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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

there is a soft side in every 1

Uncle sends this video titled ‘Lion Hug’. I was like it had to be another of those lame video and refused to watch it.

Somehow my hand just happens to press the play button and what follow was this big kitty actually hugging the woman and the immediate action was like ‘AWWWWw so sweet’ watch it yourself:

Apparently this woman happened to save the injured lion from some circus troupe and the mammal was showing his gratitude with hugs and many more hugs.

King of beast having a soft side eh?

In the wild, the chances of meeting a hungry lion pounding on you is more likely, as it’s their imbue instinct after-all. Frankly speaking, they had no choice. Imagine a hungry lion thinking twice before killing someone, he jolly well be dead and food for, say the vulture.

What am I driving at?

Even if we human are imbued with this so called animal instinct but we had this thing call ‘conscience’ and can made choices based on that. I really hate the idea of someone saying ‘I was force to do it’ then start cursing the environment la, the people la. Perhaps one day when I’m faced with it then I know the idea of ‘had no choice but to do something, say awful stuff?’. That day I hope will never come.

Speaking of choices, bring me back to this classical question: ‘Who will you save first, mum or wife in a sinking ship? Mum who’s with you for first half of your life or wife who will be going to be with you for the next half of your life? (Assuming both doesn’t know what swimming is?)

Seriously, we don’t really know what we’ll do/think/felt until that day comes.

Let just drop this kind of topic that had been revolving round my blog lately.. ..

Some photos to lighten the mood:

About the ever growing list of ‘self-help’ quotes on my desk:

1 of those doodling on my room wall (trust me you just see 1 section of it)

Sunny side in every meal:]

And this super duper dynamo CD player that had been collecting dust and obstrucitng in the living room before I actually shifted it to my room. Once insert the plug I was like ‘its working!’ And God the next thing was blasting and singing to my lung out on YUI’s song! I was like I should had done it long ago, but it was never too late still~

and some sparkles

take care
kai ='

somehow it seems that i just couldn't blend with this certain someone, just simply buay-song with each other, who say theres no nature born enemies?. . . if you come and aked me if thats you, i will give you the answer,



  • ... We all have our natural enemies... It's only natural, kai-kun. It's like I see someone i meet for the first time and i'm like... 'oh, there's another despicable person the world will be better off without'. Sometimes I'm right, sometimes i'm wrong... though more often than not...

    I do not curse the environment for turning me into the monster I am today. Even more so, perhaps i'm thankful to be able to see such a cruel side and adapt to it at such a young age... But kai-kun... it really is unfair for you to make such a statement. You have not been betrayed over and over like i have, or have had your kindness trampled time and time again. There's always been someone watching over you, someone you can lean on, someone you can rely on. People like myself are not so fortunate. We have to fight tooth and nail to carve our own path, even at the cost of our souls. Trust me when I say I would not have chosen such a path if I had a choice. But circumstances lead me such that I make different choices from you, the worlds we see are utterly different. Trust me when I say I try to be the good guy. But sometimes, people are just so despicable, so hateful, so disgusting... I do not wish for you to become the bitter man I am today... nor do I ever wish for you to feel this burning hatred in my heart... This lust for chaos and destruction that beats within my empty heart. It is all i can do to keep the beast chained, and yes, conscience is one of the last chains that prevent me from indulging in the chaos that i sow. Trust me when I say that I can blow out the brains of so many people before me and feast on their still fresh carcasses for my benefit... And I would not feel a single bit of remorse... were it not for conscience.

    We always given a choice, Kai-kun... but our choice differs with the situations we're in.

    I'd save both, even if it were to cost me my life. As i would not be able to live with myself for having to abandon one of them. I would rather die.

    Keep up the self-encouragement, kai-kun... and i'll always be here if you need an added boost or an extra push... Always by your side =)

    By Blogger Kurier der Verzweiflung, At 10:37 PM  

  • @ literally translated as -messenger of despair-

    seems like u had been blog hopping around, eh?

    every 1 this -messenger of despair-
    who goes by many other nicks and had been roaming round YL and lex blog is my dear pal @__@

    it all started when . . . ba @__@

    anyway. yea given your circumstances which i had no idea of-

    save both that the answer i always get, but what if with e stipulation: only can save 1?

    i only know what to do on that day itself- e safest answer! LOL -,-

    By Blogger kai, At 11:08 PM  

  • yea i trust you =]

    By Blogger kai, At 11:08 PM  

  • In real life, there is never a stipulation. It is all about how strong your will is in the face of fate. That is all. And Kai-kun, i'm honored that you think of me as such... I just hope that I can watch over you without becoming a cancer...

    By Blogger Kurier der Verzweiflung, At 11:21 PM  

  • 0.o your uncle haven't come back from japan? i am waiting to see those pics he bought for you lol

    By Anonymous Calvin, At 10:33 AM  

  • @ cal

    he was saying that perhaps he having an extension or somethin like tt LOOL

    By Blogger kai, At 5:14 PM  

  • i think uncle doesn't want to come home... wait kai-kun ask him to buy even more things... @_@

    By Anonymous @_@, At 9:43 PM  

  • Yes. For sure. It's a very nice video. Quite fascinating. How come is this possible. What a lovely hug.

    By Anonymous Pipette, At 3:12 PM  

  • Definitely. I like the way he hugs the man. More of a cartoon style. Looks like tom and jerry is going on.

    By Anonymous Pipette, At 3:14 PM  

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