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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Perfect doesn't work

‘Perfect doesn’t work’, guess that the theme of the show, I’d just watch on channel 5 ‘The stepford wives’. It about how influential and powerful/independent iron lady, whose hours spend in office neglecting the house and especially the hubby, making man like a worm or sought. There this woman who loses his man as a result wanted to create a ‘perfect’ world, where woman submit to their hubby, by placing some microchips in them. Many guys send their girls to be programmed and then the story tells how this man resist the temptation to ‘robot-terized’ his wife and save them, bla. The sight of mindless lady, without objective, just yes sir and never say no is totally creepy and even to the extent of ‘Y…’,bla! On second thought, there won’t be much conflict and such, and stuffs, but that just doesn’t spice things up I guess.

And yea, perfect doesn’t work, but still, we aim for perfection that some forget about the word ‘humanity’. Sad

Take care

Friday, October 26, 2007


Reap what you sow eh?

So the poster of mine was selected to showcase for some ‘thingy’. ‘Notice that those selected posters are the favorite students of this particular lecturer’ and I was like, so I’m 1 of them? And yea, so I thought maybe~

Right anyway, I went home late tonight and my grandma was asking me

‘Go out eat ah?’
‘How many people?’
‘Xa-bo-peng-yu ar?’ (girlfriend in hokien)
‘no la, no girl want me’
‘where got, you so ;swee;’(pretty in hokien, wonder if that’s the right adjective to use)
‘bo-la (no-la), no body want’
‘bo-lan ai, wo ai’ (no body want you, I wan you)

And I was like ahh so sweet ~ =]

Take care

Thursday, October 25, 2007

this post deserve a BIG -___________________________--

Right, so first week of school doesn’t goes really smooth~

Get ‘A’ in the first week! That the only 1 time I don’t wana see an ‘A’. That ‘A’ appeared no where near result slip but in attendance list. Pretty soon will come a warning letter I guess, -.- ||| worst of all absent with no valid reason, but the reason validated, if you are blur like me. So here how-

Its always a custom that there’s no tutorial in first week of lesson, and teacher had actually re-minded us during lecture that there is, and I’d actually forget, -.- wait I was paying attention, and just didn’t know how the part of ‘There is tutorial this week’ being filtered off. Wait the worst part is I’d actually confirmed with W that ‘we don’t have tutorial right?’, and he replied ‘yes’. I was like ‘WTH, you sabotage me ah, on the day I miss the lesson’. It was then my the other friend reminded me that ‘He choose different electives, difference from yours, you ask him, of course he say don’t have la cuz he don’t have, different time-table dude!’ then I was like -,- |||, teacher who appeared to over-heard it gave me the -.-|||| look also, I was like -_____________-||| yes yes I know~

Then was the A1 size poster that I had to come up, of which I spend 2 days of ‘5am-8am and 4am-8am’ to finish and the results was like -___________- ( spend so much effort then come out like -_______-) it was only after I printed the actual A1 size that cost $19 that I spotted some of my stuffs are misalign, and yea I don’t wana spend another $19 just to reprint. All I had to do is not to point on that part during tomorrow poster presentation, I guess~

Then came the list of project+ an ‘s’!!!!!!!!!! -________________________-

Guess all these explain why I had drowned 2 cups of Hot fudge 2 days consecutively! Starting to appreciate hot fudge > flurry. Ah the warm chocolate complimented with the snowy-creamy vanilla is Woooooooooooo, the after-taste of the chocolate is aHHHHHHHHHHH. Think it beats my favorite combination of ‘flurry + coffee’, had it? don’t know. . .

and my aching neck, that actually made my my neck protruding out which resemble that of a giraffe; think is the long hr in front of com doing poster -____-

and my left knee cap injury since 3 weeks back after a run w/0 much adequate warm out, that made me walk waywardly which resemble a duck

so if you withness a cross of giraffe-duckie man- there a high chance that u had actually spotted moi -__________________-

Take care

Monday, October 22, 2007

Life is like a boat

Looking forward for school re-opens today, but ba ba ba ba ba feelings is what I get. Many seem to be alien to me other then the closer clicks, or am I alien-ting away.

Some time I thought nobody knows who I really am~ and this melancholy songs will haunt me

Life Is Like A Boat - Rie Fu (Translated)

Nobody knows who I really am
I never felt this empty before
And if I ever need someone to come along
Who's gonna comfort me and keep me strong?
We are all rowing the boat of fate
The waves keep on comin' and we can't escape
But if we ever get lost on our way
The waves would guide you through another day
Heaving a sigh faraway, seeming to have grown transparent
Although I could think in the darkness, I've only been blindfolded
Give me your prayers and wait for a new day
until that end where the vividly shining sea is
Nobody knows who I really am

Maybe they just don't give a damn
But if I ever need someone to come along
I know you would follow me, and keep me strong
People's hearts are moving, they come to wish to be free [1]
In a new epoque, the moon is again accompanying the boat [2]
And every time I see your face,
The oceans heave up to my heart
You make me wanna strain at the oars,
And soon I can see the shore
Oh, I can see the shore
When will I.... can see the shore?
I want you to know who I really am
I never thought I'd feel this way towards you
And if you ever need someone to come along
I will follow you, and keep you strong
The journey is still continuing even on calm days
The moon still illuminates the boat in a new epoque
Give me your prayers and wait for a new day
until that end where the vividly shining sea is
And every time I see your face,
The oceans heave up to my heart
You make me wanna strain at the oars,
And soon I can see the shore
Row the boat of of fate
Although waves flow from and to the future [3]
and threaten to overwhelm us [4]
that's also a wonderful journey [5]
Every journey's a wonderful journey

Take care

Sunday, October 21, 2007


A plunge into the pool ends the hectic week?

Well anyway, I was kinda baffled at how advertiser made use of young innocent kids in their advertisement. Take for example the ‘Huggies Ultra’ advertisement; a kid was shown as a ballerina wearing a diaper saying Huggies is my ‘best friend’, I was like -,-, GOD they teaching a kid to treat diaper as a friend or something? Then these advertisements on milk, with kids saying I love milk because of calcium in it, do they really know WTH is calcium in the first place? then there this Yakhut, forget the details. Worst still they are broad casted mainly on kids central, where kids populated the channel, so yea, bla bla~ **ops did I just indirectly said I watch kids central?** well im not embarrass to say that.

Right, editing of abstract in my report after a bath, sometime I just need a third person to check my report or stuffs, as I’m always confident, or over-confident to be specific that I see my stuffs as ‘ok’

And and, while heading home just now, I saw 2 kitties, 1 coated with orange stripes, pairs of yellowish eyes and a bells round it neck caught my attention. I approached it and it brushed its body round my legs 2 times, I was like wo-wo (itchy); was tempted to touch it but didn’t as I thought I’m allergic to cat.

And yea I’m right, my legs are kinda itchy when I reached home, -,-

Well Zoom- to bath ~

Take care

for thse who tune in to class95, the 'back to old skool' at 6.45pm shouldn't be alien. jux send Jean an email playing 25min by MLTR with a little msg, wonder will it be aired tml hmm?

Monday, October 15, 2007

tie down

Sometime I really hate things that are being planned for me. I don’t really like to follow a set of things and bound by it and follow it unless it’s sensible. Take for example my report writing, there 1 whole list of things to follow, like only ‘palatino linotype’, double spacing, which made the words so darn freaking big and so far apart -,-. Enough is enough when even the procedure to write introduction, then methods and materials then results presentation then discussion etc, can’t I combined results and discussion together? I know standardizing all theses made the teacher life easier in gauging the report but it simply hinder our creativity to present our data! It’s alright if it means to be a guideline, but as a ‘die die’ must follow step simply pissed me off. Well I just hope my LO allows me to combine those 2 section together~

happy-note, YUI's latest single beats Ayu!!!!! in first week sales ~ more then 10K wooot! how happy can i get? i'm actually thinking of doing a printed YUI t-shirt O_o, well see how~ even if i dare not wear on street, but hanging on my wardrobe is already ahhhhh~ -,- well thats that`

Side-note, I always thought only kids need words of encouragement but lately I felt sometime even adult needs encouragement, a little words like ‘do well’, ‘jia you’ really help me to get back on track =]

Random! I’m jealous of Russell, my dog. Sometime I bring him out, girl will come forward and said ’so cuteeeeee’ and starring at him before asking questions related to him, -,- and I was like blab la -,-

Take care

Just finished catching ‘3 wishes’~ guys watched it, the reality TV show only had 10 episodes, only 10, high production cost the main reason, think it ending this week. Oh, I found out that Amy grant the host of the show is actually a Christian pop singer who had won 6 Grammy awards, that’s something! yet to find her song 'Believe'

Friday, October 12, 2007

dreams come true when u believe?

Being catching the show ‘Three Wishes’ broadcast on channel 5; weekdays at 1pm. Its really a hear-warming reality show that shows how people reaching out to those in needs, those who’d lost their houses in disaster, those whose close-kin whose days are numbered, those who suffered from terminal illness, and lots more. It really touches me to see how they granted their wishes and bring smiles back to them. The show never failed to bring me to tears every time I saw how their life had change for the better, especially the once taken-away smile being brought back. Watch it when you guys had the time, is a life-awaking show!

1 thing though, some of the aids that they’d received was like 1000% better than then, I mean this 1000% could be split to 100% to help more in needs yea?

‘Some dreams don’t come true, but this 1 did’~

Take care

Thursday, October 11, 2007

colour blind

Right so yesterday just catches the legendary courtesan starring pretty face SONG Hye-gyo with pals. Well I was mentally prepared for the dreading 140 + 1 min screening time; visiting toilet beforehand. As for the movie, it plain bores with no climax except for the goring of genital area, LOL! On my left, cal was fidgeting and on my right mel was erm erm and I had the time to look around jus show how boring the show was! But who cares, I came to watch SONG not the movie, =/

Anyway, just caught this catchy song ‘Color Blind’ aired on Class 95, the only radio station I listen to, other then 92.4FM. I usually catch it around evening when I took evening nap listening to old school music to latest hits, where Jean Danker taking the DJ seat. The station had so many stuffs like prank calls thingy, sharing of old school memories and stuffs that made it my favorite station. Yea blab la bla . . .

Recently I had misplaced my lucky ring again, and I thought maybe it mark the new beginning to something -,-, now that I found it back again, guess things just remain as it is~

Darius Danesh - CoLor BLind

take care

Saturday, October 06, 2007

3 mins fever?

I’m always fascinated and envy those photographers that I’d seen from cities to villages. Their pose/stance, the turning of lens all theses are so darn cool, well at least to me. It no wonders I want to get one of this baby, the DSLR camera! The good thing about DSLR camera is that it not as rigid as compared to those casual cameras, where a click of button does the trick. With SLR, one had to adjust this and that to get what you wanted it to be viewed, the auto focus mode, shutter speed and blab la. I also learnt that one can actually attached a microscope or telescope to a DSLR camera which means I can actually take photos of germs to stars, WOOOT!

Again this might be just another 3 minutes fever so. . . to add on it isn’t an cheap hobby to pick up @___@ online does sell cheaper, but a novice like me don’t know the details~ BA~

With ta

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Wa la or voila! For those who don’t read much like me will literally spell voila as Wa la. I heard this expression on television the other day, but didn’t ‘see’ them written down and its no wonder some commented ‘most people are illiterate television-addicted morons.’ I was like ouch! I mean it precisely that some are illiterate that they need sound and visual aids from the television, yea?

The first time I came across this word is from some cooking variety show when this guy shouted ‘Wa la’ with great enthusiastic on his finished dish. I was like wow so it means ‘ta-da’ I thought. Then yesterday I came across this word again, and for some reasons, randomly I typed ‘Wa-la’ on Google search then came to this webpage explaining the misconception on spelling and the words and such.

I should be doing my report and do think I passing my time DOTA-ing. Perhaps I’m taking the 3 weeks for granted, that I’m just rotting in front of the computer. more like procrastinating ~

The worst thing is when I got sick of playing I can sit in front of the com gazing on the screen listening to song, waiting for some random things to come to mind then voila I thought of searching Wa la, and voila I learnt the word! @__@

Anyway voila is more like ‘look there’ or ‘see there’, I see it as ta-da~

Sometime I myself was amused on my own randomness. . .

Take care
.;. trademark sign by Kai -,-, does it remind u of a footprint?

really can t stand my language, sentence structure, etc, I means is like primary school style. I should read more, I guess~

Since what you hear can be misleading, it no wonders some place their instinct over other senses. – another of those Kai wanabe statement.