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Sunday, January 27, 2008

INterconnected in the body and soul

Sensei told me that the source of my neck-ache can be traced down to my backbone injury incurred some months back. Its funny how our body parts are interconnected by numerous veins that 1 part pain will leads to other part pain thus making the main source less noticeable without professional help.

It make me think if human are interconnected this way too that we can feel what we did to others that we’ll think twice before inflicting something, neH>? – Kai- e linker of stuff to everyday life!

Take care
Ladies and Gentlemen may I present you the very first Italian song on this blog
Un Angelo (Angels) -Un Angelo (Angels)- given the tune most probably a lovely dovey song!
Woot my 201st entries!



  • If one feels deep enough, one will no doubt be able to feel the pain one inflicts on others, as well as the sorrow that arises from inflicting such pain... But what can one do? We do what we must to survive, to live, and avoid being trampled on... We hurt others and are hurt in turn, a neverending cycle that goes on and on... More than once i have wished to be free of it all... free of these pitiful emotions that hold me back, this empathy that drives nail after nail through me... This damned weakness...

    By Anonymous Tsurai no omoi, At 3:06 PM  

  • at e very least, ur conscience still there, it may bring u no where but it will you a guilt-free life? just sound so 'Mr Righteous'

    actually this kind of stuff is pretty out to argue and choose from. all drawn down to choices made. had totally no right to judge to begin with~

    By Blogger kai, At 4:29 PM  

  • That's the way it is. The body is structured in the way that everything that goes in passes through every where.

    By Anonymous Pipette, At 3:19 PM  

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