桜 & 恋

Sunday, September 30, 2007

against the wind; a river still a river

Remember I mentioned about this girl who shared the same birthday as me, whom I once pictured that we were ‘fated’ to be together, of whom I eventually had a silent crush on and did nothing and finally fell out of it. Remember that girl? For those who’d kept up with my blog shouldn’t be alien to this topic.

I met her again today; at the same bus stop where she boards the same bus where I sit on the same seat of this double Decker bus. Think this scenario happened twice. I decided to just say ‘Hi’ this time once the bus stop at the interchange, but I didn’t had a chance. She was heading up a flight of stairs and I was heading the opposite way when I decided to head up the stairs too to the popular to get some stuff and she was actually walking out of the popular. I turned around and ask foolishly you are ‘her name’ right? She turned, smile and walks in her trademark duckie style toward her friend. I thought what a lame question I had ask, when I ask is that you when is obviously her and I know is her, if you get what I meant -,-. A smile huh! @__@

Well so anyway, memories flows back again on those foolish crush I had which lasted for 4 years. Looking back I just ‘haiz’ and ‘haiz’ even more as it seems that I haven’t learnt my lesson yet.

I just quietly. . .as there are so ‘many’ -.- 1 after another in a vicious cycle till someone get me out of there. . .

this song is just an advice for those who remains silent~

With that

well the nxt movie i going catch is Legendary Courtesan: Hwang Jin Yi starring my fav k-actress Song Hye Kyo/gyo =]]]

When the night is over. . .

I’d always picture wedding in a chapel/church to be a romantic, heart-warming but now I see it as plain boring and toot. The pastor will spend like >30mins preaching ‘oh the Lord create man and woman; 2 unite and a new born comes’, ‘oh what woman submit to man and man protect her wife’. ‘oh this, oh that’, and its no wonder my family especially my dad shown sign of impatient, fidgeting around, meddling with brochures and to an extend of complaining ‘so luo suo’ meaning talkative in Hokien and mind you he did said it loud, and my bro just replied ‘yea lor’ and I just kept quiet sensing many eyes arrow at us and they were like oblivious. That was last sat when we attend a wedding of; wait let me get through my mind, wedding of my mum’s father’s brother’s son’s wedding. We Chinese got many terms when referring to relatives but nowadays uncle, auntie settle every thing! Convenient but somehow it lost the sense of closeness as all are categorized similarly. Well anyway that the 2nd I had attended in 4 months I think and 1 was far worst then the next in terms of preaching. . .

Come to think of it, both of my uncles are actually Buddhist turns Christian for the woman’s sake i think, 1 of them even struggle since his dad is those old fashion traditional man, who held strongly to his belief. Somehow it went successfully. So is religion a boundary that between 2 lovely dovey? Love knows no boundary is just a cliché?

Well I comes from a traditional Chinese family with a traditional head over us its no wonder my dad strongly resist me to be part of church. I was a turn Buddhist to Christian to nothing now. Wait my turn Christian hood is not cox of love duh! Once a zealous follower to now a free thinker, its funny how man can change so easily. How zealous? I fixed aside 30mins or more a day to read bible, and manage to finished it, I highlight some verse and write down what they said ‘God spoke to me’, I pray every morning and night faithfully, I repent for all sins committed, all these to a extend of a daily routine that it had lost its meaning eventually. The wrong way of following Christ is like wood plus the fuel from my dad, extinguish of faith is only a matter of time. I did struggle to hold on but let it down ultimately. When will I embrace back? I don’t know. Seriously I don’t want to be tie down by religion of sought and stuff and toot!

Still, I will pray to ‘God’ in time of lost. Is it answered? Yes sometime when you believe.

Sometime I felt that pastor said thing like ‘God SOMETIME never answer your prayer is a testing of your faith’, but to me is more like insurance to them. Well they can’t guarantee everything after all, can they?

Oh yea, now that attachment is over, times now for report. Take time I guess.

With that
Kai take care

Thursday, September 27, 2007

When will I learn to treasure?

People come and go in my life. Once thought everlasting bond, friendship will just brush away from me that easily. It funny how I don’t cherish them, I mean they can come and go just like that and yet I just felt like ‘like that lor’~

Those days I spend in my office in raffles medical as a part-timer, where staffs treated me like family. How close the bond? So close to a extend that 1 of them even addressed me as ‘son’ for a month. The day I left, I just said goodbye and never stay in touch till now. Perhaps I don’t know how to treasure or I simply see it as people just come and go like the wind is to the rustle of leaves. I do felt sad when parting from them, but that is that, I only shows; no action.

Tomorrow will be the last day of attachment over at Jurong Island, memories flow back on the 4 months I had ‘coop’ over there. The stress in rushing to finish experiments, the minor conflict in different views, the joy when the bunch of us sit by the stairs after lunch to have the so called coffee break, the breaking of glasses (ops), the washing of piles of bottles, the rainbow, the birthday cake, the the . . . so many things. Am I again going to leave just like that?

1 thing I must really shout out, really thanks those who willing to pick up a phone call and ask me out, to hang out to re-invite the bond. Perhaps I ought to do the same thing. Will I? Again I doubt so. Some say I as cold as stone, others say I gave them the warmth, for me I see myself as a haphazard molecules @__@

When will I learn to treasure?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

another expedition

She’d been hinting, asking me to bring her there ever since my expedition last week, of which I finally gave in and yea so my sis and I were in UBIN today! And toot, cant believed I was over there in 2 consecutive weeks! And a small world to met 1 of the lab personnel over there!

I was there last week, and I still can’t really figure out the route even with a map right in front of me. It seems that we pass by a particular place 2 times before reaching the designated place, @__@. She must be grumbling I guess @__@ Its pretty cool that we spotted like 3 kingfishers and thousands of fiddler crabs which I didn’t manage to catch a glimpse last week.

Well anyways here are some tips if you are heading to UBIN.

TIP 1: Be the last to enter the bumper boat, that way you got to have the last seat and the privilege to stand and enjoy the view. Why cramp inside the shelter where you can expose to the gentle breeze, the wave, eagle, yachts, speed boat, sea-gulls and many others!

TIP2: Don’t buy coffee, tea or milo from their coffee shop, they tasted more like plain water and take a century to arrive. You don’t know what water they using, canned or bottle drink will be better.

TIP3: coconut from coffee shop nah! Buy them instead along the way while cycling, the 1 to the entrance to CHEK JAWA pretty good, but that again depends

On track
TIP 4: stop whenever you see a road map board; there a little arrow indicating where you are now unlike the ‘paper version’.

TIP 5: Be extremely carefully when cycling down the trail to CHEK JAWA, its darn steep, narrow with many curvy sharp turns.

Sight you don’t wana miss

1) The quarry! Magnificent views! I can’t really describe it though. I swear that I’ll snapped it down if I got a good camera and of course if I remember!

2) CHEK JAWA (though we didn’t get to see many creatures that the place claimed to have), but still a trail to be discovered

3) the CHEK JAWA visitor center

Conclusion: most of the sight seeing will be over in the east side of UBIN, the rest are all tracks and trails for you to conquer!

Tired, sleep tight, and still can’t believed I had a cramp in the thigh! (seems like the blog will not be updated if view under internet explorer, mozilla better)
Take care
Full moon soon!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tomorrow Way

Sometime I felt I just take music for granted. It like I used it as a tool to block off surrounding sound when doing project or to fall asleep in a long bus journey ride. I mean ‘making’ music is not like you add this and that ‘proof’ you had it. From composing to music arrangement all took passion and hard work, and there I just listen w/o appreciating the hard work instills in it. PITY, especially when I did that to YUI music too. It’s unavoidable sometime to listen for the sake for listening though, e.g. from sleep to project.

However when not doing those, I’ll try to focus on the music arrangement and understanding the lyric; which is practically impossible as most of my songs are in JAP, thus the very least I listen hard to the tune, the different instruments played or check up the translation (only YUI). That is why sometime if you caught me starring in the mid air, being oblivious to the surrounding with my mp3, don’t see me as TAO or what not, I’m just focusing and ‘understanding’ the music.

Recently I read a post from about how GIN from Bluewind, a guy who held so much passion for YUI and had lost ‘interest’ in her. In her previous work, YUI does more light pace music accompanied mostly by acoustic guitar; it’s more simple & light-hearted, soothing to the ear and very different from mainstream J-POP. In short, she does her own music. Now she does more on mainstream J-POP. Perhaps GIN prefers her that way and wants her to remain that way; stagnant. To me I see YUI doing different genre of music single after single just shows how versatile she is as an artiste, and she continues to impresses/surprised me too! =]. 1 thing I agreed with him, “Tomorrow way’ acoustic by YUI is a deep and emotional song. I didn’t know there was an acoustic version till I read the post, =,=. After seeing how he describe “Tomorrow Way’ I listen to it over and over again and I now finally realized why some of YUI’s fans see “Tomorrow Way’ as her best work yet. The guitar intro itself is so beautiful that it gave me Goosebumps, the first time I listened to it. Close your eyes and you can literally feels the emotion she poured into the song. The bridge also gave me Goosebumps lol.

Anyway, today had dinner over at Waruku Pasta with Mel. The waitresses are so darn enthusiastic that I just felt uncomfortable for some reasons. Food wise, is pretty ok or should I say good since I forgotten to snap the picture down, which I usually did. Thereafter, we explore route that can bring our date (if there’s 1) to in the near future, how ‘near’ exactly I don’t know~ in the midst I unreal a pretty cool place when some photos are taken! See it yourself! pretty blur though

Finally I bought “Taiyou no uta’, YUI debut movie! And get some pretty cool animae movie from mel, Samurai X trust and betrayal, Tokyo Godfathers and the last episode of Samurai X (movies). Perhaps I’m too impatient to watch the ending of Samurai X w/o watching the front portion, indeed a big @___@.

Lastly Tomorrow Way YUI
Give the song a chance, close your eye and listen to it, the emotion will overwhelm you

with that
Take care’
dnatsrednu ot drah era slrig

Monday, September 17, 2007

Expedition @ UBIN

Guess the expedition on Sat had really drained me as I woke up with ache all over body especially on my neck. Together with uncle and his group of army pals, we headed to UBIN and went cycling, conquering road track to muddy trails to steep upslope to slippery downhill. Indeed a day well spent, as I always had wanted to cycle somewhere out of the ‘safety bound’. I meant it not 1 of those perfect track in 1 of those park that just so darn plain and boring. Over at UBIN, every turn you had to focus, to keep a lookup for vans, warning your buddies vans ahead or behind, every downhill you had too consistently grasping the brake and you know you had to be extra careful like no speeding etc. On top of that, you are in a nature reverse, monkeys, roosters, puppies, spiders all greeting you, there so much wildlife to appreciate, instead of those lifeless building, busy people in mainland.

Its pity that CHEK JAWA (part of UBIN) was at high tide that we didn’t really get to witness most of the mangrove life. And boy, there so many creatures that my hand phone just cant snap, if only I had a camera around, arrrh.

As usual pictures speak louder then words so yea. . .

So we spent like 10hrs over there, then head back to mainland Singapore where dinner was at geylang. Did I say geylang? Yea, I had pass by there over many times but never once step on it, needless to mention at night! The glittering neon lights, the mouth watering old man with popping eyeballs with their hands sliding down the ‘lady’ body, should I said woot or gross?



quite random to play tis song @__@

Versatile YUI

Really was impressed at how YUI had grown in her music career, surprising us with new genre of music single after single, album after album! listen and hear yourself!

The soft YUI

The rock YUI (the rockest side of her ever thus far! she yelled at 340!!!, totally stunning!)

And her latest PV (darn cool in tt jay chow jacket & darn cute with that beret!)

go YUI!!!

with tt

kai =]

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


As usual was doing some stretching exercise in house before the jog, when I felt a sudden giddiness. I thought was it me, or the surrounding? Thereafter, I saw the lamp shaking so yea, earthquake hit somewhere nearby. The next thing I knew was my ah ma mumbling some sutra praying for safety, I knew its kinda lame in my mind, but I knew she meant well for the family in my heart, =]

The shock lasted a few seconds before it ceased and come to think of it, this was like the 3rd time I experience quake in-house. . .

Oh yea, so after the stretching, went down for my jog, where I saw throngs of crowds gathering here and there. Some with their hand phone, sharing the ‘news’, some talking loudly as if no one knew what happened; just a lame commotion in short. I mean, you ran all the way down is because of the quake, thinking that building will collapse or what not, then what the point of gathering directly under a potential clashing down of bricks? @___@ just don’t understand, it just seems that everyone wanted to be part of the commotion.

In the midst of this commotion, there this guy jogging, there no doubt some people may think ‘does this guy actually know what happened?’ I know but life just don’t hiccup there just because of that, or perhaps the fact that I’m in Singapore that I don’t know the onslaught of those nature forces~

What happen to the moon; haven’t seen it as it usual spot for like 1 week +++ weird. . .

Buzz off

The fact that I’m so fickle and fall into infatuation so easily is because I’m not yet stabilized, and I wouldn’t want that as yet or rather not worthy to be one yet! @__@ zzzz

Saturday, September 08, 2007

1 of thse LONg posT~

I finally realized see why company willing to hire inexperience students like us to do work for them. One word, we are ‘cheap labor’ who don wan? In e lab, the research I’m conducting is not much different compared to those so called ‘research engineer/officer’ and they like receiving 5 times our pay? Having said that, it’s a win win situation since we gain experience from the company while they safe quite A LOT from payday.

Whenever I mentioned ‘research’ to my pals, they will gave me those ‘holding in awe look’, like open wide their eyes, with jaw sagging down. It nothing much to be frank, you just do what you asked to do, its just plain following instruction from the upper head. People from IT, business or engineering can accomplish the tasks too, without a doubt.
Right, I always try to limit my ranting in my blog, so how’s my weekend spend?

Initially the plan was to go Ubin and cycle together with uncle and his pals, but guess what; I was greeted by lightening when I woke up like 0623 and then comes the rains after washing out. What a morning! To woke up early and looking forward to the ‘expedition’, only to be ruin by the weather! @___@

Thanks to John, I manage to unravel some underrated/underdog café opposite bugis street! There this whole stretch of road selling lots of food, there’s Korean, Jap and Taiwan etc. We manage to settle down at this Hong Kong Char Chan Ting; had their famous baked rice, yuan yang and this superb toast with overdose of peanut butter, condensed milk and salt? Is really a pity that the food didn’t come warm, only close to warm especially the baked rice, nevertheless the cheesy milky top layer sure is overwhelming with flavor. Ah, as for the yuan yang, the aftertaste is so darn good, a transition of sweetness to bitter then bitter to sweetness, O_O. The toast, shiok la! (but is advisable to share the portion instead of having the whole piece yourself, is rather gelat if you gobble it whole-‘heartedly’~

Do think i actually missed out the photo of he toast bread, too engrossed in it that simply forgot to snap it down!

Out of 5, 2.7 for the rice, 2.9 for yuan yang and 3.3 for the toast! Price quite reasonable, but service wise, serve the food w/o serving fork and spoon, what say you? Maybe the waitress had a busy day ba~ =/ do think yesterday, I had heavy dinner at this Thai restaurant ‘Lemon tree’ to celebrate uncle birthday with his friend followed by dessert at Swenson and today another sinful indulge, so heavy that Im too full to had my dinner tonight!

I really wanted to take bad my words in referring to some of friends as ‘saio’, ‘crazy’ when they already had DL-ed the songs/movies over the net and still bother to buy the original version. I know what it feels like to own something ‘original’, if you really like the artiste/shows. And so today I bought YUI’s latest album ‘Can’t Buy My Love’ even though I already ‘owned’ the songs and even the PV!

The cd

To add on to the shopping carts, I actually bought 2 ‘Chirashi’ (click the link for definition) of YUI debut movie ‘Taiyou no Uta’! so happy~ gonna hang them on my walls after I got those blu tag! Do drop by this shop ‘popcorn’ when there this movie you really like and wanted to have a ‘Chirashi’; 1 located at Esplanade and the other at Suntec.

e Chirashi

CIAO~ YUI new single ‘Love & Truth’ get tie with the movie ‘Close Note’ by Erika Sawajiri as n ending theme! Her previous double A-side single, ‘My Understand’ was tie with a movie too. Man dear YUI is really getting more famous. Guess what? I found out that she actually appeared in New Paper on 22nd May, and I missed it! darn! Nevertheless I had the picture!

random pics

didn know how i manage to snap this down

swt-ne, the old cum young couple holding hands? actually their fingers criss cross each others, but were too slow to take the shot~

will upload YUI's Love & Truth tml~ night ppL

Take care