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Friday, December 29, 2006


she be rather cool too =]
cute!! love her chubbyness =]

Monday, December 25, 2006

the next big thing -YUI!

watched yui's debut movie 'Taiyou no Uta' or otherwise translated as 'Midnight Sun' the movie feature her latest alblum song 'Good bye days , 'skyline' and 'it happy line' ..

this movie was bout this girl played by yui , having a diseases know as XP - which means she cant expose herself to uv rays, in other words mux stay indoors till night time. at night, she will come out of her hse carrying a gutiar alongside with her, small body of hers, contrasting with her big guitar is so darn cute. she will then sit down by e subways, light up a candle . and sing while strumming her guitar ( her passion and motivation to live on). her sweet cryastal like vocal really made me in love with her, nt forgetting her cute feature too =/ .. jux before the sunrise, at 4am she had to return home.. at 1 occasion she met this guy thru her rm's window , whom she felt in love with, and will watch him before she slept. imagine such a swt loving girl trap in dakrkness? heartache. the story goes on how she confess to the guy , and how e guy , despite her illness still love her... all e way till unfortunately ...don wana mention tt..

was first introduced to her by my fren , he sent me this song'rolling star' which is e theme song of the famoous anime bleach. at first i thought , it was jux another act cute voice, but the more i listen , the more i feel in love with her voice... then i came across this mtv 'good bye days', which enlisted me to be her fan.... (do drop by to watch , 100% u fall inlove with her=p) , wat really draw ne to her was when she trying to reach high note of the song, her serious, concentrated facial expression, really move and touch me, who say only serious man looks charming, serious girls can be full of charm too =/

wat really sad was tt the show was nt as well publisehedn here as was in jap, hardly anyone bout the show, here doin my little part in helping her =].. then e bullshyt show 'curse of the golden flower' so darn well publisehed, jux because of bigshot actors and directors! sign..

to be honest, i wana watched the show at first was solely becasue of whoelse YUI, but the movie was really ,full of innocent romacne, love, and so touching tt it made 1 cry... worth every cents in watching it, this season =]

Saturday, December 23, 2006

4 teeths gone for good =/

had my teeths extracted yesterday, well pictures say louder then words , so here go

-after, lips so darn crumbled after the e injection barely talk, only can babbling my way like a helpless baby...T_T

-before, ops half snapshot nosetrils look weird

2 bottom teeths

cool eh, my only molar with 2 legs

this gauze , i'd change like 10++ times, cox bledding cont for another like 12hrs or so, run out of thos gauzes then had to swallow the blood. woozz.. this wk only can gobble liquid food...jux had oat meal @_@

Thursday, December 21, 2006

toothy treat

just yesterday visited shaw hse , nt for movie , but for my teeth, the dental i went didnt have the x-ray machine, hence ned to go all the way to thier headquartes. inside i was asked to wear a super heacy lab coat tt suppose to protect me frm e radition, and was expoesd to this machine tt require 2 protruding teeth of mine to bite on a 'stick', like having a whistle in you mouth, then it rotate hapazardly round my head producing those 'robotic sound' , pretty cool ha?

was asking the dentist , 'isnt it bad that u r expose to radition every other day?' "wat to do?"
cox i thought she was inside the rm , e fact that i cant c her in the first place , remember e rotating machine.. blocking my view. it was only during the second scan , this time e machine nt roating, then i realised tt i was locked inside alone @___@, the rest outside operating the machine... =.= no wonder u cont the job ---

x-ray results shown i had 4 hidden wisdom teeth, which i gona remove during army time(cox is free ma) .

went to lib@orchard slack afterwards while waiting for my pal to knock off.... afterwhich went for a haircut at somewher in city hall, to support his barber,hmm hairstylist (sound beta) fren. pretty ok i gusess, well at least much beta then e 1 i had at jean yip.

since tml gona pluck off my 4 teeths, can imagine me talking with saliva 'flying' thru those holes, and thenafter cant hav solid food, my pal treated me and tt hairstylist at 'new york york', waited e queue for like 15mins. the place look cool and i guess e food would be nice till i tried it. i had steak ;hardest food we could thought of, but wasnt very gd,so flat @__@ . then e ice float came with ice(was told tt original is w/o ice cubes) ... tks for the treat aniwae =] oh yea then the pork rib tt look so sumptious, tt i boldly ask my fren for a piece actuall tasted like char siew

this e char siew... look can be deceiving, can get this at local marketplace

cool menu- give marks for here only

1 other cool thing is that they had lotas enthu crews there, who'll sing bithday song for e diners. @__@, nt a romatic place to be , but a cool place to hang out... also a place wher gd food cant bo found...

btw e x-ray and plucking off of tooth is part of my bracing procedure =/

ps: ps can t made it for yesterday Vivo outing =

Friday, December 08, 2006

pics @______________@

one of song's more sexy pic =]

this was taken on mon, we were daring each other to approach gals to took pics for us =] mel , left in camp now, any gals wana know tt cool guy on ur right, tell me and i shall tie thr red thread =]

todae had a grp presentation. 1 of our mate go and took candid pic of us, other then the 1 at bottom left hand corner and the 1 in e top middle, and guess wat we posted in in our presentation... the class go ahahaha

Sunday, December 03, 2006


term tests are drawing near, like 8 more days perhaps? how not uptodate can i be, when i only realised that i be having trem test last wk. blur as usual/

exam duration had reduced from an hour half to an hour, test gonna be like a choo-choo or rather bullet, u know train....

1 of my subject PIA is a open book test. 'whoa' 'cool' most of my jc pals will said., but hey i think is a devious trap by the teacher. with e mindset of 'open bk', 1 tends to spent ;less time on the subjects and became heavily dependence on the notes during exam, hey how much time u have to flip here and there jux to find the source u wan? by thr time u find it...'time-out' and have a kit-kat to munch u frustrationon on =p. .. fallen into this trap during my quiz, gonna fung, tt im 100% confidecce of =/ 1 more thing, 1 will keep flipoing the notes to double check their ans even though their ans is correct.

2 of my pals enlisting soon ... spend lots of time with them , while neglecting the fact tt i ned time for mugging and project.. is nt tt i don wana catch up with u guys, its jux tt i,m busy =/. and hey wkends u guys are release frm camp too right? so can meet up then?
guess mon will be our last meet up till my examm finished... cant w8 for mon dota =]

ppl there, ppl herer,
some sees beauty u, some sees ugly u
those tt c mirror images
are those tt judge fairly
and are most likely to be trustworthy
those tt c beauty u only
are hypocrate
those tt sees ugly u only
perchance are jealous of you =/
+1 of kj crapping poetry aginin+

kai sigining off(finally remeber to put this)=]