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Friday, March 30, 2007

FRIENDS ver2 part 1

Man, whenever I wrote about my favorite artists, there wouldn’t be any comments to it, sad, T_________T.

Right, anyway, I just came back from my enjoyable yet tiring 3 days 2 nights chalet @ Aloha Chalet. My muscles are cramping/aching all over by now, shall explain later, yea.

Flashback on the days spent . . .

Day 1
As usual, I’m late, that luckily somehow my pals manage to coax the shutter bus driver to wait for my arrival, **sound so grand**. With me zooming into the bus, we took off and before we knew, we are @ the receptionist, and had to wait for our dear Mark Tan to do some paper work before we can get check-in, and so yea Ruben was kinda starving that he had to dial the Mac-Delivery up, but is sort-Ta weird to just order a meal, and expect them to serve to your door-step, so Soo Chin and I chopped in and order a Double cheese each **my all time favorite burger!**
Shaz and Alex arrived with Mark Tan, with our food for dinner. And here a big shout out to Shaz ‘thanks for the ingredients you’d **blan-ja**, that under your mom hands, and **ta-da**, **si-dat** cooking!’ and of course a big thank to Alex in helping Shaz up for the preparation of dinner =]

Think if I continue to write this way, it’ll be darn lengthy, so here goes the **fast-forward** . . .

And so, its dinner time, we gather around in a circle, because the table is round, **k, that lame, =,=**, what point I’m driving across is that we eat together, with a wok of curry in the middle, so is kind of **family-like** feeling, and man I guess either I’m darn hungry or the food is just so superb that I’d 2 portion of rice! wOOT darn freaking full man, I tell you!!!

There-after some had game of **majong**, others had some gaming over the PS2 that our be-loved Soo Chin had never failed to bring along for all the chalet we had thus far, thx man!
Out of sudden, we realized 2 of our man were MIA- 1 boy & 1gal, wooT!!
Anyway, Ming soon arrived and together with Ruben.**both wet**, they suggested let’s go for a walk near swimming pool, knowing their **devious-plan** obviously, I bring along my HP, **outwit** them if you know what I meant, or you latta. Pretty soon, all of us got wet or got dunked into the pool, except me, why, because they’d to pay for the damage of my HP, if my HP is to get damage! Then Ruben asked me to **surrender** the phone, and wana push me down, but but I voluntary said,
‘I go down myself’
With a somersault, I’m into the pool **graciously** ,**to get wet, also must pattern-pattern. LOl

Ming suggested
‘lets challenge who can hold our breath in the pool longest’
Obviously he got **train**, i think and proposed this challenge, he won of-course.

After-which we head back to our bunk and the 2 MIA peps still MIA.
Soon both return, w/0 much **interrogation** between them, we decided to go for night cycling- an adventure that I never regret though is darn tiring.

After slashing the rental price, we got our bike @ $12 per person for 12 hrs! =]

DAY1 approaching Day 2

@ Near mid-night, we set from our chalet to our destination- Changi Village!
Halfway through, the girls had some injuries, with Ruben the only guy with toe injuries, cox of his long legs that is nt proportionate to the bike and Shan the only she-male who survive the trial! Matter was made worst that our commando Alex had lead us the wrong way!?!?

The girls, Hua, Lian, Shan decided to head back, and the tough guys decided to carry on the expedition, so Ruben and Alex waited at 1 of the **pit-stop**, Shaz and I then escorted the girls back, or rather Shan who in-front leading us back, I need to be behind ma, anything happen then can see =/ with shaz guaring lian

Back at the chalet, grasping some drink, we resumed the journey to Alex and Ruben, this time round with Rongs and FAz who had just arrived, and so the 4 of us are back on the track again!

When we reached the pit-stop, those 2 were **whining**, that they had waited for an hour, and I was like woOah, time passed so fast meh?
With Faz and Rongs arrived the pit-stop, **me and shaz reached first**,
we rested and Faz changed his bike with mine, cuz he using this freaking small bicycle that girls were using just now, I tell you, its so darn tiring to cycle on a small bike! So the trade was successful, a tiny bike for my deluxe bike, T___T

Alex was way up-front, with his own posh bike, and me way behind with Ruben, with Faz, Rongs and Shar wayX3 behind. LOl, at the 2nd pit-stop, we waited for like 8mins and didn’t see any shadow of Rongs and Faz, called them and they said they heading back! **we were reaching sOON, is like another 10 mins** so the 3 of us reached Changi village soon after, and do think 2 of them had **char-siew mee** @ 4++ a.m. =,=, shaz and I just had ice-milo.

Heading back was easier for me, as commando is willing to take my small bike and I used his posh bike to cycle back, =]

What fun about night cycling is that there ain’t many cars and the whole street is like catered for you only, whats more is at Changi is so **wu-lu-wu-lu** = lighter traffic, and when go down slope is so darn shiok, but of course you had to conquer the uphill first! When we reached back, my hair were like standing up, even though is not jel-ed!

Were spent @ Sentosa, zai wei joined us there, think pictures say louder than words, will upload them soon once I received the photos next week?
It rain that day, and were like #@$@%!
Thank God the rain stop soon-after,
We had a human burial of Shaz and Alex, and I initiated to swim across the beach to the other **island**, none of them want, but soon I reached, Alexstair and Ruben soon followed, guess they saw this **guinea pig** had succeeded and is safe that they tag on, LOl, or more like they saw me alone on the island that they come or else is like ps-ing me. And so the 3 of us are opposite of each other separated by the shore, and guess what we were inspired by the movie ‘wild hogs’, that the 3 pee in the sea together, mind you this is not g@y stunt, this is really buddy-like acts!, gals don understand this! This is just merely for fun or sought of daring, yea. Admit it all of us, guys had at least pee at least once at sea or public pool, ladies I not sure, wait till 1 dare to confess,@___@

After wash-up had dinner @ food republic and chilled up at Ben & Jelly
The night was still young and we didn’t know what to do that we took a super-duper long cut back chalet, we took bus all the way from harbour front to tampines then take bus back to pasir ris then from there take bus to down-town! woOt , my longest sprees on bus thus far!

**can’t wait for the photos**

Day 3
Today is spend on more of cleaning up, and breakfast were settled at Ya-Kun, and then home sweet home. Do think that those guys still had the energy to go clubbing tonight, and I had to spend my evening at some TP band concert, friend ask to support ma, and more-ever is more budgeted wise!

Yet to upload those photos taken, next week when shan passed to me,
this is already a fast-forward mode and is still so lenghty =,=
yawn~ muscle cramp cramp, **acting cute**, or goin nuts from isomia

Till then
Take care

wish to have a night cycle with my dream gal on a double-seated bike =]

7th aprIL

FRIENDS ver2 part 2

DAY 1 @ chalet

Look how focus sc is with his controller, and me dumping the controller aside (being ‘defeated’ I guess,=/) , but I soon get the hang of the racing game and win back a few rounds =] ruben and alex seem to be erM, and shan look amused for some
reasons . . .

DAY 2 @ Sentosa

Before leaving for Sentosa,we had a photo session, look some of them are flashing those SenTo-EZ-link-cards (I was actually the 1 suggested this pose, but ruben was saying no no, ‘childish’ and thus yea I did not flash it, was surprise that some actually did flash those cards =’)

2 wanderers trying to figure their way out **you don need a map here in Singapore, I mean you won’t get lost in this tiny whiny island**

All seems pretty shag when heading to Sentosa via metro, was tt sc on the floor? Is Lian slapping her own face? Stair seems to be figuring out something… ruben and zw drown in their music

Nothing can be worst then this right God?

@ Sentosa

Hua seems to be saying ‘ta-da, I had your feet buried’, u see I was dipping my foot on the sand while I walk and so yea…
and gessh I’m hunching like a old man!!! zzzzz

our shelter for the day, background, commando flexing his muscle with his fist that ruben long to gobble up!(closer look he’s actually poking a straw into his mouth @__@) cant figure what on shaz’s hand. .. stair with his sleepy eyes, @_@ zw , apparently wanted to check up on the menu, but freeze at tt moment for a pose!
I see a combination of Lian’s body + shan’s head = ?_?. and sc, you drinking beer in rainy day? That double cold =,=. Where hua, think she e photographer

Our masterpiece! Let us be more artistic then thinking dirty yea? (never released photo, limited edition, grab it when its hot in the oven!!)

Duo-some!!!! Censored!!! (children under 12 shouldn’t try these stunts elsewhere, 1 require strict discipline and skill to perform that, k, tt's L_A_M_E =,=)

wash-up and head for viVo

pose for the Day!!

You don’t wana know what inside! (always wanted to do this kind of weird pose, and finally yea, got to do it that day =]])

more photos @
class chalet

Now that’s what I called fun-izzy @__@


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Younha and YUI

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Here are 2 of my favorite artists, Younha & YUI!
Younha is 19, YUI 20
Both birthdays differ by a month
Mastering their respective instruments, 1 arm with piano, the latter with guitar,
they started their music career at tender age of 16 and 17
1 had a ‘bang’ vocal range, the other with a soulful vocal
Both had a big Y in their names
And the duo are awesomely cute!

Now come to their music analysis
-well the fact is that YUI is doing much better than Younha in the music industry is because I guess YUI’ song is able to touch, communicate with the human soul. Yes Younha does have much powerful vocal and better stage performance than YUI, but she lost out in pouring her soul into her music.

Most of Younha’s music pieces are rather lengthy, I mean it always start off darn nice as in already in the ‘peak, climax’ of the song, and thus failed to bring the listener through the whole journey of the song. Perhaps it the length of the songs, that made it difficult for her to carry us through her music. On the contrary, most of YUI’s music are short and sweet, which definitely made it easier to identify with the listener! But but, I still like them as a artist equally, only hope that Youhna will attain the fame she deserved and YUI continue to soar even higher!

Having said YUI to soar higher, I myself think it will be rather hard, cuz she a simple girl, girl next door kinda look, w/0 fanciful costumes and make-up Ayumi had for example. I mean people nowadays want to have both audio and visual effects, and I guess most had seen their artists as an icon, to follow their style and totally forgotten about their music! Kinda sad T_______T. perhaps, perhaps it is the simplicity of YUI that draw me to her and others to her as well! She just who she is, and didn’t need to bother about **make-up when having an interview out of the blue**, if ya get what I meant!

Younha does had an upper hand than YUI when comes to international fame, cuz she’d long since master Jap, Korean, and English! And YUI, Jap and a little of English I guess. To me, Younha might gain more international fame than YUI, well who know =/

Another reason that YUI albums and singles are selling much better than Younha is because I think, all of YUI’s songs are printed in English, BUT some of Younha’s music pieces are written either in Korean or Jap, in which some of the non-Korean and Jap will have difficulty to type those words in the net, when they wanted to found out more about the songs, e.g. ほうき星 **how to type that over the net**, as compared to YUI’s Rolling star which is so much easier to type, yea?

Bottom line, I think Younha should change her song title to English or at the very least in Romaji, e.g. ほうき星 as Houki Boshi, ゆびきりas Yubikiri, that way we the non-Korean and Jap will have much easier time to track her songs etc, and most importantly she had to pour her soul into her music, she does have some soulful songs though, Yubikiri and Aitai =] go Go both YUI and Younha!


Sometime I dream that both YUI and Younha will work together to form a duo girl band, both with their instruments rocking the stadium! I’m sure they will rock down the entire stadium, just a wish or dream though =]

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Anyway here a preview of YUI’s songs in her latest album ‘Can’t buy my love’ due 4th April, YUI-net
Ok today I be playing 2 of my favorite songs by them! And tata for now, be preparing for my chalet later the day, and do think I be bringing 2 rolls of pea cake there, **my preferred snacks atm**, or rather some budgeted food ration! @___@

With that
Take care
Kai =]

Talking about dream, today I dreamt about me confessing to the girl I liked, I wana see the outcome but found myself waking up and realized it was just a fairy-tale after- all, =/

Monday, March 26, 2007

leaving on a jet plane Pretty soOn -,-||| & HApPy BiRTHdAy YUI!

Sheeze, I’m been sneezing lately, you know those kind of sneeze that made me **ah-choo** 3-4 times within 5 mins interval, thereafter the mucus uncontrollably drool down like open tap, and I had to rush to the nearest sink, after-which, will not be sneezing for the next few hours then the process continue….

And whenever I blasted those mist through my nostrils, **they** will kinda repelled and **bounced** back to my face, cuz mind you I’m living on 23rd story high up and the wind is howling fiercely through my room window, towards me! **can picture the scenario?** sometime I wished the wind will be blowing in my direction, instead of against me, or maybe I should just stationed myself **parallel** to the wind flow direction. And DanG the sneeze must be getting the hell outta me that I’m uttering all these craps! A big @_________________________________@!!!

To think that my chalet is 2 days time, hopefully by then will be fully or at the very least-partially recover! =]

Yesterday, had a long chat with uncle at coffee bean, 1st time was with Mel, 2nd with John and 3rd uncle. . . on these 3 occasions, I talk, chat, gossip, utter a lot, I mean hell lots of things, I talked about everything above and under the sky! I think is the drink that made me high, you know those chocolate, cinnamon they added in the drink! So with sweet and bitter stuffs I will be switch on to the ‘high’ mode and can talk with you the whole night! Bottom-line whenever you need someone to listen or talk to, dial me up and meet at coffee bean/star-buck! Beware I might do all the talking instead! =/

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Noticed this couple, and the guy apparently left a piece of tissue paper on the table to sought of **chop** the seat, cuz that’s the only sofa seat left, and so yea, he is caught **red-handed** =/. The couple not in picture though, you see I’m not skilled enough to include them in the photo, so must wait for them to leave first, =/

Today is YUI’s birthday, yea! I got to know her birthday like months ago and keep rehearsing in my mind that ‘25. 25 .25, is YUI’s birthday’, and do think I just simply forgotten, till I log in to **bluewind** and realized the news!
This further proves how absent-minded I am, haiz, the only birthdays I could remember (with specific dates and months) are me, sis, bro and of course those that share the same day as me =/
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, her debut movie ‘midnight sun’ is out on sale! @$11.90 =]

Pretty soon, I be attached to Jurong Island for some vocational training, playing with some machine, at least turning of some valves, till then @__@ I be playing these songs when I left for Jurong Island

-‘leaving on a jet plane’, cant found the original version though. By John Denver
-‘feel my soul’ – a song that YUI wrote when she left her hometown to Tokyo to further her music career!
**pretty dramatic actually, as it sound like I’m leaving for good =/**

Add on to my sneeze, my muscles are aching all over now after a 2.4km jog I had yesterday, it was like how many donkey years had I since run and yet I still try to keep up with the pace of my pal who had 3 months of BMT! Sheesh, how weak I had became! Gotta train more I guess @___@

Practically I’m a **wobbly** man now, cux my legs will kinda **wibble wobble** when I walk, just simply can’t walk straight in short @___@

as usual with my blog jumping, i came across this blog that post a video of hillsong!
for those christians outta there, hillsong shouldnt be alien, when i listen to the video, it brings back those memeories i had spent at my church and yea, if the scene of ppl faith, eg lifting up thier arms to God gives u goosebumps, just minimize this page and enjoy the worship, trust me is worth ur time! and i wana clarify stm singing praise is nt equal to fast songs and singing worship is not equal to slow songs, jux some misconception that some followers may have =/


hillsong - still

With that
Take care =’

Is hard to say ‘I love you’ cuz I don’t even said that to my parents, what-more to someone else @___________@

Saturday, March 24, 2007

aN uNexpEctEd Massacring

Looking myself at mirror, I ‘discovered’ that there are some protruding goatee dandling down from my chin, kinda weird and unsightly you see **I mean there’s only 1 or 2 strands on my ‘bare terrain’**!

And so I decided to rip them off manually, carefully I maneuver the razor on my chin, avoiding those **red bumps** (pimples), you never know what gona happen when you accidentally slit those pimples, at most I guess is caused them to rupture, with all the pus oozing out profusely, YUCK DANG! I manage to pass the maneuvering part, perhaps that will made me a good driver when asked to maneuver the car round 2 cones **2 hairs**

Next I move higher up to my moustache, I don’t have the habit to shave my moustache because according to some source, **the more you shaved, the faster its grow, being the lazy bump i always am, I DON’T WANT TO SHAVE EVERY NOW AND THEN**, and hence I decided to trim a little instead, cox its kinda messy and long, especially at the end that resembles those whiskers found on kitties. I start off with right end, and carefully draw the razor down, **a downward movement that will haunt me from now on**, guess what? Instead of slightly trim a portion at the end, I had scrip off an entire portion somewhere near the middle, leaving an extremely **crystal clear** patch! GOSH, Crap, DaNg! I stare at myself in front of the mirror, with my eyes zooming on the white patch, speechless, shocked, just stare at it for like 10 secs, before I decided to **massacre** the heap of **bushes**! There go my moustache, not **for good**, soon they be back!

A bit too descriptive eh? I mean on mere moustache, and I manage to cough out so much craps!

Ok so why I out of the blue decide to shave my goatee anyway?

Well you see today I’ll be attending my first guitar lesson, and first impression is very important and hence the shaving is necessary, but didn’t intend to ahlihate the whole bushes!

How my first lesson?

Pretty enjoyable 1 I guess, But but But! None of the students are of my age, mostly are at their early twenties working adults and I’m like a kid la, to them! Kinda awkward to blend it, perhaps next week will be better I guess, the **ice need to be broken somehow or rather, guess I’m gona be that ice-breaker! =]**

Was introduce to some basic terms in guitar and some homework to-do, 1 of the task is to master the opening of “An jing” by Jay Chou! And dang, I seldom listen to Chinese- pop music,**one must know the tune to agar agar play the piece** but surely I know who this Mr Jay is, with his trademark **nunchaku**, aka shuāng jié gùn in 1 of his MV, that always linked me to the thought of Lee Siao Long, except Mr Jay needs to be in HIS yellow suit to be like him, and also Michelangelo from TMNT, and again Mr Jay needs to wear an orange bandana, carry a green bag-pack and shave bald to be like him! K, a big K to stop this crapping that may jolly well freak you all out of the chair.

Perhaps through this guitar lesson, I be more exposed to Chinese pop music, and start appreciating them, and not just press the **next button** when my music play-list start playing those
chi--naa song as those lyric in “An Jing” really made a **banG** in my view on Chinese music, I mean those words he pen down are really **beautiful**!

Guess now, I can’t complained nothing to do as those time can be spend on practice yea?


On my way back, visit the saloon for a hair-cut, turn out $@$#@$#@, the barber kinda shape my front hair that resembles that of a ramp-shap **u know 1 end long, the other end short** and sis was saying like girl hairdo!!! EEEEK dang, darn, dooT, tooT@#@@#$#@


some cathcy song that cant keeps my butt still/rooted to chair!


Yesterday felt kinda bored and decide to some random tests over the net, just for the sake of passing time and stuffs like tt!

You Are a Prophet Soul

You are a gentle soul, with good intentions toward everyone.
Selfless and kind, you have great faith in people.
Sometimes this faith can lead to disappoinment in the long run.
No matter what, you deal with everything in a calm and balanced way.

You are a good interpreter, very sensitive, intuitive, caring, and gentle.
Concerned about the world, you are good at predicting people's feelings.
A seeker of wisdom, you are a life long learner looking for purpose and meaning.
You are a great thinker and communicator, but not necessarily a doer.

Souls you are most compatible with: Bright Star Soul and Dreaming Soul

Kind, gentle, that’s me, who can ignore that fact, **smuggling** yup I’m very sensitive, to people that’s why I can interpret people’s thoughts sometime, and th bottomline, , dont play play, **I know what you did last summer**, , even sensitive to the weather too!

And I can’t agree less that I’m a thinker but least a do-er! This is so darn freaking true la, I always think, have the idea but most of the time I just left things hanging around.

Any Bright Star Soul and Dreaming Soul outaa there?

You Are 28% Abnormal

You are at medium risk for being a psychopath. It is somewhat likely that you have no soul.

You are at low risk for having a borderline personality. It is unlikely that you are a chaotic mess.

You are at medium risk for having a narcissistic personality. It is somewhat likely that you are in love with your own reflection.

You are at low risk for having a social phobia. It is unlikely that you feel most comfortable in your mom's basement.

You are at medium risk for obsessive compulsive disorder. It is somewhat likely that you are addicted to hand sanitizer.

O_O, even if it’s mere 28%?>?!
I had no ‘soul’, then why the previous test claims that I’d a prophet soul?
‘its unlikely that you are a chaotic mess’, venture into my bag and you’ll see how messy my stuffs are, papers with **flappy-doggy-eaR**, crumpled paper, pals can justify this fact, as most of them talked about the inside of my bag when they witness the **unsightly scene**, not forgetting my table, a complete disorder
‘in love with your own reflection’, ‘addicted to hand sanitizer’, hmmm, hmmm O_O

Your Love Life Secrets Are

Looking back on your life, you will only have one true love.

Although you may have been hurt before, you tend to bring very little scars into new relationships.

It's important to you that your lover is very attractive. You like to have someone to show off.

In fights, you seek compromise and back down from conflict. You always try to smooth things out.

Getting over a break-up doesn't take long. Easy come, easy go.

1 true love ?!?!?! hurt b4, not to the extent of jumping down from my 23rd stories apartment.Lover attractive? Cute will do!!! And yea I may like to show off but but, w8 gf is not like a vase to show off!!!! then again who doen't like their spouse to be attractive that they themselves can show off
Yup I seek compromise w/0 doubt!
‘Easy come, easy go’, hmmm? True in a way that whenever a belle walk pass me, they will imbue in my brain for as long as a week, but soon forgotten all about them,
recently there’s 1 that had been lingered for like week=sssss, hope it went away just like that =/

You Are The Chariot

You represent a difficult battle, and a well-deserved victory.
You tend to struggle to get what you want, both internally and externally.
You excel at controlling opposing forces, getting down the same path.
In the end, you bring glory and success - using pure will to move forward.

Your fortune:

There is great conflict in your life right now, either with yourself or others.
You must find a solution to this conflict, which is likely to be a "middle road" between the two forces.
You posses the skills to triumph over these struggles, as long as your will is strong.
You are transforming your inner self, building a better foundation for future successes.

Woo I darn like the ‘bring glory and success - using pure will to move forward.’ Great conflict perhaps not myself but with others ba!

That was like weeks ago, when uncle and I had dinner at 1 of the local hawker stall, the food is superb! More importantly I learned some local term-logy,

1) To order a cup of Chinese tea, you can said ‘tiao yu’, **literally means fishing, as the rhythmic movement of tea bag up and down resembles the action of fishing**

2) To order a cup of Milo, you said ‘ti qiu’,** as the Milo tin always had this logo of man kicking soccer**

3) As for Holick, I forgotten the term,@___@

Shame to be call a local when only now I know those terms, hiaz!

anyway some of the dishes we had

Here a perfect place for a date, pleasant and soothing surrounding, they burned some kind of incense too =/, and the place is full of creative stuffs! located 2-3 stops from Bendemeer market bus top.

had this for supper yesterday, panda flavoured bread with tuna and
Parmesan cheese, yum, and down with my Milo + choco powder mixture, sluRPED, shioked!
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saw this interesting sign- at first sight, i thought was a guy doin some stunts on a cycle, **the light to me is like head, and the seat is like legs, handle like hand** can see?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Well with that, tata

Take care

Sit on ferry-wheel, and hopefully it stuck somewhere on the top!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dilemma, and some other random stuffs

As I had promised earlier that I gona post 2 songs that depicts my feeling/thought **at that part of time**, these songs are by the same band – Michael Learns To Rock **1 of my all time favorite retro group!**

-That's Why (You Go Away)
**In my own interpretation**

This song opens with the fact that 2 lover birds going their own separate ways soon, with the guys not wanting to end it. To him, love is like an illusion **unreal, or just some imagination**, but he don’t want to recognize this ‘fact’, he wanted to forget it **can he?** What left with him now are memories, bittersweet memories-

He wondered why she so heartlessly wanted to end this love, since she’s the one who initiated the bond between them. She wanted him to forget ‘every little things’ she’d said, **is this harsh or it must be said, that life will move on?**

However there are things that can’t just erased from ones mind, especially those that are so dear to us **is not as easy as ctrl- alt-del, I mean we are mere human, God imbued us with emotions/feeling, and those memories installed with these 2 codes, are especially hard to be remove, if you want instant removal- head for wall and get a concussion, ops =#**

1 thing he can’t forget – the way she’d kissed her, that feelings is so intense, having say so, he still can’t have her in his arms, as he’s not the man her heart is missing **T_T**, THATS WHY, she go away (he knows)

The songs go on, with his confuse heart, feeling so lonely . . .

--what’s my thought? Even though I’m the shy sought, but I have the darn gut to say I dare to confessed, having said that, I’m worried the thereafter ‘episode’. What if I’m the 1 who ‘set-up’ the bond and call off the bond just like that, leaving her in a confused state?-- **that the main gist of the song I guess, and how I felt about initiating**

1 argue, that’s why you had to wait and observed and think through over time to see if the 2 made a suitable pair, but till then you’d realized that she’s the 1, she would have jolly well be with some other partners, yea? ** this scenario is well ‘choreographed’ by the next song -25 mins

-25 mins **just wana keep it short, least bored you guys**
This song ‘encourages’ us, if u came across your dream girl/guy, don’t hesitate, don’t list out the possibility, and impossibility, the pros and cons, probability and unlikelihood etc, in short, go for it now!

Then it link back to the previous song, if 1 didn’t take time and think through whether the 2 are compatible, and quick to initiate, after- which call it off- hurting the other party in the process, or if 1 wait and take time and ‘consider’, will he be 25 mins late, or 1 secs late!

Contradict yea?

So it down to the fact that whichever route you chose to take, its has both pros and cons, noting can be perfect, yea?! Thus you had to choose 1 that maximize the pros and dis-magnify the cons.

Again I asked so which choice had more pros then cons?
- to initiate
- to wait and let time tell

‘Feel my soul’ acoustic version

Man think I’m not fit to be label as YUI-craze, cox I only came to realize that she had an acoustic version of ‘feel my soul’, yup NOW then I know, when its up in the nets for like months #$#@$#, acoustic version always magnify 1 vocal capability, i means it hard to sing w/o much back-up of some other instruments, and to sing it well, is like woooo hard, darn freaking hard! YUI did it well!

Maybe is a good thing that I’d came to discover this song only now, as this allows me to soughta ‘treasure’ and appreciate this song better. Perhaps if I had dig this song up earlier, I may just see it as ‘feel my soul’ Ver. 2, that’s all! So how I felt?

This feeling is like, 1 lost something that he treasure, and manage to find it later! That spurs of exuberant is just over-whelming **serious!!!**


Just yesterday had a BBQ over at john’s house which is just below my apartment, thus its kinda convenience for me,=]. Those came over are mostly not the one I’m usually hand around with, the opposite, those I hang around with didn’t turn up =,=

Hence what I’m saying here is that, in a class, there will be clique of pals formed, you have the ‘nerdy-clique’, ‘sporty-group’, ‘law by law – group’, etc! Perhaps I wasn’t the outgoing sought when I was back in secondary (high) school, thus didn’t mingle well enough with other clique, which was depicted yesterday when I was like #$@#$ during the whole party, only manage to open-up a few catalogue with them, other then those closer pals. 3 of the closer-1 turn up, thank God if not I’ll may perhaps be in the ‘nearly-mute’ state!

Put me in a new environment, like a new project group or in some working place, I dare say I can blend well with them, as show in my elective subject- psychology when I’m in charge of the groups (cox the rest are all girls =,=), and in my working place, tie with my colleagues pretty well too( my colleagues are mostly girls too).

Does this show that when certain guy comes into picture, I can’t fully show my leadership, cheerfulness personality? And so who’s that certain guy? I don’t know! Perhaps I’m just that prideful lion who want to call the shots and get attention, and if fails just slip away quietly! That a part of me I had to change pretty soon!

And and, I’m more outgoing then before =](thanks to poly life), its just that those pals that I’d not mingle well with in the beginning, I can’t just say ‘hi’ cheerfully to them now, is kind of awkward to me you see, bleh! **no matter how outgoing I am, there are just things that can’t be change, I guess, so I just move on**

Bottom-line, good old-pals are to be treasured and good new pals are to be discovered and thereafter be valued! =]

Looking darn forward to the guitar lesson due this coming Saturday, not forgetting some rifle-shooting with mel and bc tml!

Guess what I myself came up with a song ‘U got to know (baby)’, then, I was about to have my lunch after swim, when some lyrics just popped in my head, and I just got excited that I quickly pen it down, how fast?, 5mins, and 1 min to record, cox I’m darn freaking hungry, LOl, the quality is pretty bad, very bad and the fact I dare to post it up shows how thick-skin I am, I mean if its soothing is alright, but this really **sux balls**, I always comfort myself that my hp recording function sucks, cant really capture my voice well and accurately, which is true according to my sis, who may perhaps be comforting me =,=, or comforting herself too, as she had being recording too (to me, her recorded vocal is no better then the 1 per-recorded!). Anyway tomorrow gonna borrow video cam **I assumed better sound capture quality** from Mel, or getting myself a voice-recorder O_O

Guess what, my dear ah ma want to have a appointment with me @_______________@, that’s is to bring her to Ang Mo Kio, where I live previously, for old time sake perhaps =]

With that,
Takeeee care!

Smilez! =] tt'll what brighten 1 days!

sing lover sings with her!

**and i forget to mention, my dear russell boy pees on my pile of paper with all the YUI's lyric, was darn freaking#$#$#@$ fed-up**

(listen half-way u may get shockED, kinda loud at the middle)critised all u wan! @___@, cox is like 6 mins work,

(#$@#$#@$@#$@#% freaking song)and some nosiy background noise)

wooo, e video i'd made for YUI

added 3 days ago, and had 4k hits! woot! video kinda suck, but nevertheless, im e 1st to post this song =/ **so proud of it**

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

some thoughts~

Man, I just can’t stand the fact that I’m serving my holiday by cooping at home rotting, just 1 whole day spend at home is like $%#$% especially if there’s nothing to do, other than staring at the lifeless computer throughout the days. I decided to do some swim, some adventurous walk (i.e. to east coast), chilling up with pals, but I can’t repeatedly do these the whole week right? Perhaps, I’m going to get myself some books to read **which is not me**, well at least I thought can pass time or sought.

By right, I had planned my holiday to be spend on some projects given by the school during holiday, thus I left the option of some job-seeking, I wasn’t chosen though (that’s is why I’m rotting at home). I was told by the teacher that I had not show much interest in the project and stuffs like that, and this time round my **bo-charpness** had gotten the hell of me. With that I started my appealing to show my ‘interest’, till then I had to coop at home.

--$#%$#% dear Russell was feasting on his own shyt, **I mean is not like we didn’t feed him**, I read it somewhere that is ‘alright’ for dog to indulge in their dung, for is a way of replenishing the lost nutrients or stuffs like that! Yes I will clear the shyt before he could finish them, for hygiene purpose, **sometime I will pretend I saw nothing, out of laziness =/** yup that very BAD! He then begun digging up the rubbish bin, to get my attention or is he really that hungry? He is extremely affectionate to my sis, and always wanted to sleep beside her, at the same time very protective towards her! Whenever he slept beside my sis, my grandma and dad will think twice before tugging him out, cox he will bite, probably thinking that we’re ‘attacking’ her, I myself was bitten twice, when I play with my luck to try getting him out! Then my grandma came out with this tactic to get him out- simply press the door-bell, he will then just run out of the room and bark fanatically, after which the door to my sis will be shunned, leaving him kinda sad laying around =/ -- and the reason for not wanting him in, is that my grandma claimed that is dirty and bla blas…

Just now I was trying to get my earring out, it was kinda easy to my surprise ** I had darn big fingers you see, so having 2 fingers together to pluck it out, already took out so much darn freaking space, that’s explained why I took 10 mins to put it back! ** there some bleeding too, when I took it out, well some guys like me are that ‘bumpy’, or maybe I had **delicate skin** =,=

For some reasons, I keep giving thanks to some supreme being for the things I had (friends, academic, and little stuffs like the bus came on time), **I’m not a religious man**, but somehow I thought I don’t deserve these gifts, and hence the very least to give thanks. This will kinda humble my heart and will not take things for granted, though many a time I may had taken my pals for granted, perhaps I don’t know that I had, but if I know my action is like **taking someone for granted, I will not do it, that I’m sure of** Perhaps when the relationship is so deep that, it seems is alright, for example to shout at them but at the same time we though is not appropriate to yell at strangers, contradict yea? I mean someone so dear to you, yet you without second thought just vent your anger at them, while a total stranger, you still think twice!

Some close pals had been ‘reprimanding’ me that I’m not the kind of responsive type and had too much pride in myself! I’m told that I don’t know how to reciprocate others acts on me, I’m told that I don’t know how to say ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’. Perhaps that just me, like I said before, I’m don’t how to express my feelings or thoughts, and that perchance is my barrier that shunned me form letting my feeling known to her **maybe that other case ba, cox I’m the shy sought =/**

The reason I gave them for not saying ‘thank you’ for example after a treats from them is that I felt is kind of ‘forma’ to say that. It not like we are business partners that we must check on our politeness, gestures and stuffs. If we begun to look into details of behaving ‘appropriately’, it may jolly well ended up like robots, everything is done sought of ‘unnaturally’ for we think twice before our action, to me real relationship is just express the thoughts out, without analyzing the possibly facts of consequences, just simple said out naturally! Well that’s my view, bleh!

But, but, when coming to the opposite gender, I will definitely say ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ for that’s gentleman acts, so does that means that I’m not a gentleman in front of guys? Well in front of guys is ‘buddily’ acts, everything is plain and simple, straight-forward. Wait I’m kinda lost here in expressing my thoughts here.@___@!!!!!!

And can friend be more than just friend? I mean become a pair of love birds? I mean will the friendship remains as before if either party is to confess but failed? It will be kinda awkward if both are to see face each others in the future, yea? But of course if it turns out fruitfully then it may jolly well be a ‘happily ever after’! sometime I thought I dare to confess, but if its failed I thought it be better, for I always thought how am I going to keep this relationship, what to do to maintain it, how to make her happy, and stuffs. Worry is the darn word! ** For who had a longer life, by worrying? Stop worrying!** Then I thought, why not let nature takes it course, for things without plan, I thought is natural and truthful O_O. Yup, surprise party need some plans but you know what going to happen, isn’t that a bit fake, But but who cares, for she doesn’t know the surprise, so to her is real! =] and about letting nature takes it course, I will again thought what if nature go this way, or what if go that way? Worry, worry, worry, woo to those that worry, for they lack trust in God himself **read it some where in the bible when I was then a christian, back –slide-d now** or rather those who lack trust in themselves, I mean give yourself 1 chance to do those confession, if success cool~, if not life moves on yea? And you know you need not wait for the other party, and yet again as usual I KNOW WHAT TO SAY, BUT DON’T ACT IT OUT, AS SAYING IS MUCH x infinity easier then act! So darn true statement!
**love build w/o friendship as base is like building a house with sand as base**

Why must man keep on looking at the negative possibility then the positive 1? Is it safer this way? Or is it the act of insecure-ness, powerless, no sense of oneself? Yes is always wise to explore possibility from both sides, but we always come up with a worst case scenario – that scenario will most likely happen, for we perceive that it going to come, and yes it will come if you already had that thoughts in mind! So if we look into the 1 side possibily, the +VE side, are we simply bluffing ourselves?
Well just some food for thoughts, that I myself cant explained as yet, tired, yawn, night sweetest dream and don’t let those little pesky bed-buggy poke!

Do Take care

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Finally had a gathering, one to be remembered for a very long time! Yesterday met up with my sec school pals for brunch at Billy Bombers. Initially the plan was to have budgeted BBQ at Marina Bay, the idea was put off because of unhygienic stuffs they served and stuffs like that. Catching up with old pals is always memorable one, we talked about good old days, talk craps with nothing to hide, I mean we are just simply ourselves!

@ Billy Bombers, before brunch was severed, we took some photos, well for old time sake!

O_O, we had 2 botak guys here, left is John, our all time, underspuited head prefect and we have Ryan (lion) with his signature pose (he had more under his pockets =/
), well both of them had entered NS and had just finished their BMT (they definitely have more manpower then b4!), then we have our president Clinston (Bill Clintion), anything to organize, just dial him up!

**saw me holding up the knife?** John you are mine for meal! **went with an empty stomach** w8 there another bald guy in the background. making a total of 3 botaks troops!
Clins and John with their usual charismatic smile and Lion with his twist X2 =]

Lion, you are now mine for meal ! Mukakaka! **closing my eye, dare not witness** Clins, yup you did a great job in holding his head in position for me to **cut** and JOhn preparing cutlery to dish in soon !

John promoting, **show-casing** his original Deathnote, Lion **fall dead**

A TOAST for everlasting friendship! Apparently Clins **casting some spell** that made Lion fall asleep!
=those Greeny fluid stuff is called grasshopper, a combination of lemon juice and some kiwi syrup== taste sO-sO =/

May all the knights stand united, like the tips of the blades never failed to slip pass each other, **a bit don understand what I’m blurting here** since when you put on your caps, John?

Yea! Here comes our food at last! Lion and I can’t wait to devour the food, while John posting his dish in an artistic snap, **potential celebrity chef?!?!** and Clins with his **finger-licking sausage**

btw Notice the escalator behind us, I was like shouting ‘hello’, for almost every girls then went down it! some turned around, while some just ignore my childish acts =/, according to john there a couple of them giggle and I notice some starring at me too, you know those cat’s stare! Woot man I tell you! Doing all this just to spice the atmosphere up a little =]

After the meal, we had some shopping before we head on to some pool- playing, where xui hui,(bush bush) join us soon after =]

@ the arcade itself, where we had some pool-playing, before we left, had some photo taking too=]

WOOT. Lion squashing bush bush’s head, **rock-bottom?** and we have john again, this time round promoting the green-tea wet tissue (saying is a must for army!) instead of the deathnote! Where me?

Actually is kinda bad la, where we guys playing the pool leaving john and bush bush sitting on the sofa =/ I mean we invite her to come over, instead of having some activities that all could have join, we had game of pool, of which bleh! John and I were discussing whether had we leave her a bad impression that day O_O

Thereafter, suggested by Lion, we head to some famous bean curd stall located in some hulu hulu place, kind of authentic yet fresh surrounding!

And yup some some photo-taking as usual, manage to put in slide-show format, =] some of the pose does resemble some back-streets cum hard-rock band or something like tt, bush bush the lead vocalist while the rest either playing electric guitar, drum, and piano (John a solid pianist!), here we had some of the best photos taken! Hmm let name the ‘band’ – The J.R XCK O_O

After the tao-huai, clins and lion headed for more shopping, bush bush meeting her pals up, john and I chilled at starbucks, where we shared some philosophy- life etc.

He asked me some qns like ‘what are the 3 things to invest in life’
I manage to answer the 2 out of 3 supposedly right answer, friends, travel, and spiritual life (which I cant figure it out) and the talks go on till he meet up with his army pals.

more photos @

**playing friends-related songs**

Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.

Till then

Take care
Kai =’
sometime i wonder, can friends be more than just friends =/

Friday, March 16, 2007

Some Pot Luck music~! enjoy

Perhaps you are sick of your own music play list, I mean repetitively playing them, so here are some Pot luck music- rock, retro, some really catchy 1, just a play list w/o a theme, called it rojak if you wana. Just popped by here and minimize this page or stuff like that to listen! (or if you prefer some jap music, playlist at bottom of page,). Each song may take some time to load though, =/
Highly recommended
-separate ways by Journey
-The Hell Song by Sum 41
=] enjoy

some 1 help?, my sidebar content float all the way down to btm of page @#@$#@$#@%$#

tell me which are your favourite, yea?

Man I’m still suffering from the aftermath yesterday, whole body aching, sore feet, burnt skin, ahahha!

Take care
Kai =’
Made a yubikiri with her on any promises made =/

Thursday, March 15, 2007

journey to the east......................cost park =/

And yet again, I had accomplished another of my personal ‘mission’ – to track from my house all the way to East Coast Park, w/o any means of transportation but with just my feets! Arm with a bag pack filled with 3kg of weights, just to spice things up a little (this kind of weight can’t even hold a candle to army’s training). The journey was pretty long, I set-off at about 1130 and reached back home at 1600, a whoopy, solid, or whatever you called it of 4hrs 30mins, only getting my ARSE down @ Mac on my way back home (there had my usual of Mac flurry coffee combination). =] Below are some photos I took along the way. Took a total of 80++ pics, to display all, gonna take ages, so here are just some,=], photos may be blur though, had to reduce the resolution to 'reduce' the file size. walking is always better, cox the things around us will be slowered by 5 secs or sought(think matrix effect), allowing us to be more aware of whats around us, the downside, completely worn-out at the end of day!

-cant set e slide show to manual mode, =/ anyway, 1st photo for each slide is mark as 1), just scroll down after each slide show ends =]

After e expedition, my face, especially my nose turned red, remind me of crab (sun-burn?), so darn sweaty and dirty that I think is better not to pose the photo up =/ both my legs are aching now, zoom out~ rest time! Bed here I come!

Take care =’

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

east meet west/

--gonna play a more fast-beat song - Change the world by V6- enjoy~

I realized how bored it was to keep reading local BLOGS these days, I mean what we wrote are mostly
1) What we do today.
2) Oh, how I hate so and so, especially targeted on teacher.
3) Complain, whine, gossip on everything and anything.
4) Man, how this guy or girl had hurt their hearts.
5) Personal attack, usually the name of the ‘victim’ isn’t disclosed or phrases it in a way that is darn obvious, e.g. Jess, they wrote as that ‘J’ you know. … or ‘who else, that girl/guy with short hair, small eye’ (some of the distinctive features are mentioned to make it obvious, without a hint of oblivious.)
6) Oh, how my daryl had treated me today. Buy me this that, blab la.
7) Blurt out their emotion into readable format.
8) Some trash-talking.

I mean who cares how you felt, and what you had done, unless of course you are someone that is prominent, or unless of course your dear pals are reading them.

As oppose to this local trend, people in the sates are writing stuffs that are more specific and not random, not much of ‘feeling’ but focus more of ‘thoughts’, that how I felt after poping by some of them.

Some post write all about cars, sailing, and there this guy devoted his BLOG to Jesus, some wrote about the battle of both the opposite sexes, for some they dedicated their BLOG to poetry, some showcase their talents in arts by posting their masterpieces every now and then and there this guy show all the wonderful link to other pages that 1 can do. All these I found over the net by chance, as in if you had notice for every BLOG, there this icon “next BLOG”, I just keep pressing it till I dig out something interesting.

After all, different culture, environment factors bring out the difference across races that are distinctive to respective group, hence our writing style is varies too!

True I enjoy reading what my pal had done over the weeks, or more importantly, to notice that they are down and need someone to be there when they wrote ‘how rotten’ their day is for example. However, for Kai to do something that is repetitive, will bored him to death (but of course how my pals felt is > my boredom).

By dropping by other pal’s BLOG across the globe, I’m more aware what happening outta this well of mine and some cross-cultural exchange? O_O


Other difference I notice between the east vs west BLOGGING style is that the west don’t usually play music and have had numerous link to various sites over the net as oppose to the east. Perhaps, they felt that music will somehow distract 1 when reading, or more likely, is redundant! They focus more on the content they wrote then the BLOG’s layout, as oppose to the majority east. As for us Chinese, the ‘kiasu’ (Singaporean’s lingo for 'extreme fear of losing') type, when we saw others had music in their BLOG, we can’t wait to have one personal live play list in our very own BLOG too, that how I had 1 in my own BLOG too (and yup we are kiasu)! In fact I dare say 80% of us had air music in their own BLOG, if consider all had the knowledge to insert the play list, it could jolly well hit 90%! (just my view.) 1 may argue ‘oh, I air this music is because I want to share with others this beautiful piece of music’. Is it? I don’t know.

Bleh, enough if this vague comparison, or generalization of mine.

So what had I been doing for the past 2 days?
Yesterday, I had succeeded in another personal goal of myself – to walk from my house (near boon keng ) area to Toa payo swimming complex, had a swim, thereafter walk back home.

To most, they may just sneer at this ‘accomplishment’ of mine, I mean ‘what big deal is that.’ But to get a lazy breed to do so is something promising! Or rather the motivation pull to get me doing is- to pass time; after all I had nothing to do while serving my ‘holiday sentence’. This just take a whoopy 3hrs =]

Here are some of the ‘crazy’ stuff I had done during my holiday since poly days.
1) With my bike, I cycled all the way to the end of East Coast Park, without actually knowing the actual route to get there, I just simply based on my instinct to get there. The fact is that I’m kind of street-dumb, always forgotten where to turn in a shopping complex, but I thought perhaps that day I’m so determinant to get to my destination that I had metamorphosis, so don’t belittle what you brain could do! =/ and so when I tried to u-turn back to my house, I lost my direction along the way =,=, that determinant drive perhaps had ceased after the accomplishment, or so I thought. Some samatharian, gave me direction to get home safely. With my bike got stolen, I’m more or less got coop at house,@_@
2) Jog to Toa Payo stadium from house and stroll back (there was a time, I kept looking out my house window, and wonder how far can I jog before I’m got wore up, I had always to do this but did not had the time (excuses) ) and thus I kept procrastinate, till recently I gave myself a goal to jog to Toa Payo stadium, more of jog-walk actually =/
3) Is what I had done lately, the walk, swim, and walk more.

Do what you want to do now, least that you regret in the future (even small stuff like my above ‘crazy stuff’ gives me a sense of accomplishment and happiness!) I’m not saying that I’m easy to be satisfied, but when I had carry out something I had set for myself, I’ll be on my world of la-la (ba, perhaps not that exaggerating), but the triumph is always there!

And so after yesterday, after the swim, my sis pestered me to bring her to ps for some shopping and stuffs like that. I can’t decline, after all I had made a yubikiri (A pledge or promise made, sealed by hooking our right pinky fingers together) with her last Friday. Along the way, we came across those hand-made chocolate that is displayed on the refrigerated shelf, she asked me to get some for her.
‘how much is it’ I asked the counter, pointing at the milky duo hearts chocolate
‘4 for $8’
‘Woot, I thought to myself’
noticing my expression, the lady said here a box of chocolate that is about the same as the displayed, just that this box is machine-made
‘Ok, I have that’ (what a cheapskate bro?)
Paid $6 for those @__@

Anyway thereafter, we shop the most unusual place that a bro will bring his sis – Carrefour! To my surprised, she seems to enjoying herself too =], we both love food! We bought ourselves a carton of chocolate latte, some sushi (her treat) and a sponge cheese cake at breadtalk. Guess what, we finished those goodies at kopitiam, sharing the cake, drink and stuffs like that. @______@
That day end with a good night sleep, optimum shag!

The day before, went out with uncle, if I continued writing will be darn draggy, next entry perhaps?

Take care,

Lopang her on a single-seated bicycle. With her sitting in between me and the handle, and occasionally she had to head-down, so as not to block of view! Weekdays will be perfect I guess, less people ma. If her butt cant tehan the pain when sitting on the bicycle rim, then I suggest the 2 setter bikes(she can choose to sit behind, without padding of course!)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

some tests O_O

I’m been thinking of inserting some ‘new concept’ in writing a BLOG, I did my
usual BLOG jumping here and there via various links, then I came to Lion’s BLOG. Apparently he had taken some tests and posts the results. I guess why not I do 1 for myself, and of course some of the results aren’t reflective of my character! Here go…

You Are 28% Spoiled

You're barely spoiled. You may have some nice things, but you never let them go to your head.
You appreciate each gift you're given - and you don't dwell on what you "deserve" to have.

I'm quite spoiled actually. =/

You Are 69% Feminine, 31% Masculine

You are in touch with your feminine side.
Sensitive, intuitive, and caring are all words that describe you.
And you're just masculine enough to relate to both men and women.

OMG? OMG? this defintely false!

Your Extroversion Profile:
Cheerfulness: High
Sociability: High
Activity Level: Medium
Friendliness: Medium
Assertiveness: Low
Excitement Seeking: Low

i kind of excitement seeking actually, cheerfulness and sociability ought to be medium =/

You Are Pretty Happy

You generally have a happy, fulfilling life.
But things could be a little better, and deep down, you know it.
Maybe you need more supportive friends or a more challenging career.
Something is preventing you from being totally happy. You just need to figure out what it is!

YUp im pretty happy =]

Your Heart Is Blue

Love is a doing word for you. You know it's love when you treat each other well.
You are a giving lover, but you don't give too much. You expect something in return.

Your flirting style: Friendly

Your lucky first date: Lunch at an outdoor cafe

Your dream lover: Is both generous and selfish

What you bring to relationships: Loyalty

my dream lover is actullay someone that is cute and always poking me, irritating me =/ and someone with lots of hilirious idea up her sleeve, a cheecky 1!

You Follow Your Heart

You're romantic, sentimental, and emotional.
You tend to fall in (and out of) love very quickly.
Some may call you fickle, but you can't help where your emotions take you.
You've definitely broken a few hearts, but you're not a heartbreaker by nature.
Your intentions are always good, even if they change with the wind

YUP, im fickle-minded! that for sure, as what they said 'emotion take me', and i had not broken any hearts at all (at least to the opposite sex!). =]

You Are 51% Perfectionist

No one would call you a perfectionist, but you definitely have a side of you that strives to be perfect.
Try to see your mistakes as learning experiences, and don't be so hard on yourself when you screw up!

where does the 1% goes? and yup there a side of me strive for perfect!

You Are an Ice Cream Cake

Surprising, unique, and high maintenance.
You're one of a kind, and you don't want anyone to forget it.
You're fun in small doses, but it's easy for people to overdose on you!


Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ISFP)

Your personality type is caring, peaceful, artistic, and calm.

Only about 7% of all people have your personality, including 8% of all women and 6% of all men
You are Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving.

O_O im a rare species! Previous test shows that im extrovent, now this test claim that im introvent. =,=, somewhere in between?

Your Brain is Green

Of all the brain types, yours has the most balance.
You are able to see all sides to most problems and are a good problem solver.
You need time to work out your thoughts, but you don't get stuck in bad thinking patterns.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about the future, philosophy, and relationships (both personal and intellectual).

green? yukie colour, especailly dark green, yup philosopher, plus i seldom think about the future.

let end with a interesting 1

Your Deadly Sins
Sloth: 60%
Gluttony: 20%
Pride: 20%
Envy: 0%
Greed: 0%
Lust: 0%
Wrath: 0%
Chance You'll Go to Hell: 14%
You will die while sleeping - and no one will notice.

im so lazy?, yup i love to eat though my body arent reflecive of my diet, i eat alot but am skinny, bring me to buffet,and you wouldnt whine that 'is nt worth to bring him here!' yup i had my own pride, afterall, what is a lion w/o pride? ought to be higher actually, say 50% @_@ and and who said i does not envy others? lustful,hmmm ... this test shows that im more of a 'goodie' then 'badie', nut the chinese saying goes 'boy not being bad, girl doesnt like', ba @____@

The above test are very vague as each test comprises of any a few question and you cant judge a character by merely a few question, or in fact you cant judge 1 by asking question, as all these question are created from probability, generalize and stuff like that. The tests are just done for fun or a roughly gauge of me =] and of course being a ‘normal human’, I choose to believe what good points the test said about me and not those ‘baddies’ point, =/, just like when I read those zodiac sign ‘revelation’, I choose to believe those good point. =]

Take care
kai =’

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A day with sensei

Before I start, I wana made this ‘testimonial’, I’m in love with this song 'Last Christmas’!!! (hence I can’t help but to play this lovely song) from the original version by WHAM, to BUSTED, Savage Garden, Boa, Carrie Underwood ,Ashely Tisdale, Hilary Duff and ??CRAZy frog?? Rendition, of course there are many other artists who sang it, but I was first introduced to this song by BoA, hence gonna air her Rendition! Darn sweet song, but I don’t understand 1 part of the lyric
‘once bitten and twice shy’, some1 help decipher?

Reader beware: A boring entry, towards the ending especially.

And so yesterday, I had visited this sensei to treat my aching neck that had been biting me for months. This was not the first time I knocked on their door, in fact I’m sought of like a ‘regular customer’, having visited them for like 3 times, since my P6 days, first time with my fracture thumb when I try to snatch a rebound during a basketball game, then somehow a hand came crashing down on the ball, and the #$%$% ball came booming on my helpless thumb, then ‘prunt’. Pay those sensei soon after.

2nd time) cant really recalled how I injured my kneecap, and the sensei said that 1leg of mine is shorter than the other, I was stunned! He somehow managed to stretch it, such that both the length tally, God knows how he did it. Guess what, I immediately went for cycle soon after the treatment, with my bandage kneecap =,=

3rd time) that was yesterday. The sensei treating me apparently looks like an apprentice, for I picture those experience sensei with fatherly voice, countable white hair top with uncountable snowy moustache. Here my experience during his treatment.

He landed me a chair and asked me to sit on, I sit on it, preparing for his onslaught.
‘Take off your shirt’ he said
Woo, I thought to myself, only my neck need treatment what, then I recalled what my ah ma had said, 1 part of the body injured is link to other part, ba as in, need to massage other part of the body such that the blood can flow well?

Without taking off my spec, I took off my shirt.

‘Don’t need to take out your spec first?’

Pouring some ointment, he start his massaging. The first minutes, was darn relaxing, he just massage not much force is applied. He noticed my back kind of ‘char-ta’ (burned), then he made this statement:
‘Your had stiff neck, is because your body is heaty’
‘I just came from a swim, you see’

He immediately change subject
‘When you went?’
‘Toa Payo’
‘Isn’t there any near swimming pool near your house?’
‘Yea, there are 1 at Kallang and Jalan Besar’
‘Why don’t you go there swim?’
‘Kallang, very hulu hulu, and notorious for water being dirty’ (I witness some brown stuff, when I swam over there, that brown stuff could be anything, and I don’t wish to picture it as some shyt, if not I being swimming in a pool of shyt) and not Jalan Besar, kind of small.
‘Be honest with me la, you went Toa Payo cox there had more babes to see right?’
This statement totally spoils my image of sensei as some sage full of wisdom!
‘No!’ (but yea, what he said is true, as in more babes, but that not the reason I went there, =,=)
He seems to be pretty stubborn of his judgment that my stiff neck originated from heaty body, and asked
‘Do you have late night?’
‘Yea’, (My panda eyes speak everything)
After the initial soft massage, slowly he begun to show his ‘kang-hu’ (kong-fu), first with his multiple chops, then squeeze my back for some reasons, possibly of ‘releasing’ those heat I guess. I can hardly bare the pain when he use his finger to poke some part of back, perhaps some ‘xue tou’, follow by rotating my head back and forth.

Tilting my head up he asked ‘Still pain?’
‘Yea’ (I regret that statement made!)
He called out some name, then this guy appeared in front of me and continues the treatment, he had this aura around him, that more like a sensei I though to myself. After pressing on my neck, he slowly twist my neck to 1 side then, out of sudden turn it in the opposite direction. ‘prant’ I can hear those little bones of my neck jerking, in order. That feeling was more of shiok then pain actually =/ he ended the treatment by using 2 bag of bun-like cloth which was soak in some hot ointment and pad my back. I though, since he claimed my body is heaty, then why must he introduce heat to my body after ‘releasing’ it. Guess the art of Chinese ‘kung-hu’ is beyond my reached. Was given some pills to take too, is for blood circulation. =,=. He told me to come back on Monday.

Today I wake up and realize that now my back hurt too, and the side of my neck kind of stiff. =,=

I came with a conclusion:
To me I thought, they purposely not treat fully when they can, or somehow ‘install’ some foreign time bomb in your body that made sure you knock back on their door. My thumb, though not hurt when left untouched, but when is twist a certain angle, can felt the pain. =,=.

Man this is so a boring entry!

so to spice things up, here the crazy frog rendition of 'Last Chritmas'
++pause the playlist at bottom of page++

When she down, I treat her with ice-cream, you know those with cone and can get from those mobile ice-cream uncle. She soon forgotten what sad things had happen that day.

for now i'm enjoying the 'mua chee' made by ah ma

take care
kai ='

Friday, March 09, 2007


OMG, such a coincidence, guess what?
Remember this Ou Shaoting girl I mentioned in my previous post (5/03/07), about how I managed to found her name on the newspaper, when she top her A’s in her school., about how I wanted to celebrate with her (when she replied ‘want to celebrate for me ah?’ (perhaps jokingly), thereafter no reply. Anyway want to make this post short; I’m going for a swim soon.

Kk, here what happen. I was jumping from blog to blog via numerous links, with Ruben’s blog as initiator then somehow, I reached Ping’s blog. I tag on Ping’s blog who apparently studied in my course and who had linked her ‘is this shaoting under your link, by the name of Ou shaoting?’

‘yup. she's my friend’, she replied

btw St’s blog had long since left untouched for 2 yrs.

I was like @______________@ ||||| such a COINCIDENCE!

2 posts within few hours
=,= x 10000000000000000000000000000

Kai =’

Some pics ~

**detached from serious topic for now**

Alas, manage to wake up early in the morning, at least for once in this weekday from the usual norm of after 1030. Having my usual breakfast of oat meal, this time round without banana, and a cup of milo top with chocolate powder, condense milk to a minimum ( discovered this formulation during the midst of exam, when the sole purpose is to keep from drooling).

Heading for the pool soon, need to stretch those lazy, stiff and soon rotten body of mine! Anyway below are some 1/10 of the pictures that I had took with my hp (resolution like $#@$) over the yrs, mostly dog =/

HE long to get out of the apartment, or is he eyeing at his love somewhere opposite the block?


Remind me of bunny

1 of those thing i do for . . .


Apparently, seems like he trying to clean his paw?

1 of those day that im so addict to MS, that i drew 1 of the cha.

taking his slp (poor lighting thus)

Perfect pose for tt day!


He look tired, dont wana post in front of my cam thinking '$!@#@ what this guy wana do from me, can he see me taking nap!?'

cool pic ar? wanted to take stars (withness horizon belts! around my area) with a hp cam, im asking too much)

I always love or picture that 1 day, I would ride on my bicycle armed with a camera (you know that kind of professional used, that required you to turn here turn there), and take down photos of that instant of things (people, animals, insects. Flowers, trees, lake, sky, moon, star, cloud, field, ocean, so many many other things!).
They may not be there soon after. With those collection I will paste them on a album for some reasons. . .

**realised that those music with lyric sung out,is kind of distractful when 1 reading, hence now playing a more peaceful instrumental piece, thereafter will be those with lyric, pop-by the playlist at the bottom, some of my favourite songs**

From this post on.. before I end it, I will write things that I wana do with ??her in times to come. mostly are drama-like(tt does not mean i stole the 'idea' from drama). . .

-the thing I want to do with ??her—
1) Find a secret place that only we both know, considering that Singapore is relatively small, thus perhaps a place not many people had known of. It is a place that we did not intentionally go and search for. One day, we may just said ‘ai…ah this is the place’. This will be the place where we came together, and remember special events of each other (birthday, etc). It is also a place when I know she’s down, and nowhere to find, and know that she be there. It’s a place where memories of us will be held!

Take care
Kai =’