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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Eureka? Nah thats child play

“So that’s how you do it’
‘Yea, but not necessary 123’ I replied.

This kiddo, her mum and me were in the lift, and this kid happen to *accidentally* as shown by her facial expression pressed the 6th floor button; we were heading down to 1st floor then. Without second thought, I press other 3 buttons to sought of de-code it and this reset all the buttons and press floor 1 again. The mum seemed amused and so the question asked. Try it at your house’s lift, and I was stunned as not many people knew about it.

However I guess the principle behind is that the lift had a weight sensor, with an offset limit when more then 4 buttons were pressed. This is assuming 4 people will exit at 4 individual levels, thus the total weight will definitely more then a limit set. Hence the 3 of us is less then the limit set, thus the reset button is triggered.

The downside, what if there are really 4 people in the lift living at different level and all are underweight? Can you digest that?

Take care
sleepy head still, sigh @__@

Hopefully someone will upload Kobukuro’s All single best for me to DL!!! I want Sakura MP3 (the one airing now) by them!!!!



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