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Sunday, January 06, 2008

The only J-pop duo i respect

I was never once impressed by J-pop boy band till I came across this unusual duo combination of Kentarō Kobuchi and Shunsuke Kuroda forming Kobukuro. Why unusual? Height differences of about 20cm standing side by side; that alone caught some visual attention, yea?
I thought this duo must be some big shot as Singapore seldom advertise on J-artiste. Well anyway, I was immediately captivated by their soulful/heartfelt vocal which left me frantically searching high and low for their music. Even though both had rather distinctive vocal, but somehow they manage to compliment each other. I’d always respect artistes that does not depend on external factors but plainly on music alone to gain their fame, and Kobukuro is 1 such. The other duo like Tackey & Tsubusa and WaT are totally not in their league! (Guess many she-male fans so gonna bash me up for making this statement)!

In fact, I’d listen to them long ago on the duet between Ayaka and Kubokuro on ‘Winding road’. Then I thought was Ayaka’s song, and the duet part is just some background vocalist or some folk-country singer, without realizing that they are in fact Kubokuro! Shame on me.
Highly recommend their ‘Kazemidori’ and ‘Tsubomi’ (interestingly this song started and ended the same way). Both are nicely arrange with top-notch vocal performance.
if u prefer faster pace beats - Kimi to iu na no tsubasa
Take care
Perhaps some time later will look up on the translation~


duet at Winding Road-Live (for some reasons they disable the encode-ing) watch it and be touched and know what true music is all about; their freestyle, somewhere near ending woozza speechless.

uploaded the Tsubomi- but sadly is not the full version though~ nevertheless is good enough~

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