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Friday, February 16, 2007


For some, when they achieved something, they tend to be compliances. I’m sought of like that, of which I had to change. Yesterday, wanted to start my revision, but the moment I saw my text, my mind was totally blank, I was like reading out a lot (when I revise, I read out)but nothing go in. when that happen, I always detached myself from the text by sleeping foe 10 mins then cont, or walk round the hall, munching sweet stuff, reading newspaper, etc. However, this time I simply force myself to go on, as I had just started. The effort was futile of course, in the end read a few line and was knock out, I told myself ‘perhaps, you need some early night sleep for now.’ Oh, what a good night sleep I had the morning wake up afresh! I look back on yesterday issue, I thought what could have caused the ‘want to sleep syndrome’. I thought the most reasonable reason is because I had jotted down what I wanted to accomplish in revision, perhaps I had set some unrealistic goals, that had possibly stress me out, and resulting in cant focus, and when I try too hard to concentrate too hard, felt tired, then KO, a chain of events,WOoot. Sometimes, I felt let nature takes it course is better, if you can finish that much that day, leave it as it is. Afterall, guess im not that compliances, but just giving myself too much stress. On top of that, DON ACCELERATES YOUR REVISION TOO FAST, TAKE IT AT PACE, ACCELERATING STEADFAST, JUST LIKE RUNNING A MARATHON. =] that some insights I gain from that spontaneous chain reaction.

Later be going to shop for New Year clothing with uncle for upcoming season.

My neck had been aching for like weeks, or so, approached my grandma for remedy. She cut off a small piece of ginger soak it in ointment then scrubs it on my neck. The process was like darn shoick! Apparently, she claimed ginger can remove ‘wind’ in the body. I was like ar…..ah……ok……cool………=/ right after that, I was on my desk updating this blog, then the pain come again, guess is my sitting position ba.

HUray, YUI’s latest hit CHE.R.RY mv is out, so cute! When I type the word CHE.R.RY, my playlist happen to play that song (woot such a coincidence)! Anyway, the opening show a bunch of animals waiting for YUI (apparently look like a princess) to sing for them, when the tree door (fairly tales curtain) open, when YUI was seems asleep, awoke she walked down the lane of some street thn finally reached them, then …..

***********pause the playlist at bottom******************

The whole package was so cartoon, totally fit her features. The opening voice happens to be rather coarse and cool, but hey wait, at the chorus, so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. She was wearing purple and pink in this MV, in contrast of the usual black color she wore, much adorable. How many times had she remelted my solidify heart, can’t remember. LOl

Take good care


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