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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cutting e string of kite

I’d always see myself as easygoing, happy go lucky, impermeable to ‘bad feelings’, ability to nullify thoughts/feelings, bear no grudges, in short what come in (both good & bad) my mind will just vaporize into thin air.

However there just 1 thing that I can’t tolerate- [Being Accused], trebled the dosage from close 1 especially. Once it was enough, twice it hit back; its being months and I still haven’t got over with it as yet. That explained my cold feelings toward him since then. Perhaps its time to let go like I always had. I hope! Its weird but I’ll try. Or perhaps I’m used to the cold feelings, it strange now to even open a conversation. He seems to have totally forgotten, ignorant about that event, but even though I knew he did that to spite me w/o any hard feelings, but I still take it to heart deeply and childishly being evil/cold towards him since then.

Take care.
Let it go like you always did, Kai!

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  • ... what'd i do to you, kai-kun...? Q.Q i've always loved ya as a brother... >.<

    Though it is kinda hard to believe kai-kun as that cold... but i do remember that time when we were like in a long period of cold war... where i didn't talk to you or even acknowledge you and you the same to me for like a month and a half... was really sad then. though in the end, i made up my mind that i didn't want to lose you after all. And i know if i hadn't made the first move in mending our friendship, we would've parted ways, cold and as strangers are... despite everything that might have happened before. that was how much i wanted to be your friend then, your best friend, perhaps. hehe, I really didn't want to lose ya.

    By Anonymous kage no tomogara, At 6:06 PM  

  • not u~

    By Blogger kai, At 9:30 PM  

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