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Saturday, June 09, 2007

wa_Lk_ing doWN memoRY lane~

To mark the 105th post, I decided to do a flashback on the stuff I wrote thus far. ..
Here are some of my most memorable or otherwise favorite posts~
(Not in any specific/chronological order) =/ kind of bring back fond memories~ its always heart-warming to look back on stuff you pen down, things which may eventually be forgotten remain part of me till i don't look back. . .

When I talk about:

1) quarreled with my bro



-1930-19__ promise


4)flashback (on the girl I 'had' a crush on)

5) how suay I was that day (lost my bike, got sandwich etc)

6) biggest Hit, some misunderstanding in class

7) parting with my colleagues (first part time work)

8) when my 4 tooth gone for good

9) (when I was ‘harass’ by some Korean lady on MRT & some other random stuff)

10) YUI (lotta them!!)

- 10.2
- 10.3
- 10.4
- 10.5
- 10.6

11) some science frictional stuff on conspiracy theories

12) Talk about earthquake (lot of philosophical thought, diff side of kai) and finally on my confession of my dark-past)

13) Review on favorite drama/movie

- A walk to remember

- 1 litre of tears

14) Dilemma (bout why I dare not confess my feeling, some random stuff, and my first video for YUI had reached 180k+ since then =]])

15) Some thoughts ( when I explain/ give excuse on not willing to say thank you, and touch on topic again ‘can friends be more than just a friend’

16) Friends (when I spend times with my sec pals, and 1 which gave me a thought ‘can friends be more than just a friend?’)

17) Ver2(class chalet i had with poly pals)

18) -Journey to East Coast Park (with no other means of transportation, a challenge I set for myself during those lazy holiday)

Some philokaiphy statement made by me (still got tons of them but only manage to recall this few) ~

-'there are different lanuage of luv '
love to parent is like tt
love to frens is like u know tt
love to spouse is like u know tt tt
love to GOd is like tt tt tt

ultimately love come from the bottom of heart, soul, mind =]

-ppl there, ppl herer,
some sees beauty u, some sees ugly u
those tt c mirror images
are those tt judge fairly
and are most likely to be trustworthy
those tt c beauty u only
are hypocrate
those tt sees ugly u only
perchance are jealous of you =/

friendship weaves a tapestry of time love& memory…=O

kind of last min in jumbling up the posts
so is a bit messy and some supposely my fav posts are not mentioned here~ for some reasons~

for thse who had been following up with my previous posts will notice 'some of the things i wana do with her' at the end of each post, stop writting down don't know since when, anyways here is the list

Scribe things on tree
When she down, I treat her with ice-cream, you know those with cone and can get from those mobile ice-cream uncle. She soon forgotten what sad things had happen that day.

Lopang her on a single-seated bicycle. With her sitting in between me and the handle, and occasionally she had to head-down, so as not to block of view! Weekdays will be perfect I guess, less people ma. If her butt cant tehan the pain when sitting on the bicycle rim, then I suggest the 2 setter bikes(she can choose to sit behind, without padding of course!)

well anyway again jux came back from esplanade with uncle who apparently said it is
Necessary for youngsters like me to attend at least 1 formal concert, and i was like yea yea~~~~~~ the concert is name 'the philharmonic winds. behind wooden bars'

with that



  • hmmm... 105 posts... I must say, you've come quite a ways... reading them all has been quite a delight, if you will... perhaps maybe even a pleasure... since they give me an insight to your life so very distantly from mine... as well as your thoughts and feelings... that i might understand and know you even better...

    But every now and then... I guess i'm a bit disheartened... perhaps even saddened... especially when i read about the posts about the fun you had with others... So vividly described... I know I'll never get such a post... perhaps you're afraid, even now, of people misunderstanding... It's always good to know how much you enjoyed yourself and the memories you share with others...

    But... what bites is that all i'll ever be, all that i may ever do, will be mentioned only in passing... a brief statement, nothing more... no matter how hard i try, or to what lengths i go... You'll never write about me as you do for the others. But it IS your blog... and i guess it IS my feeelings... 2 utterly unconnected things... But the fear... almost shame... Am i to be but a hidden facet, forever being in the shadows...? Perhaps i am incapable of bringing out the impetous or joy or whatever to make you write about the outings compared to those you had with them... perhaps they ARE a bit vanilla... I never was a boy... i lost my childhood too long ago... But i try, and try i do... To see whole entries, dedicated to people who seem able to touch your life much more than i can ever hope to... and nothing of what i do... i guess i am... disheartened...

    By Anonymous forever steeped in darkness..., At 2:58 AM  

  • ... I do not know what drove me to write what I did... It was supposed to be but a congratulatory note... But I guess everything just came out... Am I truly worth nothing significant to be written about... no matter how hard i try, or whatever i do... forever fated to be mentioned only in passing... I envy even you... Who has never known how deeply jealousy can turn into such an all-consuming hatred... forgive me... I should not go on...

    By Anonymous forever steeped in darkness..., At 3:07 AM  

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