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Saturday, January 12, 2008

A dream comes true, yet so many undone/fullfilled dream+s

Getting >21 points still doesn’t entitled me a gold for NAFA, thanks to a ‘D’ for standing board jump. Guess the >21 points is not well deserved anyway, as the sit-up station was kelong~ (from C to A), I think. Thus a sliver award is what I deserved.

To run 11mins ++ was my target when I started training for 2.4km and I did it yesterday! I was like finally I’d break the 12mins barrier! (guess the covered distance is <2.4km.hmm) How thrilled I was then! Now to continue running is a big question mark since I’d pass for now. Aside note, whenever I run, my feet will be kind of pain. I remembered, I was told to have flat-feet by a sale woman in some shoe department store, a myth that yet to be confirmed.

This semester is so like a choo-choo-train, no a bullet train! @____@

Take care

Is funny how easily i was influenced by drama/anime/artiste!!! All turns up to be half-hearted

- I want to play guitar when I saw YUI playing it
- I want to go back to basketball court to play, when I finished watching slam dunk
- I want to get a hand in tennis when I watch prince of tennis, the national championship
- I want to play Moderato Schubert's Piano Sonate in A Minor, Op. 42 (D. 845) [the 1 airing now], when I saw how Nodame play it in Nodame cantabile
- I want to dance, when I saw those peeps doing break
- A never ending list

I want this, I want that, in the end all never do or just half-way and gave up~ haiz~

sound abit faster then the watch on Nodame Cantabile, even though both are moderato, mm



  • that's a surprise... you watch nodame cantobile as well? very intriguing... i've the complete anime series and am collecting the manga... one of the true gems out there ^_^ chiaki + nodame relationship ftw lol but most of all, good to know you did well for your nafa test, kai-kun... attaboy, kai-puppy! XD And to actually break 12... guess you work better under pressure, ya? lol

    And flat feet can lead to quite alot of problems if not tackled early on... I really suggest you do something about it.

    By Anonymous Requim, At 5:19 PM  

  • i watched the live action 1 @__@ and is 'cantabile' nt 'cantobile' now waiting for the subbing of SP version of the drama, tt nodame i hope i met a 2nd real life nodame outta there!

    perhaps physically i work under pressure

    but mentally/academically i failed under pressure, i will just panic shyt load and poof GG

    By Blogger kai, At 5:36 PM  

  • hooo... kai-kun has taken to correcting moi?! is that a challenge i smell...? <(^_^)7

    Hmmm... that's true, you're kinda weak mentally... maybe you've not yet endured enough suffering to reach a certain level yet? ^_^ you've incredulously weak will... as shown from all your half sought after projects... lol

    By Anonymous nocturne, At 8:43 PM  

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