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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

jUmBo-miXtuRe of RaNdom stuFFs

Such a long time since I last updated (just didn’t have the mood to do so), so now here’r a jumbo-mixture of random stuffs I’d did/learnt/felt/… over those days~

That day get me thinking- my close pals had been making all the efforts to catch up with me and I’d did nothing worthy to be mentioned of (cuz there ain’t any to begin with) to follow up with them. Not to mention, my poly friends had been organizing activities, from movie to soccer to BBQ and I’d turn down 1 after another for some reasons that I don’t know of.

And finally I ‘attended’ one on a treat given by Mel @ Al Dante Fratrolia (think I miss-spelled), kai simply can’t resist to good foodies =] Had this really superb mariana; the pasta is so enrich with flavor that simply over-powered my taste buds, not forgetting those meaty crawfish, juicy prawns, succulent mussels, firm codfish and and don’t know how to describe any further (limited vocab =/), here the picture I took after i took some bites =/

he must be feeling rich lately to give such a mouth-watering treat =/

That day pass by Somerset, it gave me a nostalgic feeling~
That station, the one I used to met up with my brothers/sisters(in church we address guys as bro, gals as sis) every Saturday when we attend church service. It had been 3-4 years since I last visited. And so I’d decided to pop by the next day, cuz I kind of miss the atmosphere and the people there. . .

Had my supposedly last guitar lesson that day and I thought ‘maybe I should continue after all. . .’ The very reason for me to quit in the first place is be- c0z I’d been lagging wayyy-yyyyyyy behind with special thanks to CPTC, that I felt so demoralized that I just wana throw in the towel. Now with the holiday, I somehow manage to brush up my skills and am now wayyyyyy-yyyyyyy ahead of some, =] (typical lion like to boast. =/). On top of that, assessment/test well be on the 3rd lesson; and to see where I stand maybe I will continue. BUT with the on-slaught of the up-coming attachment at JI again, will I be able to cope? Ding-dang-dong-goosh-boo-bish-ba-BOOM!!! =’=

I attended the service after that.

Somehow the atmosphere is not as ‘high’ as before (cuz we jump and sing in the service =/), all the youth then had now transfer to the so call ‘tertiary’ group, yes they still jump and sing but the atmosphere just not right for me, =/, maybe too many new facers/worship-leaders and this don’t know pop up from where Indonesia pastor ==’==. Some of them still recognized me! They were like you are that ‘kai jie right’. ‘So long never see you, and you still look the same as before except you spike your hair’. . . =’=
Sadly I learnt that some of those in my care group or cell grp had left church, 3 of them to be exact, and 1 of them was very pro-enthu God-lover but still. . .

Is funny how 1 passion for stm change over time~

That day labeled myself as crouch-potato!
Watch this high rated anime series ‘The melancholy of Haurai Shizuyami’ (think I spelled wrong again). What so unique about this anime is that the storyline is based on a 3rd person narrating and the series are jumbled up for some reasons, anyway currently ¼ way, 8 more series to go~

Also watch Spider Lillies which supposedly to be a R21 movie, but found no other reasons for it to be labeled as R21 except for the lesbian part. Maybe the version I watched had been edited like those erotic part being remove or sought~ and that Ranie simply just can’t act sexy LA, when I watch her does those sexy pose I can’t help but laugh rather then get ‘high’, a BIG ====’=====.

You can’t portrait a demon when you look like an angel yourself~

For the storyline I manage to pick up something- though tattoo can serve as some memorable stuff for the case of Takayo and xiao liu, or to give some one strength but ultimately we can’t let ourselves be de-illusion like running away from facts. (don’t know what I’m saying @________@)

is hard to pen down feeling sometime~

But overall is just a boring show that I simply just keep dragging forward. Those interested in the movie is not the movie itself but more on Ranie being a les in the movie, like me =/

Made myself a new spec again yesterday (this time round more budgeted)contact lens just make a desert out of a river @__@

Call today the retro day!

Dip in the pool today, it simply refresh my mind and soul!
Somehow I link myself to Bob Dylan on youtube who sang famous ‘blowing in the wind’ and so today I decide to go retro with the like of Mariah Carey, Whitely Houston, Stevie Wonder & Santana etc. . .

The song blowing in the wind’ also very nostalgic, used to sing it along with mrs spoon's piano during my sec 1 to 2 time days. The class will just murmur on the lyric then out of sudden sing out loud on the chorus
‘The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

Thinking back, ah how time had passed! @__@

That time I simply don’t understand the song, just simply sing because was asked to. BUT now I understand that this song actually talk about wars, philosophy and lots of hidden agenda for you to decipher~ here some of the living legend retro video I unrevealed! (by then the blog’s music shld have finished, I think)

that time when Mariah Carey is more preservative, unlike now keep showing her booty @__@, anyway here a depict of 2 power-horse female vocalists. if really had to compare, personally i think Whitely is better, she put more soul and emotion into her music unlike Mariah who put so much focus on Technique then music

Stevie Wonder's rendition of 'blowing in the wind'. King of soul, tt's w/o a doubt!
watching him perform, the message bring across is so much impactful then politician doing those crappy speech!<

last but not least a song by Jaci Velasquez (not retro), 'imagine me w/o you. if you find the video disturbing, then just listen to the music itself (can be a love song in a way =]])

With that
Take care =’


  • hmm.. well.. why i wasn't invited to Al Dante Fratrolia? i love great food too you know =D... lol

    By Anonymous Chire, At 5:26 PM  

  • It's Al Dante Tattoria!!! And it was 'Marinara' you had... not some weird spelling... lol... I didn't give you a treat because i was 'feeling rich'... In fact, i was quite broke, really... barely able to save up enough for that meal we had... lol Just wanted to spend some time with ya over dinner like we did in the past... And besides, I'd been seeing so little of you of late... messages over the handphone are nothing compared to words shared in person... T_T You treated me to some ice cream after though... perhaps one of the very very few times you've treated me to something... but still, very grateful for it... was really great XD

    you MUST play for me one day soon... lol

    Things change, people change, times change... nothing can remain as it is forever...

    lol wonder how you look like in your new speccs... and it's Mrs Poon, not spoon rofl

    baka kai... and as for dear chire... lol as i said... used up pretty much everything on dear kai... lol next time perhaps =p

    By Anonymous you know who, At 7:45 PM  

  • @ chire & you know. . .





    By Blogger kai, At 8:18 PM  

  • cheh... skill ar kj...

    By Anonymous shaz, At 11:05 PM  

  • well my words still stand, i wouldn't prefer a treat unless someone is trying to take me as his girffriend.. lolz.. well ok sure, till next time

    By Anonymous Chire, At 11:33 PM  

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