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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Conspiracy Theories

**yet another spree on long entry, again don read if you are tired, or anythings of that sought** =]
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Below are topics on Conspiracy Theories. Well get this idea from the show that I had recently watched (like 2 days back on blogTV). Read this review of mine with an open yet critical mind (be your own judge), and most importantly don’t, yup, I repeat DON’T dwell on the topic. Here go…

Conspiracy theory is there to provide an insight that things are not usually the way we presumed to be correct naively, or accept something simply as ‘fact’ just because the majority said so, or the history teacher said so. The term basically is used to ‘uncovered’ the ultimate cause of some major events (political, social) in the history that may had being concealed by some influential people or organizations.

The roots of conspiracy theory may just perhaps be dig up by those with critical mind people, which may hold bias to the original source though. =/ and btw to conspire means "to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or to use such means to accomplish a lawful end

*****just some explanation on why some people chose to believe in those theories, from wiki, can skip if u want to*****
Under psychology aspect, a person who believes ‘in a particular conspiracy theory may do so because of awareness of information which is not shared by those that disbelieve the conspiracy theory. In turn, awareness of such information may be correlated with awareness of other information which increases the likelihood that one will believe in other conspiracy theories. Conversely, the lack of awareness of such information may be correlated with the lack of awareness of other information which decreases the likelihood that one will believe in other conspiracy theories’.

The most classic example of conspiracy theories will be the example of fluoride in our drinking water. Some of the people out there challenge that fluoridation of water is a conspiracy of the state even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) board had listed water fluoridation as one of the ten greatest achievements in public health of the 20th century. 1 question that CDC, isn’t it under the government?
Thus people begin to come out with ideas to defy this act, below are some theories they came out with. . .
1) government wanted to deprive the creative mind of people to go against them, hence came out with this fluoride compound to feed people (well this the most abrupt speculation, at least to me, but yet again who know =/)
2) large industry produced trillion tons of fluoride, and the compound is both hard and expensive to dispose and treated, thus with a desire to protect their profits release "millions of tons of waste fluoride into the environment”, thereafter with the backup of some powerful organization, claiming that fluoride is for the beneficial of human, well to the teeth at very least. =/
There are more to this hypothesis, read more over the net if you want to, I had just listed the most logical and illogical views, what is rational and what not, perhaps the illogical supposedly to be the logical 1 and vice-versa? You be your own judge!
For those who read much about conspiracy theories, this guy by the name of Jerry Fletcher shouldn’t be alien. I pop by his site, and know that he is a taxi driver, who begins to taking down photo of other people with his newly found camera. So one fine day, he had perhaps took down this photo of some guy whom he supposedly shouldn’t had, as soon a series of weird event started to happen since then. He realized everything goes haywire.
1) The guy where he got his photos developed starts looking at him strangely, asking him weird questions about his job.
2) His dispatcher starts asking me if he’s in some kind of trouble, because some men keep calling the office asking about him.
3) He talking on the phone to a friend and he hear strange clicks on the line.
4) A pizza delivery van keeps delivering pizza to the same building across the street at the same time every night.

To me this is just an example of paranoid about something, just because the man gave him a ‘cold determined stare’, or rather over-sensitive, my views on his reaction:

1) The guy asked him weird questions, perhaps as he have had mentioned that the picture is ‘blurry, especially when he took off running at me’. It just natural for man to ask weird questions when they witness something weird, just as he have observe something out of norm and are now raising the questions.

2) Obviously the man that he have the took the picture didn’t like the fact that he had took his picture secretly, I mean is like against one’s privacy hence dial up his office to lodge a complain.

3) The strange clicks perhaps his friend had other people (not necessary those intelligence source, just some pals perhaps?) on the other line, hence clicking back and forth.

4) The pizza man, he can’t even witness your action when you said, ‘across the street’.

Maybe just maybe he is 1 of the intelligence source preying for those involving in this kind of ‘conspiracy theories’ stuff. I mean all these theories are just there to satisfy the human mind that all. =/

However about 3 months later, he claimed that an old guy got into the back of this seat, apparently to distract him, then 2 guys appeared at his front seat, he felt threaten and started to attack 1 of the guy, after which, he felt a sting on his neck. **black out** the old man begun to asked him how much he had know about his ‘operation’, and started to plunge him into water forcing him to confessed, and said
"I haven't seen you in a long time, Jerry."
As if he’d known him for donkey years, before ‘releasing’ him. I wanted to read on, but then
Then WHAT?
~~ Transfer interrupted~~ as in just end like that abruptly, and I was like leave me in suspend #$#@R# BAKA!

Ok enough with this Jerry guy. . .

Now more on the more serious conspiracy theory that I had dig up over the net, and the speculation is “Did the U.S.
Invent AIDS?” when I came across this topic, I was like wooo.

Anyway here are some of their analyses. June 9, 1969 this dude by the name of Dr. Donald M. MacArthur, who together with his team in the field of molecular biology is investigating the relevance of this field to biological warfare. He predicted that in within the period of 5 to 10 years it is possible to create a new synthetic infective microorganism "which would differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms".The difference would be that it would destroy the human immune system.
He replied ‘certainly not lack of interest’, when asked by Sikes if the project not being initiated is it because ‘lack of fund’ or lack of ‘interest’. Thereafter the first know case of AIDS appeared in Africa in 1977 and 1978. Conscience? If the theory is factual then perhaps USA will be bankrupt by now from the trillion lawsuit that they could face. Thus it is why necessary for them to conceal this event. Mishaps may jolly well rooted from the over confidence of human nature when they are in control.
As sited, Dr. MacArthur with his arrogant confidence that "That could not possibly happen with the biological agents that we have." Yea, right! And the Titanic could not possibly sink, and Chernobyl could not possibly melt down. When the people in charge of any large project tell us, "Nothing can possibly go wrong," it's time to head for the hills!

The recent case of Stefanie Sun got extorted by 2 local gangsters over at Cario, is it a conspiracy case? Had the crew conspire with the gangsters to stir up some news? Or it just happen like that? Again you be the judge, not much evidence to support either case. Again to conspire means "to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or to use such means to accomplish a lawful end

There are still tons of conspiracy theories out there for you to dig out, namely the 911 case, death of Princess Diana etc etc.

Side track-
Watched Charlie Charpin ‘by-chance’ over kids central 2 days back, the show absolutely had no conversation, just excellent music synchronize perfectly with their actions. Their actions speak everything, just as the saying go action speak louder then words? Really light-hearted show to catch! His acute motion still somehow stuck in my mind, till now!

Man being touching on serious topic lately, made a yubikiri with readers that my next post will be a more light-hearted one, perhaps on
1)10 (or lesser) things I wana do with her
2) t@boo(light-hearted?)

**now a day even blog has sneak-preview =,=**
Till then,

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My ah ma just gave me $10 and ask me to go out, cox lately she asked me why never go out and rot at home, i replied no $$ w/o thinking, of course i rejected the offer, but she insisted =.= such a gd ah ma i have eh?

Take care
Kai =’


  • Reminded me my grandpa on my sch or army days - he used to remind me to bring afew mor dollars to go out, incase i nid to buy a cup of kopi for a fren at kopishop; thik he offered me the cash too.. i miss him

    Revive ur regular swim or jog lor. If not, get a bicycle outdoor - my dilemma advice cos safety 1st.

    d wolf pic too big le

    By Anonymous uncle, At 9:30 PM  

  • the gist of this post is 'conspiracy theories',
    did u just read the bottom? =,=|||

    anyway, your grandpa had ..
    life still go on, yea?

    maybe i should revive those outdoor activities, cycling i always wanted to, but ever since i lost my 3 mths old bike, hiaz

    swimming, jogging, scare my bone cant tehan, after rotting for like so many months! plus i need to knock on the door of seinseh,got pain in the neck, use dozen of tiger balm pad = useless!

    the pic i wanted to post as my blog backgroumd, but when come to this kind of html stuff, i know kuku, know nuts sound nicer. =/


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