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Sunday, June 24, 2007


How my 2nd week over at JI? Pretty much the same routine, nothing much happening~ However a couple of stupid things worth mentioning. Here go
1. You know this weighing balance with the sliding door that 1 must slide open before 1 can put stuff in and measure its weight. Picture this: the door is close and I was so ‘toot’ that I try to put my spatula into the weighing balance, so its like hitting your head on the glass door. *BANG*, utterly *speechless*!!!
2. Concentrated acetic acid got spilled on my hand, at first I just thought *its just another water, so just wipe it off*, thereafter I felt this burning sensation, that my immediate action was to flush with water. At the end of day, it left a white patch on my left hand and is now W/O PORES AND HAIRs!!! So if you looking for any dermatologist for hair removal, you can save some big bucks by using acetic acid~ ==,==

My friend was asking ‘why you wear glove when washing those apparatus, and don’t wear glove when dealing with concentrated acid?’ I was like *yeah orhhh* and sigh~

Well anyway, this week had been quite demoralizing when our experiment yield no positive results, until last Friday when we finally saw some light~

Walking along the T-junction to my house, my pace is always slow (you never know what’s slow, unless you walking beside me), my mind is always emptied, gazing around; tapping my finger to the tunes, occasionally she float in my mind, and I just give a quiet smile and walk on. . .

next post up soon~

Take care

Hope still blowing in e wind for me to held on~


  • kai's just kai... lol... and you do know that anything 'concentrated' is to be really, really taken seriously, dom't you? -.- Kai... please, please watch over yourself... Chemical burns are not to be messed around with, and you WILL get hurt badly and might even face long term injuries if not dealt with in all seriousness... so yeah...

    Sigh... just go for her, won't you... you're a wimp.

    By Anonymous why can't you be more careful..., At 5:42 PM  

  • @why. . .

    i ned to sort out my feelings first

    By Blogger kai, At 11:20 PM  

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