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Thursday, January 24, 2008

If only there is no 'Stage', where things are crystal clear

Sometime is really scary to see how a people creating a scenario, manipulating his little pawns and checkmate! It even scarier that he/she seems innocent, and referring the ‘dirty job done’ to other. Worst of all, that day is just another typical day for him/her.

As deduced by Kai:

The prime suspect(s) are not necessary the criminal(s). Remember there is always someone making them look like one. Those are perhaps the criminals themselves. Never jump to conclusion unless you witness (see + hear + feel perhaps) it yourself. In the end, the manipulator just sits back and enjoys the script he/she had written. If this spree of suspiciousness continues, he/she will really be laughing. I know all this sound too abstract/dramatic to be true, cux you know I’d always think of the impossibility.

Anyway. ..

You’ll know that I hated accusation, especially from some one close, if you had read this entry. That day I’d learnt that if I put them in my shoe I would had thought the same way too, so its alright after-all.

Kai beginning to accept things as it is then life will be easier. Of course don’t compromise always, be firm with your stand and not let others stumbled upon your virtue!

Take care =’

If only there is no 'Stage', where things are crystal clear, which is totally impossible if you're influence easily by others.

Stuff pass from peeps to peep, are being curry flavor before, either sweeter or more bitter, original taste is only grasp after you'd literally 'see+hear+feel' it yourself.

Reminder: Sometime if you try too hard to remedied a situation, people will either see you as stupid or hypocrite.

Looking for this song desperately, someone tells me where can i Dl this song. Zillion thanks. side note: by the tune some would had guess Cyndi actually cover it as 'yue guang'. It really pissed me off when someone said Cyndi sang better, when she literally borrow the material from J-side. By the way the original singer is no other then the gorgeous diva- Hitomi Shimantani herself! A lady who experiments with the genre 'crossover' using classical strings in her later work, and I was like Woah! Gorgeous musically and physically! This song is pretty unique too with harp as the dominant ballad instrument, i think. This calmness of this song suit the intense topic!

Prefer the duet with Ayumi though @ Ayumi Hamasaki & Hitomi Shimatani - Amairo no kami no otome

darn my dark eye ring owning to late night sleepzZZ
Looking forward for a new terrier coming to our house pretty soon, with buddy(the bigger dog) going to my dad office. For some reasons my dad's customers kept passing those helpless puppies to him. Now he has 6 mouths to feed, 3 children and 3 dogs, man! @___@

YEEEEEEEEEESH found the song Amairo no kami no otome at last!!!!!!11@ 9.49

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  • Oh? did my little speech last night scare you a little, kai-kun? lol The world IS a scary place out there, y'know... even more so to the unprepared. Childish ideals and beliefs are crushed underfoot and made to dance to the whims of the strong, only to be discarded when their use is up. In the best case scenario, the victim doesn't even realise it happening at all.

    Now, now... there's no need to descend into paranoia or cynicism... Sometimes the victim really is in need of help, and more oft than not, the victim is the one pushed into such a corner that he has to resort to such means to defend himself and avenge his sorrows... so driven and hurt is he. And you see, RL really is quite different from all those crime novels where it goes, "TADAA, I'm the criminal! mwhahahahaa"... you won't notice yourself being used until you take a sit back from it all... and by then, the culprit would be long gone... and almost untraceable.

    So long as one desires it, or has the mental faculties to do so, there will always exist a 'stage', as you call it, and a 'play' via which that someone is the script writer. However, not all 'plays' are malicious, nor should you start doubting and losing your sense of trust or purity... Live with your head turned upwards, stand strong to your beliefs, and live life the way you wish, not the way others would. And most of all... know that what goes around, will eventually come around. Retribution comes to the unjust, salvation to the meek, and the just will be rewarded. Always believe in that.

    By Anonymous tsumi, At 7:16 PM  

  • not u la . . .

    Ur last statement hmm. . . like u said 'mental faculties', they can merely don't recognized it in the first place to see it coming. not all believe in karma you know- its a state of mind that this thing exist, but

    hopefully what comes round will really go a u-turn back to inflict the stuff @__@

    By Blogger kai, At 7:30 PM  

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