the wind’. Kind of interested in the book right now~

9) Write letter

10) Satisfied, since its 10 now!

Take care
Forget about the 200 posts by 2008! @___@

Whats up with that?
Sometime i wish i could style those h-air of mine like that, but cant! the only way is to lay on bed for 1 hr + then ta-da! -.-

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My day spend on medical checkup

My whole morning and half an afternoon was spend in this pre-enlistment medical check up! Nothing was amusing except for a couple of stuffs.

That this 5 suction pores, meant to attach to your body for some heartbeat analysis with 4 crocodile clippers clipping on both my feet and wrist. The whole picture made me think of another ‘potential Frankenstein’! And so the Doc. attached these suctions on my body, and I can’t help but giggle cuz is so darn itchy la! I was only able to control my laughter after the 3rd suction was in position. Thinking back, guess I’m the only 1 laughing -,-

Then there this urine test! One that is utterly.. uhhhh! The guys are supposed to take their aim on this 5mm in diameter pH paper, any miscue; leave that to your imagination. (Russell leap on my laps and try to position himself when he lost his grip and fell, luckily I hold on to him, evil me was laughing LOL)… As I was saying, the urine test, after the pH paper was smeared with the urine, we had to literally take the paper out of the toilet into the air conditioned room and flash it in front of the Doc. before dumping it into an uncovered dustbin. The next thing you know is the urine evaporating~ @_@

The blood test! Don’t know why this uncle kept taking about ghost la, what ask for 4 digit numbers, what joss sticks and what this place is haunted la, blab la. As he was poking the needle into my vein; he was laughing as he was doing it, and that made me uncomfortable I tell you! Worst of all, he paste the plaster at the un-poke side, and I was telling him ‘Eh, you paste wrong lioa’. Guess what he replied? ‘Aiya must be the ghost la!’ @__@

Other check-up is pretty routine and nothing out of the blue~

Take care

Baka on my stupid, nonsensical electronic message yesterday night. They say mind over body, sometime it’s the other way round. gome-ne

** Ignore, Ignore, focus**

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

i dont wan a spree like that, but can i stop it?

So it’s yet another of those eve of Christmas spending with kaki-s. It kind of PATHETIC that the four of us to be surrounded by ZOMG?THRONG of couples. Nevertheless, at very least there’s someone, yea?

Tough luck too in trying to grab YUI’s thank you my teen DVD!!! Visited 2 stalls and SOLD OUT so they said! Quite disappointed, but at the same time was like WOW, YUI doing pretty well now in Singapore!!! At this garmaphone, this salesman was saying that they had 1 copy left in centre point branch and had actually booked for me. Collection date- within 3 days. HAHAHAH I POSSESSED THE ONE AND ONLY LEFT in garmaphone!

Come to think of it, eve of Christmas (last year) was actually the day I came to know YUI. I still remembered vividly on that day I was watching Midnight Sun movie with the guys; unknowingly she just struck me like that till now. Many had said ‘AIYA, you fickle minded one la, pretty soon you will forget about this YUI, remember what happen to your song hye gyo?’ but nope nope! Perhaps the heart of lonely guy is easily filled by someone ~ ironically, its someone that I didn’t even dare to dream of meeting! Even ironically its on the day of Christmas eve. @__@ whine whine whine

You will never get hurt when you never gave your heart to someone but you’ll never know the joy of sharing your heart with that special someone.


Will you take 1 step and risk for the better tomorrow?
Or just remain things as it is for fear of the worst?

Take care

If you can’t commit then forget about it, someone told me. @_@
Immerse myself in love songs. BLA

*do think that I didn’t know that today was Christmas eve until I went out with Kaki that they ask me ‘You no programme ah on Christmas eve?’ I was like ‘HUH, today Christmas eve?’ @__@
k now past midnight- MERRY Christmas, BE merryX3

** her little message jux brighten my day like that **
hmmm . . . .

cant find the URL for this song (only have 30secs preview) so yea upload the vid -,-

"Ghost Of You" by MLTR

Summer's ended and without a trace
time goes by - while you remain
Funny how I thougt I walked on through
with my heart in one


Why do I still cry for you
dying to get close to you
Why do I still fear to face
the ghost of you

How I tried to get you of my mind
but you return - all the time
I believed I could just let you go
like the fool I am


Why do I still cry for you
dying to get close to you
Oh baby why do I still fear to face
the ghost of you


I've been trying to release you
to get my feet back on the ground
Still I need my hope to hold on to
even if I know i should back away
It's just a part of me that I can't erase


Why do I still cry for you
dying to get close to you
Why do I still fear to face
the ghost of you


Baby, baby why
Anyway I try I'm still reminded
(the ghost of you)
Anywhere I go I keep coliding with
(the ghost of you)
I've given up I just can't fight it
(the ghost of you)

Everytime I look away I see
the ghost of you

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Sometime when long for someone dear that telekinesis is not impossible. Its as if I can felt the emotion so vividly. Sometime even picture the thoughts. weird~

Takre care

It be sad if end up changing~

Saturday, December 22, 2007


‘$200.40’ the cashier counter flashed; and my jaw was like fallen a couple of steps. Then I realized that the auntie cashier happened to key the wrong ID of that item so yea the price of my item became 10 times folded! 1 uncle who was behind me was passing remark like ‘the auntie must had thought that you are rich man son la, then goes on to talk about tycoon, then Bill Gate, before ending his speech by saying who knows you will still remembered me in 20 years time’ all I did was smile and knock (nod) my head, cux I was utterly speechless and don’t know how to respond LA! After the bill was settle, I said Merry X’mas and ciao~ , he didn’t reply T_T, do think I gave him the necessary respond for his nonsensical sh@t~ poof~~ weird weird weird

For some reasons, I found it fun shopping in grocery shop; I can spend like hours turning round and round the super mart without getting bored. I can spend time reading each and every labels and stuff! Those who shopped with me will sometime get so frustrated that they give me some hints ‘hey its time to go’. On the contrary, I hate shopping for clothes! Just felt uncomfortable for some reasons. LOL!

Take care

Oh yea just heard from cal that YUI ‘thank you my teens live’ is out for grab! Think I gonna get a copy myself even though I had long watched the whole concert via Youtube @__@

if there any body part of mine that I proud of will be my eye!

does russell remind you of da seal?

Friday, December 21, 2007


Finally I saw some light, not some enlightenment or sought but literally LIGHT! No more gloomy morning with heavy pours and that means finally after days of waiting I’m going to have my swim later the day. Finger crossX2 on ‘It’s going to rain’.

Speaking of rain brings me back on 1 thought. I remembered back then when I prayed things like ‘Pls don’t let it rain’, consciously I will felt guilty as I thought ‘Maybe someone else wanted rain instead for what-so-ever reasons, then isn’t I stopping their wish, provided my prayer was answered?’ then after much thought, I will convinced myself ‘Let nature take its course -,-‘then again if such opposing wishes are made upon by people, wonder how God going to compliment them? Hmmmm @____________@
‘God know, he had the entire wonderful plan for us’ that was all the 10 years series answers I got back then.

Holiday spend thus far? Literally rotting in home in front of com watching the never ending SLAM DUNK. Sometime I just got so frustrated that 1 match can lasted like 10+ episodes and a 10secs moment can be squeezed into 1 episode and all the flashbacks -,- |||| other then that watching the J-drama ‘Queen Classroom’, about this devilish teacher who kept exploiting kids weakness, daggling them like little puppet, maybe a bit exaggerating @_@ these kids are like 6 grader and had to face all the ‘Reality in Life’. Her approached in teaching can be evil as all may said but I say is like a double-edge sword. Guess there be some outing next week.

Take care

Recently I just did a little research, and realize that town of Fukuoka house many famous talented artists like Ayumi, Chage & Aska, Misia, Nobuchika Eri and YUI!!! Another town Okinawa, house Namie Amuro, the band SPEED, misono etc etc.
Maybe one day if I were to step foot on "Land of the Rising Sun", these 2 towns will be the one that I gonna visit @____@, witnessing how the culture there mold those artists @__@. Oh yea YUI, is also a little town located in Japan, and I was like -,-

sometime i just felt so hesitant to leave my site on other people's media blog when leaving a comment, cux its so em brassing to compare what they are writing as to my bunch my bulls~ bababababbaba @___________________________________@, thick-skinned as i am, cont~

4hrs later the day~
guess what the sun was high up, buT the deep pool was being wash when i got there, there means literally no swim for the day @___@

i happen to see 2 women with sunglasses today; yea they do look trendy and cool but somehow, they just gave me the creep, especially those that totally shun your eyeballs. k i know, thats random @___@

next anime to catch in The Picture House - Vexille, i guess is yet another chim chim show after paprika, haiz

Monday, December 17, 2007


Was wondering what up with the continuous random spamming of my friends asking me to hang out. Yea, its normal for friend(s) asking friend(s) to hang out, but is weird when a spree randomly comes. It come to me that that they could have misunderstood my MSN nick ‘You know the holidays are coming up I don't want to spend them alone-‘. What I meant was actually, like I’d explained to 2 of my pals – ‘You’ referring to your ‘whoever partner’, holiday referring to ‘eve of Christmas’ and so yea~ @___@ (pls I don’t wana have any comment regarding this; I DON’T LIKE IT)
Well anyway it’s really heart-warming to have pals like them. =]

That verse was actually taken from “lonely September’ by Plain white T’s. A really good and easily misunderstood song, is not just another love song. In fact I don’t regard it as a love song~ is not a easily understood song, take me so long to understand LOl.

A pity date song i called it~
(some one interpret that way, and i cant agree less)
So what your interpretation of this wonderful song?

Lonely September
Plain White T’s

I'm sittin' here all by myself
just tryin' to think of something to do
Tryin' to think of something, anything
just to keep me from thinking of you
But you know it's not working out
'cause you're all that's on my mind
One thought of you is all it takes
to leave the rest of the world behind

Oh, I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back
but I know you did

I'm sittin' here tryin' to convince myself
that you're not the one for me
But the more I think, the less I believe it
and the more I want you here with me
You know the holidays are coming up
I don't want to spend them alone
Memories of Christmas time with you
would just kill me if I'm on my own

Oh, I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back

I know it's not the smartest thing to do
we just can't seem to get it right
But what I wouldn't give to have one more chance tonight
one more chance tonight

I'm sittin' here tryin' to entertain myself with this old guitar
But with all my inspiration gone it's not getting me very far
I look around my room and everything I see reminds me of you
Oh please, baby won't you take my hand
we've got nothing left to prove

Oh, I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back
but I know you did

And I didn't mean to meet you then
when we were just kids
And I didn't mean to give you chills
the way that I kiss
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back but I know you did
Don't say you didn't love me back 'cause you know you did
No, you didn't mean to love me back
But you did

Take care
Really happy that I unrevealed and DL all of SLAM DUNK’s opening and ending
Here are some of the links which you may find useful in finding your fav anime songs

Almonds i love and hate u

Nothing is better then a bar of chocolate when you straining yourself (leave it to your creativity). And so my house usually had this “Almond Gold’ brand chocolate supplied from my dad randomly of the month. Whenever I munched one 1, I will really darn carefully position the almonds to the 'behind-jaw', as I don’t wana the same ACCIDENT to happen.

That was this faithful day, when every day was as usual, the sky was blue, the birds were flying, when 1 almond from the chocolate stuck in between the gap of my tooth! I was wearing braces, and the back jaw was moving inwards (only those wearing braces know what I meant) to replace the ‘pluck out tooth’, and comes in the almond! The dental was asking me ‘How come one side of yours jaw close faster then the other one?’ I was reluctant to answer a first then as if given in to her HOLY AURA, I admitted to her the incident, and the dentist was like @___@

Take care
I still got project to do @__@

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Was browsing through all the seasons/festive cards I'd received over the years, when 1 of them caught my eye. There nothing extraordinary about this card, but its kinda special (only now did I realized, since it was from her), it wrote

‘Don’t be captivated by someone, just be yourself’, then I was like O_O what up with the chim chim stuff and totally ignore it! Now perhaps I get what it meant, perhaps?

Wait come to think of it I’d been on the ‘receiving end’ and had not being on the ‘giving end’. The ratio of cards I’d received to give is like 8:1, meant to say out of 8 cards I received I gave like 1? haiz~

Take care
Seems like I been spamming posts to reach 200 posts by 2008? Currently 173 @__@
w8 i was at #40 episode now of SLAM DUNK showdown between Shoyo and Shohoku! and hours back i was still at #7. seems like the fate of toasting my butt in front of com during holiday is about to commence, infact it had started,


that not how i wana spend my HOLIDAY!

Hanamichi, Hot Dunk! one of those spectacular/ touching momement
episode #46

Online Videos by

SLAM DUNK - opening 1 Kimi Ga Suki Da To Sakebitai by BAAD

SLAM DUNK opening 1; listening to it bring lots of flashback on this old classic anime~ the time i'd listened for so long and had no idea what it meant, actually was a love 'declaration' kinda song

Starting my run in the middle of town,
bright sunlight at my back,
as always, [you] tapped my shoulder
I'm so enthralled by you
- yet for reasons unknown [1]
your arm won't be linked to mine. [2]

Before I realized it,
you stole my gaze, and it began.
I won't let you go. I won't have any doubts.
Crazy for you. [3]

I want to shout "I love you."
Let's try to change tomorrow.
I want to smash this freezing (moment in) time.
I want to shout "I love you."
Let's be brave and take a step forward.
I want you to receive these warm emotions.

On the noisy floor,
across from me at the crowded table,
I'm lost in your casual glance.
It feels like I'm in love with you,
yet it's like I'm being toyed with.
I can't lie to my soaring hearbeat (emotions) anymore.

When will it change,
this frustrating friendship?
I want to tell you. I want to make sure.
I take you away.

I want to shout "I love you."
Let's leave everything behind.
I want to find the words to melt your heart.
I want to shout "I love you."
I won't let you leave me tonight. [4]
Let's end the days we don't get past just gazing at eachother
I wanna cry for you


I want to shout "I love you."
Let's try to change tomorrow.
I want to smash this freezing (moment in) time.
I want to shout "I love you."
Let's bravely take a step forward.
I want you to receive these warm emotions.
I wanna cry for you

episode 7 Hanamichi Debut!! Dunk Sakuretsu!! Duel (O__O his debut!!!)

Online Videos by
bet he gonna screw up? hmmm i wonder watching now, je (for some reason, my heart will like boom boom, jux so darn excited continue watching the series!)


take care

Friday, December 14, 2007

Slam Dunk!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Shit!!! It was Prince of Tennis: the national championship and now Slam Dunk! Watching Slam Dunk as if bring me back ten years ago when I never failed to catch it on every Saturday afternoon at about 1330, the theme song, the ever arrogant Hanamichi Sakuragi, of which I know him as ‘Hin Mu Wa Tao’ in kranji and his bunch of idiots kaki. Back then when Chinese dubbing was used, so yea it was only today randomly when I watched it online then realized oh he is ‘Hanamichi Sakuragi’( just so not used to it) . I didn’t finish the whole series then as they stop broadcasting after 40+ episodes. Do think it actually accumulated to 100 odds episodes now.

Perhaps not randomly that I watched it out of the blue; cuz I realized that one of the theme song was by ZARD so yea, from ZARD’s webpage to Slam Dunk Webpage, and I was like its Slam Dunk, and was like darn I had to watch. Did I said Dragon Ball DT’s opening is by ZARD too? Memories back again on those Super Saint thingy~

Help, I don’t wana cooped at home during holiday just to watch anime, and became an ota-ku! @________________@ (think I going to watch the first few episodes on how the team was formed then straight jump to the national championship! LOL)or wait maybe i simply goes to animenewsnetwork to get a list of the anime tittle and from there jump to whichever important matches!. For some reasons sport related anime is getting onto me.. hmmm.

Crappy random post! Back to Slam Dunk! Gosssh-

even if you can dunk, the basics are still important~
-that the main theme i guess-
Take care

language no longer a barrier~

Great music is original, sincere, touching. There no far-fetch made-up, no flowery backup, nothing but something simple enough to touch you. Above all, it is when language is no longer a barrier, when understanding the lyric is sometime no longer important, as you can feel it, be it is sad or happy. Here are some J-Pop artistes that I held in awe and respect! And I believe live concert is best to depict all these. ( I’ll will be writing on one of my favorite topic-J-pop and I know most peeps who came here don’t really gave a darn damm on J-pop so just alt+F4)

This elegance lady, Izumi one of the most respectable women in world of J-pop had passed away sometime in May this year, which I had mentioned in my blog some time back. Everyone was talking about it, I was like ‘Who she is?’, so being curious, I just downloaded her ‘Best collection’ and listen (you know I want to be involved when comes to J-pop). Much to my disappointment THAT TIME, it sounded so oldie and boring, listening to them for two days is enough to leave them in Forbidden City!
BUT, having said that: just so recently my play list of 2000 songs just so happen to play ‘Makenaide’. I was totally stunned by the music (in a good way). That feeling was indescribable, it just get me off my seat, and brings me to think ZARD rocks! And so I begin to listen to them, and magically it somehow release my tension during my term test week, there something about her vocal! I going to replace ZONE, Do as infinity and High&MC songs with hers in my mp3 man, sometime later!

It no wonder one commented ‘ZARD is what all musicians should inspire to become, she was all about her music and did not rely on her beauty to sell songs. In a world filled with fabricated images and pop sensations, Izumi-san was and remains forevermore a true musician!’

YUI, needless to say, she will be in my list! =/ though she doing more pop songs these days (market demand), but it was her ballad songs that draws me to her. Here is one of those ballad songs that will definitely touch your heart-Tokyo, a song she wrote when she left her hometown to Tokyo to pursue her music career. This was taken from one of her latest concert tour. Whoever you are held no biases to other language as she’d truly cross that barrier to your heart. I meant it! A great musician to me is also someone who is ‘self-sufficient’, that is someone who penned down your own lyric, someone who arrange your own music, someone who can sing and yet provide the background music, and someone who can touch your heart. And YUI had done it all! BTW she ended the concert perfectly with this song! =]

Lastly Garnet Crow, the uber underrated band in J-pop. This band is another 1 of those ‘self-sufficient’ of which ALL band should be! The lead singer Yuri is blessed with this unique vocal that really made the group stand up from the rest. Most of their songs lyric are pretty poetic under the hand of Nana, their keyboardist and lyricist. E.g this song
Kimi to iu Hikari- The Light that is You, one of the lyric wrote:
Let's be carried away by the gently lapping waves of the wide sea
See, there's nothing more I want.
I was like ahh-ahh. The moment when the background vocals go ‘La-La-... yura yura...’ or la-l, drifting drifting is so magical!

Stand back people, take ur hats off and held in awe. (k that abit exaggerating -.-)

Kai take care
lonely December

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today is another day

MT Material Tech -> T____________________________________T

PT Petrol Tech -> @__________________________________________@ |||

CRE chemical reaction -> ?__________________________________?

Kai take

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Was watching YUI –Thank You My teens Live DVD- over YOUTUBE just now and cant help but sing along @__@. Can’t help but ponder how time had indeed molded her from a stage-fright performer to a rocker on stage. Time had indeed passed so fast since Dec24th 2006 (when I first came to know her), and I don’t usually remember dates; to be honest I’d only 4 other peoples b’dae date to date (excluding those that shared the same as mine), yea that pathetic I know @__@

Talking about singing; I remember I’d always been singing back in secondary school days; in class, is like I’m so ignorant at how bad I did sang and just continue singing, till in sec3 someone (cant remember who) told me I sounded awful, that I stopped, that is only in public, back home or toilet I still sings my lungs out @__@ Back then was Backstreet Boys- shape of my heart, show me the meaning of being lonely, larger then life, and 1 other song Only love by trademark. Nowadays, is more of YUI’s and MLTR song~ which obviously sounded worse with my articulation,@__@. Seriously, I didn’t know how awfully I sounded till I recorded my own voice, and played it, then I was like ‘That’s me?, WTH’. I was not convince that that’s me and had always been blaming the recording device since then, as it just dont sound like me.

Some interesting pictures


This was bought in MENSA bout month back. I ordered plate of MEE GORANG, and the uncle asked
‘You want prataya’.
I was like ‘Huh, a prata’ and asked ‘what that’?
‘Some egg’
When the food was served; I was totally astonished at the size of the egg, but only realize later that it’s pretty a thin slice. Look good but taste is like blend, #_#

SOME DOODLING while waiting for experiment to run

Some of my friend even said that this creature never escape from my paper! For some reason I just like/love to draw this thingy named-CRUBO, man I had so many version of it.

Had no idea why i drew this, look weird @__@

It was only later that realized that i had to hand in this paper to teacher and i'd drew them in pen, and my friends were like LOL

Was walking back home, when I saw torn paper gliding down from the sky. I t was only when I arrow my eyes to where the source was that I saw someone dumping books and paper through the balcony. And yea these were the books being dump down- they were some Primary science text book. That was during post-PSLE period, perhaps the kids got so excited that she just dump it down or? Curious I just take a snap of it when a girl whom I presumed to be the sister came and collect the books and she was like starring at me that I quickly just dashed off, and do think we took the same lift later @__@

99 cent per plate explains the number of plates of shushi

with that

YEt another Lonely December, will it not be?

Friday, December 07, 2007

Hotaru no Hikari _Glows of Fireflies

Theme song- Yokogao by Aiko

First and foremost, don’t be distracted by the poster as something else, as her pose is easily misinterpreted as something else! @__@

The drama begins by introducing 2 extreme ends women: Hotaru the himono-ona – ‘Dried fish woman’ and Yuuka the Stekki-josei- ‘Admirable woman’. Both seem relatively similar in office, graceful and cheerful, but back home, the similarity is like comparing an apple with an orange. The himono-ona, who preferred to lay at home drinking canned beer in jersey, flipping newspaper with legs, sleeping under newspaper, basically a lady who lack elegancy (that what made her really cute though). On the opposite end, a Stekki-josei spends time efficiently, taking up courses, drinking green tea, an admirable and elegant lady.

And so Hotaru happen to stay under the same roof as her manager, Takano, and is pretty interesting to see how he begin to feel comfortable with Hotaru’s weird behavior over time—I mean she shows all the far-fetched action- e.g. she roll along the floor with her dolphin boaster when she confused, etc (interestingly her manager who seems bewildered at first, did the same things later). I don’t want to go into details, the story goes on, as both un-notice-ly fell for each other. The process is darn fun and cute to watch!

Some quotable quotes and interesting scene

- Her manager not only referred her as ‘Himono-ona’ but also, snake-woman(can’t remember why, but definitely when Hotaru did something ridiculous again) , turtle woman (when she place her hp on her back and crawl towards her manager, as she didn’t dare to read the message from Teshima (whom she fell for initially), and want him to read for her) and the ridiculously Kanoshi-ona ( a faceless monster who appeared in Spirited Away, when she put on a facial mask). Actually, all her ridiculously cute motion is pretty hard to pen down, must really watch yourself to laugh out a hell of yourselves, and at the same time wondering if such interesting woman does exist!

- In the midst of comedy; question ask include retreating your love for your love that 1 even to the extent of being a clown – when Hotaru volunteer to perform the loach dance to entertain the crowds, an ;letting; Yuuka to spend time with Teshima

-‘Treasure yourself for being able to love someone, feelings cannot be understood till spoken’-I was like bla bla

-‘Love is something that cannot achieve with effort’-This is 1 hell true line to a certain extent!

-‘There no perfect answer to love, the answer you came up with is the correct one’- This sounded so poetic, but this the perfect answer when your pals relate their love relationship to you and you had no idea how to replied, use this line, and I did used it, LOL.

Lastly, the theme song Yokogao by aiko, fits into this light-hearted drama pretty well. For some reasons I always fell in love with the theme song of a J-drama~ little side note, Aiko genre, nope more of style of music is pretty unique and sincere.LIke YUI, she penned down her own lyric~ (i always comparing @__@)

Takre care

For some reasons, I felt this is a bad review~ bleh


Saturday, December 01, 2007

5 cm per second, that enough to drift people apart

The movie was screen in conjunction with the “Animation Nation 2007’.

Theme song

The animated movie is named 5 Centimeters Per Second at which cherry blossom petals fall, petals being a metaphorical representation of humans, reminiscent of the slowness of life and how people often start together but slowly drift into their separate ways.

Initially I can’t relate to the show, until the Guru-Mel fixed the little puzzles here and there to fix my puzzle-ness.

It kind of sad to see how Takai and Akari starts off as close friends blooming to love but ceased out due to ‘distant and being hesitant’. Sometime in life when 1 lack the initiative to keep in contact, closet friends may just drifted away like that. Sadly I’m one of them. Hadn’t my close friend takes the extra mile to ask me out, I think same thing may just happen. It does in fact happen though.

Back in primary school, where I’d spend 4 years there, I had this close friend. We did many things together, hopping to each other house every now and then. Soon after I shifted house, I did try to stay contact through writing letters (yea I don’t know what electronic mail was back then). I did receive a reply, its mention ‘My birthday is on XX/XX/XX and ask me to send a present on that day and at the same time asking for my birthday date’. Did I reply back, I can’t really remember though, but I’m sure I didn’t send him anything on that day. I did try to stay contact via phone; I remember I had my longest conversion yet lasted >1.5hrs talking about good old days. That the only time I called and that that. Randomly, back in secondary school day, I did try to call, but the phone was not answer and that that. Pretty soon, swarm by new friends, I soon forgotten about this first ‘best friend’ of mine. It only this show that hits me about this friend of mine and yea thinking back it sad but life goes on. It even sadder when I cant be bother to ring him up even though the tel no still implanted in my brain. Yea life goes on just like that. Things like that made Kai ponder on life but it just goes away soon~

Our loneliness can be filled by friends, but only the people whom we treasure/love can dissipate it.

Take care

Lastly people always had the misconception that anime is for kids and stuff, you may be surprise at how deep the theme of an anime can be. People between age of 20-30 shows up in the theater.

YUI perform at NIPPON BUDOKAN, the grandest place Jap-Artist can perform in Japan! Wish they come up with the DVD version ,want to watch it badly

Wonder if I had the time to review on Hotaru no Hikari~