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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bla bla

Eyeing at my ring suspiciously, my cousin asked:
“So you have gf already?”
“The ring?”
So its goes on, and no matter how hard I denied, only made its seem more clearly to her that I had 1 that I just yea yea and change topic @___@

Even though that ring was gotten from ‘Couple Lab’, but it holds no particular meaning. I only get there since that shop was in front of me during that fateful day and I wanted to get 1 for myself and it offer free engraving service, so yea. So that ring, is just my wana-be trendy stuff and my little lucky charm.

Last night family gathering means less slacking time today for the test tomorrow. Zzz!

Take care

Kai stressing that it is important and interesting to keep a hand-written diary. So darn interesting as you flipped through the pages of life that happens in your life-thus far! It keeps a record of sad, happy, interesting, lame or more specifically the like of crushing/unrequited love and stuff. It allows me to see a transition of myself since I started writing. The content speaks for itself. Mine is 5 years old, but hadn’t been updating until last week. Its never too late to start 1!



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