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Saturday, January 05, 2008

The word conscience

God imbue something really important in us- Conscience. Without it, I believe a lot of stuffs can be achieve; mostly terrible ones. With it, many a time man got tie down it.
However with it, many bad things can be prevented.

Too much conscience will only hinder a man’s path? Hmmm?

Ironically, the word conscience is made up of ‘con’ and ‘science’. ‘Con’ narrate deceive ‘science’ relate to facts; to deceive something you believe to be morally right, huh?

I thought is strange that I wrote this.

Take care
thank God that i had it, but i think i had too much of it @___@ that sometime i hope i had lesser of it (really?) hmm

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  • conscience, eh? without it, humanity would be nothing more than a mob, consuming one another for their own benefit and progress... But having too much of it... yes, it does hinder one's progress. Good people never win, this is something i've learned the hard way. Sometimes one must harden one's heart and simply not feel... But it is also conscience that allows us to feel the hurt that we inflict on others... sometimes so much so that it eats into your very soul. There're sometimes i wish i felt nothing at all...

    By Anonymous zetsubo, At 1:13 AM  

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